Hidden Children: Secret Survivors Of The Holocaust

Hidden Children Secret Survivors Of The Holocaust They hid wherever they could for as long as it took the Allies to win the war Jewish children frightened alone often separated from their families For months even years they faced the constant da

  • Title: Hidden Children: Secret Survivors Of The Holocaust
  • Author: Jane Marks
  • ISBN: 9780553409369
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • They hid wherever they could for as long as it took the Allies to win the war Jewish children, frightened, alone, often separated from their families For months, even years, they faced the constant danger of discovery, fabricating new identities at a young age, sacrificing their childhoods to save their lives These secret survivors have suppressed these painful memoriThey hid wherever they could for as long as it took the Allies to win the war Jewish children, frightened, alone, often separated from their families For months, even years, they faced the constant danger of discovery, fabricating new identities at a young age, sacrificing their childhoods to save their lives These secret survivors have suppressed these painful memories for decades Now, in The Hidden Children, twenty three adult survivors share their moving wartime experiences some for the first time.There is Rosa, who hid in an impoverished one room farmhouse with three others, sleeping on a clay pallet behind a stove Renee, who posed as a Catholic and was kept in a convent by nuns who knew her secret and Richard, who lived in a closet with his family for thirteen months Their personal stories of belief and determination give a voice, at last, to the forgotten Inspiring and life affirming, The Hidden Children is an unparalleled document of witness, discovery, and the miracle of human courage.

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    1. In Nazi-occupied Europe the pre-war Jewish child population came to about 1.6 million. During the war an estimated 1.5 million Jewish children where killed , leaving only 6 to 7 percent of them alive at the end of the war.Through 60 interviews with former child survivors, the author puts togehter a fascinating book that traces the story of a few of the Jewish children who survived the Holocaust , hiding in attics , convents , sewers and forests. In some cases they where helped by having fair hai [...]

    2. A collection of short essays by people deftly named Hidden Children who were as the name suggests, hidden from mainstream view during the Second World War. Their stories are brought together by the author who held meetings starting in the early nineties for survivors to share their stories.This is a relevant and powerful book for those interested in Jewish history, the holocaust and the war. The editing of the book is frustrating at times; there are far more exclamation marks than are necessary. [...]

    3. This book tells the story of 23 children who were hidden during the Holocaust, whether by posing as Christian children or by physically hiding (or both). It was incredibly interesting and enlightening.Of course I would recommend this book to anyone. Whether you enjoy history or not, even if you won't enjoy this book, doesn't really matter. What matters is that these people's stories are heard. That being said, though, I would especially recommend this to anyone in my own generation. Being only 1 [...]

    4. This awful time in our history has affected so many even long after this war ended. The children who were left have suffered unbelievable trials and still to this very day cope with the concepts, the things they witnessed, and the guilt of being left behind and in so many ways the loss of their identities.Truly an awful, horrendous situation and one that should never be forgotten nor denied that it never happened. With the spate of Antisemitism recently seen in our current times, this is a relev [...]

    5. Every participant in this book healed through meeting other "hidden children". It reinforces the concept of sharing our pain to heal.

    6. I must admit, after all the books I’ve read on World War Two, I never once contemplated the fate of the children who became orphans when their parents were killed. I definitely didn’t think about those who were abandoned. This story provides an excellent insight to one of the most heart-wrenching sagas in anyone’s life. I can’t imagine having to give up any of children in hopes that someday I’ll be reunited with them only to find out, they don’t want to part of our once happy lives. [...]

    7. Powerful, heartbreaking, informative and enlightening. I cannot, nor do I wish to, imagine what these people (children!) had to endure. I am grateful that I know now.

    8. This book is a sensitive exploration of the Jewish children hidden from the Nazis. It's heart-breaking to read the recollections of people who were told their stories were unimportant because they were lucky to have survived. As children, they suffered terror, separation, grief, hunger, cold, and other untold hardships that are brought to light in this collection. Perhaps made more bright by the darkness of their past, the stories of their courage and hope as they begin their new lives after war [...]

