You Can See Me

You Can See Me Renowned Chef Prescott Vaughan was at the height of his career when a car accident leaves him completely blind His fianc e leaves him in a state of desperation and depression Prescott pines for love a

  • Title: You Can See Me
  • Author: A.E. Via
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Renowned Chef Prescott Vaughan was at the height of his career when a car accident leaves him completely blind His fianc e leaves him in a state of desperation and depression Prescott pines for love and happens to find it in his neighbor male neighbor Dr Rickson Edwards Prescott never considered himself gay, but when Ric saves him, Prescott begins to view his rescuerRenowned Chef Prescott Vaughan was at the height of his career when a car accident leaves him completely blind His fianc e leaves him in a state of desperation and depression Prescott pines for love and happens to find it in his neighbor male neighbor Dr Rickson Edwards Prescott never considered himself gay, but when Ric saves him, Prescott begins to view his rescuer differently However, when Ric and Prescott have problems, Prescott seeks comfort from an escort but was unprepared for the sexy, southern, hotness that is Blair McKenzie Prescott now has to choose between his two men or does he Warning A sexy surgeon, a world renowned Chef, and a smokin, southern escort are as opposite as can be, but when they come together, grab a cold drink cause it s about to get extra hot

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    1. A.E. Via

      A.E Via is an author in the beautiful gay romance genre and also founder and owner of Via Star Wings Books Her writing embodies everything from hopelessly romantic to spicy to scandalous Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought provoking depths.When she s not clicking away at her laptop, she devotes herself to her family a husband and four children.Adrienne Via has tons of stories to tell, but she really would like to hear yours Via Star Wings Books is currently accepting submissions for established and aspiring LGBTQ authors I ve contracted and successfully published a couple authors whose information can be found on my website who can tell you that my passion is giving other writer s stories the love and care it deserves so it could be a gift to another Visit my site to learn Go to A.E Via s official website authoraevia for detailed information on how to contact her, follow her, or a sneak peak on upcoming work, free reads, VSWB submissions, and where she ll appear next.

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    1. This could be just my kinda book. M/m/m my favorite*squee* it's in my hands. I am totally excited! :)I LOVE ménage stories and when I say love I mean like the 'hunt them down and drag them in to my lair and devour them' kind of love and add to that this one is a nice long book that I could really sink my teeth into. Prescott is on top of the world, he's young, sexy and a hugely successful Chef and on the cusp of even greater success when one moment changes his life.After a time he adjusts to hi [...]

    2. A.E. Via has put erotic back into erotic romance with You Can See Me, because Holy fuck!this book is seriously HOT! I love ménage and the sexual tension which rolls off these three characters will leave you squirming in your seat and reaching for a fan, I actually considered the fact that the author must have spent most of her time having to cool off in cold showers writing this book! But it’s not all about the sex it’s also full of emotional turmoil, with plenty of angst that had my heart [...]

    3. I love love love ménages but this book was not was I expected. The characters were all adorable, but they didn't feel real to me, I just couldn’t connect with them. The endearments took some getting used to A man with the nickname ‘Strawberry’? Really? That was far too much icing on my cake.I’m sure though that many readers will enjoy the book maybe it was just the wrong story at the wrong time for me.

    4. This is very rambling, and very ranty, so read on with caution, and apologies in advance.This, just, gah! So many good reviews, and I feel so let down! I love a good menage story, and I love hurt comfort, but this story was just all over the place.Pres was at the top of his profession, when he lost his sight in a car accident. He wallowed for a while, but he finally got his shit together, and found his way back into a career, as a food critic, rather than as a chef. Only, once he's finally getti [...]

    5. I was going to write a proper review for this book, I swear. But then I started my moving process (across the country), and had other things on my plate. So, here is my abbreviated reviewThis book was ok, but just ok. The sex was hot, for sure (so read it for the porn). The dialog just got cheesier and cheesier and no one, and I mean no one, blinked an eye at the menage relationship. Not so say that menage relationships don't exist IRL, or can't work, because they do and they can, but I don't th [...]

    6. An unconvincing menage story with a little too much whine in it.In brief, the things that didn't work for me:1. Overload of endearments - way too much baby, beautiful, gorgeous, sunshine and other such endearments peppered throughout the book. Hardly a conversation goes by between any of the three main characters where an endearment isn't used.2. Prescott is whiny and wishy washy - He's really annoying. Nuff said.3. Insta-everything - It's practically love at first sight. Conflicts suddenly appe [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this hot menage. I thought the author dealt with Prescott's blindness very well. I cringed through the beginning when he was basically so starved for love and affection, he allowed himself to be used as a doormat. When his hot new neighbor Dr. Rickson Edwards comes into his life, he sees Pres for the man beyond the disability. Pres messed around a bit with a frat brother in college, but considers himself straight until his feelings for Ric begin to change. Ric becomes his ray of [...]

