Spider Sense

Spider Sense On the road Sometimes the legged freaks are the good guys Haben Bello heads for Kansas to help his old friend Wes The human attorney deals with child custody in shifter human cases protecting shif

  • Title: Spider Sense
  • Author: Charlie Richards
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On the road Sometimes the 8 legged freaks are the good guys Haben Bello heads for Kansas to help his old friend, Wes The human attorney deals with child custody in shifter human cases, protecting shifter secrets Wes needs help uncovering the true motives behind a young boy s mother who suddenly wants custody after she d given up all rights to him twelve years before WOn the road Sometimes the 8 legged freaks are the good guys Haben Bello heads for Kansas to help his old friend, Wes The human attorney deals with child custody in shifter human cases, protecting shifter secrets Wes needs help uncovering the true motives behind a young boy s mother who suddenly wants custody after she d given up all rights to him twelve years before When Haben meets the boy s human foster father, Lou Reynolds, he realizes the man is his mate Lou is still coming to grips with the fact that shifters exist It s one thing for his son to be able to turn into a lion, but a spider Lou may be able to accept Haben the man, but can he learn how to accept Haben the tarantula And what about when Haben s job in town is done and he decides to move on Lou has a son and can t just up and leave to join Haben on his nomadic travels Can Lou trust Haben s insistence that he s willing to turn his life upside down, adopt a lion shifter cub, and settle down after nearly one hundred years of freedom

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      178 Charlie Richards
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      Charlie Richards Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Spider Sense book, this is one of the most wanted Charlie Richards author readers around the world.

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    1. Ok, I'm compelled to say something about this shifter story about a BIG AZZ FREAKIN' SPIDER???!!! I have a MAJOR spider phobia. I cannot even look at a PICTURE of a spider! But I thought I'd be ok reading this. Ok the WHOLE time they were smexing all I keep thinking was Haben is a BIG AZZ FREAKIN' SPIDER???!!! When Haben, the BIG AZZ FREAKIN' SPIDER???!!! was hurt and the other shifter brought him shifted as the BIG AZZ FREAKIN' SPIDER???!!! and put him on Lou's bed and told Lou that Haben the B [...]

    2. I love this series and this one certainly lives up to the high bar the rest of the books have set. My only issue with this one was the fact he was a blooming great spider, I hate spiders but the story was so good I could forgive the 8 legged bugger. I have to say the author was a bit mean with this one though because we got to learn about 3, yes 3 other mates and one of them was Konta's. I really hope she writes quickly because I really don't like to wait!!

    3. Not just lions and tigers, spiders tooDifferent as this has a family as well as an older and more settled shifter, plus that shifter is a spider. Lou is coming to grips with the fact that shifters are real. Though he has been told as much by his deceased lover, he didn't really believe it until his adopted sun turned into a lion in front of him. Now his son's birth mother is trying to come after him and Lou is trying to work out life with shifters and protecting his son. Into all of this comes H [...]

    4. Fine additionSo, I'll admit I took a break while reading this book to catch up on others that I'm reading, before finishing.It took some effort to regain my interest, but once I pushed past that lump, I found I was really invested. Both Lou & Haben were lovely, and their pairing felt nicely developed.As always, I do wish the book had been been edited more, and given some better structure. Everything felt rushed, but that's something I've come to expect, and ultimately, accept about this auth [...]

    5. Spider Sense by Charlie RichardsKontra’s Menagerie, Book 53 StarsReviewed for heartsonfirereviewsCharlie Richards has a knack for staying away from the run of the mill shifter’s that we always read about, bringing us interesting new shifters. There has been a warthog, a buffalo and, in her latest installment, a tarantula shifter.Haben has been searching his entire life for his mate, refusing to settle for anything or anyone less. When an old lover and good friend Wes calls him to help out on [...]

