The Moment

The Moment She does the robot around your kitchen You love her

  • Title: The Moment
  • Author: T.C. Anderson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She does the robot around your kitchen You love her.

    • ✓ The Moment || è PDF Read by ☆ T.C. Anderson
      427 T.C. Anderson
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      T.C. Anderson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Moment book, this is one of the most wanted T.C. Anderson author readers around the world.

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    1. A one-line blurb. That doesn't really say much. Or mean much. So you trust other readers when they say 'Read it'. You start it like any other book. You sneak a few pages at a time at work, at lunch, during break time, on the commute. The strange prose throws you. Did she say that? Or did she think that? It's slow going. You flip back and forth, re-reading and double-checking. Who is 'You' now? Who is 'She' now? A fifth of the way in, you're confused and annoyed. You consider giving up. But somet [...]

    2. NOTE: There are some vague spoilers in this review. Nothing specific, and you'll encounter the main subject very early in the book, but if you prefer to go into the story with no foreknowledge of any kind, skip this review. The TLDR is: "5 stars, Read This." Everything below is just an explanation for that rating.____I don't know what I can write to describe this. It makes me sad that it's been published for two years and I only now realized it existed. It makes me sad that crimes like those whi [...]

    3. This was wonderful! I stayed up reading this till 5am in the morning. I just could not put this book down until I finished. I have not read a book that has affected me this much, in a long while. This book is tough to read. The abuse was brutal and absolutely breaks your heart. But this book is about so much more, about healing and love and I'm so glad I read it.As others have mentioned the writing style is very different, and takes a moment to get used to. But once you do, the writing becomes s [...]

    4. If we think at a story as a play of lights and shadows, we can have a light story composed by delicate colours, or we can have a story of violent contrasts between dark tones and light ones. The Moment belongs to the latter. The heaviness of the dark tones makes the light of love definitely stand out.The contrast makes the story powerful.Darkness here is really dark. We read about Abuse. Physical and psychological abuse. Violent, dangerous, all consuming. What the character of Jessie goes throug [...]

    5. Sometimes you find a book that is so powerful, so moving, that it literally steals your breath away. Profound, painful, beautiful, poignant all can easily describe The Moment by T.C. Anderson. This book is not an emotionally easy read. There are times when you can feel your heart being ripped out, but it is good, so very good. The book follows the lives of two teenaged girls living in Boston. Mia Durrett is rich, she is a genius and she is very lonely. While having the resources of a driver, a m [...]

    6. This was absolutely amazing. It's a dark, dark book but full of beauty and hope, too. I haven't read anything like it before.The teenage feet on the cover mimic so many other YA adult books filled with coming out, angsty or cute romance story lines. Do NOT go into this thinking it will be the same light read. It does have an f/f romance, a strong one at that, but this book is more about how Jessie affects everyone around her, with Mia as her anchor, and how they affect her in turn. The narrative [...]

    7. It's been a couple of days since I finished this novel yet words still escape me as to how I feel. Any review I write cannot do this book justice. A number of words have been running though my head the past few days - Compelling. Emotional. Awe inspiring. Overwhelming. Heartfelt. Powerful. Pure evilness. Kindness. Happiness. Unconditional love. The writing style takes a little getting used to but once you overcome the uniqueness of it, an empowering yet gut wrenching story awaits.

    8. Please forgive me for getting a bit tired and emotional during this review because that's exactly what I am. Tired because I found this book so unputdownable I stayed up until 4:30am on a school night. And emotional because, well, I think you'd have to be dead to not feel emotional after (and while) reading this book.I'm going to start in what may seem like a rather unusual place: why I read 'normal' lesbian romances: I love my little pieces of escapism. I need them. I find the real world so ful [...]

    9. You know when you finish a book so powerful that you sit in front of the screen trying to work out how you could possibility review this book with your emotions swirling around you. To find the words to describe your emotions and journey that you went through when reading is near impossible knowing you will never give the book justice. That's me now for this book. So I'll do my best.The writing was different from what I am used to reading and it took me till about 10% to truly feel comfortable w [...]

    10. Shockingly good. Had to have a happy ending and an almost fairytale element (rich, wonderful family saves poor girl), but this book needed to have this to even out the horrible factors. Wonderful writing.

    11. Note* I read this I think two years ago but have since deleted all of my reviews. This is a book where I cannot leave the field blank, however.Oh how I remember this story though. I remember two years ago when I finished this book I thought about what I would write in a review. What could I say? Would I critique the way the book was written? Would I put it on one of my shelves all of which seem silly now? No. I also realized I need to be aware of what goes on the world. I absolutely cannot insis [...]

    12. Beautiful and devastating all at once, it's so hard for me to form words to describe this book and give it the justice that it really does deserve!This is not for people who do not cope with reading about abuse, I'm surprised this is not on the book descriptionThe way this was written was absolute bloody brilliance, this story has so much feeling so much love so much cruelty, it's an emotional roller coaster.There's no amount of stars you could give this bookHats off the the author well done!

