Vertical The follow up novel to the blockbuster Sideways tracks the continuing story of Miles Raymond and his buddy Jack It s seven years later Miles has written a novel that has been made into a wildly succes

  • Title: Vertical
  • Author: Rex Pickett
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  • Page: 268
  • Format: Unbound
  • The follow up novel to the blockbuster Sideways tracks the continuing story of Miles Raymond and his buddy Jack It s seven years later Miles has written a novel that has been made into a wildly successful movie, and the movie has changed his life Jack, contrarily, is divorced, has a kid, and is on the skids Phyllis, Miles s mom, has suffered a stroke that s left her whThe follow up novel to the blockbuster Sideways tracks the continuing story of Miles Raymond and his buddy Jack It s seven years later Miles has written a novel that has been made into a wildly successful movie, and the movie has changed his life Jack, contrarily, is divorced, has a kid, and is on the skids Phyllis, Miles s mom, has suffered a stroke that s left her wheelchair bound and wasting away in assisted living She desperately wants to live with her sister in Wisconsin When Miles gets invited to be master of ceremonies at a Pinot Noir festival in Oregon, he hatches a harebrained road trip With Jack as his co pilot, he leases a handicapped equipped rampvan, hires a pot smoking Filipina caretaker and, with his mother s rascally Yorkie in tow, they take off for Wisconsin via Oregon s fabled Willamette Valley, where Miles is Master of ceremonies of the International Pinot Festival It is a road novel for the smart set and wine lover, and anything but predictable.

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      Rex Pickett Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Vertical book, this is one of the most wanted Rex Pickett author readers around the world.

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    1. So like many people, I saw Sideways the movie first and later found the novel. This is the sequel or update, if you will, on the adventures of Miles and Jack - 7 years after Sideways. There is somewhat of a role reversal at play, as Miles is now the successful (quasi-autobiographical) author and Jack's marriage is over and his career is a nosedive after a continuation of his drinking/adultery lifestyle that apparently didn't deviate from pre-marriage days. Miles is clearly more successful and pr [...]

    2. I am a huge fan of Pickett's first novel, Sideways, as many are and of course have also seen the movie. I am also someone who has vacationed in the Central Coast area and feel relatively familiar with it, as I do with Oregon where the mid part of this novel, Vertical takes place.I wanted to LOVE this book but I found the first 2/3rds to be an self-indulgent rant by Pickett capitalizing on his first book and I found myself disliking the Miles character rather than being able to relate to him as I [...]

    3. Loved the movie Sideways, and was really looking forward to this book. What a huge disappointment. It's been a long time since i read such a poorly written book. The dialogue and pacing was really clumsy and stilted. Most of the humour was of the junior high variety. And the authors penchant for using esoteric, arcane words is a silly device, that comes off as quite preposterous given the general amateurishness of his prose. Never imagined Pickett would be such a bad author.

    4. First, if you're looking for a Sideways clone, this isn't it, though it IS a logical sequel. While it is a book about wine-tasting and craziness that accompanies it (this is a thing, I guess), it's a different kind of buddy movie -- in some ways, much more complex and even dark.The premise is straightforward: Miles, the down-and-out author narrating Sideways, has become quite financially solvent from the success of the movie that Sideways (referenced frequently in Vertical, though by an alias). [...]

    5. At first, I was a little apprehensive about this book. It started out with a man, once crippled by anxiety and depression, thrust into celebrity because of a book that he wrote. He was now living the high life of wine at almost every waking hour with nigh meaningless sex in between. But then he realizes he must help his stroke addled mother leave her current resting home to go to her sister in Wisconsin. Thus begins the road trip that in central to this book. As the road trip wears on the charac [...]

    6. I was very excited to read this, but was incredibly disappointed. A few pages in the book it became clear why it had to be self-published. It is very badly written (could have REALLY used a good editor), and filled with the same repetitive tales - visiting a winery and talking up its wines (can you say massive product placement?) and then the author's crazy sexual conquests with the aid of viagra.I enjoyed reading about the wines and wineries, in spite of my gripe about product placement, but wo [...]