    6. 3.5 stars Interesting RevelationsI previously stopped reading the Kontra series years ago because of this story. I HATE S##DERS! HATE! HATE! HATE them! I kept hearing that even S##der Haters found Haben a sympathetic character. Well I didn't -- especially after all the descriptions of his features and activities will in animal form. The story of Haben, his Human mate, and his mate's adopted Lion shifter son was interesting. But more important was the news about Kontra's mate!! What happened?! Th [...]

    7. Oh, I completely enjoyed this latest installment in the series with several great moments. When I had Haden's internal dialogue when he was still hopeful about finding his mate after two centuries of looking along with Kontra and Payson's mini-disclosures about their mates. Then there was that mysterious thing between Terrence and the Black Lion near the end. I think my favorite moment was when Lou freaked when he saw Haden's tarantula which was part sad because it hurt Haden and part funny beca [...]

    8. The best achievement of this book? Having me read a story where the main character is a spider shifter! I hate, totally hate spiders, really, I cannot find anything pretty about them, and instead, when Haben shifts into a tarantula, the author manages to make him cute, in a way that, when Lou, rightfully got scared by his shifter appearance, I felt bad for Haben, and wanted to cuddle him.This story was really quick, or maybe, as I said, the author was good in having me caring for Haben that, whe [...]

    9. Ah, reliable Charlie Richards. She sometimes misses the mark but usually there’s little about her books that annoys me, so catching up with this series was a good decision. Got one more after this, too.I have to admit I enjoyed Lou’s slight pudge, especially paired with Haben, who is one of the super studs.Almost-insta-love is a given, so is brevity and a certain disregard for the niceties of continuity. I don’t know why I can forgive this in some books but it frustrates the hell out of me [...]

    10. Well, this is one of those series I keep coming back to, it's always a very similar story and (almost) always follows the same plot, but I still have to get them and read them.They are pretty good for giving my brain a rest from thinking and just sit back and go with it.I liked that the MC was a giant tarantula, because Ms Richard always manages to come up with 'different' shifters than the usual offering, can't wait for the hyena to meet his mate! But seriously, they bring up a few times that L [...]

    11. The story was excellent. I loved the characters, I loved the fact that the human love interest was not perfect physically. I really love Charlie Richard's writing. I was surprised at how abrupt the ending was. The kidnapping was resolved but the story ended immediately afterwards. A lot of the plotlines were left unresolved, including the actual custody case that brought Haben to town. Maybe the author is saving that info for the next novel but I felt that the buyer of this current story had a r [...]

    12. this was slightly better than the others, it seems like the author is making progress am still not liking the fact that they hit the sac so fast and that the human/mate accepts everything almost on the spot, is just too fast and feels like the relationship development is lacking, but even tho this one a bit like that I kind of enjoyed it a bit, more because of the spider, even though I would run the other way if I saw one like this in real life o(-o0)o

    13. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; Charlie Richards is a bad writer. Her understanding of commas is laughable, she often gets words confused ('bazaar' instead of 'bizarre', 'viral' instead of 'virile', etc.), her characters are simplistic, and her formula never deviates But damn if I don't enjoy finding out what happens to all these hunky, gay shifters.

    14. This fifth part is a bit better then the previous one. The main storyline is fucused on finding a mate and having lots of sex, everything else is secondary and isn't as well developed as it could be.

    15. Reviewed by:Maya Genre: M/M ParanormalRated: 3 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

    16. Just wasn't feeling this one as much as I have with her earlier books and other series. Felt too rushed and just didn't work for me.

    17. I don't think I can rate it. I mean, it was the only book i've read from the series so I have no idea about a lot of things going on in the background and i cannot compare Argh. Just. Um. 3 stars?

    18. I liked this one with Haben (a tarantula shifter) and Lou, but it felt a little rushed. I hope we get to find out who the cat was and what his connection is/will be to Terence.

    19. I love this sequel, even though, is not as good as the previews stories,I really enjoyed. What a wonderful cover also./book/show/15#

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