How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls

How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls Recent Yale graduate Megan Smith comes to Manhattan with big plans for a career in journalism and even bigger student loan debt When she flails at her trashy tabloid job she s given an escape

  • Title: How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls
  • Author: Zoey Dean
  • ISBN: 9780446697187
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • Recent Yale graduate Megan Smith comes to Manhattan with big plans for a career in journalism and even bigger student loan debt 75,000 When she flails at her trashy tabloid job, she s given an escape hatch tutor seventeen year old identical twins Rose and Sage Baker yes, the infamous Baker heiresses of Palm Beach, Florida, best known for their massive fortunes and theRecent Yale graduate Megan Smith comes to Manhattan with big plans for a career in journalism and even bigger student loan debt 75,000 When she flails at her trashy tabloid job, she s given an escape hatch tutor seventeen year old identical twins Rose and Sage Baker yes, the infamous Baker heiresses of Palm Beach, Florida, best known for their massive fortunes and their penchant for drunkenly flashing the paparazzi and get their SAT scores up enough to get into Duke Impossible job yes But if she succeeds, her student debts are history Unfortunately for Megan, the Baker twins aren t about to curtail their busy social schedules for basic algebra And they certainly aren t thrilled to have to sit down for a study session with dowdy Megan Megan quickly discovers that if she s going to get her money, she ll have to learn her Pucci from her Prada And if she can look the part, maybe, just maybe, she can teach the girls something along the way.

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    1. Zoey Dean

      The author of The A List series and How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls, which has been renamed and turned into a TV show known as Privileged on the CW in September 2008 Zoey Dean s books are produced by the media packager Alloy Entertainment, which created Gossip Girl, The Clique Series, and The A List and sold them to Little, Brown and Company Zoey is currently working on The Talent series She is also working on The A List Hollywood Royalty Zoey Dean divides her time between Beverly Hills, California, and her favorite small islands in the Caribbean.See also Cherie Bennett

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    1. okay, it could be that my brain is on overload from the heavy things i've been reading lately. or it could be that i'm feeling particularly sappy. whatever the reason is, i think this is one of my new favorite chicklit books EVER. poor little megan smith, yale graduate, is up to her ears in debt. she's living in new york, she's got a boyfriend and a roommate and then her apartment goes up in smoke. literally. so she ends up in palm beach with the odd job of getting two twin socialites, who make [...]

    2. The more I read chick lit, the more I realize how much I don't care for it. Sometimes it seems as though all the plots are the same, and all the narrators the same person. Of course, all that isn't the fault of this book. To be fair, it's a reasonably nice example of the genre. The characters are (for the most part) better fleshed out than your typical chick lit. The story line is fluffy, but it is at least somewhat believable. I liked the main character, and I appreciated that she seemed to gro [...]

    3. I read this book because it was on my TBR list (I forgot how I found out about it), and I was craving some chick lit. I thought the storyline was great, but the time frame wasn't long enough. Megan realistically wouldn't have been able to go through that many changes in just nine weeks. Parts of it didn't feel very realistic. The author made a lot of references to pop culture, things that celebrities had done in the last year or two. Although I enjoyed them, I don't think they'll hold the same m [...]

    4. Before reading this book, I had just read two books that were both very serious and dealt with heavy subject matters which had left me feeling a bit drained. After finishing those books I needed something light and fluffy and perk me back up a bit and as I was a fan of the show that was based on this book, I figured it would be a safe bet. I was definitely right. This was the book equivalent of candy floss. It was light, fluffy, colourful, sweet, and fun, with little substance. I will admit that [...]

    5. I had actually only gotten this book because of the TV show based on it, Privileged. And although the show had its problems, ultimately, I liked its short-lived run much better than the book. Mainly because it's what I like to call a humiliation conga book, which then turns into the poor person realizes horrible rich people who publicly embarrassed her are actually smart and sweet slash protagonist acts like a horrible person book.This admittedly doesn't sound like I would've given it three star [...]

