X-Men: Schism

X Men Schism The X Men event of the decade is right here It s never been a dangerous time to be a mutant Even with their numbers at a record low the world refuses to trust mutantkind And after a mutant triggered

  • Title: X-Men: Schism
  • Author: Jason Aaron Carlos Pacheco Frank Cho Daniel Acuña Alan Davis Adam Kubert Kieron Gillen Billy Tan
  • ISBN: 9780785156680
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The X Men event of the decade is right here It s never been a dangerous time to be a mutant Even with their numbers at a record low, the world refuses to trust mutantkind And after a mutant triggered international incident, anti mutant hatred hits new heights Of course it s at this moment, when the mutant race most needs to stand together, that a split begins thatThe X Men event of the decade is right here It s never been a dangerous time to be a mutant Even with their numbers at a record low, the world refuses to trust mutantkind And after a mutant triggered international incident, anti mutant hatred hits new heights Of course it s at this moment, when the mutant race most needs to stand together, that a split begins that will tear apart the very foundation of the X Men From superstar writer and Marvel Architect Jason Aaron and a full roster of comics top artists, this is an X tale that will reverberate for years to come When the dust settles, the X Men landscape will be irreparably changed Collecting X Men Schism 1 5, Generation Hope 10 11, X Men Regenesis

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      124 Jason Aaron Carlos Pacheco Frank Cho Daniel Acuña Alan Davis Adam Kubert Kieron Gillen Billy Tan
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    1. Jason Aaron Carlos Pacheco Frank Cho Daniel Acuña Alan Davis Adam Kubert Kieron Gillen Billy Tan

      Jason Aaron grew up in a small town in Alabama His cousin, Gustav Hasford, who wrote the semi autobiographical novel The Short Timers, on which the feature film Full Metal Jacket was based, was a large influence on Aaron Aaron decided he wanted to write comics as a child, and though his father was skeptical when Aaron informed him of this aspiration, his mother took Aaron to drug stores, where he would purchase books from spinner racks, some of which he still owns today.Aaron s career in comics began in 2001 when he won a Marvel Comics talent search contest with an eight page Wolverine back up story script The story, which was published in Wolverine 175 June 2002 , gave him the opportunity to pitch subsequent ideas to editors.In 2006, Aaron made a blind submission to DC Vertigo, who published his first major work, the Vietnam War story The Other Side which was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Miniseries, and which Aaron regards as the second time he broke into the industry.Following this, Vertigo asked him to pitch other ideas, which led to the series Scalped, a creator owned series set on the fictional Prairie Rose Indian Reservation and published by DC Vertigo.In 2007, Aaron wrote Ripclaw Pilot Season for Top Cow Productions Later that year, Marvel editor Axel Alonso, who was impressed by The Other Side and Scalped, hired Aaron to write issues of Wolverine, Black Panther and eventually, an extended run on Ghost Rider that began in April 2008 His continued work on Black Panther also included a tie in to the company wide crossover storyline along with a Secret Invasion with David Lapham in 2009.In January 2008, he signed an exclusive contract with Marvel, though it would not affect his work on Scalped Later that July, he wrote the Penguin issue of The Joker s Asylum.After a 4 issue stint on Wolverine in 2007, Aaron returned to the character with the ongoing series Wolverine Weapon X, launched to coincide with the feature film X Men Origins Wolverine Aaron commented, With Wolverine Weapon X we ll be trying to mix things up like that from arc to arc, so the first arc is a typical sort of black ops story but the second arc will jump right into the middle of a completely different genre, In 2010, the series was relaunched once again as simply Wolverine He followed this with his current run on Thor God of Thunder.

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    1. This review was revisited after reading Fear Itself: Avengers Academy.What’s more entertaining than a tween Hellfire Club? Well, lots, but in this tale Jason Aaron makes the most of it. After reading Aaron’s lackluster (I'm being kind) attempt at an Incredible Hulk storyline, this is a good one. The ruthless kiddies attempt to not only take out some mutants, but also make some big bucks at the same time. Enterprising little bastards, no? And it is this attempt that’s the lynch pin for the [...]

    2. As always everyone hates and wants to kill mutants. Because of Scarlet Witch rather than there being millions of mutants there are only 200, so exterminating mutant kind has never been more of a possibility. Some differences of opinion arise leading to a Schism.I heard about Schism for years and wasn't sure if I wanted to read it. I certainly hadn't missed anything, but I'm surprised no one mentioned the pre-teen sociopaths responsible for the whole conflict.I don't know what these a-hole kids p [...]

    3. 3.5 starsLikeable, but not great. Definitely not Aaron's best work here.So we all know that some fundamental divide occurred between Cyclops and Wolverine even if you haven't read this. I really just wanted to know what that was and it turned out to be a little anti-climactic and felt forced.The fight between Cyke and Wolvey was well drawn but seemed a bit petty to me. Although, Wolverine's reasoning for starting the Xavier school up again did seem justifiable.The Regenesis story included in thi [...]