    7. I loved Sideways. I had no idea there were 2 follow-up novels. Vertical is the second in the trilogy. My favorite wino goons ride again, this time with Miles' disabled elderly mother, a nurse, and a dog in tow. Sounds like a blast, right? Well, at times it is; at other times, it is profoundly sad. There are things in this book that will make you laugh your a$$ off and other things that will make you really angry, but I believe that a good book stirs up a range of emotions. I am not into novels w [...]

    8. I love the author's command of the English language. This book makes you just want to put it down about half way through, and that would be a mistake. Loved the ending!

    9. The first 3/4s of this book is 3/4 stars it all comes together in the last 1/4. If you like Sideways a must read.

    10. You probably haven’t read Sideways. But you probably have seen the movie.The movie Sideways is amusing and genuine, a triumph of character study, male friendship, and shifting expectations. It stays faithful to the source material's main success - the two lead characters.Sideways the novel is a victory of idea if not execution. But this is sort of a tenet to Rex Pickett’s character conundrum in Vertical, which purports to reinvent or deconstruct or sneer at the film's success while paying tr [...]

    11. Where "Sideways" flirts with alcoholism, "Vertical" is an all-out portrayal of severe, life altering, life controlling addiction. And certainly the very wineries that made fortunes from "Sideways" must have had a collective "gulp" (pun intended) when their poetic product this time around is cast in the more real light of addiction.But this is merely the back-drop of a wonderfully written (if, at times, not well edited) story with (very) redefined characters and a heart-melting, beautiful conclus [...]

    12. I didn't even know there was a sequel to Sideways, until I saw it the other day on the ultra discounted list at . That's not a good sign, is it? I guess at least there's still a place to buy it. Did you know there's not a bookstore anywhere in Nashville, since Borders went out of business? This is not bullshit. I read it in Business Week.It's revealed in the salty epilogue to the Kindle version of Vertical that Rex Pickett only ever made $150,000 from Sideways, the film of which grossed $350 mil [...]

    13. I actually put off reading this one, for fear that it would not live up to my hopes in following up its predecessor, which was a real favorite. But, I really enjoyed this book, too. It wasn't as good as the first one, but that was always going to be tough, purely on the grounds of the originality and unpredictability of "Sideways". I'm glad the author wrote this sequel, and I'm glad I read it. It was good to catch up with these wonderful characters again, spend a little more time in their compan [...]

    14. I'm a huge fan of the movie Sideways, and this naturally led me to the book on which it was based of the same name, written by Rex Pickett. I picked up Vertical from the library after finding out he'd written a sequel, and as it turns out, it's just as much of an emotional roller coaster as its predecessor. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll come away from it with a sense of exhausted exhilaration as you follow the new exploits of Miles, who is now a published author, and Jack, who's divorced, [...]

    15. Read this in January on my trip to St. Paul. Vertical is a passable sequel to Sideways - which I admit to not reading. Like most, I saw the film and loved it. But Vertical can't really hold a candle to the original. While it's easy to enjoy the funny characters, they never really get shaken out of their poses and seriously talk. They are somehow less vibrant on Pickett's pages than on the screen under Payne's direction. The tendency to make Miles a walking thesaurus is kind of annoying (although [...]

    16. I loved Sideways, both the movie and the book and was incredibly eager to visit Miles and Jack again. This book was a fun read for about two-thirds of the way, but broke down, as so many sequels do in the end. Pickett introduces us to a new Pinot region, the Willamette valley and that section is, by far, the most entertaining set of chapters in the book. It felt like the book was written more as a screenplay, than a novel and I have found Pickett's writing to be no better than ordinary. It's int [...]