    6. This book is a guilty pleasure, like reading celebrity tell-alls at the nail salon or watching people's escapades on reality tv shows. But when life gets heavy, its good to sometimes get away with a fluffy, silly book (ahh, calgon, take me awwaaayy!). First the bad news: this book treads in the well-worn footsteps of many many previous chick-lit books. The book's premise -- plucky heroine (P.H.) who's down on her luck is employed by the mega-rich evil dead, P.H. experiences travails and humiliat [...]

    7. Okay, so I've liked some chick-lit in the past, what can I say? But maybe I am growing out of this phase because i just thought this book was nothing special--same old story: girl is a journalist, has a boyfriend, lives in NYC, something bad happens-she's thrown into a crazy predicament (oh no!), she's attracted to another guy besides her boyfriend (what to do?!), but in the end everything turns out okay, she gets the right guy, all her debts are paid off or she's got the dream job/life, etc.--a [...]

    8. SO DIFFERENT FROM THE TV SHOW. Which is a good thing, because this was pretty terrible. And even though it was meant to be all moralistic about reverse snobbery, the book ended up being all reverse reverse snobbery. If that makes any sense. And Marcus was the biggest gay fairygodmother stereotype ever. There was a twisty bit at the very end that I liked, and I enjoyed all the fake SAT questions. But I do not think that is enough for me to give it more than one star. Also, I wanted to read Megan' [...]

    9. This book has so many twists and turns. I really enjoyed as it incorporates intelligence, culture, and fashion all in one. I finished reading it at the beach today and I couldn't put it down even though I got cold as the marine layer covered the sun. Instead of hopping on Pinky (my bike) and riding home quickly, I wrapped a towel around me to keep warm to finish it. I definitely will be checking out other books that this author has written.

    10. After reading a number of much more serious books, this light frothy novel called to me from the shelves of the library. I'm not crazy about the term "chick lit," because it's too broadly applied to a lot of books by womenbut if the book has a rags to riches story, including fashion, a plainish woman who suddenly becomes gorgeous and meets the man of her dreams, and gets the job of her dreams at the endyou've got chick lit. The career is usually journalism or marketing. A supposedly brilliant Ya [...]

    11. If you ask me how to teach a filthy rich girls, i'll come up with an idea: isolate them in a jail cell and let them have a bitter taste of life. But Zoey Dean had another idea in mind;Or rather another cliche. Yes cliche about a girl who's life turning upside down when she had offered to teach the most bimbotic twins in the world how to pass their SAT test in order to get their trustfunds back. She turned into the likes of the twins, met another amazing boy and fell in love, forgetting her love- [...]

    12. I first started watching the TV show and then thought I would try out the book. I love the TV show, which I think made me really like the book. The book and TV show is about a college graduate, Megan, that just can seem to get the perfect job yet, so she ends up tutoring two twins that live in palm beach, and they are in fact very rich. The twins absolutely hate their new tutor but as Megan begins to work with them they start to build a good relationship. The TV show was amazing and I can't beli [...]

    13. I'm not sure what I thought of this. I was thinking it was ok until I realized how many things were there that I don't like in books: bad language, sex (mostly just in the beginning), the main character pretending to be someone she isn't and lying. I did like how she owned up to things in the end and even matured a bit.

    14. O.K. I changed my mind. That was the corniest book I had ever read in my 15 almost 16 years of life. By the end, I was seriously gagging. I was shocked.In the beginning it seems fined then it get's ridiculous. And lastly, what I found the most disappointing was the fact that it was nothing like the show, and the show is really great. So sad.

    15. I really liked this book. I have never read this author but picked up the book based on the cover (I know). I read it in 2 days, it was cute, made me laugh and I really wanted to see how it ended. I just picked up my second novel of this author, then I will start on the A-list series.

    16. This just reminded me why I cant stand chick lit. I thought this would be an easy read for the gyms an easy read and just awful.

