Echoes of the Great Song

Echoes of the Great Song The Great Bear will descend from the skies and with his paw lash at the ocean He will devour all the works of Man Then he will sleep for ten thousand years and the breath of his sleep will be death

  • Title: Echoes of the Great Song
  • Author: David Gemmell
  • ISBN: 9780552142557
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Great Bear will descend from the skies, and with his paw, lash at the ocean He will devour all the works of Man Then he will sleep for ten thousand years, and the breath of his sleep will be death.The prophecy had come true The world spun Tidal waves lashed the planet, and a new ice age dawned The few survivors of a once great empire struggled to rebuild, to holdThe Great Bear will descend from the skies, and with his paw, lash at the ocean He will devour all the works of Man Then he will sleep for ten thousand years, and the breath of his sleep will be death.The prophecy had come true The world spun Tidal waves lashed the planet, and a new ice age dawned The few survivors of a once great empire struggled to rebuild, to hold their ground against the rising barbarian tide Then two moons appeared in the skies, unleashing a terrible evil that threatened not only the new empire, but the survival of the world itself When it comes to heroic fantasy, nobody does it better than David Gemmell The Dark Side Gemmell is several rungs above the good right into the fabulous Anne McCaffrey The best fantasy inspires genuine involvement David Gemmell s novels do just that Interzone

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    1. David Gemmell

      David Andrew Gemmell was a bestselling British author of heroic fantasy A former journalist and newspaper editor, Gemmell had his first work of fiction published in 1984 He went on to write over thirty novels Best known for his debut, Legend, Gemmell s works display violence, yet also explores themes in honour, loyalty and redemption With over one million copies sold, his work continues to sell worldwide.

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    1. Echoes of the Great Song, David Gemmellعنوان: پژواک آوای درون؛ نویسنده: دیوید گمل؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: هشتم ماه سپتامبر سال 2009 میلادیقهرمانان داستان: «تالابان» جنگجوئی دل مشغول فاجعه، «ابر سنگ» مردی از قبیله ی اسرارآمیز که در جستجوی عشق گمشده خویش نیز هست، «آنو» تک مقدس خالق زمان، «سوفارینا» [...]

    2. I am so glad I read this book! I read it because of a (very) forceful recommendation. I love fantasy, this didn't really seem like 'my' fantasy book. I was pretty skeptical. Holy was I ever wrong! Gemmell had me hooked after the first page. It was so different and refreshing from most of the fantasy genre I have read lately (urban fantasy). I fell in love with the characters, even the characters I disliked. I loved the use of the tribal songs at the start of each chapter, even if they contained [...]

    3. This book is absolutely incredible!! I literally couldn't put it down the entire time i was reading. Gemmell is an amazing author who surprises me every time I pick up one of his novels. Echoes of the Great Song left me dying for more, it was definitely different compared to the other Gemmell novels I've read. It reminded me of the Tide Lords series by Jennifer Fallon , which was incredible in its own right. I HIGHLY recommend this book, as well as anything by David Gemmell to a lover of fantasy [...]

    4. Another really good book. I am slowly making my way through all of Gemmell's books. How is it I never heard of this author in his heyday? I loved the story. I loved the writing. I loved the weaving of legend. This is a stand alone book that is definitely worth a read.

    5. Specchi riflessiIl declino degli Avatar, un popolo divino tirannico e arrogante, illuminato dalla conoscenza e che per questo si ritiene superiore a tutti, detentore di un potere magico oramai agli sgoccioli per mancanza di energia, passa attraverso la presa di coscienza e la volontà di rivalsa di altri popoli assoggettati e stanchi di essere considerati schiavi, come corpi al servizio di padroni. Ma soprattutto passa per gli Almec, una razza comparsa all'improvviso da un mondo parallelo, la cu [...]

    6. Amazing! Definitely one of the best fantasy novels I've ever read and I do feel sadness that it is not a series. The relatively good gender roles and lack of gay hate in this were surprisingly refreshing - as compared to the Game of Thrones GARBAGE - AND IT WAS PRINTED IN 1997. Literally 20 years ago. At one point a character made a derogatory comment on another character's supposed femininity because they were gay, and the person they were talking to flat out STOPPED THEM IN THEIR TRACKS AND SA [...]

