Lace II

Lace II Sequel to Lace this book is an international novel about four glamorous women and lifelong friends and how their opulent fantastic lives are inextricably linked

  • Title: Lace II
  • Author: Shirley Conran
  • ISBN: 9780140081060
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sequel to Lace, this book is an international novel about four glamorous women and lifelong friends and how their opulent, fantastic lives are inextricably linked.

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    About “Shirley Conran”

    1. Shirley Conran

      Shirley Conran is the ex wife of British designer, restaurateur, retailer and writer Sir Terence Conran She is the mother of designers Sebastian Conran and Jasper Conran A bestselling author in her own right whose most memorable books include Lace and Superwoman.She was educated at the University of Portsmouth In addition to novel writing, she wrote regularly for The Observer newspaper s women s page and was the first women s editor of The Observer Colour Magazine and women s editor of The Daily Mail newspaper where she launched the weekly women s magazine Femail She also has great experience as a designer in textiles and as a colour consultant she had her own paint range She handled the publicity for the Women in Media Campaign devoted to sex discrimination legislation She was on the selection committee of the Council of Industrial Design for eight years She also has been a columnist for Vanity Fair magazine.Shirley Conran is well known for having said First things first, second things never.She was successfully treated for skin cancer several years ago.She has homes in France and London.

    188 thoughts on “Lace II”

    1. I neglected to mention the first book, I was caught reading it by one of my parent's friends. She was not to happy with me reading the book and apparently had words with my parents. This led me to a slightly dark time in my life because I was on a book restriction. My parents would lock my books up and I was not allowed to read. It was very difficult for me as an early book addict. I was also not allowed to go to the public library to borrow books every week. Instead I had to wait a few weeks an [...]

    2. The first Lace was a good old fashioned trashy novel. The sequel lacked cohesion, sadly, and doesn't match up. The story begins with uber-celebrity Lili kidnapped for a hefty ransom, to be paid by her mysterious father. Well, we know in Lace who that is, and you'd think the lengthy flashback would provide more insight into it. Instead we're treated to a lengthy, boring recap of Lily and Judy's relationship until that point - plus there are parts with two of Judy's friends added for balance. The [...]

    3. Like the first book, I'd seen (and enjoyed) the miniseries years before reading it (although the first series is a classic of sumptuous camp and the second saw a new actress playing Judy, Lili mysteriously losing that atrocious accent, and a overly contrived storyline - is one really to believe that these rich and powerful women and all their friends are unable to come up with one million in ransom money?), and I had a somewhat difficult time blocking out the events of the first teleplay and rem [...]

    4. I did not take me long to finish this book it only looks that way. The one bad thing about a kobo is when you miss place the plug to charge your kobo. Now that I found the plug I was able to finish Lace 2 and it was just as good as I remeber it when read the first time. This book is a perfect story for the summer, find a relaxing chair and enjoy.

    5. Not as good as the first book, but still a good read.Back Cover Blurb:Sequal to Lace, this book is an international novel about four glamorous women, who are lifelong friends and how their opulent, fantastic lives are linked.

    6. I've been looking for this book for the longest and I have finally found it. Once again I finish it in two days. Some people say they were disappointed with it. I gotta admitt it isn't as detail as the first but I still was quite content with the outcome of it.

    7. The novel did not live up to it's first novel. It was good in it's own way but I was hoping for the same feelings that came from reading Lace.

    8. This was OK as it was intriguing to learn how the characters progressed but it wasn't a patch on Lace itself.

    9. Like the Sex and the City movie, it didn't quite match up to the original. The plot was a bit hairball, though a nice distraction after a busy few weeks at work.

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