Love Me If You Must

Love Me If You Must A professional house renovator Tish Amble hardly waits for the paint to dry before selling up moving on but when she arrives in small town Michigan the plan begins to go awry For a start she discover

  • Title: Love Me If You Must
  • Author: Nicole Young
  • ISBN: 9781441232915
  • Page: 439
  • Format: ebook
  • A professional house renovator, Tish Amble hardly waits for the paint to dry before selling up moving on but when she arrives in small town Michigan the plan begins to go awry For a start she discovers something unsettling in the basement that interests the police officer next door.

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    1. Nicole Young

      Nicole Young holds a bachelor s degree in communication arts In 2004 she won the Noble Theme Award for the Best First Chapter from the American Christian Romance Writers She is the author of LOVE ME IF YOU MUST, KILL ME IF YOU CAN and KISS ME IF YOU DARE She lives with her family in Michigan.

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    1. Where to start? Another Christian fiction title masquerading as not. These things pop up on the free Kindle book list faster than chicken pox on a five-year-old. It's really my fault, I should know better; but I keep hoping that I'll find a jewel somewhere. I don't have anything against Christian fiction, except that I don't particularily like to read it. I don't need to be preached to through a book. It's just not my thing. I simply request that it's properly labeled in the categories.I could d [...]

    2. A lot of people rated this book poorly because of Tish's character, but that's exactly why I liked it. People DO have wild imaginary fantasies, make blundering mistakes, get desperate about relationships, and become completely paranoid when living alone in a house with a strange history. As an avid reader of Christian fiction, I found the authors approach to life and 'religion' based in more reality than many contemporary authors of ppb novels today. (The publishing restrictions often create a s [...]

    3. It is so difficult to write a review when a plot has such potential but in the final analysis the execution was poor. This is the case with "Lose Me If You Must." Patricia Amble is a house restorer who recently purchase an old victorian house to turn for a profit. The problem is the house is rumored to be haunted, Tish's past is about to come back and bite her and two attractive local men are vying for her affection. Sounds good right? Well, here are the problems. Tish is not some young girl. Sh [...]

    4. This book was okay. The heroine was feisty and had moxie and I appreciated her difficult past and her subsequent inability to forge connections with people and leave her loneliness. The mystery started off very interesting; got me hooked and kept me guessing. I also appreciated the unconventional ending. What I didn't like was a) her inane flip flopping when it came to the men she meets. One minute, they're scary, the next, she's ready to marry them. It didn't make sense or ring true. And the ot [...]

    5. I suppose this would qualify as a Christian "creepy mystery" novel with some romance. After the first few chapters, the only thing that kept me reading was wondering if there really was a body in the basement. About halfway through, I started skimming simply to discover the answer to that. The romance part was a bit odd. The heroine was dreaming of a wonderful future married life (complete with kids) while on her first date with a handsome guy she barely knew. Yet she kept calling her cop neighb [...]

    6. At best the main character is written inconsistently, at worst - she's so annoying I hate her. The other characters aren't much better.Tish Amble buys a old victorian that is so bad it looks haunted. She creeps herself out because its old and "haunted", freaks out when others mention ghosts and hears voices in the house* (*her heade's a wackadoo). Then she sees a body in her cistern and flips her shit. Except no one else sees this body. She spends the rest of the book being terrified of the base [...]

    7. This book was a real jumble of elements. The basic premise of a single female renovating a home and finding what she thinks is a dead body buried in the cellar cistern was a good start. But add to the mix the fact that she has a secret past, she's the only one who can "see" the buried body, she picks up strange vibes coming from the basement, and the fact that our heroine is a complete idiot, then the story goes downhill fast. I've never come across such ridiculous characters. There's the handso [...]

    8. I liked the idea of restoring homes in this book and I wish there had been more detail about that. I also was interested in the conflict that homeowners get into trying to get permits to update old homes without destroying historical features. Main character Tish Amble says she likes "creepy romances" and this book falls into that category when she thinks she sees a dead body covered by not-enough cement in her basement cistern. Her intuition leads her to try to uncover a murder that she believe [...]

