Arisa 12

Arisa DETHRONE THE KING The global elite has gathered for a Christmas summit and the King s final revenge on the world that rejected him is almost at hand All Tsubasa can do is grab the bomb and run but ho

  • Title: Arisa 12
  • Author: Natsumi Ando
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • DETHRONE THE KING The global elite has gathered for a Christmas summit, and the King s final revenge on the world that rejected him is almost at hand All Tsubasa can do is grab the bomb and run but how far will she get before time runs out And will Arisa and Tsubasa be able to forget the betrayals and go back to being loving sisters again THE THRILLING FINAL VOLUME

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      , And Natsumi is a Japanese manga artist She is best known for Zodiac P.I as well as Kitchen Princess, for which she won the Kodansha Manga Award for children s manga in 2006.Favorites Donald DuckFavourite manga Ossu Ichijin and Kimagure Orange RoadFavourites meats and fruitsHobbies shopping, reading and watching TV

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    1. The first few volumes of Arisa were really strong, and there have been some great twists and genuinely chilling moments along the way. Sadly, I felt a little let down by this, the last volume in the series. The ending felt strangely rushed and chaotic, and I felt like all the characters got off too easily. The ending was just too upbeat to feel satisfying. But the art was consistently gorgeous through the whole run, and I liked that the main character's arc didn't include romance. It's kind of r [...]

    2. i could not figure out what to rate this volumebecause on the one hand, hell yeah sisters, redemption over revenge, the side story was way cuteon the other hand umm ando? ando you wrote midori as homicidal, i understand going for a redemptive ending but there's nothing written to earn it? like are we supposed to be happy arisa still loves midori? he literally tried to kill her sister!what do you even do with thate side story was really cute tho3 stars

    3. Ick ick ick what a terrible ending! Midori ends up being a violent delusional psychopath who manipulates and kills people and Tsubasa is OKAY with Arisa still being in love with him? And waiting for him? Waiting for what, his jail time to be up?? Gross gross gross. Do not encourage young teen girls to stay madly in love with abusive violent men. Just. No.

    4. This is for the series overall. This is a very good over-the-top soap opera. That's essentially what it is. No one is who they seem to be; murder; mayhem; mob mentality. The series concerns a group of students that participate in King Time, where a chosen wish is granted: whether it's passing a test, or making a teacher dissapear. After the class president tries to commit suicide and slips into a coma, her twin sister takes her place to try and solve the mystery. The reactions and behavior of th [...]

    5. End of the series, and woah!! I don't know if characters are actually redeemable and Arisa still like Midori is kinda uncomfortable, but interesting story nonetheless. I do wonder what happened with relationship between Tsubasa and Tukero, if he ever confesses his feelings, but otherwise things feel pretty well concluded.

    6. Tsubasa thinks Midori planted a bomb among the thousand paper cranes (like that wouldn't be super noticeable), (view spoiler)[but he actually put one under her mom's chair. Arisa gets stabbed while protecting her mom, and Midori escapes. He goes to see Arisa in the hospital but gets captured by Tsubasa and some cops. In a surprise twist, Midori is stabbed by Osawa (remember him? the guy whose wish resulted in his crush being temporarily blinded). Arisa confesses to Midori that she still loves hi [...]

    7. I haven't written a review for any other volume in the Arisa series because they're quick reads and I've spent my day reading the whole thing from beginning to end! I'd probably give the series a 2.5. Arisa was one of the series that I absolutely loved when I was younger. It was one of the first stories that got me interested in mystery.Reading it now the concept doesn't seem as spectacular as it originally was, although thats most likely because I've known about it for a long time. It is a clev [...]

    8. ~3-3.5/5I took a very long break from this series, but I have finally finished it. I really, really enjoyed Ando’s Kitchen Princess series, and really wanted to like this one, but it was just… a bit overdone and dramatic.Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t dislike this series. I enjoyed most of the characters, and the art is really pretty. I would have enjoyed a bit more romance for Tsubasa, but overall I really appreciated the sister aspect. That’s something that I think was really well done [...]

    9. I had a tough time deciding whether to give this concluding volume 3 or 4 stars.  I finally settled on 4 because, although I had a lot of gripes while reading, the bonus material at the end made me laugh.  This allowed me to close the book with a positive feeling.  (The consistently pretty artwork helped, too.)  The gripes I mentioned ironically seem to fit with the story thus far; it’s more of the same things that have previously bugged me.  It’s good that the plot was fully wrapped up [...]

    10. Arisa is a multiple layered story with mystery elements, which are all coming together in these later volumes. This is the very end of the story - it would be beyond pointless to start here. Go back to the beginning and proceed in order.** Since we are so close to the end of the series and it is a mystery at heart I will keep all discussion in this review general and it will have NO SPOILERS for any volumes.**And so it ends. Tsubasa's quest to stop The King and discover the dark secrets behind h [...]

