Marilyn Monroe: The Biography

Marilyn Monroe The Biography Spoto s biography of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe makes use of over interviews and than pages of previously sealed files including Monroe s diaries letters and other personal and reveal

  • Title: Marilyn Monroe: The Biography
  • Author: Donald Spoto
  • ISBN: 9780815411833
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • Spoto s biography of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe makes use of over 150 interviews and than 35,000 pages of previously sealed files, including Monroe s diaries, letters, and other personal and revealing documents The book reveals new details of every aspect of her life, from her guarded childhood, and her relationships with men and marriages, to her mysterious deathSpoto s biography of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe makes use of over 150 interviews and than 35,000 pages of previously sealed files, including Monroe s diaries, letters, and other personal and revealing documents The book reveals new details of every aspect of her life, from her guarded childhood, and her relationships with men and marriages, to her mysterious death Spoto comments on previous books about Marilyn, and puts to rest questions regarding Monroe s connection with the Kennedys.

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      A prolific and respected biographer and theologian, Donald Spoto is the author of twenty published books, among them bestselling biographies of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Alfred Hitchcock, Tennessee Williams, and Ingrid Bergman His books have been translated into than twenty languages Donald Spoto earned his Ph.D in theology at Fordham University After years as a theology professor, he turned to fulltime writing The Hidden Jesus A New Life, published in 1999, was hailed by the Los Angeles Times as offering a mature faith fit for the new millennium His successful biography of Saint Francis was published in 2002.

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    1. After reading that many Monroe fans thought this was the best biography available, I decided to take a look. What moved me to read this was probably nothing more than an interest built up on the fascination I've always had for Marilyn's public persona and the sadness that was always apparent to all. This book is certainly well-researched and thorough, and I appreciate that very much. Yes, there was a lot of detail on people who were not Marilyn, but it felt necessary and useful, to me. Not a lot [...]

    2. Yes, it's true, I am a total Marilyn Monroe fangirl. I have, however, sometimes had a difficult time explaining why, exactly, she's such a role model for me as an actress.As an actress, she was constantly underrestimated and type cast as the simple, blond bombshell, and she was terribly insecure about herself, her talent, art and appearance.And perhaps it's simply that, that I can identify with her. I too, am in constant terror when I act, wishing for the approval, not so much of the audience, b [...]

    3. I have never been an avid Monroe fangirl, but I admire a lot of her work. The movie Niagara, from which the cover image is taken, left a very memorable impression on me as a child, and was the first film of hers that I've seen. Some Like It Hot counts second of the top three in my all time favourites list (The Princess Bride holding eternally the #1 spot, and The Atonement closing the list at #3). After watching My Week With Marilyn a few months ago, I realised that, while I know these films by [...]

    4. This book was so interesting to me. I'm a fan of Marilyn, of course, so alot of the stuff in this book really surprised me because I had never heard any of it before. This man, Spoto, who wrote it, researched her life heavily in order to get all the facts for himself and his writing style was, I found, very engaging. I've read through lots of other books about Marilyn but this one was without a doubt the very best one I've ever come across. I would warn any more sensitive readers that there are [...]

    5. Lately, I have been quite torn in the books I have read. Donald Spoto is a wonderful biographer and quite thorough - I am quite excited to read even more from him. He paints a fascinating picture of this enigmatic woman, whom I (and most of society, really) am inexplicably entranced with. However, the more I read about her, the less interested I was in her. At the end of the day, she is just like any other celebrity - beautiful and selfish, with a lot of issues known and unknown to the public. I [...]

    6. She told us more than once, ‘Hollywood will never forgive me—not for leaving, not for fighting the system—but for winning, which I'm going to do.’ -Susan StrasbergWhat makes this solid biography the best choice to learn more about Marilyn Monroe is that it doesn't only tell the story of Norma Jeane/Marilyn Monroe, it also tells the story of those around her as well (starting from her grandparents, parents, relatives, husbands/boyfriends, friends, foes, associates, doctors, among many oth [...]

