Castelul palarierului

Castelul palarierului In anul intr un oras imaginar ce poarta numele Levenford isi duce zilele familia Brodie care incepe sa se dezbine din pricina narcisismului si cruzimii nemaivazute a capului familiei James Bro

  • Title: Castelul palarierului
  • Author: A.J. Cronin Sanziana Mihalache
  • ISBN: 9786065392069
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In anul 1879, intr un oras imaginar ce poarta numele Levenford isi duce zilele familia Brodie, care incepe sa se dezbine din pricina narcisismului si cruzimii nemaivazute a capului familiei, James Brodie, palarier de profesie si tiran prin vocatie Cartea este o inlantuire de nuclee epice, fiecare subsumandu se vietii unui personaj Marry fiica cea mare , Matthew uniculIn anul 1879, intr un oras imaginar ce poarta numele Levenford isi duce zilele familia Brodie, care incepe sa se dezbine din pricina narcisismului si cruzimii nemaivazute a capului familiei, James Brodie, palarier de profesie si tiran prin vocatie Cartea este o inlantuire de nuclee epice, fiecare subsumandu se vietii unui personaj Marry fiica cea mare , Matthew unicul fiu , Nessie fiica cea mica si copilul preferat al palarierului , dna Brodie sotia fragila a lui James, pe care acesta o trateaza ca pe o sluga si caruia ii ramane supusa pana la moarte , Nancy amanta lui Brodie, care va juca un rol esential in deznodamantul povestii Momentul cheie, care declanseaza un intreg lant de intamplari nefericite, este acela in care relatia dintre Mary Brodie, fiica cea mare a palarierului, si Dennis, prima ei iubire, este data in vileag Chiar la inceputul romanului, Mary il intalneste pe Dennis, de mai multe ori, la biblioteca Cand tanarul o invita in targ, fata accepta fara a sta pe ganduri si se furiseaza afara din casa, fara stirea familiei, lucru ce ii va schimba viata cu totul Cartea a inspirat un film celebru 1941 , ce i a avut in rolurile principale pe Robert Newton, Deborah Kerr si James Mason, dar actiunea a fost destul de mult modificata.

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      370 A.J. Cronin Sanziana Mihalache
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    1. A.J. Cronin Sanziana Mihalache

      Archibald Joseph Cronin was a Scottish novelist, dramatist, and non fiction writer who was one of the most renowned storytellers of the twentieth century His best known works are The Citadel and The Keys of the Kingdom, both of which were made into Oscar nominated films He also created the Dr Finlay character, the hero of a series of stories that served as the basis for the long running BBC television and radio series entitled Dr Finlay s Casebook enpedia wiki A.J._Cronin

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    1. Cronin wrote and destroyed his firsts drafts of this story while working on it. Finally in 1931 Hatter's Castle, Cronin's first novel, was published. Meet the Brodie family: James Brodie and his wife Margaret Brodie, their children Matthew, Mary, Nessie and Mr Brodie's mother. In the story we see how the family is broken and destroyed by the tyrannical Brodie. The book is available for free here archive/details/hatterscas

    2. "Замъкът на шапкаря" на Кронин показва разрушителността на човешкото его: knigolandiafo/2009/11/bКато малък често спирах погледа си върху тази книга. Синьото томче се забелязваше и сякаш пред очите ми се появяваше замък, кацнал на хълм, в който по незнайни причини живее тайнствен шапк [...]

    3. OMG, after reading many sentimental romance novels that brought me to tears, fantasy/dystopian novels what wowed me with their endless actions, finally there is a book that really truly angered me! And the feeling of being angered, compared to other feelings I've got from reading books up to now, is still awesome as hell!I don't know what character I hate the most: James Brodie himself, his wife or his son - Matthew Brodie.First up, James Brodie - "the star" of the novel. He was an extremely del [...]

    4. This book definitely captures the turmoil uf a dysfunctional family, whose members are slowly destroyed by the singular ambition of the head of the family:James Brodie.Basically,this book is about loss:loss of innocence, loss of succes, loss of family,loss of self-respect, loss of everything that truly matters and shapes us into what we are.The characters are all tormented in their own way,and yet they choose to rather turn a blind eye to their problems instead of trying to fix them. There is no [...]

    5. I read this book a looong time ago, so although the storyline is now a bit fuzzy in my head, I still remember the heart wrenching, tear jerker scenes in it. There are a lot. They come one after the other, relentlessly, but as you never expect them to happen, the sorrow in them is always ever so raw.The ending has a HEA. But of course, it's surrounded by more death, guilt, destruction and utter loss. This is the first book that made me feel pity and sadness at the very end for a character that I [...]

    6. Джемс Броуди построил себе Замок.Как это принято замках, и здесь в заточении томятся пленники- это семья Джемса Броуди. День за днем он превращает их жизнь в ад, в погоне за удовлетворением собственных гордости и тщеславия. А вышвырнутая им на улицу старшая дочь выглядит пр [...]

    7. Definitely not a book that I would recommend. It was so very depressing and just hard to get through as the main character "Brodie" engulfed the whole book and this character had not one redeeming quality. This was one of A.J. Cronin's earlier works and leaves a lot to be desired in his writing ability.

    8. The cover flap compares the writing of this first book of A. J. Cronin with Dickens. I found this book to have well drawn characters and beautiful descriptions, but the narrative is much more compelling than that of Dickens.It is a story of a self obsessed and cruel father who is the cause of his own downfall, but also sadly, of all his family.The plot is shocking yet totally plausible and shows the weaknesses and delusions of mankind and how victims can be ground down so that they in turn becom [...]

