Morte em Palco

Morte em Palco Todos os atores adoram um bom drama e os membros da Causton Amateur Dramatic Society n o fogem regra Rom nticas cenas de amor momentos de ci me e desespero reconcilia es oper ticas egos em f ria as

  • Title: Morte em Palco
  • Author: Caroline Graham
  • ISBN: 9789892325606
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
  • Todos os atores adoram um bom drama e os membros da Causton Amateur Dramatic Society n o fogem regra Rom nticas cenas de amor, momentos de ci me e desespero, reconcilia es oper ticas, egos em f ria as emo es est o ao rubro nesta produ o amadora da pe a Amadeus Todavia, at as mentes mais criativas t m de admitir que assassinar o protagonista em palco um pouco excTodos os atores adoram um bom drama e os membros da Causton Amateur Dramatic Society n o fogem regra Rom nticas cenas de amor, momentos de ci me e desespero, reconcilia es oper ticas, egos em f ria as emo es est o ao rubro nesta produ o amadora da pe a Amadeus Todavia, at as mentes mais criativas t m de admitir que assassinar o protagonista em palco um pouco excessivo Felizmente, o inspetor Tom Barnaby est na plateia e assume o controlo da situa o Da ex mulher ressabiada a inesperados amantes secretos e atores invejosos, n o lhe faltam suspeitos O que parece faltar lhe, sim, objetividade O bom inspetor conhece perfeitamente todos os envolvidos, s o seus vizinhos e amigos, e por isso mesmo, conseguir ver quem eles realmente s o

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    1. Caroline Graham

      Caroline Graham is an English playwright, screenwriter and novelist She attended the Open University, and received a degree in writing for the theatre from the University of Birmingham Series Chief Inspector Barnaby

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    1. Not the best Midsomer book I have read. I preferred the Killings at Badger’s Drift. The tv version of this one was much better. There wasn’t just the one murder with the attempt on Essley’s wife. The romance between Deirdre and David was better played out. Midsomer Murders often plays better on tv.

    2. Ova mi nije tako sjela kao prva, valjda se nisam uspio uživjeti u taj kazališni 'milleu', a bilo je i manje Barnabyja. no još uvijek dobra knjiga.

    3. Oh, I should never watch the dramatization of a novel if I'm planning to read it, because I actually knew the identity of the killer before I started. I love the Inspector Barnaby murder mysteries dramatized on the Biography channel, and they have renewed my interest in Caroline Graham's books which have just been sitting here, unread, on my shelves for years.So on to this book: who would like it? Anyone who's followed the series on television would enjoy it; anyone who likes British mysteries w [...]

    4. An important part of the cultural life of many small towns is community theater and the Causton Amateur Dramatic Society of Causton, England is no exception. On the opening night of their production of Amadeus, the leading man grabbed a "safe" razor from the prop tray during a scene toward the end of the play and drew it across his throat in a very dramatic manner in full view of the audience. Unfortunately, someone had removed the tape from the razor's edge and the actor bled to death on stage. [...]

    5. I have been on a Midsomer Murders binge lately. Being laid up off and on with my ankle injury, I have watched the whole series on Acorn TV and loved it. I finally decided to start reading the books. This is the second in the book series.An all round good mystery read, Death of a Hollow Man, was adapted very closely in the TV series. The characters of Barnaby, Joyce, Cully and Troy were all here. Cully didn’t have much space devoted to her but the reader still develops a sense of who she is as [...]

    6. This is the second in the Tom Barnaby series, and the second (or third) time I've read it. The first in the series didn't hold up that well, so I was nervous when I began this one, but oh, it is so wonderful. Graham does an amazing job developing fully-fleshed characters, even including fully-fleshed animal characters. I cared about what happened to these people. The murder didn't occur until after page 150, and mythical no-no in mysteries, and that didn't matter to me. The stakes were the relat [...]

    7. An enjoyable mystery! Even though I have watched the episode that is based on this book in the PBS series Midsomer Murders, the book was different enough to keep my attention and (of course) better than the show. Inspector Barnaby is a very likable character, and I enjoy the flaws that Troy has that are not included in the series.