    8. Gdy budzisz się w nocy na siku i myślisz "super, że już nie śpię, mogę czytać dalej" to znak, że książka jest dobra.

    9. Im having a hard time to write this review. First I want to say the review looks negative but it is not!!It is really an intense read. The feelings are many and somewhat different from other books.Sometimes:It was sweetIt was heartbraking it was uncomfortable. It was embarrassing I was holding my breath to long It was painfulIt was annoyingIt was endearing. It was hotIt was funI missed some depth at the endThere was submission out of nowhereI had big questionsIn general it was really a good stor [...]

    10. I had such a good time with Broken Pieces and there were so many gushing reviews of this, I threw myself into it.It started ok. I was a bit surprised at Pres' attempts to woo his fiancee (sorry forget her name). They were somewhat crass. But then she dumped him, so yeh, maybe I didn't feel so sorry for her anymore.But the way he let the next woman treat him gave me more concerns. And the whole (second) dumping scene at the party was so horrible. Not one person stood up for the blind man, or help [...]

    11. How many terms of endearments/pet names can three men in their thirties repeatedly use through this story? To find out: (view spoiler)[1. baby2. babe3. handsome4. sweetheart5. honey6. gorgeous7. sexy man8. sexy boy9. beautiful 10.lover11.Sunshine12.Strawberry O.O13.Tex14.Bear15ut - I think was also used an endearment but don't quote me on that.There might have been others, I'll admit I couldn't keep up. (hide spoiler)]Torturous niggle aside, the way these guys went about almost everything and a [...]

    12. The first half of this book was 4+ stars for me.About 60% things got out there.The medical miracleuhhh, ya, that was were reality left the building. I was ranting and raving over it. The relationship would have worked just fine, without eliminating his disability. It's okaye rest of the book was still very entertaining. It just seemed like a whole other book.I did like it when Blair almost left. So many times you get the three way relationship, and they make it sound so easy. But it's easy for 1 [...]

    13. I loved the angst in this one and generally enjoyed the story right up until the part where they decided to try a ménage relationship. It just didn't make sense to me entirely. Although I absolutely loved Blair, I didn't buy into Ric and Blair. (view spoiler)[ The easy acceptance from family and friends was also a bit idealistic to me as well. (hide spoiler)] It was still a fun read overall though and I wouldn't hesitate giving it a try if you like ménage.

    14. This book could have been 5 star if it didn't feature some of the most horrific dialogue I've ever read. It's unrealistic and cavity inducing. It almost had me DNF'ing this book. It started so great and the story is actually very good and well written but I can't express how much I hated the over the top rainbows and unicorns in the dialogue between these three. First, the terms of endearment are cringe worthy. They actually made my skin crawl every time they're used and, trust me's A LOT! And t [...]

    15. WARNING: This is a 4 hankie story. Pres is a man on top of the world. A job he loves and is good at it. A woman he loves, and parents he adores. One fateful day that is taken away with his sight. He loses his job and his woman. Luckily, his parents won’t let him give up on himself and he learns how do use his skills in a brand new way.Ric is a doctor who has been persecuted for being gay, finds himself in a new city working in a new hospital and living on the same floor with a really hot guy. [...]

    16. How did I not notice before that this is the story of Leonidis Day's ex college crush?Prescott Vaughan was world renowed chef and also Day's best friend whom he was experimenting on during their college days (but still he didn't feel attraction towards men). He was dumped by his fiancee then again his girlfriend. He felt very lonely until he met the sexy surgeon Dr. Rickson Edwards. It was an insta lust and love so it made the whole GFY a bit more out of mind.They were so madly in love until bad [...]

    17. A Joyfully Jay review.2 starsI don’t even know where to start. This story, at its barest, is a decent story. Boy meets boy. Boy falls in love with boy. Boy pushes boy away. Boy meets another boy. First boy gets jealous. It’s not a bad base. But the execution is poor all around.First off, the characters’ lives, their hobbies, and their coincidences are over the top. It’s so extravagant it’s unbelievable and comes off cheesy. I wanted to like the guys. I mean, who doesn’t love a blind [...]

    18. This author is fast becomingone of my fave's, I blew through her first Book and literally flew through this one as well, after I stopped beating the shit out of my Kindle because of Vikki! I hate Stupid, Mean-Ass Bitches!!!Given a copy of this book for my honest opinion!!!!Don’t you love it when a straight boy goes dark? I do!!! Chef Prescott is favorable dish himself, so good of him to offer himself to the menu. Doctor Ric the gay neighbor next door knows just what to order. When a silly pran [...]

