Disproving Christianity and Other Secular Writings

Disproving Christianity and Other Secular Writings Not only do I believe that it is possible to maintain moral standards without the crutch of religion but I would argue that it is the only way to achieve true goodness Disproving Christianity and Othe

  • Title: Disproving Christianity and Other Secular Writings
  • Author: David G. McAfee
  • ISBN: 9780956427687
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • Not only do I believe that it is possible to maintain moral standards without the crutch of religion but I would argue that it is the only way to achieve true goodness Disproving Christianity and Other Secular Writings compiles popular and lesser known arguments against the principles established by the Christian canon Using a phenomenological approach to build his cas Not only do I believe that it is possible to maintain moral standards without the crutch of religion but I would argue that it is the only way to achieve true goodness Disproving Christianity and Other Secular Writings compiles popular and lesser known arguments against the principles established by the Christian canon Using a phenomenological approach to build his case based on in depth study at the University of California, Santa Barbara McAfee analyzes the Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament doctrine to build a logical and reasonable case against their validity From contradictions between lived and portrayed religions to factual errors within the texts themselves, no stone is left unturned in this fully updated and expanded refutation of Christianity.

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      David G. McAfee Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Disproving Christianity and Other Secular Writings book, this is one of the most wanted David G. McAfee author readers around the world.

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    1. Disproving Christianity: Refuting the World’s Most Followed Religion by David G. McAfee“Disproving Christianity" is a refutation of common arguments held by Christian tradition. This average book makes use of logic and biblical scripture to make clear that Christianity can be dismissed as a theory or an idea due to a plethora of contradictions. This brief 98-page book includes the following eight chapters: 1. Cultural Christianity, 2. Brief Introduction to Christianity in America, 3. Moralit [...]

    2. I read this second edition for David, prepublication, and can highly recommend it. In his book ‘Disproving Christianity’, David McAfee systematically dismantles some of the basic tenets of the world’s most popular brand of religion. In particular, he dissects various aspects affecting the very basis of Christianity directly from God’s own book – the ‘holy’ Bible. McAfee shows time and again, inconsistencies and discrepancies as well as many contradictions that are attributed to the [...]

    3. As a Middle Eastern ex-Muslim, I wasn't quite familiar with Christianity. I definitely heard about the flaws and contradicting verses. Those however, are being talked about in the Islamic community too. They point out flaws in The Bible to prove that it has been corrupted by mankind. I can easily use the same logic on the Quran. Back to your book, the arguments in it can be used by me when debating with Christians. It's very well written, the vocabulary is clear, and the book is straight to poin [...]

    4. Bad. Bad bad bad. There is absolutely no reason for ten percent of the book to be in italics. If you're an atheist who has looked into this in the least, you're familiar with these arguments, and probably in much more detail. If you're a Christian reading this book, you won't be convinced in the slightest. So I'm not really sure what the target market is for this book

    5. I was raised as a Catholic because my mother was. I was still a teenager when I started to question pieces of the religion and could get no answers. This book took my skepticism to another level when I started to realize while listening the amount that the Catholic church left out. Believer or not, this is something you should pick up and ponder.

    6. If you are a Christian: I DARE YOU! I DOUBLE DARE YOU! To read this book. You're book is not fallible and let David show you why.If you are from another religion: Your religious texts should not be that difficult to disprove. Read this book to learn techniques in disproving a religion.

    7. This is an atheism fluff piece, I would love to get anything that is oppossed to religion five stars but I have my integrity. I gave it three stars because I think it does fulfill its purpose, but only for the initiated. Christians, especially the ones aimed at like fundamentalists would dismiss this book easily. In fact I could easily do so by just thinking the way I did as a fundy, hell, I would have made a sermon series out of it. I do think it brings up good points though, but wished he woul [...]

    8. An awesome and short book. The ideas challenged are very well thought. The author makes a lot of good arguments.Would recommend this book to anyone that identifies as a christian, but still has an open mind.

    9. A most wonderful book!It brings atheism a fresh, new face, one very appreciated.This is a must-read for any secular, atheist, or otherwise non-believer.

    10. If Christianity is taken to be a way of life based on a literal interpretation of the New Testament, the author certainly disproves its validity. That's not even a challenge if you have half a brain and you actually bother to read the NT. Most Christians that I personally know don't observe that kind of Christianity and would be appalled at some of the ideals espoused in the NT and conveniently left out of Sunday sermons. Furthermore, I know few people who accept as factual the supernatural, apo [...]

