Survivor Tarah Carson has hidden the secret for years No one not her mother her friends at Bluford High or even her boyfriend Cooper Hodden knows what her uncle did to her years ago Tarah hoped to keep it t

  • Title: Survivor
  • Author: Paul Langan
  • ISBN: 9781591943044
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tarah Carson has hidden the secret for years No one not her mother, her friends at Bluford High, or even her boyfriend, Cooper Hodden knows what her uncle did to her years ago Tarah hoped to keep it that way But an upcoming reunion is forcing Tarah s past into the present And Uncle Rudy, the man who scarred her for life, is returning Haunted by memories, Tarah plans tTarah Carson has hidden the secret for years No one not her mother, her friends at Bluford High, or even her boyfriend, Cooper Hodden knows what her uncle did to her years ago Tarah hoped to keep it that way But an upcoming reunion is forcing Tarah s past into the present And Uncle Rudy, the man who scarred her for life, is returning Haunted by memories, Tarah plans to avoid him at all costs But when her decision threatens to cause even suffering in her family, she must face her past and biggest fear alone.

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    1. Paul Langan

      Born in Philadelphia, Paul Langan spent his early childhood in the city before moving with his single mother to southern New Jersey There he attended public school and worked a variety of jobs including salesperson at a shoe store, attendant at a horse ranch, landscaper at a mental hospital, and a night shift stockperson in a warehouse store near Atlantic City Each job, he says today, could be the topic of several juicy novels In 1991, he enrolled at Camden County College and a year later transferred to La Salle University, where he studied creative writing and literature, earning a B.A in English While at La Salle, he lived with international students, traveled to his roommate s home in Kenya, became a prison tutor, and found the courage to write After graduation, he worked for a nonprofit agency in Philadelphia and then joined Townsend Press TP as an Assistant Editor After he contributed to a number of TP textbooks and taught English at a community college, Paul reconnected to his interests in creative writing through the Bluford Series Originally working as an assistant with the Bluford novels, Paul s role steadily grew He now serves as both editor of the series and author or coauthor of several novels, including The Bully, The Gun, and The Fallen His stories reflect his personal experiences, including the difficulties of growing up without a father, being the new kid in school, and dealing with the loss of a loved one In 2001, Paul completed a Master s degree in Education from the University of Pennsylvania In addition to expanding the Bluford Series, he dreams of writing a successful movie script, preferably a supernatural thriller Today Paul lives with his wife and three children near Philadelphia and stubbornly clings to the hope that he will one day see the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl.

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    1. SPOILER ALERT!!!!I thought this was a good book and that she was there for Kayla because she didn't want her to be left alone with her uncle. I'm glad that she finally told her family and boyfriend about what her uncle did to her. Because it's a lot of kids that's gone through that and it's not only girls but its boys to that are getting raped by family or others. I think that kids should tell someone no matter what someone says even though I know a lot of children are scared to tell because the [...]

    2. “Survivor” by Paul Langan is a book about a girl named Tarah. Tarah has been living with a big secret that have been haunting her for 10 years. Nobody knows about her secret because she thinks that people would see her differently or as a victim. When she was a little girl, her uncle Rudy destroyed her heart, childhood, and life. She decided to live with it, until the day of her aunt’s birthday party where Rudy would be. An adolescent’s life is already very dramatic and busy but Tarah ha [...]

    3. this book was great because this girl was raped at the age of 6 by her uncle who was 15 she has lived bearing that weight but she has now told her mother grandmother and boyfriend. she now feels better like relieved i really liked it because it made me go on deep thought about how other people deal with troubles in their life that none knows but people judge them for acting diffrent.

    4. I think this was a good book. What i think she was saying is that she was scared to tell her mom because she was scared what she was going to think of her or like never talk to her again.

    5. The book Survivor by Paul Langan is about a girl named Tarah and she is scared to tell her family and boyfriend that she was raped by her cousin. I liked this book because I could visualize a lot of things she was doing. After reading this book I someone who loves reading about realistic stuff should read this.

    6. I have read the book called Survivor. It's about a girl named Tarah, who is the friend of Darcy, a character also from the Bluford High series. She is a person who is very thoughtful about things and cares for others. That’s what I have learned as I read this book. So it started off with a scene of her mom and aunt looking at old photos of their whole family. They were getting prepared from their great aunt’s 90th birthday, since she was the oldest living family member. As they searched thro [...]