    8. What I found particularly good about this was, not the mystery of whodunit, but the characters and the problems they faced that had nothing to do with the murder.

    9. 3.5/5zapravo je nekih 40% knjige vrlo dosadno. opisuju se clanovi amaterske kazalisne druzine I njihovi zivoti. naime, svi su vrlo puni sebe I svojih glumackih sposobnosti. preokret I zanimljiva radnja, tj istraga, javlja se nakon ubojstva zvijezde kazalisne predstave. taj dio je dobar I zanimljiv, ne naslucuje se krivac sto pridodaje zanimljivosti ali ne mogu reci napetosti djela

    10. I had just read the first in this series, and really enjoyed it (see my review at /review/show), so I went on to the next in the series -- this book.What a contrast! The first book was written in a literate style, admittedly with many words I had to look up (and I consider that I have a pretty good vocabulary), and some literary references (including one from a 17th century playwright). I don't mind being challenged in this way, and I found that looking up the unfamiliar words and references was [...]

    11. O enredo de 'Morte em Palco' não é extraordinariamente complexo mas o tom divertido e ligeiramente irónico com que é narrado, aliado à poderosa capacidade de descrição e caracterização da autora - Caroline Graham - fazem deste livro um policial extraordinário. Graham demora o seu tempo a descrever-nos as personagens e os respectivos problemas pessoais, levando-nos pela mão enquanto nos apresenta as diversas delícias e venenos do teatro amador, mantendo-nos alerta a pistas ainda antes [...]

    12. Neste segundo livro de Caroline Graham publicado na série Crime à Hora do Chá, o inspector Tom Barnaby vai-se deparar com um crime um tanto ou quanto peculiar.Na estreia de uma peça de teatro amador, em Causten, uma pequena localidade britânica, um dos actores principais é assassinado. Mas o crime é quase perfeito. Na hora do protagonista fingir um suicídio com uma lâmina, que deveria ter sido protegida com fita adesiva, esta torna-se real e o actor acaba por morrer em palco. A assistir [...]

    13. цей сюжет я пам'ятала з якоїсь серії "суто англійських убивств" – смерть занадто мальовнича, щоб її легко було забути: актор на сцені під час прем'єри перерізає собі горло небезпечною бритвою. решта деталей, щоправда, мені десь погубилася, а може, постановники серіалу й не до [...]

    14. I didn't enjoy this as much as the first book. It took way too long for the murder to take place and although there was a focus on the characters I just couldn't connect to any of them and struggled to remember who was who. However, unlike the first book I didn't manage to figure out who the killer was or why they had done it so I enjoyed the reveal.

    15. I love the TV series Midsomer Murders, so it was a pleasure to read one of books that inspired it. So many delightful characters and a story line that was most entertaining. Somehow there's always a murder wherever we find Inspector Barnaby or his wife Joyce!

    16. Outrageously funny at times, Caroline Graham's highly accomplished murder mystery is far, far better than the TV adaptation (ITV) of it. Rich in suspects, the novel is set in fictional Causton, a small provincial town not far from London. This is a complex tale of jealousy and madness.Here the confined settings are an amateur theatre, a famous stage play and two provincial towns. One is Causton near London, the other exists in playwright Peter Shaffer's play and in reality: Salzburg in Austria. [...]

    17. Plot summary:The Causton Amateur Dramatic Society is staging Amadeus and all is not going well on the opening night. Tension and conflict flicker through the cast and crew, then in the second act, when the leading actor is supposed to ‘cut’ his throat with a razor, he succeeds – the safety wrapping on the razor has been removed. Bleeding to death, he whispers a final word – ‘bungled’ - then expires. Barnaby and Troy are in the audience and spring into action. In some detail, we learn [...]

    18. I have enjoyed all of the books in this series very much – and far more than I expected to. I grew tired of the Midsomer Murders TV series a long time ago, but the books are actually very different in tone and character from what the series became. They are very good novels of character with crime as their plot drivers.In Death of a Hollow Man, Barnaby is dragged along to an amateur dramatic performance and ends up investigating a dramatic death. However, at least the first third of the book i [...]

