Bird Lake Moon

Bird Lake Moon When two boys come to spend the summer at Bird Lake each is reeling from his own personal tragedy Both boys arrive scarred and fragile but as they become friends the sharp edges of their lives smoo

  • Title: Bird Lake Moon
  • Author: Kevin Henkes
  • ISBN: 9780061470769
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When two boys come to spend the summer at Bird Lake, each is reeling from his own personal tragedy Both boys arrive scarred and fragile, but as they become friends, the sharp edges of their lives smooth out and, slowly, they are able to start to heal.Spencer thought the house might be haunted Mitch knew it wasn t And he knew why The whole time Spencer and Mitch hung ouWhen two boys come to spend the summer at Bird Lake, each is reeling from his own personal tragedy Both boys arrive scarred and fragile, but as they become friends, the sharp edges of their lives smooth out and, slowly, they are able to start to heal.Spencer thought the house might be haunted Mitch knew it wasn t And he knew why The whole time Spencer and Mitch hung out together at Bird Lake that summer, there were secrets keeping them apart And maybe a secret knowledge keeping them together, too together like members of the same tribe Like friends Author Note Dear Reader,Olive s Ocean, my last novel, was published in 2003 Since then I ve written and illustrated three picture books and two board books All the while I was working on those books, I was thinking about Bird Lake Moon In fact, my first notes for Bird Lake Moon are dated June 2003.My new book revolves around two boys Spencer Stone and Mitch Sinclair It was Spencer and his family who came to me first It s interesting to me now that Mitch wasn t part of the story when I began But once he appeared in my thoughts and on the page, he became increasingly important In its final form, the book starts with his story.The creative process is difficult to understand, much less explain I do know that bits and pieces of my life and of my family s life are embedded in Bird Lake Moon, as they are in all my books And, like a person, a book grows, lives, moves forward in its own way.After being a huge part of me for years, Bird Lake Moon is ready to find its readers It s bittersweet to let a book go, but I m already thinking of other ones Best wishes,Kevin Henkes

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      Kevin Henkes became an author illustrator when he was nineteen years old, working on a card table in his bedroom.Today he s the author of many award winning picture books and novels.

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    1. Onvan : Bird Lake Moon - Nevisande : Kevin Henkes - ISBN : 61470767 - ISBN13 : 9780061470769 - Dar 192 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2008

    2. I searched other reviews for insights that would help me appreciate this more, and found only the same complaints that I have. It is Henkes, who writes beautifully and who knows children. But I don't know any children who would like this. Even I found it too subtle which is truly saying something! And the cover doesn't really fit, either, which is even more important for kids than it is for most of us adults.I really really want a kid's opinion of this.

    3. My overriding question upon finishing Bird Lake Moon: Is this really a book for children, or is it a book about them? Of course, it's well-written. Kevin Henkes knows exactly how kids and their families react and interact in fragile situations, so the emotions and actions of the characters are believable, even insightful. But to me, the whole thing felt a bit like an out-of-body experience. There's just something awfully adult about the writing itself, something too insular and reflective to mak [...]

    4. Kevin Henkes has been a favorite author of mine for a very long time. I read Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse until the pages fell out when I was little, and I was so jealous when the other fifth grade class read Olive’s Ocean. Thus I had great expectations for Bird Lake Moon.I still am debating whether or not I liked the book. The writing is great, and the stories are real. Sometimes the boy’s emotions seemed dry, but then they act normally again. The ending is perfect, and not what I expecte [...]

    5. I'm unclear how to rate this book, because it wasn't written for me, not exactly. It's definitely a children's novel. Though it does speak to themes that adults may want to read about, and it's very gentle with those themes, such as guilt, divorce, death (grief, more than death, actually, as the child in question was already dead when the book starts, dead ten years) (don't worry, that's not a spoiler), sibling rivalry. Really, though, the book is pretty tame with those matters. I wonder if it's [...]

    6. Henkes is such a craftsman. I can appreciate all the skills and thoughts and wonderful passages that he puts into this and many other titles: all of them high quality works! But my realization today is that I don't particularly love the Impressionistic artworks. I have seen and "understood" the "Water Lilies" of Manet, for example -- hey, I even visited and was thrilled by Monet's garden at Giverny. And I understand how impressive the techniques are to combine Just Right those small patches of c [...]