    9. This is quite possibly the worst book I have ever read. Tish is a psycho who jumps to conclusions all the time, with no evidence to back any of it up. I admit, I couldn't even bring myself to read the last 50 pages or so because I was sick of tish. She is always jumping at her own shadow and changing her mind about other characters ever 10 pages or so. Thank God this book was free on amazon. I would be wicked mad if I actually had to pay for it. I dont know why it was ever published. I almost ne [...]

    10. I was pleasantly surprised with this book. The main character, Tish, moves around renovating houses and then selling them. With no place to call her permanent home, and questions about her own background, a body is found in the basement of her new house. She becomes involved in solving the murder with her own life in the balance. This is book one in a series and I have already started book two. I highly recommend this book if you like a modern day mystery with a dash of romance. I do believe thi [...]

    11. A first novel by this author. It appears she has written 2 more in this series. The main character has just moved to a new city and has bought a house to remodel and then sell. The author alludes to the possibility of ghosts, seeing the dead, and leads us along about the main character. We know she was somewhere locked up (mental facility, jail)? It kept up a pretty good pace. Possible murders that happened before she arrived and murders that happened after she got there. Because I didn't solve [...]

    12. I really liked the twists and turns in this romantic mystery. In small town Rawlins Michigan, Patrcia Amble is all set to renovate an old Victorian house. But things seem to go awry right the day one. No one in town is whom they seem and her two single neighbors both are courting her. She is afraid of Brad, a police officer, because of her past encounters with the law; and she is drawn to David, the suave British computer geek. But who will see the real Tish and who will draw her into a web of i [...]

    13. A great story about how God forgives us of our past and loves us no matter what. Even though the book has a Christian theme to it, the theme is subtle and the author writes an intriguing murder mystery with a small, town feel to it. The story line and characters are great. And the main theme of forgiveness shines through at every corner.My only issue, is though it had a happy ending didn't have quite the happy ending I thought it would. But then the slight references to "Casablanca" should have [...]

    14. It was a good mystery, but the main character Tish Amble needs help. She can't make a good decision for anything. You just knew she was going to make the wrong decision everytime. Some people have a hard time with her because she comes off with a harsh attitude.The mystery flowed well throughout the story. It's a quick read if want to just sit a relax for a day.

    15. I've been reading this on and off for a year, and finally finished it.Pros: first-person perspective made the occasionally wacky/daffy actions of the protagonist easier to buy.Cons: still slightly unbelievable reactions to marriage proposal, and the religion got heavy-handed towards the end of the book.

    16. This book turned out to be a great mystery. I had guessed it all wrong as I usually do. A story of dealing with the past and accepting forgiveness.

    17. 1.5 stars.If only kindle would have classified this book as Christian literature I wouldn't have downloaded it and wasting time reading it… Nothing against Christian or any other religion, simply I have ZERO interest in reading about it.Luckily the religious part wasn't so strong as other books I had the misfortune to read and I managed to read it until the end.The beginning of the book was very intriguing and all elements very captivating: a funny and witty woman with a painful past buys a h [...]

    18. This was okay. It started off very slowly, but rather than put it aside which I don't like to do, I did some speed reading, which was enough to give me the jist of the story. It was reasonably well written, but I struggled to jell with any of the characters. I found the main character Tish quite confusing and at times annoying. However, one character I did like was police officer Brad.I hate basements, so that kept my interest. There were some spooky elements to the story and the ending was good [...]

    19. Not sure where to start. Christian Fiction is a stretch first of all. No character development, unnecessary character introductions, no follow through Went from having no relationships to two in a very short time frame and pictured herself married with children to both. Struggled to finish.

    20. I was not a fan of Tish. The story itself was alright, a little boring, but pretty fast read. Tish goes from one theory to the next-who kill who, whose body is buried in her basement. It got really annoying. In the end, the fact that both male leads loved Tish after such a short time span, and the fact that she considered marrying one of themo much! Sorry but there were many issues with the story for me. Cliches, cliches:The female character bumps her head against the males when they both go to [...]

