The Arrow of Sherwood

The Arrow of Sherwood A Crusader returns from the Holy Land to his home in Nottinghamshire where he is known as a murderer His name is Robin of Locksley Following a youth spent with lowborn friends Robin is determine

  • Title: The Arrow of Sherwood
  • Author: LaurenJohnson
  • ISBN: 9781783030019
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1193 A Crusader returns from the Holy Land to his home in Nottinghamshire, where he is known as a murderer His name is Robin of Locksley Following a youth spent with lowborn friends Robin is determined to settle into the role his father wanted for him a lord dispensing justice to the county But a false rumour of his death in the East has stolen Robin s lands from him,1193 A Crusader returns from the Holy Land to his home in Nottinghamshire, where he is known as a murderer His name is Robin of Locksley Following a youth spent with lowborn friends Robin is determined to settle into the role his father wanted for him a lord dispensing justice to the county But a false rumour of his death in the East has stolen Robin s lands from him, and the country he left only four years before is now crippled by taxation and struggling to maintain the King s law It seems Robin must choose between his desire to regain his lost inheritance and his intention to help the commons.In this lucidly imagined and carefully researched recreation of the era of King Richard the Lionheart , England is torn between the land owning Norman lords and their English subjects, and it soon becomes clear that Robin can accomplish outside the law than within itIn this her first novel, Lauren Johnson s knowledge as a historian brings a vividness to the project, presenting us with an authentic depiction of the sights, sounds, conflicts and furies that defined this era A story of redemption, loss, romance and adventure, this novel will excite and enthral.Writing and telling stories has been Lauren s passion since she was a child Since graduating in History from Oxford University she has pursued her interest in storytelling as Research Manager for a historical interpretation company based at heritage sites including Hampton Court Palace, Dover Castle and the Tower of London There, she had plenty of practice at immersing visitors in a living historical world a skill she has now brought to the world of historical fiction.

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      Lauren Johnson grew up in Bristol and now lives in London She studied History at Oxford University, taking a Double First Her Masters in Medieval Historical Research explored the impact of the Wars of the Roses on noblewomen.Lauren s latest book explores daily life in the first year of Henry VIII s reign SO GREAT A PRINCE, ENGLAND AND THE ACCESSION OF HENRY VIII Head of Zeus Dan Jones has called it a gripping and important work from a very talented new writer Lauren s debut novel THE ARROW OF SHERWOOD Pen Sword Fiction draws on her research experience to root the myth of Robin Hood in the brutal, complex reality of the twelfth century Professor Nigel Saul described it as an original modern re working of the medieval tale, avoiding anachronisms while offering rich period detail Dr Annie Gray said The retelling of this most English myth feels entirely fresh and new Sharing her passion for history with tens of thousands of visitors, Lauren is Research Manager for a costumed interpretation company based at major heritage sites including the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace In this capacity she has interpreted everything from the Anglo Norman world to Charles Dickens s London with the courts of Henry VIII and Henry II looming large in between She has also spoken at academic conferences and given talks in libraries and museums nationwide.

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    1. Well plotted story set in the 12th century, beautifully written by a first rate historian.I really enjoyed reading this book. Even though Robin Hood is a mythical character, the entertaining, fast paced story is placed in an authentic historical setting, full of interesting detail. You learn a lot about medieval life and the detail about the social set up, the laws, the food, the towns and much more is fascinating. The author has an easy, engaging style which makes the reader keep reading to fin [...]

    2. This debut novel is pretty good. LJ is a historian and I think a good one. Very enjoyable version of the Robin Hood legend!My one criticism is the trial by ordeal. If it had happened as told Robin would have been permanently crippled. That is the physiological reality. Trials by ordeal were a Catch-22 (which, of course, had not yet been invented! :P) in that if you won, you lost and if you lost - you lost. I hardly think that any person, allegedly (in those days) at the least superstitiously bel [...]

    3. Transparency notice: I won my copy of this book in an author giveaway, but that didn't affect the nature of this review.Short review: I loved it. Longer review: One similarity that Johnson's Lord Locksley shares with the more traditional Robin Hood is that Robin is coming home from the Crusades to find Nottingham being slowly crushed by its rulers' greed. And Robin himself finds that he was thought dead and he no longer has the title to his own home, though his mother still lives in Locksley Hal [...]

    4. Though I found the book to be a bit of a slow-starter, I stayed with it and it picked up. The author's historical research shows on the page and many aspects of the period are authentic (and verifiable). Having read up a fair amount on the period, I might quibble over a few details in the author's historical notes, but for the most part this book is a very fair representation of late 12th century England in the reign of Richard the Lionheart.The author's take on Robin Hood is not wholly original [...]

    5. If you want a historically accurate Robin Hood novel, this is it. To some, the history included in this novel might seem like too much, or maybe it might seem to slow the story down. Personally, I found that the history was used to move the story forward, place the characters in completely believable situations, and give the novel a very real world to exist in. The fact that it's so historical makes these very familiar and mythical characters seem much more real. There are plenty of county court [...]

    6. I discovered Lauren Johnson while researching medieval history for a short story I was writing. She is an Oxford educated historian and has shared a number of wonderful gems from her research that are available online. I'm a fan of historical fiction, but I was curious that a debut author would choose the legend of Robin Hood. It seems, on the surface of it, to be very done. I won't try to explain her choices. She speaks quite eloquently for herself in this interview.I found her interpretation o [...]

    7. The Arrow of Sherwood was well-told re-imagining of the Robin Hood stories, but was free of the political correctness or silliness that blights a lot of modern dramatic adaptations. All the well-known characters were present, and some of the situations and scenarios are reminiscent of some movies (Will Scarlette as Robin's illegitimate half-brother Marian acting on her own to help the poor etc), but this was a novel that very much has stands out on its own.Some of the characterization was a brea [...]

    8. Woo-hoo! finally finished. I've been working on this one for months. not because it was bad though. I've just been a bit to busy with work to read everyday. :C sadface! It was really good, if a bit overly detailed. all the laws and long boring trails and riding around getting nobles and nuns to agree to things and descriptions of the culture was nice. . . . to an extent, but I do feel that it took a bit away from the plot. I can do without a lot of that so long as there's plenty of action and a [...]

    9. While I'm no expert on the period, I know enough to spot that this is the "historically authentic" take on Robin Hood and the period he lived in - the Merry Men aren't all that merry, do not dine exclusively on venison, and bear no resemblance to Legolas. All the people are people, not cardboard cut-out heroes or villains, to the point that I started off sympathising with Guy and the Sheriff rather than Robin. A good, solidly-written book, with no obvious plot holes or moments of convenient char [...]

    10. Just finished reading this book. The last few chapters made it 'unputdownable' until the book was finished.Overall I was moved, educated and entertained.I hope the author will write many more historical fiction books especially about medieval Sherwood.

    11. Nice reading! I would not consider this work within historical fiction but just fiction with a couple of well know historical big characters. Didn't like the personification of the Lionhearth though. This book is definitely worth reading and offers an interesting and different perspective of the well known Robin Hood!!!

    12. I loved this book! I really enjoyed the author's attention to historical detail, and I found it very entertaining and fast-paced. I heartily recommend it to anyone who likes the Robin Hood myth.

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