Lake of Secrets

Lake of Secrets Can Carlene really be remembering things from a past life Strange fragmented memories have been haunting Carlene since she and her mother came to Lake Isadora The vivid recollections don t seem to re

  • Title: Lake of Secrets
  • Author: Lael Littke
  • ISBN: 9780805067309
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Can Carlene really be remembering things from a past life Strange, fragmented memories have been haunting Carlene since she and her mother came to Lake Isadora The vivid recollections don t seem to relate to anything in Carlene s own past Until now, she hadn t even seen the place where Keith, the brother she never knew, disappeared during a storm fifteen years ago SomeCan Carlene really be remembering things from a past life Strange, fragmented memories have been haunting Carlene since she and her mother came to Lake Isadora The vivid recollections don t seem to relate to anything in Carlene s own past Until now, she hadn t even seen the place where Keith, the brother she never knew, disappeared during a storm fifteen years ago Some think he drowned, but his mother thinks he was kidnapped and is still alive somewhere She is sure the little boy s clothes that have just been found near the lake belonged to her son Carlene knows that her bizarre memories have something to do with Keith They might even help her discover the truth about what happened the day he disappeared But she can t possibly be remembering things that happened before she was born unless the memories are from a past life.

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      Daughter of Frank George and Ada Geneva Petersen Jensen married George C Littke a college professor , June 29, 1954 children Lori S Education Utah State University, B.S 1952 graduate study at City College now City University of New York , 1955 59, and University of California Los Angeles, 1968 Politics Democrat Religion Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints Mormon Hobbies and other interests Travel Memberships Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators, Council on Children s Literature Agent Jack Byrne, 3209 South Fifty fifth St Milwaukee, WI 53219 4433REER Gates Rubber Co Denver, CO, secretary, 1952 54 Life Insurance Association of America, New York, NY, secretary, 1954 60 worked as a medical secretary for a physician in New York, NY, 1960 63 writer, 1963 Taught writing classes in writers programs at Pasadena City College and University of California Los Angeles, 1978 88ARDS Southern California Council on Children s Literature Award for notable work of fiction, 1992, for Blue Skye Best Books for the Teen Age, New York Public Library, 2003, for Lake of Secrets.

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    1. Lake of Secrets by Lael Littke is a thrilling, mystery book, that I couldn't put down! Three years before Carlene was born her brother, Keith goes missing during a turbulent storm, while he was on a boat. Her mother still claims he's alive but others think he's dead. Shortly thereafter, Carlene's father runs away from despair. After the unfortunate disappearance of both her husband and son, and now she is pregnant with Carlene, she feels it would be best if she left town. Eighteen years later, C [...]

    2. Lake of Secrets was a good mysterious book. Like the first book I read, A Solitary Blue, it is based around the idea of families. I liked the mystery of this book even though after awhile it got pretty predictable. As I read the book I became very frantic about what was going to happen next. It was always hard to withdraw from this book from all the suspense. It was a simply worded book which kept it from being all that great but it still had a great story behind it. When I first started reading [...]

    3. Carlene’s family just moved back to Lake Isadora, the place where her brother Keith went missing fifteen years ago. Even though Carlene has never been to Lake Isadora, she begins to have memories of the place, and of things that happened there long ago.The mystery of Keith’s disappearance is slowly revealed through Carlene’s visions of the past. Carlene tries to figure out where the visions come from, all while connecting with the players in Keith’s disappearance, to figure out if his de [...]

    4. I loved this book! It kept me at the edge of my seat because it was very suspenseful and the perfect book for me! I think it could've been a little more descriptive but, the author eliminated unnecessary events to make the book a page-turner. I was never much of a fan of mystery stories because I could never find the perfect one. This book indoctrinated me to read more mystery books. This is one book full of pure mystery which I recommend to all. I suggest that you read it at once to make it a b [...]

    5. I found this book easy to read, and although it was confusing at the beginning, it ended up being a really interesting story. It was about reincarnation and disappearance. Twenty-two year old Keith disappeared while being out in the lake with his father (he was four when he disappeared). Years later, his younger sister Carlene was born. She never got to meet him, but somehow she had memories/visions about him, and also about another man, Jonathan. The whole novel explains how she came to the con [...]

    6. Lake of Secrets lael littkeBy: Kennedy czarnickHave you ever remembered something that you shouldn't have? Or suddenly thought you've been somewhere, smelt something, or felt somethingbut you hadn't? Well Elane Carlene has too. While you travel with her, you see she isn't familiar with all she thinks she is. Elaine is, but elane died 8 years ago, before she was ever even born. So how is it she ‘Remembers’ memorie that aren't hers? Keith was a 3 year old boy, who went out on a boat with his [...]

