Ex Factor Nevaeh Evan s life is uprooted after her father s death when she moves in with her aunt and cousin Livvie Her plan to lay low at her new high school isn t working Her friend s jerky boyfriend keeps

  • Title: Ex-Factor
  • Author: Elisa Dane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 288
  • Format: ebook
  • Nevaeh Evan s life is uprooted after her father s death, when she moves in with her aunt and cousin, Livvie Her plan to lay low at her new high school isn t working Her friend s jerky boyfriend keeps asking her out, the guy she likes treats her like garbage, and the thought of tumbling again makes her want to hurl So when her aunt pushes her into joining the elite X FACNevaeh Evan s life is uprooted after her father s death, when she moves in with her aunt and cousin, Livvie Her plan to lay low at her new high school isn t working Her friend s jerky boyfriend keeps asking her out, the guy she likes treats her like garbage, and the thought of tumbling again makes her want to hurl So when her aunt pushes her into joining the elite X FACTOR cheer leading squad, Navaeh goes along with it But Nev feels she doesn t deserve to be happy Not after what happened the night her father died Bodie Scott knows about grief all too well Critically injured in an alcohol related accident the year before, Bodie struggles with the fact that he ll never play football again, and he s so far behind in credits he can t see straight That is, until he meets Nev Haunted by their bloody pasts and wary of a shared future, Nev and Bodie turn to one another for comfort and support, and realize they re not so alone after all And when the party scene at school threatens the life of a loved one, the two stop at nothing to keep the past from repeating itself.

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    1. Elisa Dane

      ELISA DANE is a self proclaimed book junkie A lover of handbags, chocolate, and reality television, she s a proud mother to three All Star cheerleaders Writing is her absolute passion, and it s her mission to create stories that will not only take you on a romantic journey that will warm your heart, but help you find a new respect and interest in the sport of All Star cheerleading Elisa is no stranger to the publishing world She writes steamy paranormal romance under her real name, Lisa Sanchez Her adult works include the Hanford Park series Eve Of Samhain, Pleasures Untold, and Faythe Reclaimed , Obsessed an erotic suspense , and a paranormal novella, Cursing Athena Elisa lives in Northern California with her husband, three daughters, and a feisty Chihuahua who stubbornly believes she s human You can connect with Elisa at the following places on the web Facebook Elisa Dane, and Lisa Sanchez Romance AuthorTwitter ElisaDane, and LisaSanchez3Website elisadane, and LisaSanchezRomanceAuthor

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    1. If you know me--even a little bit--you know I like confident men, "You're mine!", and sexy times galore in my reading. But I also know that there are great books where the characters only kiss once, and terrible books where the characters go at it all the time. Overall, you need a story and a balance. I first came across Elisa Dane Christmas 2013 when she did a video review of BULLY. Her excitement and passion for books made me giddy, and it was the first time I'd ever seen or heard someone crit [...]

    2. Truth and ConsequencesTeenager Nev is a former gymnast whose life has undergone startling transitions. She gets uprooted to live with her aunt and cousin in northern California when her father dies and her mother succumbs to a debilitating illness. Not only is she disoriented in this new place, but she's also overwhelmed by guilt. Just what secrets hide behind that guilt?Nev's cousin Livvie is on a competitive cheer team, X Factor, and Nev's tumbling expertise makes her a shoo-in for the team. A [...]

    3. I was lucky to get my hands on this early and devoured it. As someone from Ireland, cheer isn't something I'm very familiar with. There are probably a few teams somewhere but I haven't seen them. Yet, Elisa Dane managed to place me right in the center of a team and I didn't feel like a stranger. But this book isn't only about cheer teams. Nev carries a secret in her heart, something she thinks no one will ever be able to see past if they know. Mostly because she can't. When she starts a new scho [...]

    4. I’m a sucker for a multi-layered book, and this one did not disappoint. Between Nev learning to navigate a new school, dealing with the loss of a parent, finding the courage to join an elite cheer squad, and unraveling the mysterious and sexy Bodie, she’s got her hands full!Full of heartache, self-discovery, and passion, Ex Factor sucked me right in and kept me hooked through each twist and turn.

    5. When I saw the title for Ex-Factor I thought it would be about past relationships, but once I had read the synopsis I soon realised that this wasn't the case, and I was instantly intrigued. It didn't take long for me to pick up this book and make a start on it and once I began I was hooked.Nevaeh is new to school, she has recently moved in with her Aunt Trish and cousin Olivia after her Father was killed and her Grandmother was unable to look after her. She is nervous about this new start, not o [...]

