The Grimm Conclusion

The Grimm Conclusion Widely praised and beloved by children adults and critics alike Adam Gidwitz delivers a third serving of eerie new landscapes and fear inducing creatures in a story sure to delight and frighten fan

  • Title: The Grimm Conclusion
  • Author: Adam Gidwitz Hugh D'Andrade
  • ISBN: 9780525426158
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Widely praised and beloved by children, adults, and critics alike, Adam Gidwitz delivers a third serving of eerie new landscapes and fear inducing creatures in a story sure to delight and frighten fans old and new In the final book in the series, Adam s brilliantly irreverent narrator leads readers through a fresh world of Grimm inspired fairy tales, based on such classicWidely praised and beloved by children, adults, and critics alike, Adam Gidwitz delivers a third serving of eerie new landscapes and fear inducing creatures in a story sure to delight and frighten fans old and new In the final book in the series, Adam s brilliantly irreverent narrator leads readers through a fresh world of Grimm inspired fairy tales, based on such classics as The Juniper Tree, the real story of Cinderella, and Rumpelstiltskin.

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    1. While I really liked the other two books, I had some problems with this one. It started off okay. I don't know why we always have to have a girl/boy combo as the MCs, but we do. The parents are good and evil, the ravens are about and we have a puzzle for the main characters to figure out. Good, good. Where it went wrong for me was the jaunt out into the real world. Now, suddenly, we are ripped out of the story and into a pity party for people whose parents have divorced. On top of that, we now n [...]


    3. I am sad that this series is over, but it ends in such a satisfying way. I do think that this series is required reading for those who like fairy tales and especially clever retellings. Each volume ups the ante on the grim aspect of fairy tales. Each book seems less appropriate for a younger audience. I'm torn on that. Mr. Gidwitz is obviously a teacher, and he understands the young minds he writes for. I mean, he has to in order to teach them. I'm going to trust that he knows what they can hand [...]

    4. 5 Stars! This series was amazing! It is such a cite series to read. At times it was very interesting. There was some things that I did not see happen. I was very surprised and kind of happy to see it happen even though I was very surprised on many things. It is such a great series to read.

    5. Adam Gidwitz's debut trilogy is a special treat, a fresh take on an old genre and in many ways a reversal of what one expects. With a playfully sarcastic tone yet deep respect for the work of the Brothers Grimm, Adam Gidwitz introduces readers to fairy tales how they used to be, before well-meaning parents and publishers scrubbed them clean of dubious material to make them suitable for kids, not perceiving that the sanitized versions lacked the punch of the originals. In The Grimm Conclusion we [...]

    6. Want to read a book with TWO characters that go on ONE adventure and then get SEPARATED and then REUNITED?? Well if you do then The Grimm Conclusion is the book for you! The genre of this book is Fantasy. I really liked this book very much and it may be my 2nd favorite book of the series. My favorite book is In A Glass Grimmly. *Spoiler Alert*? In this book there is a couple and these people wanted a child really badly. So one day the woman was cutting an apple when she cut her finger and a drop [...]

    7. THIS IS THE BEST BOOK OF THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING! Also it isn't as bloody as the others so its really fun. I hope everyone reads this story, unless you don't like bloody books. I am not kidding this series is very bloody.

    8. I cannot adequately express how much I love this book. There was a moment where I kept thinking "Can you do that? Is that allowed? Waitwaitwait" while another part of me was going "Dude, man, dude, man, that's awesome."It's meta. It's funny. It's dark. It's does so much that I want to be able to do when I'm writing.And this: "Being the reader of a dark fairy tale is much like being the hero of one. Our lives are filled with pain, boredom, and fear. We want to venture into the dark wood, to see t [...]

    9. While I really enjoyed the first two books, like other readers I had an issue with this one. I thought the story of Jorinda and Joringel was a good one (though very gruesome - moreso than in the others). I liked the way the story went, until the narrator began to interact with the characters. The characters eventually meet Adam, at a school in Brooklyn, where he reads them the original two stories. This later helps Joringel to solve the puzzle to get into Hell and retrieve Jorinda. I understand [...]

