Last Chance

Last Chance Finding the strength to face up to your past is much easier with the love of a good man Surly artist Jez can hardly believe his good fortune in ending up in domestic bliss with a warmhearted man like

  • Title: Last Chance
  • Author: Josephine Myles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Finding the strength to face up to your past is much easier with the love of a good man.Surly artist Jez can hardly believe his good fortune in ending up in domestic bliss with a warmhearted man like Steve, but one morning a letter arrives, stirring up old hurts Jez finds it hard to believe Steve will still want him when he reveals his sorry history Steve, however, is deFinding the strength to face up to your past is much easier with the love of a good man.Surly artist Jez can hardly believe his good fortune in ending up in domestic bliss with a warmhearted man like Steve, but one morning a letter arrives, stirring up old hurts Jez finds it hard to believe Steve will still want him when he reveals his sorry history Steve, however, is determined to prove that he loves Jez just the way he is and he ll even do it before he finishes knitting his first pair of socks This is the 2nd electronic edition of this title, originally published by Torquere Press The main updates are new cover art, typesetting and minor editorial corrections, so readers who own the first edition have no need to purchase it again.

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      English through and through, Josephine Myles is addicted to tea and busy cultivating a reputation for eccentricity She writes gay erotica and romance, but finds the erotica keeps cuddling up to the romance, and the romance keeps corrupting the erotica She blames her rebellious muse but he never listens to her anyway, no matter how much she threatens him with a big stick She s beginning to suspect he enjoys it Note to readers I don t read reviews of my stories on here any, as I think they re geared for other readers, not the writers plus I m chicken and would rather stick my fingers in my ears going la la la If you d like to let me know what you thought about any of my stories, please PM me or send me an email I d be very happy to hear from you

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    1. The last of the first impressions trilogy with Artist Jez and his now established partner of 6months, city worker Steve who knits gaudy socks and calls Jez his poppet. This was more serious in its story line, dealing with family illness and past hurts for Jez, which was both sad and poignant but never gloomy. It causes a bit of a strain on them for a short while but it also shows the strength of the relationship between these two endearing guys and leaves you feeling that whatever happens they w [...]

    2. 4.5 StarsThis story follows on the heels of First Impressions and Fuzzy. A month has passed and Steve’s leg is finally healed. Steve is happy exploring his knitting and yet another shipment of interesting yarn arrives, along with a letter from Jez’s mother whom he has not seen in ten years, since his father threw him out of the house when he discovered he was gay. Steve believes Jez should go and make peace, however he stubbornly refuses, making their domestic bliss not so blissful as his mo [...]

    3. This third book in the series is great in a very different way from the first two volumes. Where they were light-hearted, full of humor and introduced Jez and Steve, this one gave a lot of the background. It rounded out Jez as a person, and made him even more real. It also explained some of his anger and attitude to – everything.Dealing with his personal past, when he was kicked out by his father, isn’t easy. Doing it knowing that his father is about to die makes everything more intense. Jo [...]

    4. Last Chance Set after Steve's cast comes off, this story (which is about the same length as the first one) is much different in tone. Jez finds out that his estranged father is dying. All the feelings he has bottled up in the years since he was thrown out of home for being gay come to the fore. I cried. Steve is a gem and helps Jez get through it and the writing was just beautiful.The trilogy overall: In a very short time, this author made me care about these characters, so when I got to the thi [...]

    5. Wow this one packed an emotional punch.Jez and Steve are an official couple and help support each other through the rougher parts of life. I love how they love each other.I loved the closure and goodbyes- sometimes goodbyes are absolutely necessaryis was one of those. Well doneuly well done.

    6. A lot more serious than books #1 and #2. I enjoyed seeing Jez and Steve as a couple now, having been together for 6 months now. Definitely some angst as Jez deals with family issues. Great series!

    7. 4.5More Jez and Steve. This one is more somber but really lovely story about love and forgiveness. Wonderfully written with rich, detailed characters.

