Adorkable Welcome to the dorkside It s going to be a bumpy rideJeane Smith s a blogger a dreamer a dare to dreamer a jumble sale queen CEO of her own lifestyle brand and has half a million followers on twit

  • Title: Adorkable
  • Author: Sarra Manning
  • ISBN: 9781907411007
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • Welcome to the dorkside It s going to be a bumpy rideJeane Smith s a blogger, a dreamer, a dare to dreamer, a jumble sale queen, CEO of her own lifestyle brand and has half a million followers on twitter.Michael Lee s a star of school, stage and playing field A golden boy in a Jack Wills hoodie.They have nothing in common but a pair of cheating exes So why can t theyWelcome to the dorkside It s going to be a bumpy rideJeane Smith s a blogger, a dreamer, a dare to dreamer, a jumble sale queen, CEO of her own lifestyle brand and has half a million followers on twitter.Michael Lee s a star of school, stage and playing field A golden boy in a Jack Wills hoodie.They have nothing in common but a pair of cheating exes So why can t they stop snogging

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      237 Sarra Manning
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    1. Sarra Manning

      Sarra Manning is a teen queen extraordinaire She spent five years working on the now sadly defunct J17, first as a writer and then as Entertainment Editor She then joined the launch team of teen fashion bible Ellegirl, which she later went on to edit and has consulted on a wide range of youth titles including Bliss, The Face and More Sarra is now editor of What To Wear magazine She s also been a regular contributor to ELLE, The Guardian, ES Magazine, Seventeen, Details and Heat and wrote the Shop Bitch column for Time Out Sarra lives in North London with her dog Miss Betsy

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    1. I love this book in the same way I love shouty post-hardcore music of the late 80s, wearing jumpsuits of any kind, and the smell (and when I was little, probably the taste too) of Clag. Which is to say: unashamedly, unreservedly and somewhat incongruously with my usual predilections.I generally like my contemporary YA on the messy, introspective side, with hefty doses of realism and minimal use of “teen speak”. So colour me surprised to find this book sort of adorable, despite the presence o [...]

    2. 4.5 starsSo when I first heard about this book I was extremely excited. I mean, first up- that synopsis is golden. Why wouldn’t you want to read about a blogging superstar kissing a hot boy? There is no reason.Anyway, when I pick up a book by an author I’ve never heard of, I like to do some research. Wait, before I carry on, I just have to say that there is no way this next bit isn’t going to sound creepy and stalkery. Whatever, I’ve committed now.I like to do some research about what th [...]

    3. J'adork. I know I was just THIS BOOK GETS ME-ing about Holier Than Thou but this book gets me! Adorkable gets the online me -- the one who tweets and tumblrs and blogs and pins. If the last sentence makes no sense to you, this book may not be for you because one of the things I love about Adorkable is that it doesn't feel the need to explain all that. You either get it or you don't.Jeane Smith gets it. She's a 17-year-old student and blogger who runs a mini online empire based on all things ador [...]

    4. Buddy read with Komal! :D See her review here.Actual rating: 2.5 stars (I'm feeling generous!)This is pretty much your average chick-lit, but instead of being set in the US, this book is set in England. I thought this book was pretty entertaining, but that's it. The characters were pretty awful, the plot was non-existent as I'd expected it to be, and the romance was meh. I still liked the book, though, just not much.Let's talk about the characters.Jeane is our main protagonist of Adorkable. She' [...]

    5. A este libro:- Le falta trama.- Le falte coherencia.- Le faltan personajes que a pesar de sus defectos logren ganarse al lector.- Y le sobran páginas.Adorkable es la historia de Jeane, una dork que proclama que está bien ser diferente mientras insulta a TODOS a su alrededor porque SON. DIFERENTES. A. ELLA. Los humilla por ser "simples", los ataca por vestirse "normal", los menosprecia porque "no tienen su nivel intelectual". Esta actitud, que se mantiene inalterable a todo lo largo del libro, [...]

    6. More of a 2.5 stars.Adorkable was 70% dorky boring and 30% adorable. I was really excited about this book and all about badgered Jessie to read it with me and you can check out her review here. I mean, have you read the blurb? 17 year old dorky teenager, blogger extraordinaire, " an innovator and a one-girl zeitgeist and the queen of the outliers" AND a hot guy? Sign me up!The story revolves around Jeane's break up with her boyfriend, Barney, and her navigation along the lines of dorkiness and l [...]

