A Place Called Bliss

A Place Called Bliss This unique look at Nietzsche s continuing influence invites evangelicals to listen to Nietzsche s critique of the church and perhaps learn from it

  • Title: A Place Called Bliss
  • Author: Ruth Glover
  • ISBN: 9781441239327
  • Page: 343
  • Format: ebook
  • This unique look at Nietzsche s continuing influence invites evangelicals to listen to Nietzsche s critique of the church and perhaps learn from it

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    1. Boring. Oh so boring. The only exciting part was the boat ride. Good descriptions of the landscape and area they traveled, but the characters were flat and we never really got to know them. The dialogue was awful. I thought Sophia and Hugh were cold to each other. The preaching part didn't bother me but it did go a little over the top at times. I won't look for anything else by this author.

    2. Unfortunately the recurrent need to preach repeatedly took over the story and ruined a tale initially enthralling. With the recurring theme that no one not with god was good enough, I barely got to the end!! There was good story in there, but the latter part was often lost in preaching and pressuring. 2.5 stars

    3. Fascinating story, great from the start.A sweet fascinating story with some interesting history thrown in. I loved the surprising twist that made me try to out guess the author.

    4. Sometimes a book is special because of the vocabulary and unique way in which an author puts thoughts to words. This book is that and more!1878 Sophia and Hugh marry in Scotland. With Angus and Mary, Hugh's friend and employee, they all decide to immigrate to Canada; Hugh and Sophia to a city, Angus and Mary to "the bush", to a small community east of Prince Albert called Bliss.On the ship both women give birth, but the unthinkable happens, and the lives of the two families are altered.I have re [...]

    5. This pioneer saga is rich in historical details and comes from multiple points of view over a span of twenty years. The story develops gradually and is rich in descriptive details as two families move from Scotland to the vastness of the Canadian frontier. The Galloways are wealthy and entitled, about to take their place among the bourgeoning society in the city of Toronto. The Morrisons are headed further west to take up a homestead on the prairies. The two families are connected through friend [...]

    6. A saga of a two families who leave Scotland to make their way in the growing territories of Canada. Sophia and Hugh Galloway, being of noble lines with deep pockets, settle in Toronto and build a mansion to rival what they left behind. Mary and Angus Morrison left Scotland for a better life, a chance to be successful away from the hierarchy of the old country. They settled in the western bush territory, where land was free if one was tough enough to prove it out. But through the years, the two f [...]

    7. A place Called Bliss era 1878 in Canada. This is a rich historical story over a 20 year spans. Two families are connected through two couples in Scotland. One couple was very wealthy, Hugh and Sophie Galloway and the other couple Angus and Mary Morrison was going further west into Canada to homestead land. The two couples were friends through Ms. Kizzie, she was Mary Morrison's mother and was Ms. Galloway servant. The two women were both expecting babies to be born on the ship. These two familie [...]

    8. Currently very annoyed by this book. Might give it another star someday, but not right now. I skimmed the last 60% of this ebook, because it was seriously dragging, and I can't stand a DNF. If it had been a paperback, I'd have skipped a number of pages, chapters even, altogether. The first 60 or 70% was a whole lot of history about life on the Canadian frontier, and really only a patchy, odd history at that. The story seemed to be added in just to give the history and Sunday school lessons a bit [...]

    9. The writing in this piece was more simplistic than what I've seen in many Christian historical romance novels, but it worked for me and I think I could enjoy more of Glover's work. I identified the switch immediately when it occurred, but still enjoyed the story, as the author unfolded the details over many decades. There was some lack of continuity in the chronology of the story, as the child returning to her home in Scotland at the age of 13 predates Kezie's visit to her family "after nearly 1 [...]

    10. It was rather intriguing to read a story from my "neck of the woods" since I moved to northern Saskatchewan several years ago. Prince Albert is a familiar place in my part of the world. On the other hand the story seemed rather predictable as if the author was reciting material that could be found in any Canadian history book. Sigh much description and not enough action was how I felt about it and quickly skimmed parts of it. Anyway, the story held enough interest to keep reading to the end of t [...]

    11. I enjoyed the way this book ended better than the way it started. I would like to continue the series. Set in the late 1800s it is about 2 families that leave Scotland for Canada. One is very wealthy and will set themselves up in a more civilized area while the other is going to try and make it out in the bush of Bliss with dreams of freedom. The book shifts from the various viewpoints of the various characters and has an interesting twist to it that connects the families forever.