    6. I'm a HUGE fan of All-Star Cheer (both my daughters cheered for many years), so when I was presented the opportunity to read Ex-Factor, how could I not? Ex-Factor has all of the elements that a YA should haveLove, lust, anger, grief and the most important partThe HOT, brooding Bad Boy =) Bodie and Nev are truly a beautiful couple. They've both endured some pretty crappy things in their not so long lives but their relationship is one that definitely pulled at my heartstrings on several occasions. [...]

    7. I read a lot of different genres, usually reserving ya romance novels for dessert after a heavy entree of mystery or coming-of-age. Thus, I thought this book was going to be my chocolate cake following a deep thriller from earlier in the week. WellI was wrong. For most of the book, it was typical ya contemporary: establish the status quo (Callie: queen bee, Eli: hot man-whore, Nev: new girl, Bodie: brooding bad boy), set the scene (new school), catch up on back story (Nev's mom is in institution [...]

    8. FULL REVIEW+ GIVEAWAY ON: athousandwordsamillionbooks.bl**I received a copy from the author via YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review** Okay, okay- where to start… Ex-Factor is the first contemporary (YA) romance novel I’ve read in a while that actually struck a chord within me- that will stay with me for at least a little while to come. I wasn’t expecting much, to be very honest- the lack of new good contemporaries in the book-y world are completely to blame- but Ex-Factor [...]

    9. I was provided a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review.I just finish reading this book, and have to say that I love it, I love the characters, this book made me mad, cried and laugh at some part, but I love every single second of it, I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.The story begging with Nevaeh (A.K.A.) Nev, after a tragedy happened Nev was living with her grandmother, into her grandmother couldn't take care of her, that's when she move in with he [...]

    10. When I started reading The Ex-Factor I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I don't normally read books about high school kids, but after the first couple of pages I was hooked. Nevah is this strong girl who has to overcome tragedy that no one wants to do loosing her father. She moves in with her cousin and aunt and her cousin is carefree and airy. When she comes face to face with the hottie who hates her upon first site she doesn't know what to think. However she is strong and with the push of her [...]

    11. Nevaeh has had to move in with her aunt and cousin when her father is killed. When she starts at her new school she also tries out for the cheer squad. Nevaeh has a secret that's eating away at her. Nevaeh meets Bodie who is also struggling with the past. Will these two be able to help one another move on??This is a really great read that is full of twists and turns. Ended up reading it in one sitting. Looking forward to reading book two.

    12. Ex-Factor by Elisa Dane is a FANTASTIC book. I'm an All-Star cheerleader, and I thought the cheer parts of the book were totally believable. Loved Nev and Bodie. Absolutely loved the characters and the plot line. Can't wait to see what else Elisa Dane has up her sleeve!!

    13. Such a good book!How to start this offI cried a lot through this book. It was quite the tear jerker. The subjects, and there was quite a few, were all really well written and researched about. I don't wAnt to say too much because I hate spoiling a book on someone but read this if you're a YA fanhopefully you will like it as much as I did!

    14. I enjoyed this book a lot, I read it on a beach vacation, and I definitely want to read the next one. Ex-Factor teaches an important lesson without lecturing. Show, don't tell, that's a big rule in writing, and Dane followed it! It shows the consequences of drinking and driving. Nobody was self-righteous and Mary-Sue, which was refreshing. So often in books like this, it becomes like an After School Special. It didn't delve into that, though. The sexual attitudes were very old-fashioned, but eve [...]

    15. Well this story really hit me in the emotions! When I first read the title I thought it would be about like a girls ex or something but then I started reading it and oh my! This story has so much depth in it, it will make you laugh and cry. It is such an amazing story and will open your eyes to what tragic things can happen to people also how it can bring people together. I love how Elisa has written Nev. Even though she is going through a really tough time and it's very heartbreaking! I love ho [...]

    16. I loved, loved, loved this book! I really enjoyed Neve and Bodie. They've both gone through so much in their lives but never once did either character have that whiney, poor me personality. I love a strong female character that stands up for she believes in. And Bodie, well he's just hot as all get-out. And he loves and supports Neve. ♡ Yes, it's a book about young romance, All Star Cheerleading, and friendship. But most importantly, Ex Factor revolves around a very important subjectdrinking a [...]

    17. Wow where do I start? This book was fantastic!! The writing was so amazing!! I caught myself really feeling what the characters were "feeling". When they smiled I smiled, when they cried I teared up, and when things got romanic I caught myself feeling all warm and gooey inside!! It takes a lot for me to feel so many emotions from one book, but this one made me have them all!! The main characters were so raw and different then any others that I've read about before. This book is the best read, bu [...]

