A Stitch in Crime

A Stitch in Crime Molly and her Tarzana Hookers must untangle a twisted yarn Molly s been handed the reins for this year s creative retreat an exhilarating weekend out on the Monterey Peninsula complete with crochet c

  • Title: A Stitch in Crime
  • Author: Betty Hechtman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Molly and her Tarzana Hookers must untangle a twisted yarn Molly s been handed the reins for this year s creative retreat an exhilarating weekend out on the Monterey Peninsula, complete with crochet classes Unfortunately for one teacher, though, the breathtaking scenery is where she ll take her last breath Now Molly will have to find a new instructor, and, if she caMolly and her Tarzana Hookers must untangle a twisted yarn Molly s been handed the reins for this year s creative retreat an exhilarating weekend out on the Monterey Peninsula, complete with crochet classes Unfortunately for one teacher, though, the breathtaking scenery is where she ll take her last breath Now Molly will have to find a new instructor, and, if she can squeeze it in, solve this murder with the help of her pals from the Tarzana Hookers.

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    About “Betty Hechtman”

    1. Betty Hechtman

      I grew up on the south side of Chicago and in a very busy weekend, got married, graduated college and moved to Los Angeles.Although my degree is in Fine Arts, all I ever wanted to be was a writer and I ve been doing it in one form or another for as long as I can remember My shining moments in elementary and high school always involved stories or poetry I d written I wrote news stories and a weekly column in my college newspaper My first job out of college was working on the newsletter of a finance company I worked for a public relations firm and wrote press releases and biographies Later I wrote proposals for video projects and television shows that went through various stages of development.I tried writing screenplays and wrote three I sold one and another was a winner in a Writers Digest contest.I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom and did all kinds of volunteering at my son s schools including editing and writing several newsletters.I wrote essays and small pieces that ran in the Los Angeles Times, the Daily News and Woman s Day among others My short romantic and mystery fiction appeared in Woman s World, and Futures magazine.From time I was a thirteen year old babysitter cooking for the kids I babysat, I dreamed of writing a book about babysitting It took a little longer than I d expected, but BLUE SCHWARTZ AND NEFERTITI S NECKLACE was published in 2006.My affair with crochet began in Las Vegas I had always had a fascination with crochet, particularly granny squares, but thought there was some magic involved with making them that was beyond me And then everything changed that day in Vegas when I saw the kids kit in FAO Schwartz If the instructions were easy enough for kids, I thought they might work for me.My first granny square was missing a corner, but when I tried again, all four corners were there I was in awe of my own accomplishment I had found the magic I went granny square crazy until pretty soon I didn t need directions any Then I learned there were squares than just basic grannies and I made squares with sunflowers in the middle and other patterns I moved beyond squares and made flowers, hearts, bookmarks and .I was in love with crochet and began to make scarves, purses, afghans, and shawls I started carrying my hooks everywhere A plane trip became a pile of granny square wash cloths, or part of a shawl A vacation in Hawaii turned into a tote bag.And now I get to write about it Sourced from authors websiteSeries A Crochet Mystery Yarn Retreat

    323 thoughts on “A Stitch in Crime”

    1. I read the ninth novel in this series first, and now, I'm going through the series from the beginning. This fourth novel of the series was just as interesting and entertaining as the other books of the series I've read. As was also the case with the other novels in the series, I found the writing style to be good, and the plot was fun. I really enjoyed the novel and am looking forward to reading the whole series.

    2. Although it's book 4 in the series, they are quite independent. I enjoyed this very much, and after reading it, bought more of the series. A fun crafters' camp turns into a murder solving lots of fun, a romantic trio (or two or three) and it was just a lot of fun! Lots of different crafts represented, and I'm looking forward to reading more from her!

    3. I was at the library looking for a different paperback mystery, and this one happened to catch my eye, so I grabbed it. Though it's not the first in this series, it was easily readable as a stand-alone book. As an introduction to the series, I enjoyed it. I did manage to find the preceding books so I will be reading those soon. As for A Stitch in Crime, a number of reviewers thought the setting and the murder plus solution were all implausible and cheesy. I actually thought it worked well. But a [...]

