Prom Dress

Prom Dress The pretty lace dress that Robin finds in her myterious employer s attic does not look deadly it looks perfect for the prom Robin cannot resist the power the dress holds over her an decides to borrow

  • Title: Prom Dress
  • Author: Lael Littke
  • ISBN: 9780590419291
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The pretty lace dress that Robin finds in her myterious employer s attic does not look deadly it looks perfect for the prom Robin cannot resist the power the dress holds over her an decides to borrow it to wear to prom But the dress has a horrifying secret and lures innocent, unsuspecting girls into an evil and terrifying nightmare.

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      180 Lael Littke
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    1. Lael Littke

      Daughter of Frank George and Ada Geneva Petersen Jensen married George C Littke a college professor , June 29, 1954 children Lori S Education Utah State University, B.S 1952 graduate study at City College now City University of New York , 1955 59, and University of California Los Angeles, 1968 Politics Democrat Religion Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints Mormon Hobbies and other interests Travel Memberships Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators, Council on Children s Literature Agent Jack Byrne, 3209 South Fifty fifth St Milwaukee, WI 53219 4433REER Gates Rubber Co Denver, CO, secretary, 1952 54 Life Insurance Association of America, New York, NY, secretary, 1954 60 worked as a medical secretary for a physician in New York, NY, 1960 63 writer, 1963 Taught writing classes in writers programs at Pasadena City College and University of California Los Angeles, 1978 88ARDS Southern California Council on Children s Literature Award for notable work of fiction, 1992, for Blue Skye Best Books for the Teen Age, New York Public Library, 2003, for Lake of Secrets.

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    1. Enjoyable young-adult horror/paranormal about several different girls who each (separately, throughout the book) "borrow" a gorgeous, lacy, cream colored dress, and the misfortunes that happen to each of them after they wear the dress. I found this story pretty captivating and original with a beautiful dream dress no girl can resistd the bad luck that happens to each girl that wears the dress. Each girl's story is interconnected to another girl in the story who borrowed the dress. A fun read fro [...]

    2. The cover of this book looked so familiar I thought I had read it. But in reading it again, I didn't remember any of the details. Robin, a dancer, wants so badly to have the perfect dress for prom to impress her boyfriend, the most popular boy at school. The old woman she volunteers for offers up a couple of dresses in her attic, but Robin wants the one dress Miss Catherine has insisted Robin not wear - a lacy cream-colored gown. The dress calls to Robin and she steals it from Miss Catherine. Bu [...]

    3. A few weeks ago I'd been taking a trip down memory lane as far as teen fiction went & I remembered this book. Upon recalling the many, many times I'd read this book (my copy had long since disintegrated due to repeated readings by my friends & I during my younger years), I had to purchase a copy. While I did enjoy it much more as a teenager, the book still has a little magic left in it.The story follows several different teen girls, but predominantly the character of Robin- a dancer who [...]

    4. A friend is currently re-reading some horror books she loved back in the day, which prompted me to look this one up. It's funny how my memory of this book is so tied up in the cover. The gloooowwwwing dresssssss! The girl who looks like she'd fit right in at Sweet Valley High! (That series was an obsession for pre-teen me.)As I read through some of the reviews on here, parts of the story came flooding back. Not enough to properly critique the thing, but more than enough for me to recall being fr [...]

    5. Yet another book I can't review objectively because I loved it and read it over and over and over when I was young. I'm positive I stole this one from my sister, too. Poor sister. Look at the close up of that desireable prom dress on the cover, though! Isn't it, uh, ideal for todays hip kids?I'm totally going to hunt this down and read it again, because it's probably terrible. I remember doing a booktalk for it in sixth grade (yes, I loved it that much), and it went something like this:"And so t [...]

    6. Read these by the truckload in elementary school, alongside a steady diet of Stephen King. They were lots of fun and a little scary. I don't remember any of the stories but recognize a few of the covers.

    7. I'm sure if I read this book now as an adult, I would think it was lame but I do remember really liking it when I was a pre-teen. I still remember two scenes from it pretty vividly, which I think speaks well for the book. Has a nice twist, if I remember correctly.

