The Winter Siege

The Winter Siege The armies of King Charles I and Parliament clash in the streets and fields of England threatening to tear the country apart as winter closes in around the parliamentary stronghold of Nantwich

  • Title: The Winter Siege
  • Author: D.W. Bradbridge
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  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1643 The armies of King Charles I and Parliament clash in the streets and fields of England, threatening to tear the country apart, as winter closes in around the parliamentary stronghold of Nantwich The royalists have pillaged the town before, and now, they are returning But even with weeks to prepare before the Civil War is once at its gates, that doesn t mean th1643 The armies of King Charles I and Parliament clash in the streets and fields of England, threatening to tear the country apart, as winter closes in around the parliamentary stronghold of Nantwich The royalists have pillaged the town before, and now, they are returning But even with weeks to prepare before the Civil War is once at its gates, that doesn t mean the people of Nantwich are safe.While the garrison of soldiers commanded by Colonel George Booth stand guard, the town s residents wait, eyeing the outside world with unease, unaware that they face a deadly threat from within Townspeople are being murdered the red sashes of the royalists left on the bodies marking them as traitors to the parliamentary cause.When the first dead man is found, his skull caved in with a rock, fingers start being pointed, and old hatreds rise to the surface It falls to Constable Daniel Cheswis to contain the bloodshed, deputising his friend, Alexander Clowes, to help him in his investigations, carried out with the eyes of both armies on his back And they are not the only ones watching him.He is surrounded by enemies, and between preparing for the imminent battle, watching over his family, being reunited with his long lost sweetheart, and trying, somehow, to stay in business, he barely has time to solve a murder.With few clues and the constant distraction of war, can Cheswis protect the people of Nantwich And which among them need protecting Whether they are old friends or troubled family, in these treacherous times, everyone s a traitor, in war, law, or love.When the Winter Siege is through, who will be among the bodies

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      D.W. Bradbridge Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Winter Siege book, this is one of the most wanted D.W. Bradbridge author readers around the world.

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    1. Find this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.I have a love-hate relationship with historic fiction that focuses on the common man, but I seem to have lucked out D.W. Bradbridge's The Winter Siege. Meticulously detailed and wonderfully atmospheric, this convoluted murder mystery was simply impossible to put down.Initially skeptical, I approached this piece as I do must historical whodunits. Simply put, I hope for the best and pray the period detail won’t be lost in an overly ambitious w [...]

    2. The Winter Siege takes place in a particularly fascinating time in England's history; the political players are varied, the feuds in many cases longstanding and the religious matters complex and yet simple all at the same time. It really comes down to power when you shake it all out in the end doesn't it? For the purposes of the novel the facts of Charles I fighting Parliament (if you know your English history you know how THAT ends) are somewhat in the background to the drama going on in a smal [...]

    3. This is an excellent historical ficiton story mixed intertwined with a whodunnit.Despite the fact that there is murder and a siege potential readers should be aware that this is a slow paced story which is not negative. It is just the contrary. It would be implausible that the main character Daniel Cheswis who has an own business and took the position of a constable in order to fulfill his requirement. The clever whodunnit with a lot of twists and turns keeps one guessing until near the end of t [...]

    4. the people that was mentioned and that I missed the persons’ importance. The most interesting part of the book was seeing the life of ordinary people and how they survived during those hard times. Daniel was likeable character who took his responsibilities seriously and didn’t want to be seen as a hero. I would have liked to learn more about Daniel’s brother Simon, especially about his quest regarding some papers. It would have been interesting too see what happened there.At first I though [...]

    5. The Winter Siege by DW Bradbridge is a historical fiction novel that intertwines recorded historical fact with a deeply fictional plot for the sake of creative literary license. While authors are expected to take certain fictional liberties with the historical fiction genre how far they are able to go before they have crossed the line into an entirely new imagining of history is debatable. In The Winter Siege Bradbridge holds very close to historical accuracy maintaining historical events, detai [...]

    6. I am very much hoping that the author is busily working on a sequel as this was a most engaging read! A period I am very much interested in was brought to life by Bradbridge in this trip to Nantwich in 1643.Daniel Cheswis, Constable, and his contemporaries are remarkably vivid and engaging characters, as are the times they are struggling through.Read the rest February 10th on the Blog Tour myainbookblog/

    7. D.W. Bradbridge's debut novel, The Winter Siege, is set in the pro-Parliament town of Nantwich at the height of the English Civil War. When one of the townsfolk is found dead with a red sash, symbol of the royalist cause, draped around his body, constable Daniel Cheswis is called upon to investigate. But Daniel has barely started into his investigation when another murder involving a victim draped in a red sash is committed. With few clues to go on, and more murders taking place, Daniel must rac [...]

    8. 4.5 I'd say is more likelye more at hookofabook.wordpressThe Winter Siege, by D.W. Bradbridge, was a terrific winterized read for me living here in the polar vortex for the last week or two. It's so cold I could almost feel the pain of the villagers of Nantwich, who had to endure such freezing weather elements while also living in fear and turmoil that was all around them. The village, which was a hot pocket for the 17th century feud between King Charles I and Parliament, is ripe with tension. I [...]

    9. I enjoy historical mysteries but must say my favorites are often set during times of war - Sam Thomas' Bridget Hodgson (17th century), Janice Law's Francis Bacon (WWII), Philip Kerr's Bernie Gunther (WWII), to name a few. The ordinary horror of murder becomes increasingly meaningful amidst so much other death, and touches on the best and the worst of humanity.I was intrigued by this book after seeing nonstop raves for it following the first HFVBT for it. And since I adored J. Boyce Gleason's Anv [...]

    10. Find this and other reviews at A Bibliotaph's Reviews.The Winter Siege highlights a very interesting event time period in British History. Set in 1643, the events of this mystery-filled story center in on the month-long siege of the town of Nantwich in Chester County, England. David Cheswis has had the unfortunate luck to be the Constable of Nantwich, and the only one who can be found, when someone turns up dead in a ditch. But what happens when that person turns out to be a Royalist and also su [...]

    11. Like earlier stated I was given this book from the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion.This was the first book I've read that was set in the middle of the English revolution during the 1640s. My knowledge on this Civil War is limited. Only small bits and pieces of information here and there. This was book gave me a nice taste of the war. Chaotic time indeed. I really appreciate that the author did a different POV. Normally the POVs are in soldiers or dukes or someone of pretend o [...]

    12. One of the things that I love about doing these tours is discovering authors that I would probably never have picked up or maybe not even noticed before. This is one book that I am glad to have read. Historical fiction is my favorite genre, however this is a time period I am unfamiliar with. The author did a really good job of describing this town of Nantwich, which I had no problem visualizing, from the workings of the town officials, cheese making to salt production. Set during the English Civ [...]

    13. *Received from Historical Fiction Virtual Tours for an honest opinion.I loved this novel for many different reasons. 1) I did not know about this particular time in English history 2) the author was so engaging and kept the pace of the novel interesting. Constable Cheswis, I believe, was such a great character that he was a pivotal element in balancing intrigue with historical information. Although I love historical fiction I sometimes find that some works become too drawn out with historical fa [...]

    14. Brilliant book!I lived near Nantwich for 22 years, so I knew all the places,streets and Public house mentioned in this book.This novel is very similar to a C J Sansom (Matthew Shardlake series) novel. I believe the author is writing a sequel, I look forward to reading further adventures of Daniel Cheswis.

    15. This book is about the siege and subsequent battle of Nantwich during the civil war. Having lived in the town all my life, I found the very detailed description of it in the 17th to be fascinating.

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