So Much More

So Much More This book is not another Christian teenage girl survival guide So Much More shows how Christian girls can wage war with the world and win The Botkin sisters focus on how young women can rise above the

  • Title: So Much More
  • Author: Anna Sofia Botkin Elizabeth Botkin
  • ISBN: 9780975526385
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This book is not another Christian teenage girl survival guide So Much More shows how Christian girls can wage war with the world and win The Botkin sisters focus on how young women can rise above their God hating culture and change it for the better Today, countless young ladies face difficult problems and challenging questions While many long for godly purpose inThis book is not another Christian teenage girl survival guide So Much More shows how Christian girls can wage war with the world and win The Botkin sisters focus on how young women can rise above their God hating culture and change it for the better Today, countless young ladies face difficult problems and challenging questions While many long for godly purpose in their lives, their bewilderment mounts when they observe broken homes, distant fathers, overwhelmed mothers, degrading college courses, and a lack of spiritual guidance both at home and at church As hope for security and stability fades, it is no wonder that many young ladies feel orphaned, unprotected, and without hope for their futures Within the pages of this book, discover practical, biblical solutions for the young woman who wants to do so much than just survive in a savagely feministic, anti Christian culture Find the answers a girl is not likely to get from her church, her peers, or her culture.

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    1. Anna Sofia Botkin Elizabeth Botkin

      Anna Sofia Botkin Elizabeth Botkin Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the So Much More book, this is one of the most wanted Anna Sofia Botkin Elizabeth Botkin author readers around the world.

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    1. This is going to be controversialI don't really know why I'm doing this, other than I slowly want to write reviews for all the books I've read, soooo :) Oooookay, here I go. I first read So Much More about nine years ago, and it became my Bible. I ate, drank, slept, walked, talked, and breathed it. I patterned my life after the rules set in the books, I squashed all ideas of anything in my life other than "serving my father" and quoted the Botkin sisters as if they were Jesus. Now, nine years (a [...]

    2. This book is laced with binding legalism that just simply does not exist in the bible. The scripture used is out of context and stretched to the extreme to fit man's legalistic views of womanhood confining her abilities to those that do no and can not extend past the home front. Simply put - - - if you want to limit God in the life of your daughter read and apply this book. If you want to release the power of God in your daughter and teach her to ebrace ALL of her identity in Christ choose anoth [...]

    3. I appreciate the sisters trying to write a book about father-daughter relationships, but I think they take it to an extreme, implying that a daughter should be a helpmeet to her father (when it should be the wife) or saying that daughters should wear their father's favorite colors to please him. The book itself was poorly written and, while it was a bit thought-provoking, came across as immature and not well thought-out. I think part of the problem is that they were teenagers when they wrote thi [...]

    4. I just finished So Much More: The Remarkable Influence of Visionary Daughters on the Kingdom of God and I have to say I was very unimpressed. Actually I was more than unimpressed. I think the book is pretty bad.I recognize that Godly womanhood is under fire in today’s world, but I kind of think Godliness has always been under fire. It’s tough to be a believer. In John 15 Jesus says “If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I [...]

    5. (.5 stars)If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of me headdesking into eternity. I'm trying to get back into book-blogging, so I re-read this and hated every moment of it. They try to say that it's ok if you want to stay at home after highschool and be a mom after marriage, but they go at it in a wrong and, frankly, quite painful way.Just go read Joyfully at Home: A Book for Young Ladies on Vision and Hope, it's so much better on many different levels.

    6. Read this for the first time a few years agoen, I'm sure I must have agreed with a lot of this book, (or didn't have the discernment to see what I did or didn't agree with). Tried again a couple years ago and couldn't make it past the first chapter. I was concerned that maybe my attitude was wrong, but I've realized now that although I believe fathers and daughters should have a good relationship, a lot of what is presented in this book is merely an opinion, and not a reality (also, definitely n [...]

    7. While this book makes some good points and can be useful in some areas of life, the main message is not really biblical. Nowhere in the bible does it say that a daughter must treat her father like a future husband and be his helpmate. Also, their criticism of women in the workplace and in college is, I believe, completely unrealistic and again, not biblical. Many of the verses they use are twisted around to fit their agenda, and I don't believe they approach this issue wanting to find out what t [...]

    8. Written by two young women at the ages of fifteen and seventeen, this book is an eye-opening testimony to the impact of home-keeping and the real goals of feminism. With candor and wisdom the girls answer numerous questions that people have today. A large part of the book is about the importance of father-daughter relationships. Since my father is not on earth anymore, this seemed to be unrelated to me, but I found that many of the principles could also be applied to my mother or brothers. I had [...]

    9. The Botkin sisters have quite a lot of wisdom to share. They promote a beautiful vision of a strong family united under proper leadership and expose a lot of ugly Marxist teaching that has become common.Unfortunately, a girl's relationship with her dad seems to be overemphasized at the expense of her other relationships. Particularly the relationship between a girl and her mother. I do not think this was intentional, I think it was a reaction to the anti-dad attitudes and disrespect prevalent in [...]

    10. I hate this book so much. basically a manual on how to lack backbone and submit to patriarchal ideology. It discourages women from having opinions that differ from their parents and encourages them to submit/admire abuse parental figures. this book is so messed up I used it as one of my main supports for how terrible the homeschool community is in a class paper.

    11. I had to read this book as research for a project. At first, it was kind of a fun peek into the fundamentalist Christian culture but by the end, I really understood how Dumbledore must have felt at the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, where he had to drink all of that horrible liquid in order to reach the Horcrux.