    7. Great Book.The story of the final fall of a once great empire. Synopsis:The world has turned on it's ends, The poles have shifted, tipping the seas from thier bowls and changing the world forever.With thier homeland under a glacier, and beset on all sides by barbarians, the remanents of the immortal Avatars have carved a new home. Protected only by the power of thier crystals the Avatars seek to create a new empire.The crystals are failing and with them the Avatar's power and immortality. The Gr [...]

    8. I love this book. It has a lovely melancholic feel as you would expect from a book set just after the end of the world. It is a fast paced book as Gemmell's usually are but as always he makes you feel for the characters in such a brief period of time. It is a standalone which is always handy in the usually epic series of the Fantasy genre and it provides a beautiful bittersweet end. Would thoroughly recommend.

    9. Another outstanding fantasy epic from one of the world’s greatest writers of heroic yarns. Echoes of the Great Song contains elements familiar from other Gemmell stories, and yet this is different, thought out to the finest detail, and told with passion and drama. Gemmell pretty much mixes genres again, throwing in war, romance and mystery, but overall this is a story of adventure, with real flesh and blood heroes to guide us through the carnage.Gemmell is fine at weaving political detail into [...]

    10. Due to almost supernatural events life for a once vast, powerful, and intellectual nation seems to be running it's course. Soon there will be a new threat and those who still reign as near gods to the normal inhabitants are'nt to happy about it, and wont give up what they've still got without a fight. And boy are there some fights.I realy liked this book because in many sences it was a tragedy, and a real struggle for the elite few to try and hold onto their former and glorious lifes, while thei [...]

    11. The only thing I have to say is that people should read this book. There is one quote I will always remember from one of the villains in this tale. He says that an enemy is like a man's most prized flower. It brings him joy to see it buried in the ground.

    12. Another good read by David Gemmell just not one of his greatest. It bears similarities to his much better standalone title, Dark Moon, but unfortunately gets a little too crowded with characters that are never truly fleshed-out. The fundamental ideas for a great read are all here, but the odds never truly seem insurmountable in the true sense of heroic fantasy. Its greatest failing is perhaps its inability to create a character or characters that we truly wish to root for. Don't get me wrong, th [...]

    13. c1997 (5) FWFTB: Avatars, tribesman, sacrificed, crystal, arcane. Not a particularly joyous story. The only character that I really liked was the madman Viruk who must have been great fun to write. It was pacy with succinct world building. There is a definite 'enemy' in the book but as far as the protagonists are concerned - its the age old question of a good person doing bad things or a bad person doing good things - not particularly original, but an enjoyable read. Would recommend to the norma [...]

    14. This book was very easy to read. Nothing complicated, just easily digestible pulp fantasy. Most characters are heavily one dimensional archetypes, some barely scraping two dimensional, but due to being one book and not a series this is probably a smart move as there isn't much time for character development with a decent amount of backstory, numerous characters and the overall plot taking the main focus. The book had interesting themes, and a fairly satisfying ending but I can't say I'd ever put [...]

    15. Typical Gemmell: triumphing against the odds, unexpected heroics redeeming characters, breathtaking action, and lots of twisting and turning. Negatively, as someone who is enamoured with Drenai, Rigante, and the Troy trilogy I haven't been convinced by the parallel universes of Gemmell's other works

    16. Libro intrigante, mette in campo una visione degli individui particolare, contrapponendo l'arroganza al sacrificio e facendo comprendere come la sete di vendetta a volte porti a risultati che non si sarebbero mai aspettati - tanto che tale desiderio si estinguerà nel momento in cui tutti saranno sulla stessa barca.

    17. 7/10Echoes of the Great Song is a book that, I believe, proves that even when Gemmell wrote single volume stories he could weave through them and make, once again, rich stories with great heroes. Of course the book is far from perfect but his ideas in this book is something that I really liked and is, probably, one of the biggest reasons that kept me till the end.The Avatars, a race of gods as they believe, ruled over the world for thousands years as they had found immortality through their magi [...]

