The Underground City

The Underground City We can t stay out here in the open any longer We killed the king s son It s only a matter of time before his people find us before they slaughter us all We need to leave now We need to make it to the

  • Title: The Underground City
  • Author: Jennifer Martucci Christopher Martucci
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • We can t stay out here in the open any longer We killed the king s son It s only a matter of time before his people find us, before they slaughter us all We need to leave now We need to make it to the underground city Avery, June and their friends are being hunted They need to find fuel so that they can travel across the country to the underground city, to a place whWe can t stay out here in the open any longer We killed the king s son It s only a matter of time before his people find us, before they slaughter us all We need to leave now We need to make it to the underground city Avery, June and their friends are being hunted They need to find fuel so that they can travel across the country to the underground city, to a place where humans live safely, free from the terrors above ground But once they make it there, will it be the idyllic paradise they imagine it to be or will it be worse than the current nightmare in which they live Find out in this gripping third installment of the Planet Urth series.

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      334 Jennifer Martucci Christopher Martucci
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    1. Jennifer Martucci Christopher Martucci

      Jennifer and Christopher Martucci hoped that their life plan had changed radically in early 2010 To date, the jury is still out But late one night, in January of 2010, the stay at home mom of three girls all under the age of six had just picked up the last doll from the playroom floor and placed it in a bin when her husband startled her by declaring, We should write a book, together Wearied from a day of shuttling the children to and from school, preschool and Daisy Scouts, laundry, cooking and cleaning, Jennifer simply stared blankly at her husband of fifteen years After all, the idea of writing a book had been an individual dream each of them possessed for much of their young adult lives Both had written separately in their teens and early twenties, but without much success They would write a dozen chapters here and there only to find that either the plot would fall apart, or characters would lose their zest, or the story would just fall flat Christopher had always preferred penning science fiction stories filled with monsters and diabolical villains, while Jennifer had favored venting personal experiences or writing about romance, as romance was far easier to invent fictitiously than it was to attain in real life Inevitably though, frustration and day to day life had placed writing on the back burner and for several years, each had pursued alternate paying careers But the dream never died And Christopher suggested that their dream ought to be removed from the back burner for further examination When he proposed that he and his wife author a book together on that cold January night, Jennifer was hesitant to reject the idea outright His proposal sparked a discussion, and the discussion lasted deep into the night By morning, the idea for the Dark Creations series was born.The Dark Creations series was written while Jennifer and Christopher continued with their day to day activities and raised their young children They changed diapers, potty trained and went to story time at the local library between chapter outlines and served as room parents while fleshing out individal sections of the book Life simply continued And in some ways, their everyday lives were reflected in the characters of the series In fact, the main female characters are named after three very important people in their lives their three daughters Their likenesses end there, however As the story line continues to evolve, so too does the Martucci collaboration Lunches are still packed, noses are still wiped and time remains a rare and precious commodity in their household in upstate New York, but it is the sound of happy chaos that is the true background music of their writing They hope that their work, though penned for a young adult audience, will be appreciated by the young of every age, and that all enjoy reading it as much as they enjoyed writing it.

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    1. This has been my least favorite book in the series so far. The story itself is great! Avery and her group head out to find the underground city of New Washington. Once there it's almost impossible for her to just fit in and stay out of trouble. My biggest issue with this book and this series is the fact that the author has switched narrators on every book! The change in narrators for this book was horrible! The narrator herself wasn't horrible but choosing her was. She sounds so much younger tha [...]

    2. I am happy about the turn in the romance, settling because you think this is the last man on earth, possibly, is not a good thing.

    3. 3rd book in the series and Im loving this even more than the first 2. So much action and finally a romance but Im not going to say who with. I loved that seemed longer than the first 2 books too. I read it straight through. They finally reach the new city which has the feel like the Hunger Games but thats a good thing as I loved that too. But it was predictable that Avery wasnt going to be able to keep out of trouble but it certainly didnt disapoint. This has a fantastic cliffhanger one of the b [...]

    4. Frickin amazeballsSo much adventure and action. Love it.Female role couldn't get any better than this like it's so fantastic. 10/10

    5. A good readThis series keeps getting better and better!! I think this was the best book so far, but they keep getting better, I can't wait to see what happens next.

    6. So in just two weeks, I read the three books of planet urth. This last one is a bit different than the others. The first two books are post apocalyptic, this one is more dystopian.The book was (like the first two) an easy read. A lot of things are happening so it never gets dull. On the other side, some things feel kind of rushed, like the last battle. One moment she is in prison and the next moment she is battling the urthman, with all residents of new washington supporting her. This seems a bi [...]

    7. Oh my Gosh!!! Huge and EPIC CLIMAX to a GREAT STORY!!! AWESOME MUST READ!!!I absolutely loved this book, the third, and best (so far) of the series. The saga of Avery's struggle for survival and to protect her young sister June, and their friends continues! We learn of the underground city and what that world is like. The fight against the barbarous Urthmen and other monsters of this post-apocalyptic world continues. But, the climax is just so huge and so AMAZING, truly one of the very best I've [...]

    8. Binge reading FTW love this series. 3 days 3 books.I haven't book binged in a long time but in the last 3 days I've read books 1-3. I'm writing this now before I forget and devour book 4. I really enjoy the main character and your first person perspective it is similar to the way I write but my book has 3 main characters in first person gets a bit chaotic but I love being swept into the hard and real emotions and feelings of the main characters. I just knew sully was a better choice. Will is a b [...]