    7. A biography of astonishing depth. Reading this book cements my place as a fan-not of Marilyn Monroe the sex symbol, but of the woman, the 'little girl lost', who achieved so much as an actress despite a crippling insecurity, low self esteem, and little self worth. It is a shame that her abilities as an actress were not recognised or fully appreciated until after her death. From a personal perspective, I recognised certain aspects of her behaviour and character traits from my time as a foster car [...]

    8. A solid biography of a complicated person. Spoto does an admirable job at dispelling many of the myths associated with Marilyn (some of which, to be fair, were created by the subject herself). While ultimately you're taking Spoto's word over others, his research appears to be thorough, so when he says there's absolutely no way Marilyn ever had an affair with Bobby Kennedy, I tend to believe him. As for his reconstruction of the events surrounding Marilyn's death, again, I think his research is s [...]

    9. This is a pretty difficult book to review which is why I've put it off so long. I've read enough biographies to know I have to be careful which one I pick up and to make sure it's properly researched and respected. I read way too many wildly speculative biographies of James Dean before I came upon Donald Spoto's Rebel and finally could sigh some relief that here was one that properly acknowledged the lacunae and didn't just make shit up to fill in the gaps.So I came to this, fully secure that Sp [...]

    10. An incredibly informed, exhaustive, and compassionate biography of one of the most fascinating icons of all time. I've always been a bit of Marilyn-sympathizer, but this biography, I think, really reminded me what it is about not only her films but her life (and the myths that surround it) that has always captured my interest. And because of all the historical context Spoto locates her life within--most notably, the analysis of the so-termed "Golden Age" of Hollywood (not so golden, really)--I b [...]

    11. Beginning with Norma Jean Baker's grandparents and traveling down the family line in an ongoing story of failed marriages and child abandonment, Spoto's biography not only tells the story of Marilyn Monroe's life but also the lives of those around her, including relatives, close friends, all three of the late movie star's husbands, and the neglectful doctors who contributed to her later health issues and possible even death with their bad advice. The book uses historical data, interviews with th [...]

    12. I've always had some respect for Spoto as a biographer of the film community but this is very ponderously written. He is quite good on MM having no sense of herself because she was always playing MM and was surrounded by those who discouraged her from developing her own self, but that is little excuse for the subject being so absent from her own biography.If his thesis that Robert Slatzer and Jeanne Carmen did not actually know MM, let alone were her friends - that is good research. Spoto is obv [...]

    13. I liked Marilyn Monroe before i read this book, now I love her and and hate her. I respect her but I dont. She was ambitious and insecure, truthfully blunt yet dishonest. Unlike most people these days that go around quoting Monroe without even knowing anything about heri've actually seen a few of her films, Some Like It Hot, and Gentleman Prefer Blondes. i never did watch The Misfits, hearing that it wasnt very good. Now because of this book, i want to see how diasterous it really was. The book [...]

    14. I wanted to read a "real" biography about Marilyn Monroe after reading Joyce Carol Oate's . The Spoto biography seemed solid. (There are so may biographies about Marilyn to choose from, but there seems to be a consensus that the one by Spoto is one of the more reliable ones.) Some of the read was a bit of a trudge, but Marilyn was definitely an interesting personality, and when you think that she died at 36, she accomplished an amazing amount in her short time on the planet. Her story has left m [...]

    15. A avut o viata fascinanta, intens mediatizata, dar din pacate destinul a facut sa plece prea devreme din aceasta lumeViata scurta, intensa, cu iubiri tumultoase face pe multi sa vrea sa-i citeasca biografia.Am ales-o pe cea a lui Donald Spoto ca fiind mai bine documentata.Sunt fana Marilyn si mi-a placut cartea, este bine structurata, dar citind si din alte surse ma face sa cred ca finalul ei nu e tocmai cel descris de Spoto.Dupa mai bine de jumatate de secol, moartea ii ramane totusi un mister [...]

    16. Not the best book on Marilyn!Sad to think we will never know what really happened to Marilyn Monroe that fateful evening. Each author has their own scenario. I think the Kennedy's were more involved than this author admits to. Whatever the truth is and knowing we will probably never know the whole truth Marilyn's tale remains a sad and sorrowful one.