    21. decent although I didn't get why she'd consider the proposal or why she'd say she loved him when she was equally attracted to the cop and barely knew either of them. but willing to give more a chance

    22. I downloaded a free copy of this book for my Sony e-reader.Tish travels the country (or maybe just the state of Michigan) fixing up old houses and flipping them for a profit. Sounds like an awesome way to make a living, but really she's just running from her past, hoping that no one finds out the truth she's trying to avoid. Right off the bat she meets sexy neighbor, David. With a British accent and handsome looks, what's not to like? He's smooth, sophisticated, and just getting served divorce p [...]

    23. What a shame it is to have to give a two star review to a book with potential. Tish is someone I truly wanted to like. A home restoration specialist, she has a good life after a horrific youth. Moving into a run-down Victorian to restore it, she finds herself surrounded by truly strange townspeople, missing women, and a possible ghost haunting her house. Being a home restoration nut myself, I thought this would be a great little book to read, especially as it was a mystery with a paranormal slan [...]

    24. Time for another mystery review.Love Me If You Must by Nicole YoungLove Me If You Must is the first book in Nicole Young's mystery series, the Patricia Amble Mystery series.I was lucky enough to get this as a Kindle freebie from , and I decided I was in the mood for another mystery after I finished Murder By The Slice.Let me start off by saying that I really, really enjoyed Love Me If You Must!The story follows Tish Amble who is a house renovator. She has just come to a new town to renovate a Vi [...]

    25. What I liked: - the details about house renovating that I would have had no clue about because I know nothing about the subject. They gave a real air of believability to some aspects of the story.- the fact that the Christian elements of the story weren't forced down the reader's throat. This was not an evangelising book, it was simply a book where some of the characters have a faith and that fact gets mentioned at times.What I didn't like as much:- the MC. Yes, she had had a rough time of thing [...]

    26. This book is the first in the series, about Patricia "Tish" Amble. Tish buys old houses and fixes them up to resale at a profit. She is a bit of a gypsy at heart. With no family to speak of, after the death of Grandmother, and after she has been in a bit of trouble with the law due to that deathTish finds herself in Rawlings, MI. She has bought an old Victorian house from a divorcing couple.Tish can see the house for all it's possiblities. Until, on Halloween, when the neighborhood children tell [...]

    27. This gal bought a house to fix up and sell. Then move on to the next. That's what happened when she moved to Rawlings, a cute small town where neighbors watch out for each other. She met her British neighbor, David, 2 houses over and it was a pleasant thing. Her next door neighbor introduced himself as a police officer - she ran away from him. For a good reason - she had a rap and she didn't want it to be known!However, Brad (the police officer) has been nothing but helpful! David expressed a ro [...]

    28. Didn't care for the book I gave this two stars because it was decently written from a technical standpoint. I didn't give it five stars because I have lots of problems with the story itself. To mention a few (this contains spoilers), the fact that this is built up as a romance mystery early in the book, should mean that the right guy and girl get together in the end. However, in this story the good guy doesn't get the girl. In fact there is no "payoff". The heroine rides into the sunset in her n [...]

    29. Well this book definitely picks up around the last three chapters. Honestly. The book wasn't that bad, I mean it's not really a mystery it's more of a chicklit book. I know she wasn't a hardened detective but I didn't like how much she flip flopped around about who she was in love with and who murdered who and if there was a body in the basement.Honestly why did it take her 30 or more chapters to crack that cement. The guy said you couldn't remove the cistern he didn't say you couldn't take out [...]

    30. This book showed me once again that the saying you get what you pay for isn't always accurate. I would not have been at all disappointed if I had paid for this book. I love that I can find books on Kindle for free to discover new authors and I am definitely adding Young to my list.While the book is not your typical mystery, it offers up a pretty good cast of characters who make great suspects. The story in itself is not typical, but I found it fresh and I loved the new career choice. Quite tired [...]

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