Falls the Shadow

Falls the Shadow Everything had been taken from her her family her home and nearly her life Now two years later Maeja is still haunted by what the Empire did to her But a new deception is afoot the Empire is seeki

  • Title: Falls the Shadow
  • Author: Melissa Sasina
  • ISBN: 9781477555453
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everything had been taken from her her family, her home, and nearly her life Now, two years later, Maeja is still haunted by what the Empire did to her But a new deception is afoot the Empire is seeking five sacred treasures to reawaken the dark god, Loki, which could plunge all of Midgard into irreparable darkness With betrayal fresh in mind, she seeks to reclaimEverything had been taken from her her family, her home, and nearly her life Now, two years later, Maeja is still haunted by what the Empire did to her But a new deception is afoot the Empire is seeking five sacred treasures to reawaken the dark god, Loki, which could plunge all of Midgard into irreparable darkness With betrayal fresh in mind, she seeks to reclaim the ancient treasures before they fall into enemy hands She is joined by the pirate Ril and his accomplice Mjrn, and the roguish rebels Connor and Linkyn Their unlikely alliance is now the only defense against an Empire that could destroy all of Midgard Embark with Maeja on a treasure hunt of epic proportions.

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    About “Melissa Sasina”

    1. Melissa Sasina

      Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Melissa Sasina has always been a traveler in her own fantasy worlds Her love for writing began in her childhood and never let up, leading to the creation of several short stories Inspired by the words of her High School English teacher, Melissa decided to pursue her passion for the magical as an adult and has since then published two series, The Priestess Trilogy and The Chronicles of Midgard, with a third in the works When not writing, she enjoys video and tabletop gaming, drawing, and procrastinating on the internet Melissa still lives in Ohio with her husband and son, although one day she would love to travel the world to the places that are the inspiration behind her writing.Find updates and release dates for Melissa s upcoming publications on her author page on facebook

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    1. No! It can't be over! That's how I felt when I finished this book. Not in a bad way, the ending was great but I had fallen in love with the story that I didn't want it to end. Luckily this is just the first in the series. There was so much I loved about this book that I'm a little unsure where to start.I guess I'll start with map at the beginning, the gamer in me loved it. It was also a helpful aid to such a complex story. The story itself has an incrdible amount of detail and everything was eas [...]

    2. Falls the Shadow was a delightful change from the contemporary pieces read thus far, especially considering my limited familiarity with the Norse mythos. Melissa weaves an engaging tale, with wonderfully faceted characters and a compelling fantastical world.Though her descriptive passages sometimes lack a personal connection to the scene’s main character, it clearly set off her in-depth knowledge of the world, its history, and the future yet to be told. At times the quantity of short scenes le [...]

    3. The cover art to this novel is very pretty and the addition of a map at the beginning of the book is a nice touch. We are given in depth background information at the start about the ‘Life Tree’ the history of the Gods and of Midgard which shows the writer paid a lot of attention to detail and has great understanding of her chosen subject.This author is very fond of metaphors and similes which can become a bit tiresome, slowing the pace of the story. Another annoyance was the added informati [...]

    4. This was a fantastic book that I couldn't put down. The world is well detailed and reminiscent of Norse mythology. Names and characters have a Norse feel to it and it is obvious Melissa read much of the mythology in research to the story. The characters are engaging and it is easy to root for the heroes while still finding the villains enticing. All the names - of places, characters, races - must have been long thought out as they are full of the world's flavor, giving the story a richness and v [...]

    5. I was gifted a copy of this book by the author for an honest review.This is a well written, well thought out book.The characters are well described; the scenes were well planned out and the locations are easily visualised. The other has clearly put a lot into setting the book out and laying the foundations for what will be a fantastic series.I can appreciate that the author is creating a whole new world with this first book and has to portray the past, present and future into book 1, to give the [...]

    6. I enjoyed this book, but I think is suffering from an organization/editing issue. I thoroughly enjoy stories rooted in Norse mythology, and this book is a great beginning to a new series. Each chapter is relatively short, but there are quite a few POV shifts in the course of that chapter. I found this detracted from the story, and made it a little difficult to follow the story well. Also, as an avid fantasy reader I am used to having an appendix at the end of the novel. I think one would be usef [...]

    7. After finishing this book, the first words that come to mind were: Potential, disappointed, frustrated, and annoyed.I thought Sasina had an excellent idea and built a compelling world based in Norse mythology using speak stones, the gods themselves, the wolves of Odin, the Yggdrasil, treachery, betrayal, and subterfuge. Yet, with all of the potential of the plot, I felt the book came up short because of mechanical issues, poor editing, and improper execution.Sasina has successfully fleshed out t [...]

    8. What Melissa Sasina has done is what J R Tolkein did but he was more successful. She has created an entire world, history, cultures and races around the Ragnarok myths of how a fictional world might survive and develop afer the fall of the gods. Thing is she's done it too well but also not so well. She's done well in that she has clearly thought through how each evolving culture, race and people impacts the other through invasions, technology and magic etc BUT it's too much. Even reading the pro [...]

    9. Falls the Shadow was a little difficult for me to really invest myself in. The premise and plot were actually very interesting, it just didn't really captivate me for some reason.As I understand it, all of the events in Falls the Shadow take place on Midgard after Ragnarok which is supposed to basically be the end of the world except for the fact that it is supposed to be repopulated afterward. Now that gods like Odin and Thor are dead, the power-hungry are searching for powerful artifacts the g [...]

    10. Edited to add: after discussing it with the author (see her comment on my review) we determined that I have an old version of the book. The current version should have caught most, if not all, of the typos.This book has been sitting on my Kindle for probably several years while I read other books instead. However, I decided to give it a chance finally and am extremely glad I did. To start with, I will say that the reason I didn't give this 5 stars is that I caught a fair number of typos and misu [...]

    11. I was given a free copy for an honest reviewI like the background info on Norse Gods and Mythology. If you are new to this Mythology is helps you follow along and get a better understanding into the characters. You feel like you are back in school studying for a test, but trust me later on you will be glad you read these tidbits. Once the story gets going I couldn't stop, The comrade between Maeja, Ril, Linkyn, and Connor make the story come alive. You invest in them and want to know what happen [...]

    12. Historical Fantasy. This book was not in the genre I would normally read. Again this book, similar to Melissa's other book I recently reviewed takes place in an odd place with different names. After a villain of unknown species kills a woman in the streets, we learn not only did they kill her, but also the entire family in the castle. Now the Emperor has taken over the castle and what was rightly belonging to the village. Will they be able to reclaim the castle with the untrained group left? If [...]

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