Kindness Goes Unpunished

Kindness Goes Unpunished Walt brings Western style justice to Philadelphia in this action packed thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of Dry Bones the third in the Longmire Mystery Series the basis for LONGMI

  • Title: Kindness Goes Unpunished
  • Author: Craig Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780143113133
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • Walt brings Western style justice to Philadelphia in this action packed thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of Dry Bones, the third in the Longmire Mystery Series, the basis for LONGMIRE, the hit drama series now on NetflixWalt Longmire has been Sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming, for almost a quarter of a century, but when he joins his good friend Henry SWalt brings Western style justice to Philadelphia in this action packed thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of Dry Bones, the third in the Longmire Mystery Series, the basis for LONGMIRE, the hit drama series now on NetflixWalt Longmire has been Sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming, for almost a quarter of a century, but when he joins his good friend Henry Standing Bear on a trip to the City of Brotherly Love to see his daughter, Cady, he s in for a shock Walt hasn t even put his boots up when Cady is viciously attacked and left near death on the steps of the Franklin Institute He soon discovers that she has unwittingly become involved in a deadly political cover up Backed by Henry, Dog, Deputy Victoria Moretti, and the entire Moretti posse of Philadelphia police officers, Walt unpacks his saddlebag of tricks to mete out some Western style justice.

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    1. Craig Johnson

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name Craig Johnson an American novelist, short story writer, and playwright He lives in Ucross, near Sheridan, Wyoming, population 25.Johnson has written twelve novels featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire The Cold Dish, Death Without Company, Kindness Goes Unpunished, Another Man s Moccasins, Junkyard Dogs, The Dark Horse which received starred reviews from Kirkus, Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and Library Journal, and was named one of Publisher s Weekly s best books of the year in 2009 , Hell Is Empty, As The Crow Flies and A Serpent s Tooth The Cold Dish and The Dark Horse were both Dilys Award finalists, and Death Without Company was named the Wyoming Historical Association s Book of the Year Another Man s Moccasins received the Western Writers of America Spur Award for best novel of 2008 as well as the Mountains and Plains award for fiction book of the year.Former police officer has also worked as an educator, cowboy, and longshoremanARDS Tony Hillerman Award for Old Indian Trick fiction book of the year, Wyoming Historical Society, for Death Without Company, Wyoming Council for the Arts Award.

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    1. I may repeat some from previous reviews of Longmire mysteries. I read these books because Longmire is from Wyoming and I was born in Wyoming. However, if either of those things were not the case I would have stopped reading by now.My favorite thing about the books are the characters and their relationships. That is about all I like.In Kindness Goes Unpunished, as in previous installments, the story feels contrived and plot points are forced in many places. Because of this, most of it was extreme [...]

    2. Although I have yet to see the A&E tv series Longmire, I’m enjoying my trot (well, okay; gallop) through the source material. Walt Longmire, county sheriff, has over twenty-five years in the field and is supervisor of a very small team of deputies. As with many books in the detective fiction, the mystery is deeply imbued with a sense of place, notably the sparsely populated and rugged landscapes of rural Wyoming. As in many mysteries, Longmire has a faithful comrade-in-arms, but instead of [...]

    3. I have just had a binge run on the series featuring Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire, and, comparatively speaking, I would put this one over the line into 5 star territory along with the first two of the ten, There is a high point in the trajectory of character development with this one, which compensates for the away game setting of Philadelphia taking from experiencing Walt in his home environment. His daughter Cady is well established as a lawyer in Philadelphia and encourages him to come visit [...]

    4. Every book in the Walt Longmire series has a line in it that makes me laugh out loud, I am not going to tell you want leads up to it, but when you come across “Hi ho Creampuff” I dare you not to giggle audibly and have those around you turn their heads in wonder.Walt and Henry Standing Bear, also referred to as the Cherokee Nation, head to Philadelphia for an opening at the museum of an exhibit displaying Henry’s Native American photographs. Not all goes as planned when Cady, Walt’s daug [...]

    5. Excellent was worn out with love, and maybe that's the best kind of worn out there is. Maybe there really isn't any such thing as mortality; that life simply wears us out with love.I love Walt Longmire.

    6. 3 stars - It was good.Another book of great Longmire fun, though not without a few issues. I absolutely adore the characters of Longmire and Henry Standing Bear and when the two of them come together on a page, it is literary magic. Lots of LOL moments in this one and the mystery kept my attention. A unique trait that this book had over the first two installments was that it takes place in Philadelphia which provided for great contrasting of the city vs country life.I really hated to see the tur [...]