    4. For some reason I was under the impression that this was the first book in a new series by Hechtman. I don't know where I got this idea however, because it's incorrect. It's the fourth book in the series starring Molly and the Tarzana Hookers.It was okay, I enjoyed it but honestly I find the characters and the situations a little forgettable. I picked this book up and it took me a little while to remember all the characters and the setting. Plus, Molly can be a little annoying at times. I'll sti [...]

    5. This should be a great series. It's got crochet and crafts, which I love, but it also has a main character, Molly Pink, who annoys me. She puts up with so much crap from Adele, an assistant, that I can't help but want to scream at her. She'd probably just complain to her boyfriend that I was mean to her, Poor Molly.At any rate in this one, she's been put in charge of a creative retreat weekend, Adele in tow and complaining all the way. Things quickly go wrong, with people not showing up, a white [...]

    6. Kind of annoyed that the reunion of the main couple wasn't explained after such a dramatic break up in the previous book.

    7. I think maybe mysteries aren't my thing, so it's probably unfair of me to review this book. The writing was okay, but formulaic. The characters were interesting and the author made me chuckle as I followed the antics of these crochet-crazy people. Good light reading.

    8. Another Fun ReadAnother twist of events, another murder for Molly Pink to solve, and men at odds over her. Two thumbs up.

    9. Genre: Cozy MysteryHow I read it: Kindle for PCWhat attracted me to the book: The genre and the free crochet pattern.Who should read this book: If you look around and you're sitting in a nice cozy arm chair, listening to Mozart, a book with a fancy crocheted bookmark in it is sitting next you as you crochet - this is the book for you and your crochet bookmark!Summary (from amazon): Molly's been handed the reins for this year's creative retreat-an exhilarating weekend out on the Monterey Peninsul [...]

    10. I'm afraid I didn't like this book much at all. I skipped to the end as well (see Cook's Night Out for another skipped book) with skimming. I think the main reason I don't like reading mysteries with the lead character as a female is that they tend to be involved with men in law enforcement and depend upon them for backup or moral support and usually ignore common sense which should tell them request equal respect from their partner. It's just rather frustrating to go from romance novels with st [...]

    11. I picked up the first four books of the series at the library. This is the first book where I wanted to steal the recipe and possibly try the pattern.I really like the idea of a weekend retreat of creativity which includes learning of other crafts and practicing crochet. I hate that such retreats (I've looked online) seem to be held either during the school year or far, far away. I wonder if I could organize such a thing myself.However, I didn't like the story itself. Once again, the sleuth gets [...]

    12. Molly Pink ends up in charge of the upcoming creative weekend retreat when her boss has to be away. Adele is sure she should have been left in charge instead but things seem to be off to a good start. Then to fog rolls in on the Monterey Peninsula and the participants in the classes cannot even make it to the retreat. But things really get complicated when Molly stumbles over the dead body of Isabella Landers, the crochet teacher. The police are convinced that her death is an accident, but Molly [...]

    13. This was my first Hechtman mystery. I enjoyed the premise enough (being a knitter myself)but the plot I found was plodding and took too long to get to the meat of the story. The murder didn't occur until almost a hundred pages in- and that's much too much of a setup for me. Adele was completely annoying, Sheila was a coward, and Molly seemed to be too nosy for her own good, not to mention the fact that she kept stringing Barry and Mason along throughout the whole story. The murderer and plot twi [...]

    14. Another enjoyable book in this series which is turning into my go-to source of light reads. The last line even surprised a belly laugh out of this cynical old grump! Despite the outlandish premise I thought it all worked very well, partly because of the well-drawn characters, and I have a New Year's resolution to go on a craft retreat (and to one day visit the Monterey peninsula.) It says something for this writer that even a character like Adele grows on you eventually. Good action without the [...]

    15. The Location was set in Monterey, CA or more clearly Asilomar Retreat. Could there be a better location for a mysterious murder? Or was it a murder? Death by S'mores????Ms. Hechtman did it for me. She passed into my 5-star level in this 4th of the series "A Crocket Mystery."I love how the group is always trying to make something for charity. I love the added food recipes and humor. I love the over-the-top assistant who wants to be a Diva and finally you realize perhaps why?This was a mad-cap adv [...]

