Malala: The Girl Who Stood up for Education and Changed the World

Malala The Girl Who Stood up for Education and Changed the World La ni a que arriesg su vida por defender el derecho a la educaci n No estaba triste No estaba asustada S lo pensaba da igual qu aspecto tenga Estoy viva Sent agradecimiento Mir a la doctora Fiona Hab

  • Title: Malala: The Girl Who Stood up for Education and Changed the World
  • Author: Malala Yousafzai Patricia McCormick
  • ISBN: 9781780622149
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Hardcover
  • La ni a que arriesg su vida por defender el derecho a la educaci n.No estaba triste No estaba asustada S lo pensaba da igual qu aspecto tenga Estoy viva Sent agradecimiento.Mir a la doctora Fiona Hab a puesto una caja de pa uelos de papel entre nosotras y me di cuenta de que esperaba que me pusiera a llorar Quiz la antigua Malala habr a llorado Pero cuando hasLa ni a que arriesg su vida por defender el derecho a la educaci n.No estaba triste No estaba asustada S lo pensaba da igual qu aspecto tenga Estoy viva Sent agradecimiento.Mir a la doctora Fiona Hab a puesto una caja de pa uelos de papel entre nosotras y me di cuenta de que esperaba que me pusiera a llorar Quiz la antigua Malala habr a llorado Pero cuando has estado a punto de perder la vida, una cara extra a en el espejo no es m s que la prueba de que sigues en esta tierra.

    • ß Malala: The Girl Who Stood up for Education and Changed the World || ¿ PDF Read by Î Malala Yousafzai Patricia McCormick
      485 Malala Yousafzai Patricia McCormick
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    1. Malala Yousafzai Patricia McCormick

      Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate She is known for human rights advocacy, especially education of women in her native Swat Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, northwest Pakistan, where the local Taliban had at times banned girls from attending school Her advocacy has since grown into an international movement.

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    1. Malala refused to believe girls should be denied an education. Why should girls not be allowed to attend school? It’s their right.So Malala spoke in favour of educating girls during a time when it was very dangerous to do so. But Malala was not afraid; she was determined.This is more than a simple memoir. Malala doesn’t just talk about herself—her past, her present and her future. She talks about what is around her; the world that surrounds her, and she points out what is right and what is [...]

    2. My journey of biographies has taken me inside the lives of political figures, television personalities, and even those involved in cults and religious sects. This next book shifts focus while retaining the perspective of a girl (and young woman) at the narrative helm. In this piece, young Malala Yousafzai chimes in and offers some of her own opinions growing up and becoming an international advocate for universal primary education for all children. Malala lays a foundation for the reader with a [...]

    3. Not to be confused with the other edition with a very similar name, this is Malala's story 'rewritten for an audience her own age'. Having not read the original I can't really comment on what might have been changed here, though the idea of making any changes for a younger readership has me torn. I mostly disagree with the notion of 'watering down' or in any way omitting information in order to appeal to a younger audience, and in my experience YA readers are: 1. not easily offended or shocked, [...]

    4. This was the Young Reads version, but it was still super compelling and informational! Wow! I never really knew the story behind Malala besides she was shot for standing up for women's education, so this was really informational! I read this for the Goodread's book club Diversity in All Forms!I recommend this book to everyone and I plan on still reading the adult version of this book. I bought a classroom set of this book, so I can read it with my students next semester :)

    5. Nu cred că există cuvinte potrivite pentru a o descrie pe Malala, poate doar eroină și supraviețuitoare: este uimitor cât de multe lucruri a realizat. M-a impresionat atât susținerea primită din partea părinților ei, cât și încrederea pe care aceștia au avut-o în ea, încrederea că fiica lor va reuși tot ce și-a propus. Obstacolele și restricțiile religioase mi s-au părut cutremurătoare.

    6. Thank you to Orion for providing me with this book in return for an honest review!Firstly, I just want to mention that this memoir is the 'younger readers' version of her memoir titled, 'I Am Malala'. I think that older children in schools should definitely be reading this book and talking about it. It will open their eyes not only to the importance of education, but also to different cultures, religions, beliefs, countries and the impact that terrorism can have. Reading Malala's story was truly [...]

    7. This was my calling. Some powerful force had come to dwell inside me, something bigger and stronger than me and it made me fearless. Malala redefines the definition of hero and courage. An inspiration to all. She stood up for what she believed in (girl's rights & education) despite all odds - if that doesn't act as encouragement to pursue your dreams and never back down for what you believe is right, then I really don't know what is. The Young Learner's edition was written simply and intelle [...]

    8. Predivna knjiga o teškom životu u Pakistanu koji je podijeljen na mnogo diktatora koji svi žele provesti neke svoje zakone, a te zakone im nalaže vjera, ista sveta knjiga Kuran, od svakog različito tumačena i zbog toga tamo živote gube mnogi nedužni ljudi, žene i djeca. Uništavaju se životi i kultura jedne zemlje, njena povijest se izvrće, a budućnost je neizvjesna kao i sadašnjost, jer dok god netko ne stane na kraj teroristima (talibanima) na kraj i dalje će ginuti nedužniPrič [...]

    9. Ganhei este livro num passatempo e embora tivesse alguma curiosidade para o que ia encontrar, a verdade é que não estava assim muito entusiasmada ainda para mais esta é uma versão para jovens leitores.(Depois de lê-lo estive com a edição "normal" nas mãos e folheei-a para ver diferenças e parece-me que nesta minha edição, as partes mais sangrentas e violentas são omitidas ou ditas de uma maneira muito muito soft)A história de Malala é uma história que, como ela própria o diz, pod [...]

