Dark Gold

Dark Gold They were masters of the darkness searching through eternity for a mistress of the lightWas he a manor a miracle Alexandria Houton would sacrifice anything ever her life to protect her orphaned littl

  • Title: Dark Gold
  • Author: Christine Feehan
  • ISBN: 9780843958447
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • They were masters of the darkness, searching through eternity for a mistress of the lightWas he a manor a miracle Alexandria Houton would sacrifice anything ever her life to protect her orphaned little brother But when both encountered unspeakable evil in the swirling San Francisco mists, Alex could only cry to heaven for their deliveranceAnd out of the darknThey were masters of the darkness, searching through eternity for a mistress of the lightWas he a manor a miracle Alexandria Houton would sacrifice anything ever her life to protect her orphaned little brother But when both encountered unspeakable evil in the swirling San Francisco mists, Alex could only cry to heaven for their deliveranceAnd out of the darkness swooped Aidan Savage, a golden being powerful, mysterious than any other creature of the night The ageless Carpathian male snatched them from a hideous fate But was Aidan a miracleor a monster Alex s salvationor her sin If she surrendered to Aidan s savage, unearthly seduction gave him the color, the light, the family he craved would Alex truly save her brother Or sacrifice than her life

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      Christine Feehan is a 1 New York Times bestselling author multiple times over with her portfolio including over 50 published novels, including five series Dark Series, Ghostwalker Series, Leopard Series, Drake Sisters Series, the Sisters of the Heart Series All five series hit the 1 spot on the New York Times bestselling list as well Her debut novel Dark Prince received 3 of the 9 Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature PEARL in 1999 Since then she has been published by various publishing houses including Leisure Books, Pocket Books, and currently is writing for Berkley Jove She also has earned 7 PEARL awards since Dark Prince HER WORDS I ve been a writer all of my life it is who I am I write for myself and always have The ability to create pictures and emotions with words is such a miracle to me I read everything I mean everything All kinds of books, even encyclopedias I am fascinated by the written word and I love storytellers It is a great privilege to be counted one myself christinefeehan

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    1. 3.5 Savage Stars First read June 2012 re-read January 12,2016 Spoilers"You had a bad dream, something about vampires, but you do not really remember it. It is all very hazy. You talked to me about it, and if it ever returns to haunt you, you will come to me, and we will discuss it. You always feel free to talk with me about things that sometimes do not make sense. You want me to be with your sister always. We talk about it together and plot together to make her want to stay with me as my wife, a [...]

    2. 3.5, muy cerca de un 4/ ¿Qué puedo decir? Aunque, quizá, la puntuación que le doy no sea muy alta, me encanta cómo escribe esta mujer y sus vampiros.

    3. What is it about these Carpathians? I can't seem to stay away from these books. This time I lasted three months. I started reading this book, and soon I was fully immersed in this world of dark sensuality and supernatural beauty, where the creatures of the night are a race of ancient immortals who live on blood. They fight against their own dark natures, and against their brethren who have succumbed to the darkness and became the evil vampires who pray on humans and destroy them. They walk throu [...]

    4. The third book in the series, the Carpathian male attitude is still disturbing. As the books progress, Feehan has learn to use different pet names that mean the same thing. In this one it is 'piccola' which is basically Italian for 'little one', a term of endearment that she used in the first book. Most of the action takes place in the first and last part of the book with the rest being filled with constant struggle for independence that never truly occurs. I have also found that Feehan's timeli [...]

    5. 3.5 Stars and this is because the hero was amazing. Aiden Savage was extraordinary and the most patient loving hero. The heroine drove me crazy till 70%I don't really consider this book safe Because she wanted to want another man and she actually went out to find a man. She even danced with them. I don't discriminate between hero or heroine when I'm getting mad over ow or om scenes. I do get way more mad when it's the hero but I can guarantee that there is no way this book would have been marke [...]

    6. 4.5 stars, mostly for the hero. The heroine was a wee annoying in this one. Her denial of what was happening and her continued effort to go out with another man brings this rating down from 5 stars.

    7. I wanted to clarify my previous poor review.I had too many problems with this book. First, the author immediately throws me out of the story by jumping between Point of Views in the same scene. Second, she never really engages me with any of the characters, because they are the same damn characters from every "Dark" novel -- overprotective "alpha" male and gentle, compassionate woman.Plus, though the women are always portrayed as being independent, they are only independent as much as their male [...]