    9. The series continues with Avery, her sister, her family and her new friends to get to the underground city. When they get there it's definitely not what they were expecting. They see homes with beautiful outsides, streets lit up by real lights, beds, showers, TV. And most of all they see the mansion that the president of New Washington lives in. Though this place looks like a story out of book, there are secrets that are waiting to be unfolded, and Avery is not stupid to believe that this place [...]

    10. okay, so my biggest complaint about this series is the editing. I feel that if I notice a lot of mistakes that is bad since I really suck at writing in general. With that said, I love the story a d how it is progressing. I don't know how everything that happened was contained in only 234 pages.I am not a fan of the underground city, but I think that was the idea. Anyway, I like how the story progressed. I still notice a lot of grammatical errors and that is bad. I mean I really suck at grimmer s [...]

    11. TRIUMPH OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT!What a great read this series has become. It reminds me of why humans prevail against all odds. The book will invoke your feelings from joy to terrible sadness. It shows the good and the bad of power corrupted. I think from kids to seniors will enjoy this series. I find myself wanting to pump my first and then cussing a blue streak. The Martuccis have created a dystopian world that is believable. The characters continue to grow and evolve. You will love some and hate [...]

    12. it took me awhile to finish this 1 because i felt like i got bored, going against urthman againally whats new. but when i got past that point it was ok. i love Avery's attitude. She can kill a monster and not shy away from any humans. Total badass.The ending made me ask a few questions. After living underground all their lives how did these people react to the sun? Why didnt the President make an appearance after the battle so Avery could at least tell him off and call him a coward and show him [...]

    13. This book was full of action and suspense right from the beginning. It's still a thrilling adventure about the fight for survival. Although I like the main character overall and think she is a great heroine, there were many times I was annoyed by her impulsive behavior which continually put the lives of those she loves the most in jeopardy. On the one hand, every other page is about how Avery will do anything to keep her loves one safe and she would die for them, but on the other hand she gives [...]

    14. I did not finish this. I was so fucking disgusted, and pissed. I can't believe what this series has come to. What kind of person watches little girls undress? YES. YOU'RE RIGHT. BINGO. PEDOPHILES. This series seems to have pedophiles all over the place.I'm just wondering, but does the author have a pedophile fixation? Oh, and I changed my mindI fucking hate Will. And Avery. Matter of a fact, I hate all the character's now.I will not be continuing this series.DISCLAIMER: I don't mean to offend th [...]

    15. Planet Urth: The Underground City bk3 The ride continues and the action is increasing. There are barely any lulls anymore. I love the addition of the new antagonist, she is everything Avery is not. The romance factor has increased dramatically. The only real downside in this book is the grammatical and spelling errors. Editing could have helped the plot in a few places where the incorrect word could change the meaning of the whole sentence and seems these books are really geared towards y.a. I f [...]

    16. Awesome!!This book was the best yet. The characters plight was palpable. It bubbled throughout the book and broke surface at the end. I cannot wait to read the next book!!!! I highly recommend this series. But also these two authors have many great books. I came across the husband and wife team by accident and I have never bee disappointed in a book of theirs. They always make the stories believable no matter how out there it seems. They make you root for the good guys in the story. I highly rec [...]

    17. Exciting, Engaging & EnthrallingThis is a story that may cause one to neglect duties. As a slow but deliberate reader I had to remind myself occasionally of immediate responsibilities. It is nice to observe in this series how the characters personalities (both positive and negative aspects) continue to be defined by various crisis and events. I better get started on the final book before I am swamped with work.

    18. It really only gets betterI thought the first 2 were great, but the 3rd really tops it off. You get to see Avery and the rest of the crew experience things they haven't seen or felt before. Legends become present and Avery starts to really carve a path for the future. It's bloody, it's sad, it's heartwarming and heart wrenching. There's even a touch of romance. It's basically great andwell you'll see. Happy reading:)

    19. 3/5 starsRead for the second time and enjoyed going over it again. Will was incompetent many times throughout this book - then again there were many frustrating parts for Avery and readers. This series is one of the first ones I enjoyed reading again. Jericho will be missed, and I noticed the author is quite reluctant to let main characters perish (June, Riley, Oliver) not to be cold-hearted but it would have been hard for them to survive - perhaps they were just lucky.

    20. Page TurnerI have to admit book 1 moved a little slow. Books 2 and 3 had me entranced in another time and place. You will love this book and series, if you enjoy adventure, survival against all odds, characters that come to life, and a little romance. Jennifer Martucci, you are my new favorite author. Keep doing what you love, you are brilliant

    21. There was a break between reading the second of this series and this third book. The authors did keep the tension level at a point that mandated the reader keep on to find out the end results. While this book ended with a sense of finality, I do look forward to reading the next in the series and see how the war for earth proceeds.

    22. Claiming what once was yoursI absolutely love this series.This book was great in that all things that seem great are not always what they seem. If you never give up belief and hope then you can overcome the odds.The love for your family and friends that drives you to great heights is what this book tells.I can't wait for book 4. Great job again.

    23. WonderfulLately I have been obsessed with reading post apocalyptic books, and must say this is a bit different from some of the others, but a really great series. Can't wait for the 4th to be released.

    24. Book #3 is the series. You move from hope for our traveling band of survivors to disappointment to sharing the same feelings of disgust shared by the cast of characters. Azlyn is introduced. Exciting possibilities. The fight continues.

    25. These books are fun, scary, and powerful sci-fi novels. I really enjoy the female main character and her relationship with her "family".

    26. Riveting storyline and engaging characters!Great YA series with fast paced action and great character development.had to read each book right after each one

    27. Another in the Planet Urth series. This entire series is well written and the authors have yet to disappoint me.They have written other books as well and I plan to read them.

    28. Good readLike book one and two I was very pleased with the characters and the story line. Hoping there will be a book four.

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