    17. Nu mă așteptam, dar chiar mi-a plăcut mult. Are un deznodământ care era de așteptat, însă restul cărții e chiar super. Are o temă aproximativ realistă, ceea ce este benefic. Mi-ar fi plăcut o descoasere mai amănunțită a părții sentimentale a gemenelor, însă și al trecutului lor. Dar, per total, e o carte super, foarte ușor de citit, pentru care merită să-ți rupi o bucată din timp.

    18. This book was way better than I expected it to be seeing as I hated the a-list series. The end was kind of abrupt and cheesy after all the progression throughout the book but I liked it. It was a good story I enjoyed the time I spent reading it.

    19. I finished it. and there were whitty parts. But silly and unrealistic. No bridget jones, which is likely how I got the recommendation. Maybe YA?

    20. I decided to read this because I had liked the show Privileged. I actually liked the book much better than the show. Megan gets a job as a tutor for 2 wealthy girls and decides to write an expose when she thinks they are horrible people but then she gets to know them. There is kind of a Cinderella theme with out the evil step mother and step sisters.

    21. Reviewed by Lissa Staley Posted August 8, 2007Women's Fiction Contemporary | Contemporary Chick Lit In the tradition of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, recent college graduate Megan Smith heads to New York City to work for a literary magazine and ends up somewhere less ideal. Despite her editor's warning, Megan tries to add more serious journalism articles to the gossip magazine where she's employed, at least until the day she loses her job a few months before Christmas. Megan's apartment building catche [...]

    22. A young writer just out of college, living in New York City, can't get her foot in the door of any important journalistic/literary companies and resorts to working for the rich, the beautiful, the superficial. Is she in for a shock - that she may be better suited for the life of the rich and not of the starving writer?Sounds like The Devil Wears Prada.I actually didn't like The Devil Wears Prada that much. I do life Privileged (aka How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls).Megan is a much more relatable c [...]

    23. Gist of the story: Recent Yale graduate Megan Smith comes to Manhattan with big plans for a career in journalism and even bigger student loan debt: $75,000. When she flails at her trashy tabloid job, she's given an escape hatch: tutor seventeen-year-old identical twins Rose and Sage Baker--yes, the infamous Baker heiresses of Palm Beach, Florida, best known for their massive fortunes and their penchant for drunkenly flashing the paparazzi -- and get their SAT scores up enough to get into Duke. I [...]

    24. Reason for the Book’s Selection: In terms of target audience, the book’s genre falls slightly above young-adult and slightly below typical “Chick-lit,” so I picked it up for something different to read. Plot: Megan Smith owes $75,000 in student loans (Yale) and is fired from her first job (among other things) when the opportunity to tutor some wealthy and snotty Palm Beach teenagers falls into her lap. Characterization: In my opinion, the protagonist is not particularly likeable or lovea [...]

    25. Meghan Smith is up to her head in debt because of going to Yale. She thought that she could pay it all of when she got a glamours job in a magazine like Rolling Stone. Though, a year latter Meghan is working at the trashy tabloid Scoop where she just writes the captions for articles and is living with her best friend in a dumpy apartment. The only good thing going for her is her boyfriend but even that has some bad to it.Her luck begins to turn for the worse yet again after a bad proposal for a [...]

    26. How to teach filthy rich girls is about a girl named Megan. She just graduated from college with $75,000 in debt and no job. Then Megan gets an amazing opportunity- She becomes the tutor to Sage and Rose Baker, the Paris and Nikki Hiltons of Palm Beach. All she has to do is get them in to Duke College and their grandmother would pay off her debt. At first the twins give Megan a really hard time so she decided that the twins will defiantly not make it in to Duke and decides to write an exposé on [...]

    27. I haven’t read a chick lit type book in a very long time, and it really is just junk food candy for the brain. A 23 year old recent Yale grad is barely making her way in NYC. She is a writer, but doesn’t get the job she wants, and when she is fired from her tabloid magazine job (which actually sounded pretty cool to me!), and has no place to live and even no clothes, all due to a fire, she ends up in Florida trying to tutor 17 year old heiresses. I don’t like Megan. She is always blaming o [...]

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