    10. Adam Gidwitz, hands down, is the most hilarious author out there, with the most blunt style of writing I have ever seen. The way he interjects in the story-as a character- and warns the readers of all the morbid upcoming events, gives his opinion on how he feels stories should end, and aids you in pronouncing some of his characters' names, was astounding. I was very thankful when Gidwitz wrote how to pronounce "The Eidechse von Feuer, der Menschenfleischfressende."(I-DECK-SUH VON FOY-ER DARE MEN [...]

    11. This book was so sad yet so amazing! I cried, almost threw it across the room. And, of course I laughed. Really hard. In public. The character where not as witty as Adam's in the past, but they were just as strong.It is one of the best books I've ever read!My favorite quotes from this book:" The little boy would often say to his sister, "If you won't leave me, I won't leave you." To which the little girl would always reply " I will never, ever leave you." "" "OH MY GOD, I KILLED MY BROTHER!" the [...]

    12. this book is supposed to conclude the series, not repeat the previous books with different characters! This book was the most disappointing book in the series, even though at first I thought that this series was unique. And it is! just not the fact that the three books are a repetition of each other. here's the idea: A bloody and violent series. Oh and watch out for words in bold; that's Gidwitz's comments. it gets annoying after a while anyway, I don't recommend this book unless you read the re [...]

    13. Have you ever been so happy that you died . Well in this book you are gonna se alot of that. The genre of the book is fantasy because stuff that happen in the book dont usally happen in real life like going to hell and coming back to life. I personally love the last book it was the perfect way to end of the series . I dont think the author could have done a better job of explaing his books to me the first and lastbooks are my personal best. The setting in the begging of the book takes place by a [...]

    14. I don't love this one quite as much as the first two books, but it is still good. It references the previous books and events too much, in a way that became distracting and seemed like marketing to me. I didn't love that, but the rest of the story was pretty good. Pages: 344

    15. I love this series and this book was the icing on the cake. Very funny, very well done, and excellent fairy tale retelling with lots of sarcasm and humor. Each of these books has followed a sister/brother pair as they stumble through horrible and funny fairy tales. This book is no different and follows a sister/brother (Jorinda and Joringel) through fairy tales such as The Juniper Tree, Rumplestiltskin, and Cinderella. The siblings destroy a kingdom and seek to fix it through this crazy tale. Al [...]

    16. The Grimm Conclusion was a great wrap-up to the Grimm trilogy. Yes they are all stand alone books but they all tie in together at the end.What is this book about you ask? Well this is a quote from the last few pages."Being the reader of a dark fairy tale is much like being the hero of one. Our lives are filled with pain, boredom, and fear. We want to venture into the dark wood, to see the oddities and the beauties it holds, and to test ourselves against them. We test our courage and our understa [...]

    17. Last week (Oct. 12), my son, Philip, and I went to Powell's Books in Beaverton, Oregon to hear Adam Gidwitz promote his new book (this one) and to get his books signed. I am pleased to have gotten this book the week it was published. I bought all three of his books and Mr. Gidwitz signed and dedicated each copy to me. (JUST my copy! NOT the book itself!) This is a first (getting a book the week it was published).At the signing, Gidwitz told the story of "Ashputtle" or Cinderella. He was extremel [...]

    18. A new quote for our quote wall: "There is a power in children. There is a belief. A strength. A joy that makes just about anything possible."And one for my writer's notebook (and maybe our wall): "ey at last understood that their problems would never have been solved by trying to cover them up or choke them back or pretend they didn't exist. By repression. No, their problems could only be solved by expression. By telling their tales and by making up new ones, too."

    19. This one was filled with lessons. Beautiful ones. Also jokes. Hilarious, laugh out loud ones. Full review to follow.

    20. The third raven blinked at the little boy. "The metafictional dimensions of that statement are kind of blowing my mind."Me, too, Raven #3. Me, too.In the first two books, Adam Gidwitz's broke the fourth wall with his audience, but in this third installment, his characters start to hear him, too. And then they actually meet him, and he reads the first two books to them and it's all just a little too meta. Book 3 focuses on twins named Jorinda (pronounced Your-inda) and Joringle (pronounced Your-i [...]