    7. Survivor by Paul Langan. Langan packs a lot into this little book; it all works and the action keeps flowing. Chapter one finds Tarah stressing that her Uncle Rudy is coming to Aunt Deborah's 90th birthday party and family reunion. Tarah has never told anyone what happened with Uncle Rudy when she was 6 years old, and now she's having flashbacks. And she's kinda cranky and paranoid cause she's stressing. She's now lying to her boyfriend Cooper, her mom, her best friend - well, everyone. She accu [...]

    8. Survivor took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. My heart cried for Tarah, who was in conflict with herself and the secret she was keeping from everyone, because insecurity. This book touched me because, I myself have a little sister and couldn't imagine her in that situation.In Survivor, Tarah says,” What if he sees me differently after I tell him what happened?”.(line 9-10 pg. 85) In this quote she's referring to how she thinks her boyfriend might feel if she tells him how her uncle r [...]

    9. I thought this book was alright. Had a little hard time on what I should rate it weather it should be 3 or up. I got done with this book on July 26 or 27. I didn't like that it mentioned Rudy every time something would happen. I know the author wanted to get the point in your head that she was afraid but It got annoying. I liked the conversation that Tarah and Coop had at the beach. I like Tarah's mom, she seems like a very strong, brave women. I could relate to Tarah loving kids and possible be [...]

    10. Tarah Carson has a good life, good friends, a great family, a job she loves, and a dream boyfriend. She also has a secret she has kept hidden for ten years, but as a family reunion gets closer and she discovers she will once again have to face her Uncle Rudy, memories threaten to drown Tarah and destroy everything. Her last meeting with Uncle Rudy was at a family wedding. He was fifteen and she was only six. He took away her innocence and ruined her childhood, but it is a secret she kept all the [...]

    11. This book is about a girl named Tarah who has a secret; A deep dark secret that she and her uncle know about. A reunion is coming up for her family to meet up. She's scared because she knows her uncle will be there, which is the last thing she wantsI like this book, but I don't know if its enough to really draw me in as much as the author has done in the past. Overall, it was great story. It had a very great plot and summary behind it, a good way of making you visualize, etc. But the reason why [...]

    12. This is pretty heavy stuff for a teen book! I love how the authors of these Blueford books draw you into the protagonists' world and make you feel what they feel, even if it's something you can't relate to personally. Survivor is certainly no exception. I felt the same pain, the guilt, the shame that this girl carried with her since her childhood and I felt the incredible courage that she had to have to do what she did. Very few books have touched me to my core as these books have, I highly reco [...]

    13. I thought this book was excellent, and this book shows off what someone who been raped goes through and how they have to keep secrets. Because they are scared to tell someone but, in the end, I'm really glad that Tarah finally said her family and boyfriend what her uncle did to her after all those years. Like she was only six and he was fifteen, he knew better because he was older enough to understand that what he did was wrong in so many ways. And I was glad that Tarah looked out for Kayla beca [...]

    14. I thought this book was good because was based on a teen who experienced something that she had been hiding from everyone for years. I thought the author´s writing was great like the writing in his other books. Something I liked about this book was that it was detailed and interesting.I wish this book and all the bluford series books were longer. This reminds me of nothing I haven´t read or seen anything like this except for the bluford series I would recommend this and all the bluford series [...]

    15. Tayah got raped by her uncle years when she was just a little girl. He told her not to tell and obviously she didn't. During this book, she has flashbacks of parts of this event and the things leading up to it. She is scared for men to touch her, fearing they might hurt her like her uncle did. She has to meet up with her uncle at their family reunion and is scared her uncle might do a repeat. What will Tayah do? Will her boyfriend save her?I recommend this book to 7th and 8th graders.

    16. I have 2 sets of the Bluford High series in my classroom. All the students who have tried the books tell me they are amazing. (Okay, I think there were ONE or two students who said they were "okay." But NO ONE has disliked them.)I finally read a Bluford book for myself. They're an easy read, but deal with tough topics for teenagers that really engage them. I felt like the books get a little preachy in some places, maybe, but they're good.

    17. Survivor is the book that has hit me the hardest. I can't say much about why, but it has been the best book of the series thus far. The strength that the main character showed in facing up something that could destroy people the way she did, though she is only a character, I still admire her greatly.

    18. I didn't get to read the book yet because of this website im mad I don't know how to read the books on here I really wanted to read the book but I don't know how to but it is ok tho

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