    9. This collection of mini-memoirs of children who survived the Holocaust by hiding was as gripping as you'd expect it to be. I couldn't help but put myself in the shoes of the children (or perhaps their parents) who hid, and wonder whether I would have realized that the tickets to the work camps were one way. It's interesting that all of the survivors Marks interviewed were so successful later in life. I wonder whether she selected only successful survivors, or whether, as one of the survivors mus [...]

    10. This book was paticularly interesting because it highlighted the fact that sometimes it takes years for people to get over a traumatic experience. We make a big "ruckus" when we hear of injustice in the news, however as soon as it goes off the news we forget about the people who have been subject to injustice, regardless of whether we wrote letters or were even actively involved in protesting. The book is a story of those who were determined to live, and provides enough food for thought to last [...]

    11. Amazing true stories of survival during the holocaust . Children were hidden in all sorts of places underground holes, forests, wardrobes or openly living amongst non Jews sometimes not even aware of their jewish origins.Some of these stories will stay with you forever. I was particularly moved by the children who were completely happy whilst living with their "hiding families" who's horror began after the war when they were uprooted from their familiar surroundings to be reunited with blood rel [...]

    12. This book contains some incredibly moving accounts from people who survived the Holocaust as children, although distressing in parts the accounts show some wonderful acts of kindness and demonstrate the bravery of those who were willing to help rescue Jews despite the threat to their own lives. The book really made the Holocaust seem that more real to me while I was studying Nazi Germany as part of a history GCSE and I would recommend this book to nobody who has an interest in that period.

    13. Wonderful read about terrible deeds.I don't know how much longer I can read about the Jewish children in Germany. Though, of course, it's important to remember, the impact of these stories is almost more than I can bear.Each story here becomes so personal that it breaks my heart but at the same time makes me incredulous at what the young spirit can endure. These children are my heroes.

    14. I had a bit of a hard time getting into this book at first. It was not a style I typically like (brief stories) but it ended up making it's point very well. A nice take on the hidden jewish children (who you typically think of as "the lucky" ones), turns out they weren't so lucky.

    15. very moving book - the first half is better than the second. each chapter is a different survivor's story. these stories are incredible.

    16. I actually did not finish this book. It was very hard to follow the characters and keep them straight. It was more a book of facts than a story. Great research, just not what I had in mind.

    17. Deeply disturbing yet incredibly informativeThis is not an easy read for anyone who has a heart. It is disturbing and questions Humanity on so many deep levels.However the author, a hidden child himself, gives us an incredible bird's eye view and first-hand look into the Holocaust from its most innocent victims.

    18. This is an emotionally revealing account of children who went into hiding during the holocaust and the aftermath for them personally of their experience. Anne Frank is the well known prototype. Since each tells his or her own story, the raw trauma of the situation is very evident. Those who were rescuers are described realistically, some saints, some not so much.

    19. Great ReadI learned so much about these brave survivors. I had no idea so many children were either killed or hidden away. They were my age and I kept thinking how lucky I was to have grown up in the U.S God Bless them.

    20. Great historic readI've gained some insight about the holocaust from this book. It was a very interesting read about the Jewish children that survived and what they had to endure.

    21. Very goodIt was incredibly interesting to hear first had the stories of these children.Must read for anyone interested in this time in history.

    22. Everyone who thinks they know all about WWII needs to read this book. Gives a new light to a specific group of people who suffered in WWII.

    23. Stories of the children hidden during the Holocaust and the aftermath they faced trying to readjust to their families and post war life.

    24. MovingA very moving book with numerous accounts of children who survived the atrocities that faced millions during Hitler's Final Solution.

    25. This is an emotional journey. With each story told by child survivors of the Holocaust taught me the human will is strong no matter what is faced. From little babies to children of preteen age the horrors they witness and go through to survive is a roller coaster. From the story of a boy who took part in the partisans and watch people being killed at age 9 to the babies/toddlers who were given up for safe keeping to childless families and then being kidnapped again to be moved to orphanages, fos [...]

    26. My daughter got this book for me. I have read other books about the Holocaust and this book let the reader know about children and their families that went into hiding during the Holocaust. This book has different stories of people telling their stories. They were children, who were separated from their families and raised by strangers. How they had to live in fear during it and long after the Holocaust was over. I found the book very interesting. It broke my heart reading how much these people [...]

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