    8. Dark Gold is the Carpathian story of Aidan and Alexandria. This book si wonderfully amazing and I really enjoyed listening to Juanita Clark read it to me.Aidan, a vampire hunter that has existed alone for many centuries. Sent to America to help protect the humans from the vampire predators, Aidan has known very few. Alienated from his people, he only exists with honor. Only exists to rid the world of his fallen brethren.Alexandria is a talented graphics artist who is trying to land a job as the [...]

    9. Third strike, Carpathians. I'm sorry but you are out.Pro: none that I can find.Cons: - The lead men in these books are not alpha, they are slavers. - This isn't a mate bond, it's slavery. There is no free will, no choice whatsoever. - The women are never strong as we are told. On the contrary, to me they are weak and made weaker by the story. My definition of them would be "doormats". (well, they have no choice. They are forced in to an eternal marriage to save a man. (sigh)- The man always know [...]

    10. "Dark Gold" is the story of Alexandria and Aidan.We again find the mating of a human and a Carpathian, the difference this time being that the human is being chased by a bloodthirsty vampire Paul and is rescued, and hence turned by Aidan.Adding to the story is her 7 year old brother Joshua, his housekeeps Maria and Stefan; and one of her ardent admirers Thomas Ivan.It goes through the typical back and forth of the conflict the heroine goes post being turned- being able to communicate, the blood [...]

    11. Well I really like Ms. Feehan's stories (when she stops reiterating and going over old ground again and again), but it is a shame that the characters are all type-cast. The men (I can understand - it is a common trait for Carpathian males to be domineering, overly possessive and necessarily protective of their females), but I don't get why all the men go for the same type of woman. They are always fiercely independent women who seem to be loners whether they be Carpathian or human, yet they alwa [...]

    12. 3-3.5 starsWell, I really liked just about everything in the storyexcept Alexandria. Aidan was good and Joshua (Alexandria little brother) was cool, but Alexandria was definitely a TSTL heroine and stayed that was through most of the story.Alexandria is a very talented artist that wants to get a job with a famous maker of vampire video games. She's pretty desperate for the job because she's raising her 7 year old brother, Joshua, and they really need the money. Alexandria has never dated because [...]

    13. I began this series reading the latest (Dark Slayer) which is far into the series and enjoyed it fairly well. I'll write a review for that another time. Then I went to the beginning and started the series from there. This third installment in the series is my fourth dark book and in many ways I found it insufferable.First the two things I liked about the book. I like the character of Aiden. He's quite likable and, although he's what is turning out to be so typically alpha(to the idiot power) mal [...]

    14. "Dark Gold" is the 3rd book in Christine Feehan's Carpathian series. This book centers on Aidan Savage. He is born of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. He is 800 years old. Like others of his race, he drinks blood; he can shapeshift; he has telepathic abilities; and he can not go in the sun. Like all Carpathian men, he lost his emotions and his ability to see in color after he turned 200. Those gifts will not return unless he finds his lifemate, the other half of his soul. If he does not find [...]

    15. So I am kicking off my Read All The Books! Challenge by starting on my Christine Feehan backlog. I started the Carpathians series a while ago but I got intimated by the number of books and the mindset that I would never get caught up! And now that I waited so long between reads, I am kinda thinking I should have started over at the beginning. I can't remember anything from the first two books. Hmmm dilemma. Should I go back and re-read the first two?Our millenia-old Carpathian in this book is Ai [...]

    16. OMG, everything just went wrong with this installment. And I feel awful feeling this way because I absolutely love the series, but this installment is definitely A NO for me.1) A COMPLETELY SPOILED AND NEGATIVE HEROINE. I hated her, truly. I kept hoping she could magically dye already. It took her 80% of the book to accept Aidan, which IMHO has been the best hero so far. 80%!!! OMG I just thought she would never come to terms with everything going on. Poor guy saved her life and the ungrateful b [...]

    17. Ok here is my deal. I just did not like Aidan. He started off bad for me and I found him to be aloof, condescending, arrogant, etc. I was so tired of the back and forth while I totally understood her reluctance. I felt he did zero to try to overcome her fears. Aside from telling her to get over it. No romance. Nothing. His relationship with her brother was sweet. Her pushing him away for 70% of the book was understandable but still got old. When reading these epic series I never expect to love t [...]

