Women Who Run With The Wolves: Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman

Women Who Run With The Wolves Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature a powerful force filled with good instincts passionate creativity and ageless knowing Her name is Wild Woman but she is an endangered speci

  • Title: Women Who Run With The Wolves: Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman
  • Author: Clarissa Pinkola Estés
  • ISBN: 9781846041099
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing Her name is Wild Woman, but she is an endangered species Clarissa Pinkola Est s, Ph.D Jungian analyst and cantadora storyteller shows how women s vitality can be restored through what she calls psychic archeological digs inWithin every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing Her name is Wild Woman, but she is an endangered species Clarissa Pinkola Est s, Ph.D Jungian analyst and cantadora storyteller shows how women s vitality can be restored through what she calls psychic archeological digs into the ruins of the female unconscious Using multicultural myths, fairy tales, folk tales, and stories, Dr Est s helps women reconnect with the healthy, instinctual, visionary attributes of the Wild Woman archetype Dr Est s has created a new lexicon for describing the female psyche Fertile and life giving, it is a psychology of women in the truest sense, a knowing of the soul.

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      426 Clarissa Pinkola Estés
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    About “Clarissa Pinkola Estés”

    1. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

      An American poet, psychoanalyst and post trauma specialist who was raised in now nearly vanished oral and ethnic traditions She is a first generation American who grew up in a rural village, population 600, near the Great Lakes Of Mexican mestiza and majority Magyar and minority Swabian tribal heritages, she comes from immigrant and refugee families who could not read or write, or who did so haltingly Much of her writing is influenced by her family people who were farmers, shepherds, hopsmeisters, wheelwrights, weavers, orchardists, tailors, cabinet makers, lacemakers, knitters, and horsemen and horsewomen from the Old Countries.

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    1. Let me just start with saying that there are two kinds of people who would NOT like this book: 1- chauvanistic men/pigs(hehe), and 2- women who are uptight with their religious and social beliefs (and the stepford housewives type).This book is for all women, who struggled through life because of the pressures and pre-tailored expectations of their families, socieities, religious leaders, husbands, children, etc, and finally saw the light of the moon and could not fight the urge to howl (owwwwwww [...]

    2. When I worked at Ballantine Books in the early to mid-1990s, this was by far the most successful book the house had ever published (it probably still is). I couldn't get over it -- this piece of shit was a runaway best-seller? Overblown, overwritten, self-important, pseudo-intellectual -- what the hell was to like? And to top it off, the author acted like a complete asshole, with personality traits that matched her book to a T. Her visits to the office were ludicrous; she used to prance around, [...]

    3. This book saved my life. I was seriously struggling with an enormous amount of class-related stress, centered around a completely unsuspected attack on my creative potential. After a few months of being shredded mentally and creatively by the people I'd expected to lean on for support and physically by the demands of moving to a new country, I was at a horrible place, alternating between periods of blind rage and near suicidal depression, and for the first time in my life I was watching my abili [...]

    4. Jungian psychoanalytic theory applied to folktales and fairy tales from around the world. Yes? Yes.I want to carry copies of this book around and hand them out, proselytorily, to everyone woman I encounter who feels confined, constrained, and soul-sick. This book has helped me to reconnect with my intuition, reevaluate what it means for me to live authentically, and reimagine what my life can look like when I live it wildly and freely. It really has been a gift to me.There is lots of gender esse [...]

    5. Here's the deal on this book.1) It is all too easy to make fun or roll one's eyes or be actually pretty nasty about it, because it's obviously got a ridiculously embarassing title. I personally got the book as a cheerful joke from my dad one Christmas, and I thought to myself, "gag me!"2) But: Once I read it, I realized how smart this book is. (Eg, I learned the ever-useful term piloerection here.) What this book is is a master-key to the pictorial language that our right brain "speaks," (via dr [...]

    6. Yeah yeah, the book may be seen as a cry of independence for all women out there who need to get in touch with their "wild" side.However, my reservations:- The author tried to say that women should be who they are, but continually portrayed one single type of women: women who had artistic urges, thick thighs and who had always felt like they were born from the wrong parents.So, if you are a skinny archivist who had a decent childhood and no artistic talents, there's something terribly wrong with [...]