    11. The points were compelling. Unfortunately I arrived on most of these conclusions on my own prior to reading the book. It is a great book for a person who has questions or doesn't know where to start. The book was a little too simple for me; it reminded me of a 'pocket guide' approach rather than going into deep analysis/discussion. I was hoping for more in-depth discussion and philosophical and moral debate with facts and evidence for support. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because it, to [...]

    12. It is concise, straightforward and an easy read. It covers the most poignant and arguments about the irrationality of Christianity. Contains a basic list of the most important biblical contradictions that disprove infallibility . It is good starting point for those not very biblicaly literate (believer or non-believer). Most of the arguments apply only to mainstream Christian Protestant and Catholic sect beliefs, as any Restorationist sect (Mormonism for example) use many of these arguments agai [...]

    13. David did good job at refuting Christianity. I might even change that statement to "refuting fundamentalist Christianity". It is a relatively short book that can be read in one sitting. It was organized well and moved quickly. While he lists several contradictions and problems with Christianity and their holy book, it moves quickly without getting bogged down. While not a scholarly work it is intelligent and I believe it represents Christianity fairly. Good read for those who might be having som [...]

    14. I was given this book by a friend and while I wasn't quite sure what to expect I wasn't entirely disappointed. Most of the book was made by stating a biblical quote than refuting it with a contradictory biblical quote followed by a few paragraphs from the author. It read a little dry sometimes but the best parts for me were the essays at the end particularly the ones titled "Why Atheists Should Understand the Bible" and "Religion and War: The Chicken and the Egg". A good read and thought provoki [...]

    15. A must read for anyone who are at that point in their lives beginning to question and/or starting to have doubts in their religion, most especially in Christianity it's teachings, beliefs, and its 'blind followers.'This book is an easy read, direct to the point but detailed in pointing out the discrepancies in the Christian bible. Find out for yourself. One of my favorite books in my collection.

    16. Livre assez intéressant, mettant en avant les multiples et énormes contradictions au sein de la bible, mais aussi l'ignorance d'énormément de croyants envers leurs textes fondateurs. Le livre éclaire aussi énormément sur le rôle entre religions et guerres, mais aussi leur influence dans la vie politique actuelle. Le tout est mené de manière extrêmement objective, en se basant uniquement sur la bible, évitant l'anti-christianisme primaire. Extrêmement intéressant donc, bien qu'un pe [...]

    17. An interesting read. I'm not quite sure how accessible this would be to devoted Christians, but according to me most people do not believe the bible to be taken literally. Rather, as the word of god it conveys a feeling. Nevertheless, I think this would be beneficial for anyone to educate themselves on the most influencial religion in modern times.

    18. The description does a good job of telling what this book is about. I have this on my Kindle, making a quick look up of scriptures for particular topics easy and efficient. It is a short read similar to the Skeptic's Annotated Bible or The X-Rated Bible by Ben Edward Akerley. Given that it (or much of it) can be found online for free along with the Annotated Bible, purchase is not necessary.

    19. This was a great read. Very simple, well laid out information suitable for anyone questioning their faith and looking for conformation on their road to atheism. I wish this book had been around when I was struggling 15 years ago!

    20. I was somewhat disappointed with this book. He certainly makes many good points, but some of his attempts at logic are as flawed as the Christian apologist attempts to logically prove the existence of Yahweh.

    21. This is largely a pocket-guide to refuting a strictly literal interpretation of the Bible (fundamentalism and evangelicalism), as well as cultural and "cafeteria" Christianity, and not a refutation of all forms of Christianity.

    22. Very good book for Christians and non-Christians alike. David McAfee presents counterarguments to common Christian claims and points out Biblical contradictions in a very easy-to-understand way. The arguments presented in this book are brief yet sufficient and the tone is very mild & friendly

    23. Not a lot of new information - but well written. Would be a good book for someone beginning to question their beliefs and wanting to make an informed decision about religion and the bible.

    24. clear and concise language makes for easy reading. topics set out for easy quick referencing. will definitely rereading/be passing this on to friends.

    25. Clearly articulates what many of us are thinking. I love David's style of writing and it connects the dots for the uninformed, as well gives the rest of us something to think about.

    26. Logical arguments pointing out the inconsistencies of Christianity's origins and it's modern malpractice. A great reference, though I wish there were more.

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