    18. This is probably one of the few Carpathian books where you get a feel for their day to day lives. As Alex recovers from her attack and adjusts to her new life you can feel both Aidan's reluctance to push her further than he has to and his need for her to hurry up and get with the plan.For all the vampire attacks and creepy bosses this is a very tender story of a really nice couple. (that almost sounds insulting but I don't mean it that way). If he wasn't so Carpathian, I'd almost say Aiden's a b [...]

    19. So far, this is my favorite of the Carpathians Series. It seems that Alexandria and Aidan get to know each other before they have sex (what a concept); she doesn't seem as whiny, and he doesn't seem as demanding. I also enjoyed the relationship Aidan has with his human family and Alex's brother Joshua, a cute little boy wanting to be a man who definitely looks up to Aidan as his role model. The only complaint I have about the book is that the author never finishes Alex's story line with Thomas I [...]

    20. Re-read 2nd time by audiobookThese women are too stupid to live, literally. Yes, they're rescued from the bad guys. Yes, things were done to make sure she lived. But does she appreciate it, no, she fights and hurts everyone and would rather die than live with a man who has been kind to her and has been wonderful to her brother. I feel so sorry for these Carpathian men!

    21. Creamy heat. Moist heat. Slick heat! NO! NO! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"Heat" as a synonym for "vag" just joined "scrotum" on my list of no-no words.Gross.And as if that wasn't bad enough, I still can't stand Feehan's namby-pamby heroines. I lost count of how many times I wished I could lay a violent hand on Alexandria.

    22. This has to be one of the worst books I’ve read, the worst! I don’t even know where to begin.The writing style is horrible and extremely boring; the repetition gets to a point where I know what to expect before I even read it.I will try to state few things that I hated most in a neutral way or it will be just an angry review, even though I am angry I have wasted my time on this book that I had to finish just because I started.-One of many things I hated about this story is how the writer des [...]

    23. Orjinal post içinBloguma bakabilirsiniz :)) Feehan ve onun mıymıntı kızları ve onun peygamber sabırlı erkekleriYok kardeşim ne zor karakterler gördümde ben bu kız gibisini görmedim! O nasıl bir inattırı geçtim çoktan hangi insan gider kendini zorla tiksindiği babası yaşında bir adama aşık etmeye çalışır ki? Hele de say say bitmez tonla özelliği olan katalogdan fırlamış gibi Aidan dururken?Yani tamam Aidan'ı istemiyorsun gıcığın var ama Thomas'la olmak sana n [...]

    24. I had initially skipped this one and went straight to book 4 (Dark Magic). I'd been wanting to read Gregori's story and Aidan didn't seem all that interesting to me. I'm glad I went back because I ended up really enjoying his story.Aidan was one of the more reasonable of the controlling Carpathian males. He was definitely alpha, but he made an effort to understand where the heroine was coming from. By Carpathian male standards he was practically evolved. He had lived with generations of the same [...]

    25. An important job interview for Alexandria Houton ended in a nightmare. Witnessing a vampires destruction and then being taken by him along with her younger brother Joshua, Alex had no idea what this monster wanted with her. The appearance of Aidan Savage did not make her feel any better. He seemed to be the same kind of monster and his treatment of her wasn’t much better. They had both done awful things to her that made her feel pain, but Aidan had taken her and her brother to his house and se [...]

    26. I really hated this book. I absolutely love books 1 and 2 in this series. This one was not only disappointing, but almost unreadable. The male domination theme was always there in the previous books, but it was tempered with strong female characters and very heavy male angst. Without those elements, this book just seems like overbearing male and that's all. This really disappointed me because I really liked Aidan in the previous books. I know he has angst that he could show us, but it just wasn' [...]

    27. As I continue reading this series I become more and more enthralled with the characters we meet. This is the 3rd book in the series and it’s a great book.This is the story of Aidan, twin brother of Julian who are ancient Carpathians living far away from their beloved home – the Carpathian Mountains who meets his life mate, Alexandria when he saves her and her brother from a vampire that had capture them.I love Aidan…e gorgeous, golden hero who shape shifts into a golden eagle…wow…d he [...]

    28. Just reread a little bit of this. The whole premise of this series is a lot of controlling men, but this is a bit too much. SPOILERSForced conversion, kidnapping, brainwashing, using a younger sibling/child as a hostage, 'man of the house' stylings on the part of a 6 year old. it just went way too far with the weak woman stylings. I had to set it aside, and I don't know if I'll be able to pick up another book of this series ever again. Some of her series have some pretty strong, kick-ass heroine [...]

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