    7. “I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, happen to you, and that you will work with these stories water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom.”Three times in my life this book found its way into my greedy little hands at a time when I needed it most. Every woman should own a copy of this book. Women Who Run With the Wolves is a collection of short stories/ fairytales interspersed with commentary by the author. It so [...]

    8. على قائمة الإنتظار حتى يسمح المزاجمعرفش ليه طول مانا فاتحة الكتاب أوبرا كارمن في وداني خصوصاً الجزء ده وضحكة كارمن مسيطرة ع الموقف :D:Dنوع من التمرد الممتع ربما :P"/>youtube/watch?v=lspRhX

    9. Her "insanın" okuması gerektiğini düşündüğüm kitap. İnsan dedim zira köklerinin, ruhunun derinliğinin farkında olmayıp günlük hayatın yeknesaklığında özünü unutma eşiğine gelenler için rehber niteliğinde. Kadınlardan bahsediyor belki ama içindeki öykülerde insanlığa dair yerinde tespitler var. Yarının yetişkinlerini yetiştiren kadına düşen ödevleri, ve kadınları anlamak isteyenleri içine çekecek bir girdap Metafor katılmadığım yerler az da olsa va [...]

    10. Another reviewer summed it up: this book's cover was misleading! I know that authors often have nothing to do with how their books are advertised, and perhaps I should have read the introduction before I bought it or something, but it *still* isn't fair that I wasted my money on a book chock-full of Jungian psychoanalysis when what is advertised and what I expected was a book about the literary and mythological archetype of the wild woman. What's worse, the book isn't so much about Jungian psych [...]

    11. I have read this book a few times. I pick it up from time to time to look over a chapter of this or that - it affected the way I think about other fables and even the movies. I am half convinced that the end of the Wedding Crashers is really about two healthy psyches driving away together into the future, married to themselves. I was rereading this book about the same time I saw that movie. Any woman who is interested in empowering herself will be inspired. It is a jungian read on the darkest ve [...]

    12. Juicy and satisfying, this book is for any woman who feels an urge to connect with wild and ancient concepts of what it means to be female: messy, raw, and full of luminously passionate creative energy. If this book doesn't make you want to howl out loud, I'm not sure what will!

    13. I learned a lot from this book. The big ideas for me were:1. "even if the mother vine is damaged, it doesn't mean her children are"and 2. "it will never hurt you to go after something you want or something that is calling to you"The books is sort of a slow-read, but I find the author generous and familiar and enjoyed the way she reconstructed women's psychology through myth. It's good to have new (complete?) stories in my mind as well.

    14. نساء يركضن مع الذئاب يُجسد هذا الكتاب فكرة سعي المرأة للتصالح مع ذاتها الوحشية، الذات الوحشية هي الكائن الحي الذي يعيش فينا، يدفعنا للتقدم و هي الروح الحارسة التي تعتني بنا، هي ما يدفعنا للقيام بالمغامرات و التحديات للقيان بالإنجازات لتي نريدها.الذات الشافية التي تقف بجانب [...]

    15. Every feminist/spiritual/literature/writing related teacher I've ever had has told me I should read this book, so I finally did. Frankly, it was annoying. The ideas are wonderful, but the writing is obnoxious. I didn't know what the phrase "purple prose" really meant until I read this book. She also refers to the "Rio abajo rio" frequently, and EVERY SINGLE TIME, she writes: "The rio abajo rio, the river below the rive " It's just not necessary. After reading 200 pages of this I wondered how muc [...]

    16. As a person who has always loved fairy tales, I read this book very slowly and carefully, enjoying every page. The author's explanations, which incorporate Jungian psychology and principles of women's intuition, enriched and deepened my appreciation for the ancient feminine and the lost art of teaching through fable, myth, and allegory. Dr. Estes is a very effusive person, which comes across in her writing and can be at times overwhelming. She is quite incapable of using fewer than 3 synonyms st [...]

