Hunt the Falcon

Hunt the Falcon SEAL Team Six and Thomas Crocker are back hunting their most elusive adversary yet The FalconAL Team Six operative Thomas Crocker is no stranger to missions of the highest national importance and the

  • Title: Hunt the Falcon
  • Author: Don Mann Ralph Pezzullo
  • ISBN: 9780316247115
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
  • SEAL Team Six and Thomas Crocker are back hunting their most elusive adversary yet The FalconAL Team Six operative Thomas Crocker is no stranger to missions of the highest national importance and the gravest danger But this time, the mission hits close to home The Iranian terrorist he and his squad are chasing is the same man who kidnapped his wife months before theSEAL Team Six and Thomas Crocker are back hunting their most elusive adversary yet The FalconAL Team Six operative Thomas Crocker is no stranger to missions of the highest national importance and the gravest danger But this time, the mission hits close to home The Iranian terrorist he and his squad are chasing is the same man who kidnapped his wife months before the Falcon, who has been stealing Libyan nuclear material and is laying plans for a devastating attack against America The hunt takes the team from Bangkok to Caracas in hot pursuit of the Falcon and his forces.Meanwhile, Corcker s estranged father a former firefighter and hell raiser who was kicked out of the Nacy as a young seaman reappears, forcing Crocker to acknowledge his life outside the shadows of SEAL operations Doing so isn t easy when duty calls over three hundred days of the year, and when it s this essential to take an enemy down.Hunt the Falcon ups the ante for Crocker and the rest of SEAL Team Six as never before The bullets fly, the action is relentless, and by the end Crocker and his crew will be put to the ultimate test surviving captivity under the most depraved of men and taking the fight to the Falcon s doorstep, deep in the heart of Iran.

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    1. The terrorist, The Falcon and his Iranian terrorist cell are back and there is a score to be settled; a score Tom Crocker and SEAL Team Six are more than willing and able to even out, no matter the cost. Have Tom’s covert missions finally taken its toll on Holly, who is still trying to come to terms with the nightmare she became part of under the twisted hands of the man they call the Falcon? As she slowly crumbles, Tom cannot reveal that he is doing all he can to save more innocent lives and [...]

    2. Tom Crocker is back and has some unfinished business from his last mission. The action is fast, action packed, and non-stop. With the members of his team, Tom does what he does best, hunt the bad guys. Tom’s wife, Holly, is having some issues of her own. While Tom understands, he realizes that Holly must work through the issues for herself. He plans to attack her problem on a different front by finding the man who caused her problems.“Seal Team Six: Hunt the Falcon” was a great read. I enj [...]

    3. The unfinished business from "Hunt the Scorpion" returns with a vengeance as terrorist activity is brought into bases in South America. It doesn't seem possible, but each new book in this series appears to be better than the last. The action is well-described, the characters are real people with faults as well as strengths, and the byplay between members of the team adds a welcome dimension of comedy to break the never-ending tension. No matter how extreme the action, the story is believable and [...]

    4. This is a fast paced thriller that is filled with action. Once more we follow Crocker's team as they follow the Falcon's trail and traverse from country to country. They meet with horrific obstacles and challenges along the way, but continue to push forward past all normal limits. While this is book three of the series, it can be read as a stand alone book.This novel kept me riveted and I have added this author to my my read authors' list. Thank you to Netgalley for providing an ARC.

    5. I thought this was a step up from the first book in the SEAL Team Six series. As before, a fast read, but I thought the author added a bit more complexity to the story line. We all know the SEALs are a very tough breed of warrior, but sometimes, Mann just seems to stretch the boundaries of human endurance and perseverance. For this one, just sit back and enjoy the action and the almost inhuman pace of the story. Just plain fun to read.

    6. I can't believe I finished this. Yikes. Very weak. I feel like this book is a video game as the main characters jet shot stabbed and critically wounded only to magic Love You! Regenerate and ready for battle in the next scene.

    7. SEAL Team Six book three, Hunt the Falcon by Dan Mann and Ralph Pezzullo pick up on the Hunt for the Iranian terrorist from the last book, Farhed Alizadeh code-named the Falcon. The book started off really well like the other three so far, then it got slow and I had to push myself to read more, it wasn't bad just slow on the action. But as I knew it would it picked up and finished with a satisfying ending, and yes like the girlie girl I am I cried at the end. You get a good look at the teams per [...]

