Aimée & Jaguar: A Love Story, Berlin 1943

Aim e Jaguar A Love Story Berlin Unique moving and true this radiant love story is set against the horrific backdrop of World War II Nazi Germany When Lilly Aimee Wust a gentile mother of four and wife of a Nazi officer met Felic

  • Title: Aimée & Jaguar: A Love Story, Berlin 1943
  • Author: Erica Fischer Edna McCown
  • ISBN: 9781555834500
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Unique, moving, and true this radiant love story is set against the horrific backdrop of World War II Nazi Germany When Lilly Aimee Wust, a gentile mother of four and wife of a Nazi officer, met Felice Jaguar Schragenheim, a Jew living underground in Berlin, neither could have guessed that their brief initial encounter would develop into a blazing, devoted love AsUnique, moving, and true this radiant love story is set against the horrific backdrop of World War II Nazi Germany When Lilly Aimee Wust, a gentile mother of four and wife of a Nazi officer, met Felice Jaguar Schragenheim, a Jew living underground in Berlin, neither could have guessed that their brief initial encounter would develop into a blazing, devoted love As the Nazi stranglehold closed in on them, Lilly and Felice found themselves fighting insurmountable odds to stay together Extraordinarily passionate and heartrending, this is a rare and personal look at the love and strength of two women whose commitment to each other defied the brutality of their time.

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      Erica Fischer Edna McCown Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Aimée & Jaguar: A Love Story, Berlin 1943 book, this is one of the most wanted Erica Fischer Edna McCown author readers around the world.

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    1. Although I agree with all the criticisms lobbed at this book by other reviewers below, I nonetheless give it 5 stars because it fascinated me, due simply to the heartbreaking, scandalous, and improbable tale underlying it.As others have written, Aimee may be flighty and appear not take the plight of her lover seriously, but I feel it is easy to judge her retrospectively. I don't believe she behaves differently than many people in the throes of a deep infatuation; however, given that she is infat [...]

    2. it was amazing I came to this book from the movie, and while I started to read it imagining the actresses of the movie as the characters in the book, I ended up with having the real pictures of Aimée and Jaguar in my head while reading (there are heartbreakingly good photos of them at the end of the book). at times it was tough, cause even though I knew how this tragic story was gonna end, I was still hoping, together with Aimée. the most tragic thing about this book though is that Jaguar's fa [...]

    3. Wonderful! 3.5/5 STARSHow fortuitous that I should read this book three weeks before the United States Supreme Court’s landmark decision on same sex marriage! I’m unclear how it landed on my To Read shelf I think ’s (Goodread’s parent company) algorithms suggested it to me while I was reading the Miseducation of Cameron Post. (I loved that story too!)Anyway, I’m usually not drawn to love stories or romances but this one piqued my interest with great earnest. My unending fascination wit [...]

    4. I put off reading this book for six years, because I expected to be emotionally devastated. The story should be devastating. I'm not sure why, when I finally read it, I more or less responded with an emotional shrug. Is it the poor translation? Perhaps the original author was a less-than-compelling writer? I cannot pinpoint it. I suspect the answer may lie in the epilogue, where Erica Fischer tells about her experience researching the book. She was frustrated, eventually even hostile towards the [...]

    5. I dont even know where to start with this. But all I can say that this story was both soo beautiful, heartbreaking and terrifying! I actually started it this summer, and then had to take a break because it made me feel too much, seriously. I highly recommend it and Its such an important story, and these women deserve to have their story told. But I also have to say that reading about what all these people went through during this time, all the loss, hate and fear, made me sick. So I needed to ta [...]

    6. As with any WWII story involving a Jewish person living in Germany, it's bound to be sad. I felt connected to the characters, but the author's style really made this a tough read. The story was set up like a documentary, only in book form. There would be bits of prose, excerpts of diaries and letters and then straight dialogues from interviews. These elements were not synthesized in a way that made reading it enjoyable. This is a story of a young German mother who meets a Jewish woman and begins [...]