    9. *** means I liked it, but I didn't like it. The stars are because of his writing and storytelling ability and character development. But you'll be hard pressed to find a book as depressing as this one. The Judas Tree comes close. It is another of his writings. A mean tempered louse, full of pride and horrible treatment of his family as what James Brodie is all about. 600 pgs. of doom and gloom. It is AJ Cronin's first book. There are some good people in the book, thankfully, which overshadow the [...]

    10. Một tấn bi kịch.Hết 1/3 truyện mình vẫn nghĩ Mary mới là nhân vật chính. Không phải một câu chuyện mới lạ gì, một người đàn ông độc đoán, ích kỷ, một bà mẹ chồng già và xấu tính, một bà mẹ nhu nhược, yếu đuối, một anh con quen được chiều chuộng, và một cô gái nhỏ phải gánh chịu tấn bi kịch kia.Những con người không hề lạ, chỉ là lần đầu tiên thấy họ trở thành nhân vật [...]

    11. Четейки "Замъкът на шапкаря" противоречиви чувства се зараждаха в мен. Имаше моменти, в които не харесвах книгата и други, когато не можех да я оставяТя предизвика в мен гняв, омраза, съчувствие, съжалениеНе съм сигурна кой ме дразнеше най-много: Джеймс, Мама, Мат, Денис или Ба [...]

    12. This is a quite interesting novel with a clear moral. It is basically telling in every page "Look what it can happen for those that have a high self esteem doubled by vanity and a big amount of stupidity". This is why I believe it is mostly a good reading for teenagers. I consider myself a teenager as well, although biologically this is not entirely true, so I enjoyed the novel as if I would have read it 10 years ago.

    13. Like Dicken's ,Cronin is a master story-teller. He drew the figure of Jams Brodie vividly, who is a man filled with greed , lust, & vanity. It is a dark story . It can be depressing to read due to Brodie's cruelty, especially to his family. .

    14. This is the kind of book that makes you say "Uff why in earth did he do that?". It is close to perfect. It is a thriler, a drama, a personality and parenting war.

    15. what an emotional journey. I was wrought out from the very beginning. now I'm going to hide out in my blanket fort for a day or two.

    16. I read it in spring and i still cant stop thinking about it. The writing is unbelievably detailed and beautiful,the story-breathtaking and keeps your attention with a million surprising plot twists.I felt so much reading this,anger,fear,sadness. Sure it's not the happiest and light-hearted of novels but definentley worth a read,because even if you don't like the story you can enjoy Cronins amaizing writing

    17. Terribile e disperato, grande capacità dell'autore di farti vedere la vicenda come se te ne trovassi nel bel mezzo assieme ai personaggi, vivi come persone. Stupendo.

    18. Greatly underrated. Being a long term Mr Cronin's fan ever since my younger years, I must say that this is his best book.His writing and his narrating skills were amazing.The best thing, though, was the characters development.First off, let me start with a talk about, the main character, the "Hatter" himself, Mr James Brodie.Selfish, abusive, self indulged man who ruined his family and his life. He was racist, believed to c0me from a rather uneducated family, and therefore he believed in power, [...]

    19. Libro che ho amato. L'ho trovato nella libreria di qualcuno della mia famiglia, forse mia nonna, e l'ho letto così, senza averne un'idea. Lo stile è molto diverso, perché l'epoca è lontana, ma è avvincente nella narrazione, coinvolgente nello stimolare indignazione, frustrazione, voglia di ribellione verso tanta ingiustizia.Accettate le lacrime e la rabbia come parte del tragitto che farete con questa storia. Sono certa che chiuderete l'ultima pagina con il senso di sazietà che deriva da u [...]

    20. This was the first grown up book I read in my early teens and I have been a Cronin Fan ever since. I have over the years re-read this and other Cronin books and for me he is a master of story telling. Hatters Castle is one of my best ever books!

    21. Много тъжна книга! Невероятна разрушителна сила,себелюбие и гордост,които не ти позволяват да обичаш дори собствените си деца

    22. O carte bine scrisa, dar greu digerabila din cauza cruzimii de care poate da dovada personajul principal in repetate randuri, pana la final.

    23. I wouldn't have read this book but my mum asked me to get hold of a copy of another of Cronin's books for her from ; a few days later I was waiting at a railway station in the waiting room when I looked in the swap and borrow library and came across Hatter's Castle. I didn't take it from there but bought the Kindle version instead. I was warned that the book is quite depressing, and I can understand how someone might find it so, given the story of a tyrannical father ruling his family home with [...]

    24. Прямо и не знаю, как бы написать об этой книге, чтобы не рассказывать слишком много о ее содержании. Даже описание характеров персонажей, как мне кажется, выдаст слишком многое, а хотелось бы, чтобы герои постепенно раскрывались тем, кто соберется прочитать.Скажу совсем-сов [...]

    25. A depressing, harrowing tale of a loathsome tyrant who destroys everything valuable in his life His family breaks into pieces under his crushing and unrelenting pride, suffocating gradually under his despotic power. Inhumanity is taken to extremes, to grotesque peaks of brutality, for the sole purpose of maintaining appearances and ascending on the social scale. The acrimonious, delusional character of Brodie will definitely impact the reader in a profound, albeit pitiful way. This will either m [...]

    26. O carte buna, complexa. Incep prin a marturisi ca am citit prima parte in clasa a 8a, iar partea a 2a si a 3a in clasa a 11a. De ce aceasta pauza? Prima parte dpmdv, avea (prea) multe descrieri. Dar, odata ce ai prins firul povestii partea 2 si 3 merg foarte repede la citire. Eu am simtit cartea ca o poveste despre schimbari capitale, despre pierderi ireversibile. Cred ca pentru mine a picat bine faptul ca am citit partile in perioade diferite ale vietii mele. Am inteles mult mai profund poveste [...]

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