    4. Lackluster execution of an interesting concept. Splitting the X-Men along ideological lines is an interesting thought, and I kind of like the split between proactive Cyclops and reactive Wolverine. But it's just really, really poorly executed. The actual boiling point comes when Cyke wants to allow the perfectly willing teens with powerful mutant abilities defend their home and themselves from a giant Sentinel come to kill them all, and Wolverine doesn't want the kids in battle. Which is, to my [...]

    5. The X-men are splitting up. This tale focuses on its culmination and the rationales of various characters. The ending was the best part. Close to a four star but no cigar, Freud. OVERALL GRADE: B

    6. Aaron kicks this miniseries off with alot of talking between Cyclops and Wolverine. Knowing where this is headed (thanks, Marvel press corps), and given Aaron's ham-fisted dialogue (he doesn't seem to get either voice right) and foreshadowing, this doesn't start well.However artificial the premise kicks off the Sentinel re-launch, the initial wave of terror they create is at least believably illustrated. And the antagonists of this story are suitably menacing, but not for reasons I would've expe [...]

    7. I enjoyed this purely for the fact that it literally ripped the X-Men in two. Obviously, Cyclops is one side, and Wolverine is the other; could it happen any other way? No, don't think so. Very interesting, especially the Regenisis book which detailed the splitting into 2 factions in a very cool way. Also liked how they showed Scott and Logan working together, and respecting each other, yet being willing to rip each other to shreds over ideology. Well worth a read, especially as X-Men fan, becau [...]

    8. If it wasn't for my current X-Men reading rampage, I never would have picked this book up (especially since I'd never even heard of it.) Some sort-of-crossover-event with a terrible cover? Why bother?But see, if someone would have just said "It's basically Wolverine & The X-Men vol. 0 with Cyclops burning Wolverine's face off," then JEEZUM KRISMAZ I woulda been ALL OVER DAT.Luckily, my X-Men rampage led me here. Minus the shit cover, it's awwwwesome. Great art, funny sometimes, serious somet [...]

    9. SPOILERSThe X-Men have started their own mutant nation, a small island off the coast of California named Utopia, in a bid to create an identity and safe haven for themselves. But following an anarchist mutant attack on the United Nations, the world’s nations activate old Sentinels which quickly prove their age by causing havoc to humans rather than mutants – X-Men to the rescue! Meanwhile the Hellfire Club undergo a rebranding and a new leader with no qualms about setting loose a dangerous n [...]

    10. I came back to comics after this happened, at the beginning of the Marvel Regenesis period, having read most of Civil War, but nothing much else. (I did read House of M, which was important for this.) For that reason, this book answered a lot of questions that I didn't really even know I had. I'm glad to know about Kade Kilgore and Quentin Quire and WHY everyone was so mad at Quire. All of this makes Wolverine's work with him at the new school even more mature and Xavier-ish. Mostly, though, wha [...]

    11. the famous wolverine vs. cyclops battle. Having read alot of the newer stuff this book becomes more and more important as time goes on. As we now know 2014 the teams are still broken. Regenesis is a really cool after comic that explains where all the x-men go. Overall Jason Aaron does a great job writing this book. and in the endwe get toad the janitor hahaha

    12. After a mutant-triggered international incident, anti-mutant hatred hits new heights. It's at this moment, when the mutant race desperately needs to stand together, that a split begins that tears apart the X-Men.The tension that has been simmering away for the last couple of years bubbles up to the surface here. I won't go into the main plot in great detail, as it's not great. And the Hellfire Club kids are awful. Truly awful.I never thought it'd be Wolverine to make the point that teaching chil [...]

    13. Me and my x-men comics have a relationship going on over 20 years. We have had more good times than bad times, there's was a year or two that we lived in a separation, but Grant Morrison came and united us once more and everything was good for a while. Lately we have more bad times than good times and divorce was looming in a horizon. I decided to give last chance to this new 'counselor guy' named Jason Aaron and this thing called the 'Schism' and something happened, his plan worked. I was smili [...]

    14. Talk about a difference of opinions; Wolverine wants to protect mutant children while Cyclops thinks every mutant is a combatant. They clash in a very spectacular way and end up drawing a dividing line between the few remaining mutants.The plot is so packed that it's a bit messy at times, but the epic showdown between Wolverine and Cyclops made me unable to give it a lower score ^_^

    15. Pretty excellent!But then the editors said, "Ok Aaron, now you need to finish this with a wrap-up story, oh and also we are gonna give you another (not-as-good) artist, since there is no action, make it great!"At least that is what I assume happened. Yeah, it ended on a pretty weak note so this only gets 3 stars.

    16. Really great read! My favorite parts where the Wolverine/Cyclops fight, and the Regenisis issue included at the end. I definitely am going to pick up more X-Men titles when I go back to my lcs!