    12. This was a wonderful Christian Historical Fiction. It is set in the 1800's and begins in Scotland. It ends in the Northwest Territory. I really liked it and will probably finish the series at some point. There are a total of six so don't expect a quick read. This could easily be a stand alone as well as there is a clear finish to this book. I give it four stars. I really liked it. No swearing, or sexual content, no violence. I can recommend for teens and up.

    13. hmmmI liked that this book was Christian based and was clean. However reading the synopsis I thought the main characters would have been Sophia and Mary. Didn't care for Sophia's obsession with Angus at the beginning, but it stopped once she was expecting. The love story didn't start until Margo goes to Bliss and then there wasn't much to it. I did like that Kezzie asked for forgiveness and found Christ and Mary forgave her.

    14. Like a lovely melody or moving poem, this book is beautifully written. An account of two women who leave Scotland and come to Canada with different goals in mind. Sophia is a socialite, well-bred and ready to make her mark in this new place. Mary is doomed to servitude in her homeland and longs to break free and make a new life in the bush. Both families move West at the same time and are unknowingly bound together by a tragic secret.I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

    15. Hugh & Sophia Galloway went to Toronto, Canada to start fresh since his older brother inherited the family estate & business. Angus & Mary Morrison left Scotland with the Galloways, ready to tackle the rigors of pioneer life in the Northwest territories. Mary's mother, Kezzie, had served "Mr. Hugh" since childhood and what happened on the boat from Scotland would be life-changing for both families. And when the truth came out, I was excited for them all.

    16. Good bookGreat read. Easy reading, good storylines intertwined throughout.I was disappointed by how the author abruptly ended Sophia's storyline. I was puzzled by that. It was as if she just wanted to hurry up with her character and get to the next part. Not a smooth transition.Other than that part, good book. I had to continue reading. :)

    17. A wonderful story that encourages you and moves quickly.This is a well written book that does not drag and keeps your interest and also moves your heart. It also teaches you about an area that most of us know nothing about and makes us think about how we would endure in a new world for us. It gave me hope for my future and faith that there is good in everything.

    18. Free on Kindle. Entertaining Christian read though I don't think it's quite as easy as it's stated. Be born again and forever after you will be humble enough to accept all that comes your way keeping your life eternally blissful. But good enough to not delete immediately. I enjoyed the contrast of the rich and the poor and the snippets about history thrown in along the way.

    19. Every time I put the book down, I hurried back to see what happened next.Every time I put the book down, I hurried back to see what happened next.I loved the characters, the story was interesting. the author brought the wild area of the Bush to life. I'm looking forward to reading the next books.

    20. It was okay. The different characters' point of view jumped around like it was the wife's story and then she just dies. I can see how it was all building the story but it still felt weird. The large amount of time passing did not feel like it flowed smoothly. I also disliked Dad not explaining anything but hoping that Grandma would still be around to help it all make sense.

    21. The central character in the beginning of the book does not remain the same character. A different person becomes the main focus of the book about half way through. It was a little different. I was disappointed that the setting of Canada was not described more. Also, the main character at the end of the book does not reflect the way she was raised.

    22. Really loved itOnly reason it's not a five is because I had a hard time getting involved emotionally with the character who I thought was the focus of the story but she really wasn't the main character at all. Great story!

    23. So-soIt took well past halfway through the book for me to get into it. It was rather slow, sterile, almost boring for me. I like the final third and think there's possibly better potential for future books in the series.

    24. 1:: After reading the first few pages, I wasn't sure I wanted to continue reading this book. Adultery of a newly married woman and a supposedly happily married man made me think the reviews I had read were about the wrong book!

    25. I liked it well enough as a stand alone. I do not feel compelled to continue the series. The characters are wonderful and there are some surprises to the plot. I did feel like some characters leave the story rather abruptly.

    26. The story itself was nice, though I wondered about some of the language that was used in it. I wondered if a person would have used some of the phrases the author did in the book in those years. Other than that, it was a really nice book.

    27. This is the first in a series of six, I believe. They are short stories within one novel. Very easy reads, but still very fun. Anything within the settlers period in history places a book in a great setting for me.

    28. BlissfulThis sweet Christian story was told beautifully through years of change and across two continents. It dealt with rich and poor people and different classes of society and a secret between them and how thru God it was finally revealed and forgiven.

    29. While I enjoyed the historical nature of the book, settlement in Canada, I found the plot to be overburdened with scriptural references. For the genre, it is one of the better written books, but I do not find the genre satisfying.

    30. I must say that I only ready about half way through this book. This is one of the worst books I ever tried to read. It was clean if that is your only standard of a good book. The problem is that it was boring. I just could not get into it. I did try because I read over half of this book.

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