    7. The so far horseless western show moves from Absaroka County, Wyoming to the asphalt jungle of Philadelphia in this third Walt Longmire book. Actually, it's kind of a funny story that the first wild horse ride of the series will take place on the Eastern Seaboard. The sheriff is coming to meet his daughter's fiance and is accompanied on the trip by his old friend Henry Standing Bear, with his vintage muscle car and his art collection of old Reservation photos. Things go pear shaped rather fast, [...]

    8. Originally reviewed Nov. 27.2017. Just updating to correct typos.This is another one for the page I've threatened to make so many timesThriller sort-of. I recently watched the last (in this case meaning final) season of Longmire on NETFLIX. I went back and "binge watched" (there's a new phrase this generation has added to the English language) the rest of the series. While there are some slow spots (in my opinion of course) and the angst is often a bit too thick for my taste overall I liked the [...]

    9. Third in the Walt Longmire mystery series about a cowboy sheriff and his friends and coworkers. Only this one takes place on a visit to see his daughter in Philadelphia.My TakeWhew. This was another good one! Seriously, do not miss this installment. There is so much happening in this wonderfully homey story!For all that it takes place off Walt's usual stomping grounds, he's still a cop and understands their ways. And it's a pleasant switch from the usual territoriality of cops who don't want som [...]

    10. The third installment of Longmire bookseries. I always loved the movies in which a cowboy sheriff/policeman ends up in the big city [Clint Eastwood & John Wayne; Do not forget the MccLoud TV sewries with Dennis Weaver, when does that one become available on dvd/bd] and does everything the western way and they actually manage to do thing better than the "civilized" police. Anyhow Longmire and his indian best friend Henry go to Philadelphia, and to organise an exhibition on Indian history. Wal [...]

    11. Though I loved the first two books in the Walt Longmire series, this one was even better. Walt and his old friend, Henry Standing Bear, have road-tripped to Philadelphia. Henry is speaking at a gallery opening of his photographs but Walt plans to spend time with his daughter, Cady--a lawyer working in a high-powered law firm. Walt and Henry aren't in the City of Brotherly Love for more than 24 hours when tragedy strikes. Cady is brutally attacked and found near the steps of a local museum. As Ca [...]

    12. Totally enjoyable as always. (view spoiler)[Vic and Walt do the deed for the first time. I wonder if the TV show will ever go there. Doesn't seem like it. (hide spoiler)] I was pretty upset that Henry's car Lola got shot up but I guess they fixed her.

    13. This book should be sub-titled and/or stamped with the warning: "Walt Longmire goes to Philadelphia." While it was still well written, and had a decent enough mystery, it was missing the charm of Absaroka County, Wyoming, and the supporting characters that live there. Also, the behavior of the Moretti family -- the mother, the father, and the sons -- neared parody at various points in the story.I am still very much looking forward to reading the next book in the series -- Another Man's Moccasins [...]

    14. I read this in half a day (and the other half of the day I read "The Girls from Ames" by Jeffrey Zaslow - it was a good day for reading).Walt Longmire has sex with (SPOILER DELETED)? NOOOOOOO! Walt Longmire is an old fart. For one thing, his name is Walt. I believe the author is regretting making Sheriff Longmire as old as he did in the first book and is trying to make him younger and "hot." Rats.Oh well, most of the things I like about the series were still in this book, although it is not as f [...]

    15. I'm becoming a huge fan of the Walt Longmire Mystery Series. The mysteries are entertaining, not horribly violent, have lots of action and are darn right fun. What is bound to keep me coming back is the strong characterization. Walt Longmire has been Sheriff of Wyoming's Absaroka County for almost twenty-five years and has seen his share of the good and the bad. This provides lots of fodder for a complex man, one I am getting to know as the series progresses. Vic, his tough cop deputy and his lo [...]

    16. Walt Longmire, Wyoming's Absaroka County Sheriff, is visiting his daughter in Philadelphia, killing two birds with one stone as he keeps his best friend Henry Standing Bear company setting up a cultural exhibition. Dog comes too. Walt has hardly had time to raid the freezer for a few bottles of Yuengling before he gets the news that his daughter has been in an incident that leaves her with a serious head injury. Investigating the incident seems to trigger a chain reaction of violence and dead bo [...]

    17. Full disclosure requires that I openly admit I am a devoted fan of the Longmire television show (on A/E and now Netflix) and have enjoyed reading the first two books in the Longmire book series that inspired that show even more. With that said, I am still doing my best to provide objective and honest reviews as I move into the third book. “Kindness Goes Unpunished” continues the fictional adventures of Walt Longmire, Sherriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming, his best friend, Henry Standing Bear, [...]