    7. Adorkable was witty and sweet romance, between two total social opposites. It’s always such fun reading about opposites clashing, and then falling for each other in spite of their differences. Jeane Smith and Michael Lee couldn’t be further apart in their social spheres. She’s the queen of dork and bizarre, and he’s the popular king of normal. Jeane’s proud of her dorkdom and looks down on anyone mainstream. She’s a popular blogger with her own “life-brand,” Adorkable, with a hug [...]

    8. Sarra's heroines are always a similar brand of quirky cool teen, but they do always come across as different people. She is very good at making realistic modern teen characters. I recognise her character types in the real world and this book is particularly relevant today.I liked Michael and seeing things from his point of view as she usually sticks to the girl's. And I was happy to meet characters from Guitar Girl again!Sarra is making a great statement in this book and I hope it inspires teena [...]

    9. This book was such a (lovely) mess!At first I had a hard time following where the story was headed. But somehow I got to love all the dorkiness, the craziness, the dizziness that the characters made me feel when they changed their mind every half-page. It was cute, it was refreshing, it was somehow original and near the ending it gave a few lessons that are worth knowing – some about ourselves, some about the world we are living in.“Be yourself, everyone else is taken” – No, this is not [...]

    10. So the 2 stars I decided to rate this book are because of two reasons:1.) I felt compelled to finish the book and I am not a reader who forces themselves to finish the book for the sake of finishing. The writing was gripping enough to see me through to the end.2.) I enjoyed the last fourth of the book and thought the premise of the story was interesting.Unfortunately for me this is where most of the good things about this book ends. Ok premise first. Jeane is a 17 year old internet sensation. Sh [...]

    11. This is my favourite of all the Manning books I have read so far. A YA contemporary rather than chick-lit, Adorkable deals with Jeane and Michael. Their lives collide when Jeane’s boyfriend and Michael’s girlfriend fall in love. (Incidentally, Manning seems to love these kinds of coincidences as this also happens in Nine Uses for an Ex-Boyfriend). What follows is an extremely loud, extremely British, rollercoaster ride.Jeane isn’t anything that Michael Lee looks for in a girl and Michael i [...]

    12. Adorkable is the type of novel that will most definitely be read in the distant future, but not because of its writing quality or sheer brilliance, but because of how utterly modern it is. I can imagine children reading it in history classes, struggling to understand the concepts of Twitter, Facebook, and Website Blogging all while being caught up in Mike and Jeane's unforgettable story. While I expected a cute and quirky romance from this book, I was given an expose on modern technology, insigh [...]

    13. Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviewsI can't remember the last time I hated a book character so much.What's sad, is that there are so many reasons I could have loved this book. I'm a dork myself, so I'm all for "pro dork" books. I like high school romances. I like "popular guy falls in love with nerdy girl" books. I love books about blogging, bloggers, and social media. I love all of those things.What I don't like are massive bitches. And that's exactly what Jeane Smith is. A massive, MASSIVE [...]

    14. As soon as I heard that there was going to be a book called Adorkable, I jumped at the chance to read it! I mean really - a title that includes the word 'dork' just has to be good, doesn't it? The premise sounded pretty cool too - the story is about a self-proclaimed dork called Jeane and her ever-changing relationship with the 'cool' guy at school, Michael. I've not read anything else by Sarra Manning, so I wasn't sure what to expect but this one looked like a fun read.Every review I've read fo [...]

    15. As much as the book focused a lot around the love-hate-relationship in it, I myself also had a love-hate-relationship with this book.Or at least with the characters.In the beginning I was very annoyed and honestly also disgusted by the behaviour of Jeane and Michael.They are both so ridiculously full of themselves and treat each other like crap, I was so put off by that, let me tell you!!!Also, the whole plot started out differently than what I'd expected after reading the synopsis.I thought thi [...]

    16. Jeane has always been the weird girl at school. Her hair is often the result of failed dye jobs, she wears second hand clothes, the previous owner of which may or may not have had an incontinence problem. She stands out and is proud of it, but she is shunned by her classmates. That has never been a problem for her, she is a blogger who has a worldwide following and is in high demand on the conference circuit where she speaks about youth-culture.Michael is her exact opposite, he is in the cool gr [...]

    17. I think I was in a cranky mood when I started this book, judging by my harsh status updates. Channeling my inner Jeane, I suppose. But then Sarra Manning won me over with her unique characters, witty prose and general awesomeness. Such a fun read! Makes me proud to be a dork :)

    18. Bože, to bolo úúúžasné, také úžasné. Fantastické a skvelé a ďalších tisíc superlatívov. Idem zistiť mail na Sarru Manning a vyznať jej nehynúcu lásku o pol 2 ráno.