    17. ''Neden hep benim başıma geliyor?'' sorusunu sorduğunuz her seferinde açıp bir bölümünü okuyabilirsiniz. Kendinizi hapsolmuş hissettiğiniz döngülerin farkına varabilmek ve onlardan kaçabilmek için, elini omzunuza koyup dostça sıvazlayan, cesaret veren bir kitap.Yaşamayı ve ölmeyi, gülmeyi ve haykırmayı, yas tutmayı ve neşeyle dans etmeyi, gece yarısı ormanda yapayalnız kalmayı ve güvenli bir sığınak bulmayı arzulayan herkes aradığı bir şeyler bulacaktır ki [...]

    18. "زنانی که با گرگها میدوند" نوشته روانشناس آمریکایی کلاریسا پینکولا استس در باره خوی وحشی یا طبیعی زنان که به دست قوانین مرد ساخته دچار محدودیت و در حال از بین رفتن است ميباشد"حیات وحش و زن وحشی هردو گونه هایی در حال انقراض اند."دکتر استس که پیشینه اش به یک خانواده پناهنده مکزیکی [...]

    19. Poetry! I so enjoy Estes's use of language and imagery and the various interpretations of stories and the universal and profound themes hidden underneath the layers of seemingly simple stories. I think this book is very important for women to read, especially for women who must protect and guide their daughters. My favorite story is Sealskin, Soulskin about a young seal/woman who loses her self in someone else's dream and finally finds the courage to pursue her dream and enrich her life.

    20. هرکسی که به زنی نزدیک می شود در حضور دو زن قرار میگیرد. یک موجود بیرونی و یک مخلوق درونی. موجود بیرونی در روشنایی روز زندگی می کند به راحتی قابل مشاهده است. اغلب با فرهنگ ملموس انسانی مطابق است اما مخلوق درونی اغلب ناگهان ظاهر می شود و به سرعت ناپدید می شود و پشت سر خود احساسی عجی [...]

    21. For those of us who struggle with life, expectations and how to be ourselves, this is a validation, a benediction. Saying yes this is you and you are beautiful and unique just as you are.

    22. Very Interesting book, have to say I had to put it down many times just because it need some deep thinking following some passages.It linkes old cultures to the modern pshyche of women.IncredibleI definitely recommend it!!

    23. I am really loving this book, it covers so much of what I already believed in/felt (and I'm not even finished but wanted to write something even if it be incoherent) such as listening to your intuition, instincts, the life/death/life cycle knowing something good can and will arise from something bad, but reading it in such a way with folk stories followed by analyses, embellish the ideas and make them more solid in my mind and unwavering, knowing others believe the same helps and allows these be [...]

    24. If I could buy this book for every woman in the world, I would. This book will become your mother when you need a mother and there isn't one around. Hell, it will be a mother you've never had. A mother of all mothers, from the birth of time. And a heart that will keep you alight when you think you're surrounded by darkness that blinds you, suffocates you, destroys you. A book every woman needs to read, if only to know she's not alone but standing on the bones of all the other women who died for [...]

    25. Dedicato alle donneSempre, quando si narra una favola, cala la notte. Non importa il posto, il tempo o la stagione: raccontare favole fa si che un cielo stellato ed una luna bianca spuntino dai cornicioni e si librino nell'ariaQuando perdiamo il contatto con noi stesse, quando la vita ci ha sbattuto in una terra sconosciuta e non ritroviamo la strada, quando sentiamo forte il bisogno di una tana dove leccare le ferite, o nascondere i cuccioli per proteggerli dai predatori, quando non siamo state [...]

    26. I bought this book years ago at a garage sale and never could get into it. Until one day I was walking past and had the urge to flip through it. I ended up reading the whole thing. I do agree with both sides of the love/hate reviews as it is hard to read and the author does seem to be a bit over the top but I read it at a time in my life that I really needed a bit of a pep talk. You really need to be mentally ready for this book. I think this book is for people going through some issues in their [...]

    27. إلى ابنتي التى لم تأتِ بعد وربما لن تأتِ أبداً سأحتفظ لها بهذا الكتاب

    28. I read this a long time ago and had forgotten that I had read it until one of my GR friends posted it. It was very affirming at the time I read it. I just might read it again!

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