    13. I don't really have words.It was possibly the most heartbreaking book I've ever read. But full of hope at the same time.I really don't know what to say except that it was perfect.

    14. I'm trying to think of what to say about this horrendously amazing book and anything I add to what other positive reviewers wrote won't do it justice. I just know that I had to stop reading quite a few times,more than any other book I've read because of the content,the prose,the terror,and especially the love. Crying was the obvious reason for stopping. Also thinking about the situation Jessie was in and how real that type of life is for many kids. Now the writing style was very interesting and [...]

    15. The writing was beautiful, and most of the chracters were amazing but maybe i'm dead inside, because this book did nothing for me. I loved Jessie's relationship with Mia, but the rest of the story felt so, I don't know, overdone?

    16. I was glad this book popped up on my recommendations or I would have never had the pleasure of reading it. Be warned though, this book has several grammatical errors and I am not talking about the ones that I think were done on intentionally. The book synopsis does nothing to help tell what the book is about so I'll give a real quick rundown "The Moment" is story told from two different points of view, Mia (rich, genius, who is basically raising herself) and Jessica (abandoned, invisible, alone) [...]

    17. wow Just read thisI thought I'm not going to cry with this book. When I'm at 60% of this book I have alot of issues like I don't know if I like it or not. Their love for each other are kind of too fast for me the reaction of Mia's parents were quite unbelievable. But then as I go along to the book I understand now and I'm Crying Crying and Crying I didn't expect the final Blow ESPECIALLY the FINAL GOODBYE and I CRY againAnd while I'm writting this review and remember the Final GoodBYE Im crying [...]

    18. First thing is the trigger warning, this is a book that covers difficult topics, and does them in a full on, nothing is glossed over way. Fair warning. Also, for those who like to know such things, this was originally written online and has since been published. T.C. has a fascinating writing style, that I am sure is not for everyone. The grammar nazi in me should have been chomping at the way it's styled, but I liked it. It feels like this book couldn't have been written any other way. However [...]

    19. Well, I read this book in one sitting, as in I literally sat in one place for three hours and did not get up to get something to drink in that entire time because I didn't want to stop reading it. I think I'm going to put the rest of my review under a spoiler cut, because I really think the less you know about this story going into it, the more visceral your reaction will be to what unfolds. I deliberately tried to keep myself in the dark when it came to the story line before reading it, and I'm [...]

    20. Wow! What an amazingly heartwarming and heartbreaking story. I haven't been affected like this by a book in a long time. Once I'd started I couldn't put it down. I can't even put into words what this book made me feel, just that i did make me feel so much. I found it really hard to read at times because of the abuse an pain- not just Jessica's cos of what she went through but also Mia's cos she suffered so much beside her- yet I couldn't tear my eyes away from the pages. The style of writing is [...]

    21. 4.5 starsHonestly I think no words would justify how wonderful this book is. So why 4.5 stars? Because it was a painful ride and I do not handle feeling hurt and heavy very well (as in the case of Beauty of the Broken)When you first read a few lines and realize it was gonna be so freaking beautiful. So often does your breath catch, your heart ache and your eyes become teary. Then you actually cry when you hardly ever cry at all, because you are broken, because you are happy, and most of all beca [...]

    22. This is a strange book with jumbled up tenses that needs some getting use to, but it tells a captivating story of a rich fortunate girl falling in love with a poor sexually abused abandoned girl. Try it.

    23. Got a little lost in the jumbled sentences, but the underlying story is dark and riveting. Not your typical young adult, very grown up story between teenage characters.

    24. I have been meaning to read this book for a bit now. I hadn’t read the reviews because I wanted to form my own opinions about the book and the authors writing style. A part of me is kicking myself because there are some strong trigger warnings. The author doesn't shy away from emotional subject material. This is admirable, but be warned; there are some strong scenes throughout the book.That being said, the book itself was moving and believable. I think that some of the subject matter called fo [...]

    25. STRONG TRIGGER WARNINGS before you decide to read this book.Brutal. And I don't just mean what happens in the book. The story telling was unsparing, blunt, straightforward, plain-spoken and it perfectly works. It made it effective, powerful.I don't like reading in first person point of view but I especially loathe reading in second person point of view - which this book is written in. Despite my preferences I was able to finish and appreciate the author's talent and genius.This is not even my ty [...]

    26. Woah That's what you say when you finish reading this book. I won't say much but this is a powerful book. Some people are right, there are some parts that are hard to get through but i guess you can say its worth it. This is powerful book that deals with a serious issue that gets dealt with in a serious way. Not many books can do that, they brush over or lead you to think certain things happen. No, not this book. Everything is dealt with but in a "real" way. Sound weird? Well thats how I feel ab [...]

    27. Let me say first that this was by no means the book I had been expecting. It was so much more. By turns sweet and tender, offset with heart rending and awful. The author's incredible use of language, cases and an odd take on grammar told the reader more than any simple storytelling. One entire chapter told in an Aphasic style truly brought home the confusion and shock afflicting the character. Powerful and Poetic would be two of the least words to describe this work.

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