    8. 4.5 starsMy favorite of the series! This one has a bit of angst that gave depth to the story but still remained true to the series with the delicious smutty-times. It started with Sixty Five Hours but after reading this series I have a full on "socks kink". :)I've enjoyed everything I've read by this author and this one will definitely get me to read some of her longer works!

    9. Now out in the second edition, complete with sexy new cover art by Lou Harper! I'd love it if those of you who shelved it with the old cover art could update to this one, pretty please :)Oh yes, and First Impressions, the first in this series of shorts, will be free for the whole of October over on All Romance eBooks and Smashwords. Yay!

    10. Steve the knitting sock man is just adorable for me, and his love of Jez is so perfect. In this installment, Jez has to face news from his past, in the form of cancer in his father, and has to face how his father's hatred and cruelty had shaped his own actions. I love these two, and at the end of this I wanted to cheer for Jez.

    11. Really good and at points quite hard to read without getting choked up. It packs an emotional punch for something so short.

    12. Very good short m/m romance continuing the story of publishing assistant Steve and artist Jez that started in First Impressions. More crazy socks! And knitting! :)

    13. More serious then the first two stories in this serie. But it was good to see that Jez could count on Steve. I liked this serie and i enjoyed reading about Jez and Steve.

    14. Last Chance is the third book in the First Impressions series. The first book was the aptly titled First Impressions where Jez the artist meets loud sock loving Steve. The second entry in the series is a free story called Fuzzy. This is an adorable look at Steve getting into knitting his own socks. This third short story is a darker, more serious turn as Jez’s homophobic father is dying. Despite the darker tone and content, this delightful story is a real treat to read. It’s beautifully writ [...]

    15. What a touching book. While it was filled with angst it was also filled with love and so very touching. I highly recommend it though make sure to have tissues nearby. On a personal note this was tough on me. Between April 12th & Nov.20th of this year I've lost 4 family members, one of them being my beloved grandpa, and one of my best friends all to cancer and have another family member who is terminal. So needless to say I didn't get through it dry eyed and I cried even more when I read of M [...]

    16. The third Jez and Steve book, and I'd love to see a full length novel about them. I liked this short story the best of the three - probably because we got to see a bit more of their characters, especially how supportive Steve is and how he has enriched Jez's life. There's still plenty of humour and it is fairly light despite dealing with death and Jez's fraught relationship with his parents.

    17. Jez and Steve's story is like one of the sweetest shorts I've read in a while and I so loved this uber adorable couple. In this third installment, Jez received some bad news from his old home that revealed a painful past he's been trying to keep from Steve. Dunno why really but Steve's such a sweet guyd this one's making me wish that their story will continue ;)

    18. I really enjoy reading about Jez and Steve. Seems like they have been together a lot longer than they have. This one is a bit more serious than the others, but still has the same cuteness to it. Steve is such a sweetie, knitting his socks, and I love the way he takes care of Jez. Hope we get to see more of these guys.

    19. 3.5 starsWe see more of Jez's insecurities here and how they spill over into his relationship with Steve. There's nothing like a man who likes colorful underwear though and Steve is there to help him through a family crisis. It sure was nice visiting with these guys again as Myles delivers another sweetly written vignette.

    20. I really really like these two guys. This is a little bittersweet tale of Jez and Steve that addresses old family wounds for Jez. Steve is a rock for Jez and gives him the courage and support to be able to face his father and look at his past in a new way. Lovely.

    21. Just love this series of short stories. Cute, hot, and always a great read. And this one packs a bit of an emotional wallop as well, which was lovely, if unexpected. Could read about these two forever.

    22. Third in the First Impressions series. This entry is a little longer and more serious. Jez's Dad is dying and this brings up a lot of bad memories which causes some problems for our couple. Very nice HEA!

    23. Jez and Steve are such an adorable couple. It was good to catch up with them and learn how Steve's knitting was progressing.

    24. I was glad to be able to see more of Jez and Steve!In this short Jez was able to find some closure, with Steve's support, on issues with his family.

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