    7. I've wanted to read this for years- I came across the story in a magazine and found it heartbreaking. So to say I feel disillusioned is something of an understatement.My 3 star rating is solely for the love story and the girls themselves. What I found very difficult to swallow was the author's clear dislike/disdain for Lily- a nice attitude for a biographer! Yes, I can understand her anger towards Germans of the period, but seeing as Lily went some way towards redeeming herself, I found her host [...]

    8. I've never felt engrossed in a book for a long time until I entered the the world of Aimée & Jaguar. Set in WWII, a Nazi mother and a Jewish woman fall in love in bleak and horrific Nazi Germany. Women's stories during the war tend to be ignored and they seem to be rather non-existent. How much more a story between two women, on opposite grounds, falling in love? It is a breath of fresh air to read something that recounts this. Surprisingly, the copy I bought from a book sale only have 362 [...]

    9. "I would rather experience great unhappiness and be destroyed by it than live in moderate happiness to a moderate end."I am deeply unnerved by this book and sadly disappointed. First, I absolutely adored this story, and I hate myself for hyping it up so much after watching the movie. After hunting down the English edition for so long (sadly my Deutsch is, admittedly, too scheiße to read the original German, despite my many years of study), I suppose I simply had too many great expectations. Fun [...]

    10. The World War II time period is one of my favorites to read about and study, so I was very curious to read this title. While I do not think the author's writing was very good (quite dry and boring), the story was astounding. In none of my other reading, courses or film watching have I heard a story from a similar lens. The lesbian angle is new of course, but so were all of the details about the Jews who managed to keep living underground (as it were) in Berlin throughout the conflict.Much of the [...]

    11. A summer read that did not disappoint. I loved loved loved Aimee and Jaguar's dedication to one another through the medium of letters. I am so thankful these survived to give the story the unique taste of the past. LETTERS! I wish more people wrote letters, they are such a real declaration of the present moment what ever that moment maybe. I have to go further and say they the movie that is based on this book is also really great. But, the book is a MUST. What brave women they are to have loved [...]

    12. This was an interesting, non-fiction account, of two women in love, one Gentile, one Jewish in Nazi Germany during the last years of WWII. I think it was particularly good at showing how pervasive National Socialism was among the “normal” folk of Germany. I think Americans often assume “it couldn’t happen here” or “it couldn’t happen again” and they don’t understand that Hitler’s rise and the subsequent atrocities happened neither overnight nor in a vacuum. I did find the str [...]

    13. 3.25-3.5A book who's content is worthy of reading. Aimee and Jaguar is a true story, and a fascinating, it records a love story between two women in the middle of WWII Berlin. It's crazy just to think about that without hearing any particular, but when one discovers that one woman is married to a Nazi and one is a Jewess. Lilly Wust (Aimee) is married to a Nazi officer, and a mother of 4, Felice (Jaquar) is a Jewish woman living underground (they were referred to as Uboats). They meet through a [...]

    14. This could have been a good book. But, it moves very very slow and i find my mind drifting away. Just csnt finish it. And, i love a good lesbian romance!

    15. Erica Fischer (*1943) ist Journalistin, Schriftstellerin und Übersetzerin und eine Mitbegründerin des österreichischen Feminismus. Bekannt wurde sie durch ihr Buch Aimée und Jaguar, das erstmals 1994 erschien.Untertitelt ist das Buch mit "Eine Liebesgeschichte, Berlin 1943" - es ist eine dokumentarische Erzählung der Beziehung von Lilly Wust und Felice Schragenheim während der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus und gegen Ende des zweiten Weltkriegs. Lilly hat einen nationalsozialistisch eingeste [...]

