Karanlık Düzlük

Karanl k D zl k D nyay sarsan bilimkurgu dizisi Y r yen Kentler kitapla sonlan yor K yamete y r yen d nya son d neme te Yok olu ya da yeniden do u Theo d e kalka telsize do ru gitti ve sallanan mikrofonu yakalad H

  • Title: Karanlık Düzlük
  • Author: Philip Reeve
  • ISBN: 9786054603367
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • D nyay sarsan bilimkurgu dizisi Y r yen Kentler 4 kitapla sonlan yor K yamete y r yen d nya son d neme te Yok olu ya da yeniden do u Theo d e kalka telsize do ru gitti ve sallanan mikrofonu yakalad H l al p al mad n bilmiyordu, ama yine de mikrofona ba rd bitkinlik, korku ve kan kayb na yeni d ene kadar ba rd Kayarak g verteye d t s radaD nyay sarsan bilimkurgu dizisi Y r yen Kentler 4 kitapla sonlan yor K yamete y r yen d nya son d neme te Yok olu ya da yeniden do u Theo d e kalka telsize do ru gitti ve sallanan mikrofonu yakalad H l al p al mad n bilmiyordu, ama yine de mikrofona ba rd bitkinlik, korku ve kan kayb na yeni d ene kadar ba rd Kayarak g verteye d t s rada son duydu u ey, yard m n yolda oldu unu s yleyen seslerdi Hisardan ikiz dumanlar y kseliyordu Onlar n hemen st nde, yusuf uklar kadar mavi Zagwa Hava Kolordusu, alt n g ky z ne y kseliyordu Kalpler k r k, ittifaklar parampar a Karanl a ve sessizli e g m ld d n len topraklardaki hareket dikkat ekiyor Yak n tarihin tozlar , yeniden do u un k llerine mi d n yor Yeni bir ya am umuduyla omuz omuza verenler, d nyan n tek kurtulu unun insans zla mak oldu u d ncesi kar s nda nereye kadar direnebilir B y k ac lar ekmi bir d nyan n pamuk ipli ine ba l dengesi korunabilir, insanl k kara talihi yenebilir mi Modern a n Jules Verne i ngiliz yazar ve izer Philip Reeve in, t m kaynaklar ve insan t ketmeden ya anabilir bir d nya yaratma olas l n sorgulad , sa lam politik kavray ve insan do as n t m plakl yla sergileme becerisiyle okuruna karanl kla ayd nl yan yana sundu u d ll bilimkurgu dizisi 4 kitapla sonlan yor Y r yen Kentler dizisinin 4 kitab Karanl k D zl k, ihti amla kendi sonuna ya da ba lang c na y r yor Tan t m B lteninden

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    1. Philip Reeve

      Philip Reeve was born and raised in Brighton, where he worked in a bookshop for a number of years while also co writing, producing and directing a number of no budget theatre projects.Philip then began illustrating and has since provided cartoons for around forty children s books, including the best selling Horrible Histories, Murderous Maths and Dead Famous series.Railhead, published by Oxford University Press, will be published in the UK in October 2015Pugs of the Frozen North, written with Sarah McIntyre, is out now.

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    1. WARNING: This diatribe contains potential spoilers and rude language. It is also long. Proceed with caution.Dear Philip Reeve: I really enjoy the books in your Hungry City Chronicles. They are fine stories with creative and compelling plots, often amusing dialog and interesting characters. You are, however, starting to piss me off. I'm on page 61 of the fourth book and I come to the following passage:"Lady Naga made a horrible gurgling noise, like the last of the bathwater heading down the plugh [...]

    2. I love this series and in particular I love the end to this series. AlthoughNo, I'm not going to put in a major spoiler and ruin it for everyone even though it's tempting.But to be brief as I always am when writing reviews. After all what is a review for but to inform the reader that they want to read the book and to give a little detail about the book. But basically all any science fiction aficionado needs to know is that there are reanimated men as stalkers, there are orbiting death weapons, t [...]

    3. And so they lived happily ever after (What I wanted)What I got: And so the world moved on (Which was definitely crueler)It's one of the most under-appreciated books of recent years and given the fact that it's unique, unusual and witty, I suggest you go develop some taste and read it.The story comes full circle in A Darkling Plain and if there's one thing I've come to learn about Philip Reeve it's that he takes you off-guard. He concluded each of his four books so satisfyingly I was almost tempt [...]

    4. A Darkling Plain is the longest of the Hungry City books, by a fairly large margin. But there is, after all, a lot going on here. There's hardly any padding, so it earns it's 500+ pages honestly. Thinking about the book, I suspect that I wouldn't have liked it so much, or been so glued to it, if I hadn't already been deeply invested in these characters from previous books. Tom and Hester especially, who see their story draw to what is probably its unavoidable close. The ending is fantastic, emot [...]