    16. Molly Pink, widowed bookstore event planner and crocheter, ends up in charge of the store's annual creative retreat, which features workshops in crochet, memoir writing, knitting, party planning and acting. A fog locks the site down so only a few of the participants are there for opening day of the long weekend. When one of the group is found dead, the local police think it's an allergic reaction gone berserk. But Molly thinks that the death had a more immediate cause, and vows to find some answ [...]

    17. Molly is in Asilomar near Monterey leading a weekend get-together of people participating in various creative workshops - drama, crochet, knitting, entertaining, etc. The leader of the crochet workshop dies after ingesting a peanut-laden s'more. Is it murder or an accident? (Do we have to ask?) It might be a function of my reading the books in the series too close together, but I'm getting a bit tired of the back-and-forth with Molly's cop boyfriend Barry and her possibly-too-close friendship wi [...]

    18. Molly Pink has been given the rhinestone clipboard! In other words, she has been put in charge of this year's creative retreat being held at Asilomar on the Monterey Peninsula. Unfortunately for the crochet teacher, the retreat will be more than she bargained for. Now, while trying to run the retreat, Molly, with the help of her friends, the Tarzana Hookers, has a crime to solve.What made this most interesting s that I have been to Asilomar and I enjoyed refreshing my memory of the beauty of the [...]

    19. I'm rounding up from 2.5 stars. Molly Pink (is there a more ridiculous name for a main character?) is handed the rhinestone clipboard at the last minute which means she's in charge of a retreat for crocheters and knitters. A lot of time is spent on another character's desire to be in charge as well as on Molly's relationship with Barry, who did not accompany her on the weekend. The book seemed a little disjointed, and is not my favorite in this series, but it was a good light read.

    20. Molly Pink takes on the responsibility of the Retreat leader with a rhinestone clipboard with gusto. I'm continuing with this series because of the crochet. This tale dragged a lot. Being part of a crochet group myself, I related to the therapeutic & calming properties of crochet as well as some of the human drama of weekly group meetings. I just didn't enjoy the "mystery" in this story - little too much back-stabbing.

    21. The story was pretty entertaining but a bit slow to get started. A few characters I thought were a bit flat: Molly's best friend Dinah and Molly's boyfriend Barry. Adele was quite a colorful character and added some crazy-lady spice to the story. Though the book advertises "recipes included", I really thought it was a stretch to include a recipe for S'mores.

    22. Well, this book is just a continuation of the series (Crochet Mystery). It was more fun for me because this time the crime happened in Asilomar. I have fond memories of taking my kids on a tour around Northern California and on our way home we spent the night at Asilomar. If you enjoy murder mysteries and grew up in the San Fernando Valley you just might like this book.

    23. This is not a bad craft mystery book. Although it is a bit light on the craft, it's easy to read and relatively entertaining. It is *very* Christian, though, with bits of bible verse scattered throughout and lots of characters praying at and for each other. If that is an issue for you, then I would avoid this title.Thank you to the publisher who supplied a preview copy to me via Netgalley.

    24. I tried very hard to give this one (#4) three stars, but it just wasn't as good as the others in the series. I do enjoy the characters and while this was a fun read -- a creative weekend away at Asilomar - there was just something about the flow of the story that just wasn't quite right.

    25. This, the fourth book in the series, takes us to a rustic craft/hobby retreat. Sheila, another somewhat flat regular character is getting more human and I don't think Molly broke the law in this book. The subplot of dueling "boyfriends" is amusing.

    26. I enjoyed this book a lot and will read her other cozy mysteries. The characters are amusing and I especially like her co-worker Adele who is hilarious. For anyone who is looking for a light read and funny characters, I would recommend this book.

    27. This was the best entry in the series so farybe because it was a retreat setting so it took the characters out of some of their comfort zone. Adele was easier to take, even though she was kind of a mess, and Molly was less neurotic than usual too.

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