    18. In KINDNESS GOES UNPUNISHED, the third book from Craig Johnson's Walt Longmire series, Walt and Henry Standing Bear are traveling to Philadelphia. Henry is going to display his photo collection in an art show and Walt goes along to visit his daughter, Cady. Before Walt even sees Cady in Philadephia, she is viciously attacked and left for dead. While Walt and his friends rotate a vigil watching over Cady in the hospital, the investigation into who harmed Cady and why ensues. Despite being a "stra [...]

    19. I like Johnson's books.He borrows on a formula established by Robert B. Parker (Spenser series). Like Parker's Spenser, Walt Longmire is a sensitive detective with a cultured minority side-kick who is, like the protagonist, a weapon of death and destruction. Johnson does a good job of developing characters throughout the book.Criticisms of him resorting to stereotypes are well-founded. In this book, Victoria Moretti's family eats virtually nothing but Italian food, apparently. They're also very [...]

    20. Update:Well, in my previous review, I did say I wanted to know more about Cady. LOL. This is the best so farwith Walt traveling to Philly to spend some time with his daughter. The urban scenes colored by Walt's world are tantalizing and come alive unlike any other urban novel I've readant book!-------------------------------------------------------------------Craig Johnson has written nine novels in his Walt Longmire series. Formerly a police officer; he has also worked as a educator, cowboy and [...]

    21. The third Walt Longmire book is another excellent read and proves (just in case there was any doubt) that this series is no fluke and Craig Johnson deserves to be in the top tier of mystery authors. I think this may be my favorite so far, as evidenced by my reading it over the course of just two days.The story this time moves east to the city of Philadelphia, and away from the rugged Absaroka County, Wyoming. Walt accompanies his friend Henry Standing Bear to attend a gallery opening of Henry’ [...]

    22. Book number Three in the Walt Longmire series by Craig Johnson. Walt accompanies Henry Standing Bear to Philadelphia where Henry is putting on an exhibition of photographs of the Cheyenne and Lakota from Wyoming from years past. While he is visiting Philadelphia, Walt is planning to visit his daughter and meet her current boyfriend. The problem with that plan is that on Walt's first day in town, his daughter is attacked and hospitalized, and a short time later the boyfriend is murdered. Walt bec [...]

    23. In which Walt and Henry (and Dog) travel to Philadelphia, where Henry will speak at the opening of a museum exhibit and Walt plans to visit his daughter the lawyer and dreads meeting her new boyfriend. Except that daughter Cady is attacked and gravely injured, and Walt spends the book trying to figure out whodunnit.I liked the fish-out-of-water story: the cowboy and the Indian in the big city. I liked meeting Vic’s cop family, particularly her mother, and in consequence I really did not care f [...]

    24. This was my favorite so far, they just get better and better.I'm a real sucker for the whole Daddy's little girl thing and I got a bit of it in this one. Walt was breaking my heart. Working the case, sitting by his daughter's hospital bed, navigating the weirdness that was the Moretti family as well the other shady or just less-than-honest characters made for a fairly fast-paced read."I though about how I wished there was somewhere I could go and just pay the fine and take my daughter home."And [...]

    25. I love this series and all its characters so damn much. Listening to the amazing George Guidall read Sheriff Walt Longmire and all the inhabitants of Absaroka County, Wyoming is like hanging out with a much-loved friend and having them tell you a story.Only this time, the story leaves Wyoming and travels to Philadelphia, when The Bear and Walt *and Dog* go to visit Cady and she's seriously injured while they are enroute. Of course they get pulled into the investigation while there but man, Walt [...]

    26. Longmire. I'm way behind in both the tv series and book series. I guess I'm just rarely wowed these days when I see a western in my to read pile. But then I read one of Craig Johnson's books and remember how much I love Longmire and Henry. Humor, compassion, crime, mystery, tribal lores, please.

    27. Enjoyed this one more, good development in the characters. Interesting venue change and Craig Johnson's formula continues to develope and I continue to enjoy it. Definitely need to visit Wyoming, you can keep Philidelphia though. Nice wrap up at end of the story. Keep reading the series! I sure will.

    28. Three books into the Walt Longmire series and I am definitely a fan of Craig Johnson's writing. I detect that I tend to smirk routinely during the reading mostly because wry and quick witted commentary coming from Walt and other characters is sudden and intelligent. Johnson inserts culture and other literary allusions deftly on each journey. The relationships between characters and the humanity of the stories are always present. Looking forward to book 4 in the series.

    29. When Walt and Henry Standing Bear take a road trip to see Cady, Walt's daughter, things don't quite go as planned. Cady is attacked Walt's first night in town and ends up in a coma. Walt works with the local police to find out who attacked Cady and why. And, of course, since they are in Vic's hometown of Philadelphia, we get to meet her family which was an eye-opening experience for everyone.Yep, you are correct. I gave another Longmire mystery 5-stars. The storyline is superb. Although, I will [...]

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