    16. We read this book for the feminist "Ain't I A Woman" book club, and I absolutely loved it. I had watched the film many years ago and was interested in the story, but what really came across in the book was just how deeply they loved each other. I also liked that Fischer didn't sugar coat her characters; she sheds light on their weaknesses and personality traits to paint a full picture. I ended up finishing it while riding the T, crying even though I was in public, not just because it was a sad s [...]

    17. Elisabeth is the mother of four and a Nazi Officers wife. Felice is a underground Jew. Their story is only told after Elisabeth breaks her years of silence at the age of 80. This is a very heartbreaking story that will at times leave you speechless and angry. I gave it 4 stars due to the fact it was not a smooth read. At times writing was choppy and story felt half told. However it was worth the time reading.

    18. The author didn't do this story justice! Should have been much more heart breaking and emotional but she tells the story in such a matter-of-fact way. The cool thing about this book is reading the actual love letters and poems that Aimée and Jaguar wrote to each other when Jaguar is in the concentration camp.

    19. As intriguing as it is heartbreaking, this true and tragic lovestory of two women - one a Jew in hiding, the other a Nazi officer's wife - is a fascinating and deeply touching read.

    20. Stunning memoire regarding love found during the Holocaust between a Nazi's wife and a Jewish woman on the run.

    21. I absolutely loved this book. It is one of my all time favorites and the movie was wonderful to. If you have not had a chance to read, please do because it won't disappoint.

    22. I loved this book and learned some things I did not know about life in Berlin for both Jew and non-Jews, and openly gay Berliner's, as well as those who were heterosexual. I was surprised at how many Jews were still in Berlin in the late years of the war and was impressed by the strength of the main characters, especially Jaguar (Felice), who was quite young and without parents while she was still in her teen years as the war began, when hiding was the only way to survive.Like many of the other [...]

    23. Kõigi eelduste kohaselt oleks pidanud tegemist olema äärmiselt emotsionaalse raamatuga. Ei teagi, kas miskit läks tõlkes kaduma või ongi see raamat omamoodi kultusromaaniks kujunenud tänu autori tuimale stiilile. Lily oli inimene, kelle suunas oli keeruline sümpaatiat tunda (autor tunnistab seda eessõnas) ja ta eiras kõike, mis ei sobitunud tema isiklikku narratiivi, mis päris kindlalt näis probleeme juurde tekitavat. Tema soovimatus sõjast (loe: aastast Felice'iga) lahti lasta ning [...]

    24. "I'll find a star in the sky that maybe you can see too, and it will bind our two souls together."Wow. What a powerful story. I'm still in awe over what I just read. The struggles these two faced during WWII, living as two gay people in Nazi Germany, it's just heartbreaking to read. What's even more difficult to read, in my opinion, is how much Aimee (Lilly/Elisabeth) struggled in the decades following the war, with no rights and no money. This quiet book needs to be read by more people out ther [...]

    25. This is my favorite love story ever. It was my favorite even before reading this book. Through the documentary about Felice and Lilly's lives, articles on newspapers and the movie they inspired, I could have a great sense of the absurdity and intensity of what they lived. It sums up a recurrent idea of mine about true love and how it does not exist without suffering and sacrifice. Both women received a unmeasurable amount of suffering - the worst they could get, in my opinion, but in return they [...]

    26. A sad, haunting, beautiful story of dedication between two women facing impossible odds to be together. A novel rich in history that absolutely should be read if one cares about humanity and its history of a morbid capability for evil. The only thing that pulled me out personally at times was its documentary-style presentation, but it's a small adaption to make in the face of the heavy, moving context the story contains.

    27. An amazing memoir, a bit hard to follow at times, with specific passages that have stayed with me for over ten years. Anyone who believes that they would have hidden Jews during the Nazi regime should read this book as it shows exactly what that entailed and how incredibly brave and difficult it was.

    28. I love this book a lot especially reading their love letters. I think this book should be included in all history classes as well as women's studies.

    29. The subject matter was interesting but the way it jumps back and forth between poems and journals and historical accounts could be very confusing and irritating.

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