    17. Can't believe I went through this thick book so quickly. It was amazing to read about the legendary Marilyn Monroe- other than being known for the famous white dress windy day shots, I didn't know much about her! It's such a tragedy though, that she died this way.More thoughts later.

    18. very in depth book that explores Monroe's career from the age of 16 to her death. Lots of interviews and theories.

    19. One of my favorite Marilyn Monroe biographies. Very detailed with stories that were unknown to me before. I always enjoy rereading this book.

    20. This is one of the best-written biographies I've ever read. The book begins with a very interesting study of her family history and ends up by exploring the events after her death and discussing any possible theory relating to her eventual murder. The thing I respect the most is that Donald Spoto does't have any personal feelings involved while telling us the story. Instead, he strictly stick to the facts without paying attention to gossips and unconfirmed rumors.I have always liked Marilyn Monr [...]

    21. Donald Spoto has successfully told the unforgettable stories of Marilyn Monroe. This novel has told of her adventures, her childhood, as well as a detailed explanation of the rising of her fame. Marilyn Monroe was a Hollywood icon, which Donald Spoto was able to illustrate using primary sources such as her Diaries, letters as well as other personal writings. From this novel, one understands Monroe had a pretty rough start. Marilyn was sequenced to foster homes, in which she was almost smothered [...]

    22. Extremely thorough and well researched biography. The writer provided evidences to factual details of MM's life when available. When not much was available, he presented clear, logically deduced stances to refute baseless claims made by nutcases like Robert Slatzer (who made a writing career & TV appearances from 1-2 photos of him with MM) and his cronies. I feel that the writer wasn't biased and gave us a colorful depiction of MM's complex characters through her actions, writings, and inter [...]

    23. I really loved this read and felt like I gained a whole new appriciation for this women. However, I read that this writer's research and conclusion should be taken with a grain of salt. So I'm conflicted.

    24. Author Donald Spoto went into extensive detail on the life and mysterious death of female icon Marilyn Monroe in the biography, Marilyn Monroe: The Biography. The book is extremely lengthy, but one who briefly looks over the book can see how the pages provide photographs and text with information of Marilyn’s early life and her career. A majority of reviews written online by users who read the entire book agree that Spoto is effective in supporting his conclusions of Marilyn’s death with evi [...]

    25. "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best."--Things Marilyn Monroe Literally Never Said But Were Attributed to Her After Her Death Because It Fits Our Inaccurate Image of HerMy fascination with Marilyn Monroe started with Anne Helen Petersen's column on The Hairpin, where she analyzes the creation of Monroe's star image as well as the anxieties it produced and embodied--and, yes, the ways it swallowed her up. Marilyn Monroe: The Biography was the next natural step, sin [...]

    26. It is hard to imagine the kind of painstaking research that went into creating this comprehensive work of exquisite detail. Spoto not only captures the unique essence of MM's engaging personality, he includes the minutiae of her life experiences to such a degree that even someone who did not grow up surrounded by her iridescent image would feel a part of this era. Especially interesting are the intricate details of her early life, which would later so greatly affect her vulnerable psyche.Unfortu [...]

    27. Decided to read the most important bios again to see if my opinion has changed. Despite some flaws, this still is a book to recommend. Next, I'll read Summers to get the opposite view ;) Then Wolfe/Leaming (same year) The others I remember pretty well but we'll see. Some memoirs need to be read again. btw if I could give it 3,5 stars that is what I would give. But I just can't agree with some important issues, so IMO it doesn't merit more than that. As a bio, only Michelle Morgan has done a job [...]

    28. Spoto is to be commended as one of the greatest celebrity biographers; his astute observations of the minute details of his subject make his books a fascinating read and add another dimension to the person who he has painstakingly researched.Having read almost every major biography of Monroe, I noted Spoto's well delivered research and his obvious dedication to his craft throughout. Monroe biographers often fall into the trap of sensationalising her life and in particular her childhood. It was i [...]

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