    19. I love reading a very good book. I didn't like it in the beginning with the way Pres's one GF treated him. She wasn't much of a lady.But i loved how he met Ric and how he first treated him. And when Pres was thrown from the club who came to his rescue but Ric.I didn't like how Pres played his trick on Ric, and I also didn't like how Ric got so pissed, and wouldn't talk to Pres for a while. I wasn't too keen on Pres Begging for Ric to talk to him and Ric ignored him. I literally was bawling cryin [...]

    20. I love Ménage but this 3some have a long way to go before I can say they are in a 3some relationship.They think everything can be fix with sex, and I ended up skipping the sex scenes.Not one of my favourites Ménage for sure.If you love erotic stories more that romance, then, this is for you.

    21. Chef de renommée mondiale, Prescott Vaughan était à l’apogée de sa carrière. Juste avant qu’il ne parte pour Paris pour travailler aux côtés de son idole, un terrible accident de voiture le laisse complètement aveugle.Sa fiancée l’abandonne, le faisant sombrer dans le désespoir et la dépression. Il désespère de trouver l'amour, des amis sincères même, et fini par les trouver sous la forme de son voisin très sexy, le Dr Rickson ‘Ric’ Edwards.Prescott n'est pas gay - du m [...]

    22. Received this book as an ARC for the author. I just want to say what a wonderful author AE Via truly is, both professionally and personally. I love her writing style and she is such a nice person to talk to! This review may have a little bit of spoilers, but i tried not to divulge too much! If you wish not to know to much, then i will give you a hurried review The book starts out angsty as hell and has the sweetest ending I think i have ever read!!!! <3 *swoooooon*I recommend this highly if y [...]

    23. A review by The Blogger Girls.This story begins with Prescott (Pres), a handsome and successful chef, engaged and seemingly having happy with life. That is, until things take a major turn when Pres is blinded in an automobile accident. After a period of depression and miserableness, he learns to live again as a blind man. With the help of his family, he finds that with his other senses heightened; he can overcome his disability to become even more successful in his profession than ever before. U [...]

    24. Original Blog Post: headouttheoven/20There was something different in this story I just read. You Can See Me is about two men who fell for each other but then had a falling out because of a misunderstanding. In comes a third man and the plot becomes vague and the readers are left to wonder. When the three reach an understanding, we have a menage. This should not have read as interesting and exciting as it did. This had a formula I had never read before. Well, this is the first I have read of an [...]

    25. I'll give this book 2.5 stars since the sex scenes are pretty hot. Prescott is something of a dirty talker and I appreciate that in a sex scene but that's about all that I think worked in this book. Insta-love, insta-miracle, insta-menage. Insta-love: Ric and Prescott know each other for about a week when it all goes to hell. There is some heartless actions on the part of too many people in this book but especially of the first love interest, Ric that put me off of him completely. Ric is such a [...]

    26. This was definitely one of the best menage books I've read. I'm usually not a huge fan but this one might have changed my mind. And the smexing was "go find your significant other in a hurry" HOT. Holy hell, it's still makin' me shiver. Some things in the book were solved a little easily and some seemed to be harder than they should have been but overall it was a great read. Loved every one of these guys but would have to say I have a super soft spot for Blair. So, so glad I read this one!!

    27. ‘You Can See Me’ is everything the blurb promises and then some. Pres is a fascinating main character who goes through a very tough time before it gets better, the supporting characters are interesting and run the gamut from supportive to utterly obnoxious, and there is more than one unexpected twist and turn as the story unfolds. Pres’s love life is a mess, and until he manages to make up his mind about what he wants and begins to be honest with himself, he is in real trouble. But even on [...]

    28. * I received a copy of this book free-of-charge from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.* The book begins with Prescott coming home to his plush condominium and sexy female fiancé to celebrate his getting to go to Paris to cook alongside his idol. A terrible accident ensues leaving him blind. In this section Pres isn’t dealing well with the changes in his life. He is fortunate enough to be able to afford a staff consisting of a housecleaning service, a driver, and a stylist. The mos [...]

    29. I’ve mentioned it before that I’m not a big fan ménage stories but I indulge every now and then because there are some good ones out there that are definitely worth reading. This one is one of them. A.E. Via’s a new author for me so I wasn’t really expecting much from this book. Little did I know though that this would leave me combusting midway to finish! It’s so hawt I’m afraid to tap my reader after finishing it! *wink* *wink*Prescott Vaughan has everything mapped out in his worl [...]

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