    8. Title: Hunt the Falcon - SEAL Team Six Book 3Author: Don Mann & Ralph Pezzullo Published: 12-3-2013 Publisher: Mulholland Books/Little, Brown and Company Pages: 336 Genre: General Fiction - Adult Sub Genre: Military; Thriller; Terrorism; Spies & Politics ISBN: 13: 9780316247146 ASIN: B00CO7FKU2 Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalleyRating: 4.75 Stars I received a copy of "Hunt the Falcon" from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.Descri [...]

    9. John and Lenora Rhinehart have a son named Alex who is autistic with an exceptional high IQ. John, an economic counselor for the United States Embassy and Lenora an administrative assistant for the CIA are killed along with other officials in Rome Athens, Mumbai, and Cairo. The method used was a magnetic device attached to the rear bumper of their vehicles by terrorists riding motorcycles. Alex is told of his parents passing and decides to never again communicate verbally or interact with people [...]

    10. I knew what I was getting into but went anyway. All of these military-based “thrillers” have the same rough outline and it does get boring after a while. Are the authors all the same person? “Don Mann” is allegedly a real person and his blurb says he has been “associated” with the Navy Seals for over thirty years. OK. I guess guilt by association is the reason for the stilted writing, using as plot points numerous crashes, shootings, quick healing, miracle cures and magical restorati [...]

    11. Review from Closed the CoverThey're back! In the third installment of the Seal Team Six novels Tom Crocker and his SEAL Team Six are back and Don Mann really increased the action! (Did you miss my reviews of book #1 and book #2? Check them out now.) I complained about the predictability of the plot in the first two books and about the amount of filler that did nothing to advance the plot and I was really happy to see that these two issues are not as heavy in this book. While there is still a lot [...]

    12. SEAL Tea Six: Hunt the Falcon is part of a series written by Don Mann and Ralph Pezzullo. The main characters are Crocker and his team, Mancini, Richie, Akil, Cal, and Davis. They make up the elite Black Cell team. Told from the perspective of Crocker, we learn a lot about him. A psychological review during this story shows he has psychopathic tendencies, clearly seen in the narrative. Supporting characters include his wife, who has an important role in his choices during this story, and his dau [...]

    13. Seal Team Six:Hunt the Falcon ups the odds and dangers for seal team six and Croker's team.What does the kidnapping of Crocker"wife Holly, the death of an academic and nuclear weapons all have in common?The Falcon, an extreme terrorist that the team has had close encounters with before.For Crocker this is personal as he thinks of all Holly has ben through and is just now learning to deal with.He wants him bad and bad means he will drop his team into the heart of the enemy, Iran, even if there is [...]

    14. This is my thirty-ninth book I have received and read from . I really enjoyed reading books written about the military. The author Don Mann, has experience in the Seals, and has the ability to relate to the problems military spec ops personnel live, home and in the field. Seal Team Six operative Thomas Crocker has been on many life and death missions with the highest national security. In this book Thomas Crocker and his squad is put into a deadly mission with a Iranian terrorist that prior to t [...]

    15. Another good story from Mr. Mann, about Crocker and his team still on the hunt for the Falcon. Which started towards the end of the previous book. This book takes you from the Middle East to South America, Mexico, and back to the Middle East. You don’t have the team doing any mountain climbing or big marathon races like in the other books, which I liked. This time they are dealing with more of recovering from their injuries and working on their home lives. One team member’s wife had a baby s [...]

    16. I received this book from Net Galley for my opinion on this book. Another Action Packed book. This is the third book in Tom Crocker series and it's more action packed, high intense book to date. This book is like watching a Blockbuster Action Movie but it's written down instead of it being a movie. There is a little personal drama in the book but it only makes sense for there to be. The book from start to finish is action, action, action. I loved every minute of it. I still don't know how the Se [...]

    17. This third novel in the Seal Team Six series delivers on the action. Don Mann's military background lends itself well to the authenticity and believability of the novels. Once again, I found the detail included a little of a slow starter for me, but the story itself is well plotted, the twists and turns, some expected, some not, are woven seamlessly into the story and it flows well. The main Character and his relationships, both in and out of The Teams, are balanced well with the action/suspense [...]

