A Place Called Morning

A Place Called Morning Mae Demaray s life in an old clapboard house on a quiet Minneapolis street had been rich with the hues of security and love beauty and faith It carried the scent of flowers the sound of quiet at day

  • Title: A Place Called Morning
  • Author: Ann Tatlock
  • ISBN: 9780783886831
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mae Demaray s life in an old clapboard house on a quiet Minneapolis street had been rich with the hues of security and love, beauty and faith It carried the scent of flowers, the sound of quiet at daybreak, the laughter of children, the touch of God all giving her the satisfying sense of living life to its fullness But that was before the March day when Mae s world was sMae Demaray s life in an old clapboard house on a quiet Minneapolis street had been rich with the hues of security and love, beauty and faith It carried the scent of flowers, the sound of quiet at daybreak, the laughter of children, the touch of God all giving her the satisfying sense of living life to its fullness But that was before the March day when Mae s world was shaken at its very center.The ordinary days leading up to that unforgettable moment were but a quiet prelude to the mad song that followed Unforeseen and shattering events invaded her well ordered life and silenced her joy Unable to make sense of her torn apart world, Mae retreated from life as she had once known it.How quickly life had changed How quickly the colorful became colorless, dressed in shades of black and white, no longer reflecting the light Yet surely a new day would soon break, with light rising gently, giving hope for restorationSurely there must be A Place Called Morning.

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    1. Ann Tatlock

      Ann Tatlock is a novelist and children s book author Her books have received numerous awards, including the Christy Award, the Midwest Book Award and the Silver Angel Award for Excellence in Media She also serves as managing editor of Heritage Beacon, the historical fiction imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas She lives with her family in Western North Carolina.

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    1. I read through this book quickly, not necessarily a good sign. In the case of this book, it was not. So much of this book I read before. Technically, this is the second book that Tatlock wrote so the subsequent books borrowed similar story lines. I read those books first. Tatlock improved with experience, somewhat. Nothing in this book captured my attention. Even though the book lasted 281 pages, the narrative sped through revelation after revelation with so much bein discussed that it nearly ga [...]

    2. This book was hard to read for a long time. It was slow and depressing and I could hardly bear Mae's attitude toward everything. True, many things in her life were difficult, but who doesn't have difficulty? I got impatient, waiting for her to come to terms with God's, and her daughter's forgiveness, not to mention forgiving herself. It was worth reading to the end, but I tried to hurry, as I was getting tired of feeling so depressed with her.

    3. A charming story about middle-aged Mae, who allowed fear and lack of forgiveness to keep her from living a life of confidence and purpose . It took tragedy, disappointment and shock to make her finally realize the steps she had to take to find meaning in life again. I enjoyed the surprise ending which wrapped it all up and closed the book with a smile.

    4. Not her best!It felt like the author was trying to peruse the concept of forgiveness without, in my opinion, fully understanding that sometimes forgiveness can take a lifetime. Maybe it's just me, and where I'm at but in my opinion not one of Tatlocks best.

    5. Learning to forgiveIn beginning to read this, I wasn'tre if it would be to my liking but as I kept reading I became very involved in the storyline. It is a wonderful lesson on forgiving especially ourselves.

    6. A story well told.Ann Tatlock weaves a story of family and the joy of being included. But due to a series of events, secrets come to light. A great read. I highly recommend it.

    7. Some of us live with "what-if." Mae lives with "if only." A life-shattering event happened 5 years earlier which she is unable to forgive herself for, blaming herself, reliving the event over in her mind. Roy knows about the pain and would like to take it from her even if he had to bear it himself. No one else blames Mae; it was an accident. It could have happened to anyone. This story moves back and forth from Mae's earlier years growing up and then with her husband, George and their two childr [...]

    8. I must say, this book was a little too heavy handed in the gloom and doom department for me. 238 pages of it and the book is only 281 pages long. I'm just being honest. Mae is a middle aged woman living in the old family home after losing her parents and eventually her husband. There is an old family friend, Roy, that has always been like part of the family and he comes around a couple of times a week to do chores and help out around the house. Good ole Roy, a little slow mentally but childlike [...]

    9. While I still really enjoyed this book it did not live up to my standards of what a four star book should be.As one of Ann Tatlock's earliest books, she hadn't yet hit her stride when it comes to story telling. Some of her later books venture out more into more difficult topics. (She also navigates those waters with deft skill as a wordsmith.) This book, however, came close to several clichés. Since I have read this book before, I'm not sure if the slightly predictable nature of the plot had mo [...]

    10. This is a story about a woman who is unable to forgive herself for a tragic accident that took the life of her two year old grandson. Until the time she is distracted and doesn't shut the cellar door, allowing him to fall down the stairs, she seems like the model Christian mother and grandmother, taking care of the baby, and volunteering at the children´s ward in the hospital. From then on it´s as if the light has gone out in her life. Eventually, after another accident which destroyed her fam [...]

    11. This book was so engaging. You want to beg Mae (the main character) to forgive herself, yet time and again, she doesn't. There are many predictable moments in this book, however there is always a twist. There is "I saw that coming--- but NOT that!" This book realistically portrays what not forgiving yourself can do to you and to the people around you. It shows how when we turn our backs to God, God gently pursues us back to Him and the path He has laid out for us. We are our best enemies. We tak [...]

    12. I had a difficult time getting into this book. It is the authors second book and I could tell. A little past midpoint the story took off a bit. There weren't any surprises as early on I figured out the plot. What was interesting, though a little simplistic, was the transformation the main character undergoes. I've read other books the author wrote later in her career and her style has much improved. This book is worth read simply for it's message of self forgiveness

    13. I read this book after downloading it through ebook deals on my Kindle. It's an older Ann Tatlock book from 1999. I have never read anything by this author but enjoyed the ease of the story and her prose. It was a sweet story and good detail on the main characters especially Mae and Roy. I read some reviews that said her later books are better written. I have another book by Ann Tatlock on my Kindle from 2011 called Promises to Keep. She writes historical and Christian fiction.

    14. I can see how some people might get turned off by the underlying Christian messages throughout the novel.But for me, it didn't come across as too preachy or over-the-top so I was OK with it.Good story and well written.

    15. I liked this book however, I thought it was sad. One terrible happening after another for the main character. I loved the overall idea though of being able to forgive yourself and letting God back into your life and heart.

    16. The book had some very well-written parts. It was a bit difficult though with the author's style. You adapt slowly in the beginning. However, picking up this book, I actually thought I was about to read a story, not a hymnal. Certainly not suiting to my tastes in the least.

    17. How to forgive yourselfMae had done something real bad, even though it was an accident, but she could not forgive herself until her house burned down and she learned to forget and forgive once and for always.

    18. Sweet story of forgiveness. Not as favored as other Tatlock books I have read. Always clean language and decent stories with Ann Tatlock.

    19. This is one of the author's earlier books but I found it to be a great read. It was a good story with some surprises. A wonderful lesson about forgiveness.

    20. Liked book very much. Thrift store find. A tale about loss, gratitude and forgiveness. What the lack of gratitude and forgiveness can do to a person.

    21. Probably the most overtly religious of Ann Tatlock's books that I have read. It is pretty heavy, but I found it moving. The ending dragged out a bit, but worked.

    22. Ann Tatlock is one of my favorite Christian authors. Her books are always well written and worth the reading time. I can't wait to see what she has to put out this year!

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