    7. Lake of secrets was a good book about a life that has been "recycled". This book is about a girl who has been born to finish out somebody elses life named Ealine. Carlene's brother Keith, has been missing for 18 yrs. Nobody knows what exactly happened to him, but they believed that he drowned in Lake Isadora during a storm. Carlene starts having flashbacks about Keith, but the flashbacks are from Ealines life. With the help from Perla, who's a phychic reader, Jonathan W,who is Ealines husband, a [...]

    8. it was realy good! it is about a girl and her mom trying to get over there past! they loset ther father and son in what they thought was a boat accsadent but realy was a kidnapping! they moved away and 13 years later the moved back in need of finding the lost brother when they got there they knew nothing by a couple of weeks they had found keiths cloths and by a month they found out that a craxy woman whom wated a family of her own took him, she had them on a bot when the boat sank they all dide [...]

    9. I didn't really like this book at first, but as I started getting into it, it turned out to be a really good book.It's about a girl, about my age, named Carlene. Her mother lost her son Keith before Carlene was born, to a tragic boat "kidnapping" and "lost child". The mother, Jen, still thinks Keith is alive, even though he went missing around age four, and would now be in his 20's.Carlene is having flashbacks from a older woman's point of view who was there the day of the kidnapping/lost child [...]

    10. So the whole bit about the main character being a reincarnation of another character weirded me out at first. However, once I suspended reality and consciously thought, "Hey, isn't the fun of reading and writing the exploration of different ideas," then I enjoyed the story. It certainly wasn't a favorite from the standpoint of characters or language, but it was a fun plot concept. I wasn't very satisfied with how it was all resolved; it seemed like the lead-up didn't quite lead me to expect the [...]

    11. Personally, the book was very enjoyable. Carlene slowly let her words suck you in and glue your eyes to the page making you wonder what was next. The story was quick to the point and had some foreshadowing. Carlene made you wonder about each of the characters and their personalities but also made you fall in love with them at certain points. The mystery was very intriguing and focused mainly on Carlene, her mother, and her lost brother Keith who had been missing for about 10 years. At the end, t [...]

    12. Wow. That's sooo sad! I was hoping with all my heart that Keith was still alive! But I guess deep down in my conscience I knew that he would be dead.I sooo knew that Perla had something to do with Keith's disappearance. Not trying to be conceited. But I thought she just kidnapped him! Not kill him AND Elaine. That was soo sad. Uh, I was hoping Luke and Carlene would start dating cuz-no offense to anyone-I just didn't think Angelique was good enough. Ah well. JP sounds sooo adorable and the sweet [...]

    13. Littke is amazing.I finished this book in one evening.All his characters come to life inside your imagination. Each character played an intericate part in the book. The premise was straight forward, but it had a few twists and turns to keep you wondering just what was going to happen next. The book was more like a short story. Not very long, but no wasted words. It left me heading to the Library to find more books by Lael Littke, Cudos.

    14. A very quick read, probably because it was intended for the young adult reader. That being said, this is a good book for said audience, with just the right amount of all the elements that make up a mystery novel, while letting more of the important values stand out - family, friendship, forgiveness, letting go and moving forward.

    15. Short but compelling story of a girl whose brother disappeared when he was four (three years before she was born), and when she and her mom go back to the town when some of his clothes are discovered, she starts having memories of someone who lived before she was born—memories that include her brother.

    16. The jacket didn't give a lot of information to the storyline of this book but I am really glad that I picked it up. Carlene begins having memories that aren't her own and is plunged into a world of the past. What is it that she needs to remember that will help her find out what happened to her brother who disappeared before she was ever born?

    17. The whole storyline of the book is that a 15 year old girl is having memories from a woman whom she supposedly lived as before she was born. Reincarnation so to speak. I don't go for that kind of stuff so the whole thing was moot, boring, a weak attempt at suspense. The woman was someone who witnessed an incident involving the girl's missing brother.

    18. This book was okay. Spoiler alert: it's about reincarnation, so it wasn't really my cup of tea. The writing style is pretty juvenile. I think that middle schoolers would be the correct target audience here.

    19. TEEN FIC LIT Carlene and her mother travel back to thier former town to try and unravel the mystery of ber brothers disappearence. the town triggers powerful memories of the town for Carlene- even though she nas never been there before.

    20. Although I liked it at first -- ultimately it was an unbelievable/slightly paranormal mystery -- maybe if the novel had been slightly long -- and I had a little more time to let things sink in it would have been better

    21. this book was one of the books that made me sart reading so much i read a lot still but not as much as i did last year. last year i would read a book a day now i can still do that but i have less time. this book was really good; kept me on edge

    22. This was a pretty good book. It was really an attention keeper for me. If you are one that likes mysteries, Lake of Secrets is the book for you. This book keeps you guessing until the end, but also keeps you wanting to read more at the end of each chapter.

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