    18. Received a e-copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Well book 3 in the Tom Crocker Seal Team 6 series continued. Tom and his band of brothers are all over the world trying to catch the Falcon.Not giving any plot lines away, suffice it to say, loved this book. We get to experience more of Tom's home life, his stuggle to get back into civie life after his intense missions.You feel his angst, his pain, his heartbreak, his struggle to be a good husband, dad and soldier.Can't wait until [...]

    19. This book is amazing to the point that I have read it too. I thought this was a great novel that helps to explain the logistics of the ways of being apart of the Navy Seal's Seal Team Six. In the beginning of the book it is somewhat slow but it does pick up after it thoroughly explains out the time and the setting of the book at this point. It all starts in training camp and hell week to qualify to become a navy seal. After your main character finally gets through the grueling pain to become a s [...]

    20. I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley. Hunt the Falcon is the third book in the Seal Team Six series and right off the bat Don has done a miraculous job constructing an emotional wrecking ball of a story. Its fly by the seat of your pants, mind numbing excitement mixed with realistic accuracy, and along with all the bat sh*t crazy thrill ride action there is a deeper undertone of emotion brought in that really connects the reader personally to the characters a [...]

    21. Hunt of the falcon(seal team six #3) by don Mannthis is a dynamic guns blazing adventure. The Falcon focuses on the desperate struggle against the 5000 islamic radical extreme terrorist group. Chief Warrant officer Tom Crocker is struggling with personal guilt and his loyalty to his Seal team six. He finds little time at home during the holidays after his faithful rescue of his wife from the clutches of the Falcon. The secret head of the radical islamic group from Iran. His adventures foiling bo [...]

    22. Book three is by far the best in the series so far. what was lacking in the first two books is brought out in this book. We get a chance to see more of the other men in the team (and not just Crocker) and learn a bit about their families. I still think it would be great to learn more but I have a feeling this will come about in subsequent books. We also get to see a bit of Crocker's home life and the effects of his job on his family. But, not to worry, this look is only a cursory one. Hunt the F [...]

    23. I found this book at books fair in 2016 accidentally. I bought it because it sound interesting about mission in Bangkok ,my hometown. I have never read any of Mr.Don Mann's books before and I've realized it narrated the unfinished mission from the other book. You can read this book if you have never read any of seal team six books in this series. This book is realistic, stimulating and thrilling. I found it humorous in some conversation parts of the lads and also absurd with the part that they w [...]

    24. i was introduce to this book by my teacher. I chose to read this book for her class . It sounded like a book i would like and i did like it.This is a great book in telling you what it is like to be a navy seal. There are different groups in the navy. One of the groups is the navy's elite and there called seal team six. The nariater of the book is in seal team six. So it gets really good and they go on lots of missions.I personal liked the book because it fight what i like to do in life.The peopl [...]

    25. Much like the previous 2 in the Thomas Crocker series. This is a very high action book. There is very little down time between impossible missions. There is a lot less of the real life tech of these kinds of missions, most of it is on the fly with little support or planning. That makes it all a little implausible, perhaps not impossible, but it seems to be simplified a lot. This is a very far ranging story, and a good read.

    26. Very poorly written. There are a lot of other thrillers that have great plots and are well written. Take this extract for example:" Back at the safe house, he briefed his men on the upcoming mission. Then the three of them went to a local Italian joint for dinner - fried calamari, pasta, frilled fish, salad, desert and bottled water."Including the rather ordinary menu does not add anything to the plot, atmosphere or anything.

    27. I received this book as a first reads win. I gave this to my husband who absolutely never reads. I am a high school English teacher always trying to get him to read. I was thrilled to fall asleep with the lights on while he stayed up for hours reading this book! Looking forward to giving him others by this author.

    28. Don Mann & Ralph Pezzullo do it again with "Hunt the Falcon" the third of the Seal Team Six series. With terrorism in the news every day what's not to like about a series which shows brave Americans killing and beating the shit out of the bad guys! These authors do a great job of telling a tale and the pride they have of our military shows with their words. Hoorah!

    29. Again, another good book in the series. At times it actually seems like you are there in the action when Team Six is on a mission, they are that intense. A few times did get a little lost in the military jargon when weapons were being talked about, but it's wasn't enough to make me stop reading. I look forward to reading the next one in the series.

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