To Be Honest

To Be Honest Fifteen year old Lisi Reynolds likes to fib Just little ones What s wrong with that Everyone lies don t they With best friend Josh s traumatic love life a shopping addicted mother and Kai Swanning o

  • Title: To Be Honest
  • Author: P.J. Young
  • ISBN: 9781780258126
  • Page: 208
  • Format: ebook
  • Fifteen year old Lisi Reynolds likes to fib Just little ones What s wrong with that Everyone lies, don t they With best friend Josh s traumatic love life, a shopping addicted mother and Kai Swanning oblivious to her existence, how else is Lisi supposed to survive, if not with a little truth stretching But when a rare mammatus cloud over the Globe puts Lisi in her deleFifteen year old Lisi Reynolds likes to fib Just little ones What s wrong with that Everyone lies, don t they With best friend Josh s traumatic love life, a shopping addicted mother and Kai Swanning oblivious to her existence, how else is Lisi supposed to survive, if not with a little truth stretching But when a rare mammatus cloud over the Globe puts Lisi in her delectable English teacher Miss Mint s shoes, living the ultimate lie proves irresistible.There s just one catch Miss Mint wants her life back And she won t get it until Lisi starts telling the truth But with a cool house, hunky fianc and the chance to confront bully Alicia and win Kai s heart, why would Lisi give it all up, to be honest

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      I was born thirty four years ago in sleepy Portsmouth in the UK and learnt to read in 1982 when the best books around were Holiday at the Dew Drop Inn , Malory Towers and I Capture the Castle After getting over my initial awe of the concept of puns, sitting in the kitchen sink and the contents of boarding school tuck boxes in the 1940s, I started writing my own books, which usually focused on the adventures of dogs or people with umbrellas.At thirteen, I suffered a crisis of confidence my fringe was too thick, I wore white rimmed glasses, no one fancied me and the worst I had no idea whether I was a grunger or a raver.In the last twelve years, I have had a few career changes than is possibly healthy but they have always been deeply rooted in English Literature and language, with long forays into secondary school teaching, publishing and publicity.I want to write the best books ever for teenagers and young adults be they adventure, romance, chick lit or chocolate Lab focused I hope you enjoy and please say hello if you get the chance my link text

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    1. Why I Chose to Read To Be HonestTo Be Honest had just been brought to my attention when I received a challenge in one of my book groups on to read a book with 150 pages or less this week. I don’t exactly have many short books to choose from, and this seemed interesting, so I gave it a go. Relatable Characters & Realistic SettingTo Be Honest is set in Fairmere High School - also known as your stereotypical high school that can be found in all towns around the Western world. Although it is [...]

    2. To Be Honest by Polly Young follows fifteen year old Lisi Reynolds. Like most teenagers, life can never be perfect. Her best friend Josh has a tumultuous love life, her mother is a shop-a-holic and the love of her life, the uber hot and swoon-worthy Chad, doesn’t even know she exists so she takes matters into her own hands and begins to fib. Albeit small, they are still fibs. So, what’s wrong with that? Well, that all changes when a rare moment presents itself and she finds herself living in [...]

    3. Disclaimer: The copy of the ebook was given to me [by the author] free of charge in exchange for an honest review. The premise of To Be Honest was something totally new for me, that's why when I was given the chance to read and review it, I jumped right on it.To Be Honest is a light, fun, and easy read. The book's heroine Lisi Reynold is such an adorable character with an easy-going and sassy personality. Being in the position she was in is no ordinary thing and honestly, I don't know what I wou [...]

    4. This is just a great quick sweet read. The writing is rhythmic and the slang is very easy to roll through. Lisi is just adorable. Although she has her flaws and she's a little drama sometimes, she is witty and sassy and just all around fun!Miss Mint (Phoebe) is juste's pretty cool and it's interesting to see her world through Phoebe's eyes.Josh is just easy to love as area all of Lisi's friends. And the main love was named Kai in my version andwell, he was just Kai wasn't he??Just a fun light re [...]