    5. 5 starsSo I liked the first one, the second was OK but I really only read the third based on the fact the blurb seemed to take an nteresting turn. I loved it and then it all gets wrapped up by this one.I loved this one too.It had all the good bits from the others and then some.The world building was again excellent and we even had some more old and new tech to understand. But again even though it seemed complex it still burst off the pages.I think the characterizations were spot on in this one. [...]

    6. dear reader,I can't believe this story is coming to an end. I will miss it SO much!The final installment for The Hungry City Chronicles is finally here, and is a triumph. Who wouldn’t consider it a triumph after diligently reading through the previous books, enduring every twist and battle, to not have an appropriate ending for the characters and the story in general? It was a bit hard to get used to the idea that Tom and Hester weren’t together (or that their love had faded in the story), i [...]

    7. I don't know if A Darkling Plain was all that much longer than the previous three books in the Hungry City Chronicles, or if it just felt like it. The book is a direct sequel to Infernal Devices. In many ways this is where it all happens, where it all goes down. All the books leading up to this point, this big showdown between warring powers. More action, less set-up. And action is good, right? But here's the thing, I personally liked the less climatic but funnier books which set this one up. Th [...]

    8. Reeve provides a beautiful ending to this massive saga. Although classified as young adult, these books appeal as much to this old adult. Great writing, subtle humor, gripping and inventive story lines (Municipal Darwinism--how great is that?), and characters you can actually love or hate, but never feel ambivalent about . Hester Shaw is a difficult central figure, partly because of her absolute cold-bloodedness, partly because she excuses her bad deeds by blaming them on her lineage, and partly [...]

    9. Utterly fantastic! I don't even know what to say! I loved the ending, and the fact that Shrike (our oldest character) finally remembers Fern and Raun. I do wish he had made more referance to Fever and the first books. I also picked up on the fact that Phillip Reeve also seems to like wolves! He has either a referance, an actual wolf, a wolf-headed gun, a wolf God, or a character with the traits (or name) of a wolf!! Phew! Ok, characters now. Poor Fishcake! Living his childhood with so much betra [...]

    10. The final instalment of the Mortal Engines quartet is a triumph. While the first volume introduced us to the chief characters and the magnificent concepts of Traction Cities and Municipal Darwinism, the second was rather less urgent, content to deepen characterisations and to present new figures such as Nimrod Pennyroyal. The third volume was like the beginning of Act II, moving us on nearly two decades and giving us new protagonists such as Wren whilst also recapturing the excitement that disti [...]

    11. I have to admit, after the previous three books in the Hungry Cities Chronicles I was a little disappointed with this one. Part of the problem was that the book is just so long. And I am not one to shy away from long books, but 'A Darkling Plain' just dragged on and on, so much so that by the time I reached the last 100 pages I found myself skipping chapters that were slow and uninteresting, just to get to the good parts. I was eager to find out what would happen to Tom and Hester, but didn't un [...]

    12. I'm a little bit speechless. This was the best book of all four, absolutely no doubt about it, and I don't want to say but, because it's an absolutely amazing story and it's unbelievable hardly anyone knows about this seriesBut (Ack, I know!) I wonder if maybe the killing spree was not a bit unnecessary? I ask the same question of Rowling! I read for escapism, and I like happy endings, and whilst this does have a nice ending with a philosophy that everything can carry on, you can grow from the b [...]

    13. Ugh. That's pretty much it. I wanted so badly to love this series, and to be honest, I do appreciate the world Mr. Reeve creates. I appreciate his clean and experienced writing style as well. It’s his insistence on having all of the "good" characters constantly walking around as naive as they can possibly be that is killing me. It seems that with this series, it doesn't matter what kind of experiences the characters go through, they are either permanently naive and bumbling around depending on [...]

    14. The characters are incredibly fickle and inconsistent, which makes the story widely discrepant. While the plot is fast-paced and filled with a lot of action packed sequences, I did not really like some of the interlinking subplots (such as Wolf and his one dimensional need to steal another city's technology). It is also annoying how Wren flits from one boy to another when she is in one or the other's presence, and making a seemingly heroic act to save London only to have second thoughts right af [...]

    15. Within the Predator Cities quartet, Philip Reeve has created an imaginative world and a cast of memorable characters. Each book is an invitation to a different time and place, transporting the reader to a remarkable world full of perilous action and extraodrinary adventure. Spoilers Ahead: (view spoiler)[Most book series depict the evolution of a hero. Usually the hero gets by in the first or second book thanks to sheer dumb luck, and by the end of a series, the hero has matured, evolved, become [...]