    18. I am a big fan of David Gemmell and his novels. His writing style is fast paced and he usually tells interesting stories with relatable characters I enjoy spending time with. Echoes of the Great Song mostly follows this trend with an enjoyable story that is grand in scale. Unfortunately the story is not told with the flare I’ve come to expect from a David Gemmell novel and I suspect the ambition behind the story is the reason for this. Although I enjoyed the book quite a lot it does not compar [...]

    19. What I love about Gemmell's books, is that they can be read as stand alone novels. Don't get me wrong, a love a good fantasy epic series, with 20 odd books and thousands of characters, but sometimes there just isn't the time to invest.I loved the story set out here - a race of super humans, immortal through the use of crystals, using them to heal, communicate, power weapons or other devices. The arrival of a similar race from another world (our own maybe?), makes them re-evaluate exactly what it [...]

    20. It's a Gemmell, no doubt. The characteristic style is unmistakeable. He KNOWS how to write, and especially how to convey information and atmosphere in a few sentences. After a few pages you know the scope of empires, without info-dumping. Unfortunately, it's far from his best book. It felt a bit preachy to me, and more than a bit obvious. I didn't really connect with the characters, and the storyline was unsurprising, if not foreseeable. If you don't know anything of Gemmell, you'll probably enj [...]

    21. This was truly a stunningly executed book. Really satisfying end (view spoiler)[ which left me smiling even though almost every character dies(hide spoiler)]David Gemmel has a way of making almost every character likable in some way. (view spoiler)[ Even the general who led the mass slaughtering of innocent tribes isn't seem too evil after you heard his backstory and history.(hide spoiler)](view spoiler)[ Even Viruk, who was a ruthless killer who enjoyed killing turned out to be my favorite char [...]

    22. OK fantasy in which a bunch of dicks is threatened by another bunch of dicks, and must band together with the people they've been dicks to in order to save their world from utter annihilation.Feeling rather rushed and shallow, I can imagine that if this had not been a stand-alone the reader would have been given enough time to get to know the world and the characters that fill it, but as it is instead we are in the company of a handful of stereotypes and caricatures and their thoughts, feelings [...]

    23. Another great standalone book by David Gemmell, loved the way he spins the unique world, it’s destruction to ice age and how the god like race cope with the changed world. While the flow of the book is like any other Gemmell book – a page turner the plot differs quite a lot. With the focus more on world building, unique races and their survival, the book ends up scarifying on the hero angle. Don’t get me wrong the book has many hero characters just they don’t fell as epic as what I expec [...]

    24. Quando ho finito questo romanzo mi sono chiesto: "Ma Gemmell non poteva allungarlo di qualche centinaio di pagine?". In effetti la fretta nello svolgersi degli eventi è l'unico appunto che mi sento di muovere a questo grande fantasy crepuscolare; per il resto l'ambientazione è meravigliosa, i personaggi sono interessanti (l'idea di un popolo di semidei sul viale del tramonto vale oro) e variegati (si va dal santone tutto spirito al guerriero con la passione per il giardinaggio e lo sbudellamen [...]

    25. This served as my introduction to David Gemmell and will not be the last book of his I pick up. The characters are memorable and the myth and magic of Echoes' world stand out in the crowd of sci-fi/fantasy. The story and action move along at a good rate and the multiple plot points come together for what promises to be a great climax. Most surprising is the manner in which one of the primary characters transitions from dispicable to admirable throughout the course of the novel. Unfortunately, th [...]

    26. Talaban, Ro, Rael, il pazzo Viruk, Avatar: saggi, dei, egemoni, tiranni. Sofarita, subumana che riscatta il suo popolo e apre gli occhi agli Avatar. Cas-Coatl buffo richiamo al dio precolombiano. Almeia dea di cristallo assetata di vita e sangue. Chi ha il potere è convinto di essere un dio e che chi non l'ha sia subumano. Chi no ha il potere odia chi ce l'ha e trama per rubarglielo. Poi arrivano gli Almec, più forti di tutti, e allora gli Avatar e i subumani si alleano. In fondo è tutto già [...]

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