    19. Ich muss mich erstmal erholen.Ich liebe dieses Buch und empfehle es JEDEM. ABSOLUT JEDEM!Kleine Anmerkung: Wenn du nach dem Beenden des Buchs zu gute Laune Musik lachend durch die Wohnung tanzt, ist es ein verdammt gutes Buch!Ganze Review:Ok, diese Rezension kommt viel viel viel viel vieeeeeeeel zu spät.Aber jetzt kommt sie doch noch, also lauscht meinen Worten und KAUFT DIESES VERDAMMTE BUCH!Zuallererst einmal: Ich liebe liebe liebe liebe starke weibliche Charaktere! Also Badass-Frauen, die en [...]

    20. Adorkable is one of those sneaky synopsis stories. You know the type – take the familiar formula, tweek it a little bit, lull unsuspecting readers with a promise of something formulistic and fluffy and then BAM! Falcon punch straight in the feels!It’s shocking what it can do to a hardened cynic.From the description, you’ll think you’re in for another one of those Opposites Attract type comedies, possibly with a few dashes of John Green-esque quirkiness and the obligatory rebellion agains [...]

    21. Okay, there isn't anything really original about this book -- not the characters, not the plot, not the themes or big ideas: dorky girl with hot jock, hipster hating, card-carrying feminist outcast using hardcore persona to mask vulnerable heart, the impassioned heated, honest-to-goodness desire to save the world (one dork fashion statement at a time).So we've seen it before but it is refreshing. Adorkable is exactly what you'd expect from a book with such a cover, but Manning adds a bit of extr [...]

    22. This novel is horrible. Its empty and very hard to read. The biggest fault is in its prose, which is so superfluous and jerky your mind goes all over the place. Added to these are overuse of very faddish icons, ads, songs, lingo, etc. give it a "short lived" feel. Also, the characters are very stereotypical albeit their triteness is hidden by cosmetic complexity. And hidden by its length and false depth, the plot is very basic. This book tells a very simple story but it got lost in all the bagga [...]

    23. 3.5i've been totally uninspired for weeks, so don't be too hard on me if this review is not good at all v.v i will try to put some order in my thoughts:what i like about adorkable + Jeane's personality: she's sassy, bold and speaks her mind no matter what. She accomplished at 17 what most of people won't accomplish ever. She makes of dorkiness a way of living and not only a lifestyle. Her background is very interesting worth a psychologic paper + Scarlett and Barney: it was funny to read how the [...]

    24. Lindo y curioso. Una prota exentrica y un chico popular que no aceptan sus emosiones aun cuando dependen del uno y del otro emosionalmente.Entretiene lo suficiente.

    25. See this review and more on The Moonlight Library!Jeane Smith has half a million followers on Twitter, runs her own lifestyle brand based on being dorky, but lives on her own and has no real-life friends. Michael Lee is handsome, athletic, has good grades, and doesn’t see the point in being internet famous when you’re real-life popular. Two people at the opposite ends of the high school social spectrum are thrown together when their respective boyfriend/girlfriend stumble into a relationship [...]

    26. When I read a book on my Kindle, I tend to highlight bits that I love as well a bits that I don't love quite so much, like a lot of other readers do, I should imagine. Of course, most of the time I don't refer to them ever again because I one of those new-old Kindles - the ones with no keypad, but no touchscreen either, so the idea of trying to make notes about said highlights is not an inviting one, not unless I want to get cramp in my thumb from repeatedly hitting the arrow button. And without [...]

    27. 3.5/5 sterren. Een super lief en leuk boek over een meisje met een blog en een jongen met een toekomstplan. Hoewel het hoofdpersonage mij wel op den duur begon te irriteren, ben ik dol op haar zelfverzekerde houding en haar grote mond. En Michael <333

    28. It was a cool & funny read. Made me laugh so damn much! They were always bickering and arguing-jean and Mkchael. Both whim appear cocky and self-assured and refuse to let the other have the last word in an argument however when you get to know them you realise their lives are not perfect. Jean has no really friends and half a million twitter followers whim follow and tweet her do not count. Michael is pressured into becoming someone hid family want him to be, not himself. I hated michaels fa [...]

    29. This was cute and funny. And way too long. I think that's my problem with Sarra Manning books. They're full of witty Brit humor but are made overly lengthy by the characters going of on random tangents. I don't dislike her books, I just think they're decent. I'm sure the thing that bugs me is the thing other readers love. I just like my fluffy (with a touch of serious) contemporaries to be shorter.

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