    10. Title: I Am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the WorldAuthor: Malala Yousafzai & Patricia McCormickPublisher: Little, Brown Books for Young ReadersEdition: Audiobook, Young Readers EditionPages: 240Rating: 3.5/5Recommended?: YESReview:We tend to remember the happiest, saddest, surprising, often the most tragic aspects of our pasts. In other words, we find the rather extreme moments in our lives to be the most memorable.With that being said, I remember the first time I [...]

    11. Malala Yousafzai is one incredible girl. I don't know a single person who isn't familiar with her. For those who don't recognize the name, she'd the one who was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan for taking a stand for education. I can't even fathom going through the things that she did. Now, for the review of the book. Malala herself gets a 5/5. She has an amazing story that everyone needs to hear. But the book fell through for me. There was lots of history about Pakistan and Islam, which is all g [...]

    12. Rating: 5/5Având în vedere atentatele petrecute în ultima perioadă cred că mi-am ales foarte bine momentul pentru a citi o carte care pune accentul pe pacea în lume și libertatea de a ne exprima așa cum ne simțim noi cel mai bine. Eu sunt Malala: tânăra care a luptat pentru educație și a schimbat lumea este o carte minunată care m-a capturat de la primele cuvinte! Mi-a plăcut cum autoarea Malala Yousafzai a avut puterea de a trece mai departe peste o serie de greutăți pe care vi [...]

    13. platypire/j-hooligan/iI checked the audiobook out from the library, forgetting that I had bought the ebook when it was on sale because I'm that sort of person. As amused and annoyed as I was with myself when I realized this, I actually ended up getting a better experience with the book this way. Malala speaks at the beginning and end of the book, and there's her UN speech as well. So, the audio version is definitely worth listening to.It's pretty emotional, hearing about how so many children in [...]

    14. Interesting to learn about the life of the youngest Nobel Peace Laureate and how she comes to be famous. Before I thought she is really mature because she takes her time off her childhood to fight for human rights, but after I read this book, I understand a lot about her, Pakistan and the Taliban as well. Even though she won a Nobel Peace Prize, she is still the same Malala who loves school, who plays with her brothers the same ways. Taliban shot her brain, but they had never be able to shut her [...]

    15. Malala was unlucky enough to be born in a country where girls were told they could not attend school. Malala was courageous enough to take a stand against this. Malala was unfortunate enough to be the victim of those who do not want girls to get an education. Malala was fortunate enough to live through the bombing.We are lucky to have Malala in the world, championing the rights of girls.

    16. Me encantan las historias basadas en hechos reales y qué mejor cuando la propia persona cuenta su historia, pero al empezar el libro todo parecía una completa distopía, me recordaba cosas que leía en los juegos del hambre y otras sagas, con la diferencia que ¡esto fue real! Muchas veces pienso que el mundo no está tan alejado de aquellas distopías que leemos, y este libro lo ha confirmado, he quedado sorprendida por todo lo sucedido y la increíble determinación de Malala, que con una ed [...]

    17. Malala is an amazing, inspiring young woman, and I have great respect for her and her story.However, I was really not a fan of the way this was written. It came off very simple and young sounding (which I understand since Malala is very young and not a professional writer), and from the few biographies I have read this was not a favorite.I read this for school, and we also watched the Malala movie documentary. I feel her story was much better suited to movie format than book.I am glad I had the [...]

    18. I accidentally picked up the young reader's edition and hence my reading experience was slightly watered down. But i guess that is my fault for not picking up the correct version for my age.Generally, this book achieves what it initially set out do, which is to directly answer the question of 'Who is Malala?'. It gives us a sufficient inside look into the world of Malala and why is she the Malala we know today. People who already know who is Malala and what she fights for will be satisfied and e [...]

    19. I did not realize there are two different I Am Malala books and was disappointed that I had not read the adult version by Christina Lamb. However, Kasey, a phD student of literature, analyzed the two books and found this young readers edition to be the better of the two. She says, "Although I think that the Christina Lamb version does give more context to the story, which is important and useful, I think the biggest difference between the two books is that the latter sounds more like the Malala [...]

    20. Whoops. I didn't realize there were two books! I read the Young Adult version, but I'm going to pick up the other version next!

    21. I don't watch the BBC News anymore (when I should do!) I have to excuse myself for being behind on the loop. So the first time I heard about Malala Yousafzai was on Teens React. All I knew from the video was that it was about a girl who got shot by the Taliban for speaking out for girls’ right to an education. She survived the shot and since then has continued her campaign and won many prestigious prizes including the Noble Peace Prize.This book was absolutely AMAZING. Honestly, I don’t reme [...]

    22. What an amazing story and human being. I remember when Malala was shot and was shocked that someone would do such an act of violence towards someone who just wanted an education. I've seen her on the Daily Show and Malala is a very well spoken and smart individual. It was also brave of her father and mother to want her to get an education. I listened to the audio book, which was probably better for me as I wouldn't have been able to pronounce all the names. I highly recommend this book and I'm l [...]

    23. Malala, her parents and her friends are all amazing and brave. She spoke out when she knew it could get her hurt, because she has a true passion for it. She wants everyone to have a education, and nothing will stop her from speaking about it, nothing will stop her from getting her education. Her parents are both very supportive of her. I love how despite all her work, she is still just a normal kid under it all. She is very honest and down to earth as well. Her thought of "Books not Bullets" is [...]

    24. This shows how powerful this one teenage girl is. She has changed the world at the age of 11 and broke barriers that no one else could. The book itself is written amazingly you almost forget that's it's a true story because of all of the things that happen.

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