    19. Much like a Midsomer Murders episode takes time to watch, this almost-300-page mystery took me quite some time to read about 3 or 4 days, and I don't know exactly why. The author took her time setting the stage, introducing characters and their stories I thought I was going to mix up the characters, but I ended up not stressing over it. Once the murder occurred, the book became more interesting and the pacing picked up. Barnaby is a well thought out, strong, and clever character, with his wife, [...]

    20. Iako jako volim spisateljicu Graham i njenog neprevaziđenog višeg inspektora Barnabija, ova knjiga nije bila ni blizu toliko dobra kao prethodna. Imala sam, na momente, osjećaj da je autorica roman pisala na silu i u nedostatku ideja. Viši inspektor Barnabi se pojavljuje tek na drugoj polovici knjige. Uvod je predug, čitamo na dugo i na široko o predstavi, kazalištu, glumcima i njihovim životima. Nakon nekih skoro 200 stranica dešava se ubistvo i tek tada se radnja konačno pomjera s mr [...]

    21. I did not think this book was quite as good as the first in the series, but I still enjoyed it. The adaptation on TV for Midsomer Murders added onto the plot, but overall was too melodramatic. Basically, the book was better. I can see that the TV show wanted more action as the murder at the crux of the story happens mid-novel, but the novel was better executed.

    22. Very enjoyable readNot read Caroline graham before.Nice to read the book that the TV series is based on.Really do prefer the written word,I am hooked on this author.

    23. much of "death of a hollow man" is the minute detailing of characters' deeply flawed personalities and complete detachment from reality. the murder doesn't occur for a good hundred or so pages, and the characters are all so entirely unlikeable that it doesn't seem particularly important to find who did it or why. for me, it felt like graham was trying to be too clever or cute, so characters are always wriggling and dandling and having butterball hands and flossy curls etc etc. incredibly patheti [...]

    24. Having been a regular viewer of Midsomer Murders over the years, it’s surprising that I had not read the Caroline Graham books that inspired the popular BBC series. However, I finally rectified the omission when I picked up Death of a Hollow Man, which is the second book in the Inspector Barnaby series. It was also one of the stories that I had failed to see in the TV series, so I was approaching it with completely fresh eyes.What a delight the book proved to be, stylishly written and dripping [...]

    25. Estreei-me com Caroline Graham no primeiro volume desta colecção - Morte na Aldeia - e foi com entusiasmo que peguei em mais uma das suas histórias. Com um desenvolver de história um pouco mais lento do que aquele que esperava, Morte em Palco mostrou-se uma leitura fácil, cheia de peripécias e com muitas interrogações.O cenário leva-nos para um palco de teatro em que os seus protagonistas são personagens muito curiosos. Cada actor tem as suas manias e todos buscam os seus momentos de r [...]

    26. I've seen the television show they made of it, so I already knew who the murderer was, but I don't think it was very obvious. However I can't comment on whether or not you could see it coming. Like the show, I didn't particularly like Sergeant Troy--who seems a bigger ass in the book and is married to a woman he cheats on, an aspect that was removed from the show if I remember correctly. And in the show, he changes, but that's not important because he's really not a main character anyway.The mur [...]

    27. I am a big Midsomer Murders fan, so when I realized my library had only one book from the source content series, of course I had to read it.At first I was thrown by the method of delivery of the mystery. It probably doesn't help that I had already seen the episode based off the book, so I may have been a little discriminate. It took me awhile to realize that the book is set up like a stage play. The author has written screenplays and the novel's premise is a murder that happens on the set of the [...]

    28. The local amateur dramatic group is rehearsing for Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus and Joyce Barnaby, wife of Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby, has a small part in the production along with being wardrobe mistress. Her husband is helping with painting the scenery. But relations between the actors are not all they might be and Harold Winstanley, the director, is putting people’s backs up and is as usual very full of himself. Tensions rise as the first night approaches leading to a headline perfo [...]

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