    17. I was very close to giving this 5 stars, but then I thought about it in relation to other books I have read and it wasn't quite there. I love it when comics aren't afraid to get dark and edgy, as this does by having sadistic kids take over the Hellfire Club. The overt references to them killing their parents was a welcome innovation in a world where everyone wants to sugar coat things, even often in comics. I am excited to see where that storyline went / goes.The other thing I loved about the bo [...]

    18. Esta saga me gustó mucho porque habla de la división que hubo en los X-Men entre Cíclope y Wolverine. Es, por decirlo así la explicación de cómo se formaron estos dos bandos y qué mutantes acompañaron a cada cual; y los demás cómics a partir de esta edición respetan siempre la separación de los X-Men casi hasta como lo conocemos en este 2017.El hecho se desencadena en que Wolverine (muy extrañamente) critica a Cíclope el hecho de que se utilice a los niños mutantes como soldados d [...]

    19. Wasn't too bad, nice too see the sentinels back.Unfortunately bar the sentinels there really aren't any villains of note here.

    20. Nostalgia for X-Men be darned, this took me almost a month to come back and finish because the first two chapters were so blah why do I care. The last 4 parts of the book went much faster, maybe it was just a change in my attitude. I have to go downgrade my rating for prelude to schism now because this book was much better than that one and I can't possibly give this book more than 3 stars because: Things I hate: 10 year old super villains. They're not mutants, they're just super evil rich kids [...]

    21. I thought this specific story was pretty well written and integrated the peripheral characters well while highlighting the pressures both Cyclops and Wolverine are undergoing in the new situation for mutant kind. What I didn't like wasn't really in this book, it was more an uneasiness I have with the entire Marvel universe right now. Had you asked during the Morrison new x-men run,or even the Whedon astonishing run, which of these two characters would want to train the young mutants as soldiers, [...]

    22. I read Prelude to Schism, and I thought it was really good. It starts amazingly and it ends ok, nonetheless it is an interesting story that seems to settle ground for a great Event. And then, there's Schism. During all Schism, I kept wondering where did the prelude fitted in? What was this great invisible menance that requiered the elite of the X-men to be together and to work as a Team, making aside their individual differences, and following their valerous leader.The answer is nowhere to be fo [...]

    23. Not too bad, though I don't think it really read like the huge, epic event it probably should have been, given the ramifications. I think part of the problem is that the event which leads to the titular "schism" doesn't really seem like that big of a deal, especially not in the wake of huge battles the X-Men have recently gone through in stories like Second Coming or even Curse of the Mutants. I mean, it's just Sentinels? Don't get me wrong, Sentinels are cool and all, and I'm glad to see them b [...]

    24. Jason Aaron writing the X-Men is a very good thing indeed. His bratty new Hellfire Club is amusing, his stubbornly moralizing Wolverine is compelling, his viciously superior White Queen is a blast, and his Cyclops is. Um. Well, it's hard to make Cyclops likeable, but at least he's clearly drawn and his reasons make sense.The action revolves around Wolverine's decision to leave Utopia and refound the school, so a lot of the major players in the X-Verse choose sides, which goes a long way towards [...]

    25. For some reason, I've enjoyed all of the Marvel event books I've tried thus far. Part of the reason is the scale, but also it is because the few I've read don't seem forced or contrived (though I bet those exist). Schism has important consequences but still feels very focused on one event. Unlike more recent X-Men events like Nation X, the cast of characters is pretty small in Schism and I think it is primarily written for fans of Uncanny X-Men. There is nothing in the plot that surprises and th [...]

    26. This reads like a trip from Point A to Point B. Like rather than present anything like a compelling story, the team was just tasked with presenting a reason for shaking up the X-Books. It might not be as offputting as I feel like it is immediately post-completion, but the characters are so unnatural and the whole thing is just so ham-fisted. It's really more a 2.5-star read, and I wanted to give it three stars, but I just couldn't find a reason to.

    27. I hate you Cyclops. Don't do this to me.I hate change.Why can't you compromise? Stupid stupid stupid.Stupid Schism.You are all stupid.

    28. Book Info: This collection containsX-Men: Schismissues #1-5, andX-Men: Regenesis . Reading order is as follows: X-Men: Schism issues #1-5, an then X-Men: Regenesis.ABSOLUTE RATING: 3/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>

    29. Where to start How about the art? For a tent pole event have a consistent art team, not different teams for different sections. And the über-sentinel that supposedly is the ultimate mutant killing machine that gets destroyed magically by nothing more than "coming together as a team"? Seriously? And I just can't buy Wolverine as the compassionate guy who doesn't think kids should fight and kill but has mentored a teenage killing machine (X-23)? Come on

    30. I might be a bit generous with the the four stars, but I this was much better than I expected. Good characterization, a strong build up for Wolverine's decision and a changed status quo I'm actually intrigued by. The Regenesis backup was actually really good and gave each character a strong reason for the side they chose. A surprise for a long time X-Fan.

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