    7. A melancholy story about two boys who meet at Bird Lake in Wisconsin, each suffering. Mitch's father has just left his family for younger woman, leaving Mitch and his mother to seek refuge from her not very congenial parents. Spencer's family has avoided their vacation home since his brother drowned. The boys are not the same age but they become friends; however, before their friendship can really develop, Spencer's mother decides the sad memories are too much for her and she insists on returnin [...]

    8. The emotions and actions of the characters were very real and true-to-life, but something about the writing was lacking. It didn't seem consistent. Carefully crafted descriptive phrases were followed by dull explanations of the characters' feelings. There wasn't enough suspense or surprise to hold my attentionI felt like I knew too much for the plot to be interesting. However, I'm glad that the "ghost of Matty" wasn't played out as the central plot line. I appreciate how Henkes portrays the kids [...]

    9. The writing is lovely but ultimately I felt it was much more of a "mood" piece than a real child-focused story. I wondered about audience - it's a boy book but it's also quiet and introspective. If anyone has had any child readers I'd really like to know!

    10. Mitch's parents are getting a divorce and his world turns upside down. A sweet YA story of longing, loneliness, fleeting friendship, and adjusting

    11. Neither kid had an average family. They had a little bit of a twist to their lives. I read Bird Lake Moon by Kevin Henkes. This book draws you into the slight mystery and cliffhangers that make you never put the book down. Spencer and Mitch were just ordinary kids with a little bit of a different family life. They were both spending the summer at Bird Lake. Mitch because his dad left him and his mom. Spencer because his brother drowned in bird lake when his brother was 4 and the family wanted to [...]

    12. Bird Lake Moon, written by Kevin Henkes, portrays the lives of two young boys faced with family hardships. Both boys visit Bird Lake hoping to receive answers to their many questions. The main character, Mitch, is struggling to accept the fact that his father has left his mother for another woman. Henkes skillfully reveals Mitch’s personality by sharing his inner thoughts along with his actual dialogue. Empathizing with Mitch is natural even when he makes wrong choices.Like Mitch, readers conn [...]

    13. NO for black-eyed susan for our school library.Sorry, Kevin Henkes, but this one missed the mark.Henkes is most recognized for his award-winning picture books (Lily's Purple Plastic Pure, Owen, It's a Good Day, Kitten's First Full Moon). He's written a number of novels, including Newbery honor winner Olive's Ocean, but Bird Lake Moon doesn't quite accomplish the wonder he sets out to establish.In short, this story is about a boy who moves with his mom to his grandparent's house on Bird Lake. It [...]

    14. I would give this book three and a half stars. "Bird Lake Moon" is wonderful and mysterious, esoteric and pointed and childlike and exceptionally beautiful in the crystalline descriptions that flow from the pen of Kevin Henkes. The same inscrutable qualities that worked to make "Olive's Ocean" such a mystifyingly fine addition to juvenile literature are clearly at work here. Perhaps the genius of Kevin Henkes is in the ways that his stories are allowed to bleed through to the heart of the reader [...]

    15. This book would be considered to be contemporary fiction. It touches base with family problems and friendship.Mitch Sinclair is a 12 year old boy that thinks his life is falling apart. His parents are in the beginning of getting a divorce. For the summer, Mitch and his mom move to Bird Lake to live with his grandparents. After awhile, Mitch becomes sick of his grandparents and his mom, so he spends most of his days next door at a vacant house his liked to call his house. When a young boy, Spence [...]

    16. Bird Lake Moon is a realistic fiction book. There are two main characters: Mitch and Spencer. The chapters switch between the point of view of Mitch and Spencer. They are two little boys who are going through some troubling times, and as a result, become neighbors for a short time during a summer. They find friendship in each other, and grow from being sad to happy.Activities:1) There are many words in this book that some children may not know themeaning of. While reading the book, the students [...]