    17. The maxim "write what you know" is generally useful for writers of fiction, but if you end up writing only (or even mostly) what you know, you should probably just make the shift to nonfiction. Mr Pickett has an interesting story to tell -- how his life changed as a result of Sideways becoming a major hit. Instead of simply telling us this story in his own words, he instead uses the first person lens of his alter ego, Miles Raymond. The result is a bunch of art-imitating-life-imitating-art navel [...]

    18. This book was so disappointing. I love Sideways and was extremely excited when starting Vertical. The excitement quickly faded, killed by bad writing and a blatant lack of editing. Sigh. What happened, Rex? It depresses me to say that I couldn't even finish this bookI got well over halfway before deciding that I just didn't care what happened any more. I let my husband fill me in on the ending.

    19. UghI had to force myself to finish this. It seems like the author had a list of SAT words on his desk, then wove them into a narrative about wine, sex, more wine, more sex, frustrations with mom - you don't even want to know how it ends!

    20. Phew, this book was tedious, poorly edited (SUPER repetitive), and I can't believe I wasted so much time reading it! I did it mainly in deference to the highly entertaining prequel to this book, "Sideways", which was a masterpiece in comparison! Don't read this book! It's so not worth it!

    21. I read the first four chapters, and stoppedalized that if I continued, it would probably ruin the first book for me (which I liked), and ruin the movie for me (which I loved).

    22. Another very good piece of work by Mr. Pickett. I was howling with laughter more than once and staunching tears elsewhere: how many books can run you through those extremes so deftly? I would have given the book 5 stars except for the very loose editing. Way too many obscure fifty-cent words (some from Miles, to be expected, but others clearly from the author). The worst, of course, is when a word such as "saturnine" (a good word, we can all agree) is used twice within twenty-five pages or we co [...]

    23. I cracked Vertical, Rex Pickett’s self-published (!?) sequel to his wondrous gift to readers and film-goers, Sideways, last fall, but I just couldn’t muster the same enthusiasm for this book that I had for his first novel. So I set it aside and let it breath, like a good Pinot noir, while I read all 2,000 pages of Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium trilogy.” (I’m always years behind the curve.) I picked up Vertical again last month and started anew, hoping that in the interim my brain’s m [...]

    24. In this book we get to catch up with Miles and Jack. As with the first book, the language and sentence structure is very much to my liking. In this book we see Miles mature and deal with some very heavy subjects, but the book still manages to be funny.

    25. I, as many before me, saw Sideways the movie before heading back to discover Sideways the novel. I love both, and think the way the novel was adapted to screenplay was near perfect. Oscar, and hundreds of others bestowing accolades, seem to agree. I was therefore a bit hesitant to dive into the dreaded sequel, but also stoked to see what shenanigans two of my favourite characters were up to on this new road trip. (I'll leave the full plot summary up to the blurb, and the many other fine reviews [...]

    26. I was both excited and worried when I learned that Rex Pickett had written a sequel to "Sideways." I was excited because after I read "Sideways" back in early 2009, I wanted to read more Rex Pickett, and so it was pretty cool that his latest novel "Vertical" was a sequel. Of course I was nervous because it was a sequel and sequels tend to stand in the shadows of the earlier work, rather than stand on the shoulders of them."Vertical" takes place seven years after the events of "Sideways" and foll [...]

    27. I think of Vertical as a continuation of Sideways. Vertical is more of a mature novel. There is a lot of wine in this book and more than Pinot Noir. Vertical is a much more serious book; there is character growth. There are some scenes in this book that are so hysterical, i couldn't imagine they would materialize into a movie. Just like some of the funniest scenes in Sideways didn't make it into the movie. And i do hope this novel is made into a movie.If you're looking for a 7-year later, some o [...]

    28. What always touched me about Sideways was the way Rex Pickett wrote this character, Miles, whose flaws were real and common, but also presented elements of hope in his otherwise sad life. He kept writing books, even though all signs pointed to never being successful as a writer. And, in the end, when there was no reason to feel optimistic about his love life, Maya called him back. That glimpse of hope brought tears to my eyes. When I realized there was a sequel to Sideways, called "Vertical," im [...]

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