    21. Book Review: The Grimm Conclusion The Author Adam Gidwitz is a known, for his Grimm trilogy, and the Grimm Conclusion is the best one yet. Gidwitz as always has some awesome gruesome parts, yet with a lot of comedy including in it. Adam Gidwitz takes his characters Jorinda, and Joringel, on a whole other new level, in this book compared to the other. The Grimm Conclusion by Adam Gidwitz is a book you would not want to pass up on, it is an excellent read. In the Book Gidwitz does an excellent job [...]

    22. For the last book I've decided to do a SPOILER FREE REVIEW so enjoy! The Grimm Conclusion stars two famous (yet unknown) storybook characters Jorinda and Joringel. Follow the twins as they discover mystical yet wonderful secrets that will have readers guessing what's nextOnce again Adam Gidwitz, here's all my stars! I've been reading this series sense January and now that I've finished it I feel a bit sad. These books were so fun and relatable plus to top it off, they were enjoyable. Jorinda and [...]

    23. This book is great. It had less blood than the first 2 books. In this book, you meet some characters again in the 3rd book but in the middle of the book, it got so confusing. I will recommend this book to anyone who likes the series.

    24. I waited for a while to read this one. Was somewhat apprehensive. When one becomes friendly and very fond of an author, one sometimes also becomes worried. What if… What if the book isn’t as good as you’d hoped? As good as you believe that particular author could have made it? What it…So, I didn’t read the galley. I did attend an overwhelmingly successful event at Book Court in Brooklyn with Adam entertaining a host of young readers and their parents. And then, finally, after I started [...]

    25. ***spoiler alert *** Would you read a book that's Grimm and awesome? I would! The genre is Fantasy Fiction. This book is really Grimm but really awesome to read and cant put it down. The book is about two twins and their horrible lives and adventures. The story takes place in Marchenwald its relevance to the story is that it is a place with powers (magic ivory monkey) and people are allowed to understand birds and coming back to life etc. The story is about Two twins and how they drift apart and [...]

    26. Utter disappointment. To end this clever, gruesome, and strangely hilarious series, Adam Gidwitz writes the least clever, least gruesome? (arguable, I know), and least hilarious of the series. You've probably heard it before in the other negative reviews, so I won't waste too much of your time. BEGINNING:- Love the characters- Love the stories- Excited to see where the story goesMIDDLE:- The book reaches a lul with the exception of one story- Characters somehow undevelop- Gidwitz somehow forgets [...]

    27. I absolutely loved the first book in this series, then wasn't nearly as wowed with the second one. This one--mostly--was right back up there with the first one. It had more twistedness and darkness and the narrator intrusion was more frequent and clever again like the first book--all the things I loved but that seemed less present in the second one. (The following is only slightly spoilerish.)Only one thing really bugged me, as it has with some other reviewers, and that was the jaunt into the re [...]

    28. I loved this series, but this one was not my favorite. First off, I think he took advantage of the fact it was the third book, his last two had been successful, and the narrations (which don't get me wrong I love). I mean this by the scene where he meets the characters. It was cool and all but it was kind of odd. I did like how at the end they told their own story. Now that was good use of those elements! I was kind of disappointed that there was no word like con-fusing or under-stand. Instead t [...]

    29. I love, love, love this series by Adam Gidwitz. There are some authors that I love because I'm an egomaniac and I think they write like me and have my sense of humor and therefore, they are brilliant.Adam Gidwitz is such an author. He has taken the Grimm fairy tales and retells them with all the gore and horror with a lot of sass and absurdity thrown in. I also have a soft spot for novels with snarky narrators."Is everyone okay out there?I will remind you that, just because this is a fairy tale, [...]

    30. Adam, the narrator of the book, talks about the original fairy tales that were written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, known to most as the Brothers Grimm. His fairy tales are sort of similar to the regular ones but are grim, bloody, and are mostly about children who run away from home and come back a couple of years later. This tale is about a brother and sister who liked living with their mother in a small home near a juniper tree, but then their life changes after their cruel stepfather and steps [...]

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