    16. This conclusion to the Hungry Cities tales was awesome. I guess you can see I gave it five stars, so reiterating that is stupid but I just really liked this series, and the ending was so final I don't even want to read more about these characters. Yes, the ending was that satisfying!The head hopping was the only thing I found quirky throughout the whole series because you never get to wonder what the next person is thinking or planning. Its all laid out for you. The action, characters, and plot [...]

    17. The ending to this book was beautifully bittersweet, and it was a fantastic ending to a really good series of books that was handled and written well considering it was a such a dystopian theme. At times, perhaps more so in the previous books than this, but it felt as if the book was being a bit rushed: as if what was happening could have been more thoroughly explained, though this would possibly have taken the fast-paced nature away from this book, which is what makes them such good and fun rea [...]

    18. Well that was utterly brutal.This series has grown so much since the beginning, which feels a bit odd because I've been reading these books over the course of about a month and a half. But The Predator Series is really something spectacular. The writing might have one foot firmly in middle grade and the other foot in YA, but don't be fooled. This series is insanely dark. But it's also heartbreakingly lovely, too. The last few chapters of A Darkling Plain destroyed something inside of me well and [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this entire seriesry imaginative and extremely well-written. Thank you, Chris Tice, for turning me onto it!

    20. One of my favourite series, it just kept getting better with each book. I could have cried at the bittersweet ending.

    21. God damn, this is a great series.A Darkling Plain is the final installment in Philip Reeve’s beautiful, creative, swashbuckling adventure series Mortal Engines. For some reason there is a statistical spike in the fourth book of a series being huge. Wizard And Glass, Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire, and now A Darkling Plain, which clocks in at over 500 pages and is nearly twice the length of any of the previous books.Infernal Devices was the first book in the series to end on a cliffhanger, [...]

    22. I loved the first book in this series. Unfortunately for me, I felt like I forced myself through the second and third books as they just didn't have the same level of excitement or enjoyment as the first. I powered on though as I was invested enough to see where it all was leading too.I'm glad I did. This really was a great ending to the series. The fun, adventure, excitement and characters were back just like in the first book and I was invested from beginning to end.When reading 2 and 3, my bi [...]

    23. I don’t really no how to feel about this series. I think that it hits the Star Wars stride for me where the concept is so great that sometimes it drags me kicking and screaming through the content. At moments I was bored and losing interest but at the same time I had to forage forward.Sometimes this book was exhilarating and thrilling and at others it was (imo) somewhat meaningless drivel. The character decisions were also interesting at points and one of the main characters was the most alter [...]

    24. This is the only book I didn’t give the full 5 stars. This series captured me and the final book was full of pleasant surprises, especially the end. It was the first half of the book that left me with questions. I just didn’t buy the whole Hester turning into a cold blooded killer and abandoning her family. She was so great full that she found Love she never thought she would have, I can’t see her following the path she went on in this book. I also didn’t buy the reasoning that being val [...]

    25. So, I was saving my opinion until the very last book in the series. I got to say I'm impressed. When I read that Peter Jackson is bringing to life a new series I knew I had to read it asap. I was not disappointed. The world of the series is beyond impressive. It's going to be a huge challenge to recreate it in a movie. I cannot wait to see how they manage it. The story was gripping, intriguing, almost no dull moment. As for the characters, I had a bit of a problem with that. They were not very l [...]

    26. It began with Mortal Engines. It continued with Predator's Gold. It continued again with Infernal Devices. Now, after all the adventures, it shall end with a Darkling Plain.For one last time we are plunged into Philip Reeves epic creation, for what could be the very last time.Six months have past since the battle of Brighton, and much has changed: the Tractionits and the Green Storm have settled a peace treaty by the Green Storm's new leader General Naga; Theo has gone back to see his family in [...]

    27. I confess, my children forced me into this series, and I ended up really liking it. I'm not sure I would have read it without a 9 and 10 year old. But my eyes were tearing up by the ending--which was just as good as the first paragraph of the first book.A Darkling Plain was the most epic of the series, with literally the entire fate of the earth in the balance, as it fluently moved back and forth between the different sets of characters that had developed over the previous three books, keeping t [...]

    28. A mostly satisfying end to the series. Despite that fact that this is the longest book, there's much less plot this time. There's a lot of to-ing and fro-ing but it's basically a race against time to prevent war breaking out, and Reeve pads things out by constantly separating his protagonists (they find each other again across vast distances remarkably easily), and confusing matters with misunderstandings and mistaken identities. But the climax is good and the final chapter is beautiful, and the [...]

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