    8. I remember reading this as a kid. Nowadays I'd only read it again for nostalgic value because it sure had some choppy sentence structure and overly superficial characters! All in all it wasn't bad but not really very good either, just sorta neutral.

    9. I remember this book from when I was a young girl. It was one of the first books I bought with my own money. This was during the time when Christopher Pike was my FAVE author. And, books only cost about $2.95 for paperbacks. :-)

    10. I read this as a child and enjoyed it thoroughly. How can such a beautiful dress cause so many problems? I guess you should read it and find out. There's no way for me to review it without spoiling it for you. You like pre-teen level creepy? You'll love it.

    11. OHMIGOD you guys—could this book BE any better? Maybe, but only if it were longer. I LOVED it. So much love I can’t stop with the CAPSLOCK.!!!!111!!!!111!!!!1!!I hope you guys were all fans of soap operas back in the day because this plot has a lot of run-on explanations that only work if you’re willing to pretend we’re in Salem/Pine Valley/Port Charles.Robin is a new-to-town gold digging social climber dating the hottest/richest boy in school–Tyler. Tyler drives a red Trans Am, which [...]

    12. I read this back when I was a teen and I loved it. I remember I took it with me when we went to stay for a week at my gr-grandmother’s house out in the country. Her house was surrounded by nothing but trees, and while near the road there wasn’t much traffic so I’d lay in bed at night and read while trying to ignore the complete darkness out the window (something I wasn’t used to at all!) I remember this book gave me the creeps so bad! I was probably 13 at the time, so who knows if I’d [...]

    13. The idea of a cursed dress has an antique charm that would especially appeal to readers who like books about rummaging through attics and finding old-time treasures. Each object comes with its own story, its own ghost of the person who used it. These things linger.The dress is such an object. It enchants Robin, who first discovers the dress. She must wear it to the Prom. Perhaps the dress creates that desire, luring the wearer in before destroying her. It's a solid story, for what it is. The cha [...]

    14. I found this book at a library in town where I lived when I was a child I believe, and for some reason decided to read it even though it wasn't on any subject I usually read.It's a very interesting book, detailing the curse that effects a beautiful dress found in the attic of a mysterious employer by a girl named Robin. The dress ends up changing hands many times, and effecting many girls' lives for the worst before the truth behind it is told, and the curse is put to an end.

    15. I remember this cover and the story about an evil prom dress and just remember how the storyline was creepy but not remembering most of the details and how interesting the story was. I'm currenty tracking down and re-reading all the Point Horror seriesuldn't get enough of these kinds of stories back in the day.

    16. Got this today for free day at my library's used book sale.I actually really liked it and read it all in one sitting.Ikept wanting to yell,"NO,NO,NO,DON'T LOOK AT IT!DON'T TRY IT ON,IT WILL KILL YOU!!!" Buy a copy if you can.

    17. An old book I found in the boxes here. It was a light read: a prom dress that seems to bring misfortune to every girl who wears it. It takes away the most valued thing of theirs. A dancer's legs are crushed, a nurse's integrity is gone, a academic person's memory is lostYeah, spoiler.

    18. I remember adoring this book when I was, oh I don't know, ten or eleven (along with other Point books and Christopher Pike). The premise just so intrigued me and I remember connecting with the main character.

    19. second time reading this. remembered why I liked it so much as a girl. brought back fond memories, but wasn't as "spooky" this time about - can't say if it was because I already knew the story or because I'm not a teenagerbut am looking forward to reading /rereading her other titles

    20. I liked it but I doubt coale will want to read a book about a prom dress so i am afraid it has to hit the garage sale!

    21. These girls need to stop "borrowing". Anyways it was an ok book. It helped me pass the time. Somewhat entertaining, lol.

    22. Quality kitschy reading for a snowy Sunday. Shows the consequences of doing dumb stuff for popularity, fashion, and boys. Reminds us to be watch out for the 'criminally insane.'

    23. this was a book i read as a teen only to realize later that it was an urban legend spread way too long. not a very good book.

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