    11. The end of Arisa was a worthy ending for what I discovered to be an enjoyable thriller-mystery. I had fun predicting who "the King" would be from the very beginning (I picked right, by the way). I also thought it was refreshing to see Tsubasa's courage and convictions evolve a little throughout the story, especially in the last two volumes. The humor in this series also cracked me up at times, including Tsubasa's nickname as the "Demon Princess" and her fanatical zeal about recycling. The backst [...]

    12. *Spoilers*Oh, my, god, this was utterly, one of the most best endings I have ever read in a manga. Arisa and Tsubasa are finally reunited together. They risked their lives to help each other. They are the ideal sisters. The thing I find hard to believe was that Arisa still loved Midori, even after he just endeavored to kill her mother. Other than that, I loved it! I found the extra story completely cute. It's about friendship, and I love love loved~ it. The mini stories were hilarious. Mariko fi [...]

    13. Series Rating: 3.5Stars (first few volumes are 4 Stars)I read this series in one sitting, which is quite telling in itself. However I will say now that the story does lag a bit after a few volumes and loses something of the great set up it had at the beginning. That said, the author Natsumi Ando is good at ending chapters/volumes with cliff-hangers. So you get to the end of one book and immediately want to pick up the next one. (Case in point – me.)The art is excellent and was part of the reas [...]

    14. I dunno what they think about this series but I say: IT WAS AMAZING I like it. I like it. I like this types of book and it never did disappoint me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDWhen I started reading it, I already suspected that (view spoiler)[ Midori is the KING! I never did waver and never did shift my suspicion over Kudo. ALMOST I'm so proud. <3 I was like instinct is kicking and it's directing to Midori.(hide spoiler)]The author/s/--AMAZING, this unveiled the bullying and suicides of teenagers lost [...]

    15. Soere were some things I really liked about the end of this series, like the idea of forgiveness and that revenge isn't the answer, and the strong relationship between sisters Tsubasa and Arisa, and the fact that there's really no romance for the main character (refreshing!). But at the same time, I wanted more closure somehow. Or something. I think it felt like the series dragged on a few volumes too long, and so it all seemed a bit less satisfying to me than it could have been. Still, I like h [...]

    16. Just when things were going to be better in chap 43 Arisa told Midori her real wish. That she wanted to be with him. She said she loves him only that Midori got stabbed by someone and i was like "what the? He was just- I dont- what just happened?!" LolI'm sad that this thrilling rollercoaster is over. Haha! But i'm glad that Midori didnt die. Kudou will have surgery. Shizuka is doing well as well. :) but gaah! I wanted to know if Tsubasa and Manabe liked each other. I ship them. ♡ but meh, wha [...]

    17. In the end, I was touched. I'm happy for Ou-sama because he finally realized that there's someone who loves him enough to believe in him fully. At first, I thought that this person would be the downfall of Arisa but as what Tsubasa is to Arisa, Arisa is too to this person. Everything in this volume went by smoothly. Almost. The pages flew by one after the other however, that asspull in chapter 43 was way too horrible! The mangaka was totally grasping at straws and it's sad the she had to pull a [...]

    18. I started reading Arisa a few years ago while I was still in highschool, but unfortunately for me translated versions were scarce at that time. I suddenly remembered it a few days ago and I found that it had been completed and everything was translated so I went back and finished it. It's an interesting story about a pair of twin sisters - one of whom is in a coma and the other is impersonating to find out why she's in a coma. It's a wonderful mystery manga and I loved it. I do wish I had gotten [...]

    19. A strong ending for a suspenseful series. Everything gets wrapped up, and there are no loose ends once it's finished. It's short, but I think it was better to wrap things up quickly than to drag it out.My only complaint is Arisa and Midori's relationship (view spoiler)[Despite him trying to kill various family members a few times and I'm pretty sure trying to kill her at least once, she still loves him and wants to be with him. (hide spoiler)] That just irritates me. The dude's homicidal!

    20. Arisa collapsed in on itself. It pushed the mystery and the tension and the limits so hard that it all fell apart in the end, which ending was, needless to say, rather anticlimactic. It was still a fun ride, and as long as you don't take it very seriously (as in not at all), it's an okay read. And, with this volume, it's over. Yay.

    21. Awal yang menegangkan yang berakgir dengan happy ending buat semua karakternya. Cuman romance nya sedikit kaku terlalu banyak ketegangan disetiap chapter. Overall, manga shoujo lumayan bagus tanpa cerita percintaan yang umum di manga model shoujo.

    22. This series was just all right, by the end. I didn't really connect with Tsubasa's devotion to her sister, and thought it was a little cheesy and tacked on, but I did enjoy how this series strays from the shoujo norm. It was nice.

    23. I can finally say I finished this manga and of course, loved it The story plot really sucks you in the manga and you just want to learn more. It's very unique and unexpected! Finally, a shoujo manga that's decent!

    24. The series was amazing!! but i feel as though the end lacked something!! but it IS a book that i would recommend to others!

    25. This interesting little series turned out to be not at all what I was expecting. Dark, emotionally complex characters. No real love interest. Real life struggles. Very interesting for a girl's manga.

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