    5. Disclaimer: The copy of this book (in ebook format) was given to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This book, is just so sweet. You can gain knowledge whilst reading this book that you can apply in your daily life. I love this, because it has a touch of "french words" that I love to learn. :)I didn't intend to read To Be Honest because I'm not familiar with it, to be honest. To be honest, I was bewildered because the copy of the book was given to me for free (imagine, I didn't [...]

    6. I was sent this book to review by the author and really liked the blurb for the book.The book follows the main character Lisi and the trials and tribulations she suffers as a teenager. She has an unhealthy obsession with her English teacher, Miss Mint, as she thinks that she is perfect and aspires to be exactly like her. After a freak weather event, Lisi find out exactly what it is like to be Miss Mint!I found the very beginning of the book a little slow, partly because I find it a little diffic [...]

    7. I liked To Be Honest a lot! For one, it was very realistic and believable. One would think that because this book involved switching of bodies and souls that the book would be kind of unbelievable. But I have to say that this book was the exact opposite. I loved the fact that there was actually a scientific explanation behind the switch – in this case, the Mammatus Clouds.Mammatus clouds - Pretty, huh!This book reminds me of Freaky Friday, probably because it is the only other book I've read t [...]

    8. I really enjoyed reading "To Be Honest" by P.J. Young. A story about a teenager named Lisi Reynolds who is fifteen years old. Her best friend Josh has a turbulent love life. Her mother loves to shop and is the enjoyment of her life. The overly hot and very attractive Chad has no idea that Lisi even exists. Lisi decides to start fibbing to get attention. On a field trip with her teacher Miss Mint and her classmates. When something strange happens that causes Miss Mint and Lisi to switch places. T [...]

    9. Disclaimer:I received a free copy from the author for a honest review.I really enjoyed it! I just finished and had to leave a review right away. I could relate to Lis in some ways and connected to the characters.The thought of being in a teacher's body is thrilling yet terrifying.It was a short and cute read. I enjoyed the romance between Lis and Kai towards the ending.The ending was perfect conclusion , although I'm reluctant to end the story, I want to read on and find out where Lis ends up.Bt [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book because it was about things that some people just don't think about, such as lying. I got into the plot straight away, and finished in two days! Brilliant book that uses great language that I could very easily relate to. Lots of sentences that used ands and no full stops to convey the frantic mind of Lisi across. Amazing!:)

    11. I LOVE this book! It tackles difficult subjects like lying and death but in a fun and easy way. It's plot keeps you entwined until the very last page. I couldn't stop reading! It can be confusing at times but I like that in a book. It makes you stop and think about what is happening. I do think some points could have been expanded more but over all I really really love this book!!

    12. This was an interesting teen story. Not the kind of book I usually read though. But still, it was fun and I kindly recommend it to all teen and young adult story lovers. Thanks to the author for sending it to me, it was a pleasure to read your work PJ! :)

    13. This is a fun book! I loved that it. Lisi is sweet and just adorable. I loved how it focused on friendship and family.Even the book started out a bit difficult to understand, as the story processed, I began to enjoy it more and more.

    14. I get the feeling that this review may be somewhat unwelcome here. After all, when it comes to consistency with plot, I'm very nitpick-y. However, when I read this book, I couldn't help but shout silently at my phone when reading sections of this book. But I'll get to that in a minute. I'll start from the beginning:To Be Honest follows the story of a 15-year old girl named Lisi. She's very annoying. This isn't actually a bad comment because I know many 15 year olds who are very annoying and beha [...]

    15. Brief summaryLisi wants to be just like her teacher Miss Mint. She loves everything about her. Then during a weird storm, Lisi and Miss Mint are suddenly in each other's bodies and they only have 12 days to figure out how to switch back.What I likedLisi's was an interesting character and I liked the idea behind this book. Can you imagine suddenly being in someone else's body? I like how mature Lisi became when she was in Miss Mint's body and how she realized that it's not easy to be an adult. Wh [...]

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