    12. I read this book about four or five years ago, and I almost got sucked into its culture. Because, let me just say, this book is a culture. The hermeneutics of the women who wrote it, under the influence of their father, who is under the influence of a much, much bigger system, are a thinly-veiled cultural imposition on the gospel's message and what it says about women. The reading of the controversial passages in the Bible is what one of my favorite theologians, Scot McKnight, would call "lazy." [...]

    13. A fairly decent book on the father-daughter relationship. I have problems with it, though. I was okay with the book, then, it started talking about women in the workplace. I mostly agree with what it was saying about that, but then it started saying that women should not go to college, because professors could criticize you for your faith. Personally, I think this is very good for the believer in Christ. It can really strengthen you to stand up for your faith. Another thing I had issues with was [...]

    14. Pessimist I have been, yet optimistic I still have yet to be, this book grabbed me by my heart-strings and gave a good long, amiable tug. So Much More speaks aloud what I believe we women whisper to ourselves. It seemed to me to be a feministic book from the title inward, but as I started to read a little, I realized it was the exact opposite. It was a return to what we were designed for, what we dream of, and how to deal with the curse that God has cast upon us as sinners. No wonder women thoug [...]

    15. Very encouraging and thought-provoking. This book opens up a Biblical vision for what it means to be a Christian young woman embracing God's design for her femininity in today's feminist culture. There were a few things I didn't understand or necessarily agree with, but the overall message of the book was right on: challenging young women to live with vision and purpose in their God-ordained roles, embrace their femininity, to be strong in character and virtue, and to serve their families and wh [...]

    16. So Much More was an incredible read. Not only was it extremely well-written by two young amazing ladies, I learnt a lot about feminism – what it's about, it's history, and what feminists are actually saying – about femininity and being a woman – what that looks like and what the Bible has to say about it – and about the family model; how I fit into it and the blessings that come out of a Bible-based family. Definitely five stars - it was amazing.

    17. It's interesting. I don't agree with everything in it, but the authors definitaly have some interesting points :)

    18. One of THE BEST books for Christian females out there in my opinion! Want to know how to be so much more than just the average Christian gal? Read this book!

    19. Let me explain my rating, because to some this may seem unfair. I'll admitt that this book had me up really late at night reading and mulling over some things and with prayer I have come to the conclusion that this book is one where you take some things to heart and leave others behind. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution to the worlds troubles. And I believe that some of the passages needed more clarification on what specifically they were saying, because sometimes I would find a Bible verse [...]

    20. This book was probably the best book I've ever read concerning young women. I'm new to this whole biblical girlhood, womanhood, femininity thing and this book answered every one of my question and then some. Furthermore, this book was very easy to read and had great footnotes and gave references to the bible.The books has eighteen chapters two Appendixes and a acknowledgment.At times I was a bit uncomfortable seeing how me and my father don't get along very well but the Botkin sisters made it ve [...]

    21. I was planning to do an in-depth chapter-by-chapter review of this book, but I just don't have the time. I have, however, found two very good reviews that I'll share with you. The first one is done as a chapter-by-chapter review (like I was hoping to do :)), and although she only has the first four chapters done, it's very thorough and I agree with her wholeheartedly. :) You can find it at:trulymoreThe second is actually two reviews, but they're both done by the same lady. You can find them here [...]

    22. It has been a long time since I read a book that I enjoyed so much. So Much More is a book that every single woman needs to read. It brought to my attention so many areas in which my thinking had been influenced by lies related to a woman's role in general, but more specifically, a daughter's role. Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin have taken the simple truths of God's word related to His design for the family and written a piece that I hope will change the world, one woman at a time. They present [...]

    23. There was a lot that I agreed with in this book, and a fair amount that I did not agree with, too. I found it to be pretty thorough in discussing family issues and think it would be an excellent springboard for a conservative couple to read before marriage to help them discuss how they plan to raise their family. That was my opinion as a 20-something, rather than the teenagers it is geared for. :-)

    24. LOVE. Anybody that wants to change there life a little bit in a great way read this book. p.s. make sure your heart is open.

    25. Kinda good, kinda from a cult. Kinda nice-sweet-pure-Christian-authors, kinda oh-my-word-they're-old-maids-and-daddy's-girls. Yep, definitely needed to re-rate this one.

    26. This book was begun by these girls when they were 15 and 17 respectively.  Gives a wonderful view into the gut wrenching struggles of the late teenage years when young women are wanting to be free and independent of their parents.  These girls, listening to the Bible and sermons, take a different tack.They take the tack of serving their fathers, deciding that if they serve their fathers well, they will be better prepared to love and serve their husbands down the line.  By "serve" they don't m [...]

    27. Wow! This book is controversial! They directly assaulted Marxism, individualism, feminism and socialism in convincing fashion and come out, in my opinion the winner. Not only does it attack the above but it openly assaults the general Christian population and says they are way off also.It sure challenged my beliefs in many things, and for the most part has actually changed how I view things. I find myself challenging things in society in my head now and asking questions. "Who said this is the wa [...]

    28. This is a very insightful book that brings to light how Christian young women have been assimilated into the feminist culture. We have compromised the scriptural standard for womanhood and many of us are still quite comfortable with our less-than-Biblical standards. For those of us who desire to get back to God's original plan for women this is a very encouraging book. With multiple young "heroines" contributing and answering difficult and common questions based on their own experiences, it is v [...]

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