    17. I love Kevin Henkes, he's the Kitten's First Full Moon guy -- oh, and the Lily guy -- but I think I like his picture books better. This is a problem novel in the core sense of the word. Two boys move into lake houses next door to each other. The one kid's parents are getting divorced, and the other kid's parents are having a hard time coping with the death of a child. If you removed these kids' problems, there would be absolutely nothing going on with the book. On the plus side, Henkes is a char [...]

    18. brief note because I don't have much time to write a longer review--as usual, henkes proves that he has incredible insight, especially into the emotions of children during difficult times, but there was something lacking about the book. his writing is definitely captivating, and i loved the two boys at the center of the story, and enjoyed seeing them evolve little by little. but at the end (and I literally finished 5 minutes ago), I was left feeling like there was something missing. maybe it was [...]

    19. I don't know why I find Kevin Henkes' novels so soothing that I will read them multiple times, because they all seem to center on quiet yet deeply upsetting and unsettling moments in the lives of kids on the brink of adolescence - a state of being which is so perilously vulnerable to begin with (and which he portrays so poignantly well). Maybe it's because everything seems to come out okay in the end; the protagonists are deeply grounded with a sense of their own self-worth that wins out over mi [...]

    20. Mitch has decided that the abandoned cottage next to his grandparents' home would be perfect for him to live in with his mother. When Spencer and his family reclaim the cottage, Mitch decides to "haunt" the place to chase them away. However, he doesn't realize that Spencer's family is already haunted by the tragedy that occurred at that cottage eight years ago.This is a sweet story of growing up, facing reality, and taking responsibility. I liked the way the story was presented; chapters alterna [...]

    21. I love Kevin Henkes as a picture book writer. So how come all his recent fiction turns me off? Somehow, despite the hopeful messages, his last few novels have felt dark and unhappy. Maybe he uses them to get out his angst before he goes back to Lily, Julius and company.All I know is that for all their deep emotions, I find them curiously unmoving. And though I know teachers, librarians and other adults may love this book, I see little "kid" appeal here

    22. This was an uncomfortable read. I felt for the two boys, individually, as they dealt with family, death and divorce.As they spent more time together, I felt afraid for the fragility of their friendship. And I'm not sure how that turned out.☻ (view spoiler)[(Did the letter arrive? Did it make a difference?) (hide spoiler)]

    23. This is one of those books where nothing really happens, but you get into the minds of the characters and just become part of their lives. I also liked it because I grew up in the same part of the country this book takes place and it reminds of summers spent by lakes and all the fun we had swimming and playing in the woods.

    24. Two boys facing a difficult period in their lives meet at a lake near Madison where their families have cottages. 12 year old Mitch's parents are divorcing, and Spencer's family mourns the drowning death of an older child whom Spencer never knew. Henkes' style captures the inarticulate grief and longing of the boys perfectly. A superb novel.

    25. Haven't I already read this book? The plot is similar to that of STONE WORDS (characters aren't quite so over the top, but there's still a lot of tooth tapping) and the book had the feel of OLIVE'S OCEAN. I wanted to love it, but I didn't.

    26. I love the writing style. There are some cute moments, some sentimental moments, and some good character building. I did anticipate the book leaving me with a more profound feeling than it did, and so a slight wave of disappointment stung me when I reached the end. I felt the book was just okay, but it will not leave me with any significant lasting impression. I had higher hopes. This book was originally recommended to me by a middle-schooler who enjoys reading, and loved this one. It will reson [...]

    27. (I now maintain a blog just for my kid-lit reviews. Find it at kidlit4adults .)A friend has convinced me to try my hand this year for the first time at children's literature; but I don't actually know anything about children's literature, so am starting the process among other ways by first reading a stack of existing books that have been recommended to me. Kevin Henkes' Bird Lake Moon was recommended as a good example of books for older grade-schoolers and middle-schoolers (so roughly ages 10 t [...]

    28. Great beginning and middle. I enjoyed the character development of Mitch and the gentleness that Spencer showed his mother. Lolly was adorable and seemed like a real person. I struggled with the stereotypical portrayal of Mitch's cheating dad and felt like his mom running home to her parents wasn't realistic as they didn't seem happy to have them there. The ending seemed rushed and under developed. It felt like he'd reached his word limit, so he just stopped writing.

    29. This was a really good book. This is a really thrilling book and I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to read it, though everyone should read it.

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