    18. Firstly I'd like to say Elisa Dane sucks you in and makes you feel each emotion the characters feel. I'm from England and I don't know much about cheer, apart from American films but I now have an appreciation and knowledge for the sport. Nev and Brodie are deep and loving characters, even though they have had hard lives so young. I don't want to spoil this for anyone, all I can say is it's a must read!! Can't wait for the rest of the series to be released!!

    19. Epilepsy boosted these stars up! It is a subject very close to my heart since I've suffered with it for nearly 20 years!! So yeah, bonus stars there.It was a sweet read, very real life.Added teenage drama, brilliant!Read it!!

    20. Great read! Ex-Factor is a YA book that deals with real life issues in a real life way. Elisa Dane’s writing is real and touching! I cannot wait for the second book to come out!

    21. Nev is a former gymnast whose life has been completely uprooted. Her father is killed and her mother has an illness that requires her to be in a medical facility indefinately. She moves to go live with her Aunt Trish and cousin (Livvie) in northern California. She comes to a new town, and a new high school and if that's not enough she is overwhelmed with guilt. What's behind the guilt?? -- a big part of the story revolves around this issue. The relationship between Nev and her cousin Livvie was [...]

    22. Let me start by saying, these books were right up my alley. Before I read any of the stories, just from reading the synopsis for both books, I knew that I was going to absolutely love them. They have everything that I look for in good contemporary novels. Female characters that you can't help but love, hot guys (though sometimes there are SERIOUS problems with them), adorable romances, strong relationships, and deeper life struggles. Both of these books by Elisa Dane had all of these elements, a [...]

    23. I knew I would enjoy this one, but I didn’t know I would enjoy it that much. Honestly, this story is gripping. I had to force myself to put it down so I could do other stuff, and found myself wondering what will happen next when I wasn’t reading.I loved how it portrays cheer leading as a real athletic sport, and how it allows us to appreciate all it entails. I would’ve loved to have been a part of a cheer leading squad like the Diamond girls, but sadly cheer leading isn’t that popular wh [...]

    24. Ex-Factor This book, just WOW. Nev is a seriously messed up girl. She goes to live with her cousin Liv and her Aunt after her Dad dies. She is beyond broken and is trying hard to catch her breath and move on with life. Things don't start off well. Her first day at a new school, and Nev is snapped at by a ridiculously gorgeous guy who seems to hate her, she's hit on by the football star who has eyes for just about every girl and to top it off he is dating her new friend Erin. Nev feels way in ove [...]

    25. I received a review copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl. Ex-Factor is a novel I wanted to read for the emotional depth and impact I had a strong feeling it would have. This is a beautifully told story that will resonate with me long after the ending. I couldn't think of a better way to write about the topic of teenage drinking and driving - it wasn't preachy and didn't shove platitudes down my throat, and I appreciated that. I think the less preachy the writing, t [...]

    26. Beautiful, gritty and intense. I have to say this book turned out to be so much more than I even thought it would. This is a very tough story. Don't get me wrong it was a GREAT read! I absolutely loved the characters every single one! We get depth in our back stories as well as unique characters. The MC is Nev and she has been through alot of crap. She is at a new school and gets in the mix. She hasn't tumbled since tragedy struck her life but she is thrust back into it by her cousin Liv. She li [...]

    27. I was given a copy of Ex Factor in return for a honest review.WOW WOW just bloody WOWI have never read a book before that made my heart beat fast while the tears flowed !After the death of her father and her mothers onset Altzimers. Nevaeh moves in with her auntie and cousin Liv. While starting a new school, trying to deal with her fathers death and trying to cope with the fact that her mother dosnt know who she is, Nev was a pretty messed up girl. She truly believed that she dosnt deserve to be [...]

    28. Ex-Factor packs a punch, and I was not expecting it to grip me like it did. I'm guilty of thinking cheerleader means mindless entertainment. Ex-Factor had a lot of depth that surprised me and tugged at my heart. The formula for the story is very much a cookie cutter example for contemporary young adult right now, but I feel like Elisa Dane was able to carve out a unique story with remarkable characters.Sometimes I struggle with YA books because they're full of too much teenage angst. But I feel [...]

    29. Check out the original post @ Books & SwoonsWhen I saw this book the first thing I thought was, "Look at the pretty cover." After reading the synopsis, it sounded so interesting that I had to read it. This story was a very emotional story full of angst, love and heartache. Once I started reading I was hooked! All of the issues being dealt with in this story really surprised me. There is so much more to this story than what the synopsis leads you to believe.From chapter Nev's voice is really [...]

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