Boom Snot Twitty This Way That Way

Boom Snot Twitty This Way That Way The perfect spot is this way says Boom The perfect spot is that way tweets Twitty Snot is smartly silent How will these three friends decide which way to go to find the perfect spot With humor wisdom

  • Title: Boom Snot Twitty This Way That Way
  • Author: Doreen Cronin Renata Liwska
  • ISBN: 9780670785773
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The perfect spot is this way says Boom.The perfect spot is that way tweets Twitty.Snot is smartly silent.How will these three friends decide which way to go to find the perfect spot With humor, wisdom, and perfect storytelling and illustrating pitch, New York Times bestsellers Doreen Cronin and Renata Liwska present a tale of authentic friendship.

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    1. Doreen Cronin Renata Liwska

      Doreen Cronin was a practicing attorney in Manhattan when her first book Click, Clack Moo Cows That Type became a publishing success But her book was not published overnight, in fact, she had written this barnyard tale even before attending law school but only received rejection letters from publishers Five years after submitting the original manuscript she got a call from a publisher who wanted to turn her story into a book and the rest is history The busy life of a writer left no room for courtroom litigation and arbitration so Doreen made the leap to being a full time children s book author She then teamed up once again with illustrator Betsy Lewin to write another hilarious barnyard tale, Giggle, Giggle, Quack, that continues the escapades of these lovable animals on a farm.In Doreen s latest book, Diary of a Worm, she explores the daily life of a lovable worm Who knew that the underground dwellings and activities of worms could be so funny Readers may even find that worm s life is much the same as theirs except worm eats his homework and his head looks a whole lot like his rear Doreen was born in Queens and grew up in Long Island She graduated from Pennsylvannia State University and St John s University School of Law She currently resides in New York with her husband and dog Ruffie.

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    1. I really wish Cronin hadn't named a character Snot. I think I might like these stories better if I weren't picturing something gross that comes out of your nose instead of a cute, anthropomorphic snail. The cognitive dissonance of that gross image with the cuteness of the characters makes it really difficult for me to objectively evaluate the actual story.

    2. Two friends disagree with how to spend the day. A third friend leads the other two on a journey that ensures everyone gets to engage in the activities each desires. Soft sketches colored in a muted color palette. PreK-2.

    3. Sometimes the goal of a journey gets lost in traveling along the path. Soft illustrations guide us through the book for a very sweet ending.

    4. From the lovely portrait of Snot on the front endpaper, to the adorable illustration of the three friends in their sinking hammock on the back endpaper, this book is a lovely experience. It is a cute story of compromise (beach? mountains?) that ends well for all. The soft illustrations are outstanding and turn the three animals into three lovely friends! It is the kind of book you want to thank the publisher for publishing! Doreen Cronin, author; and Renata Liwska, illustrator, made my day! Firs [...]

    5. The perfect spot is this way! says Boom.The perfect spot is that way!” tweets Twitty.Snot is smartly silent.How will these three friends decide which way to go to find the perfect spot?With humor, wisdom, and perfect storytelling and illustrating pitch, New York Times bestsellers Doreen Cronin and Renata Liwska present a tale of authentic friendship.

    6. A nice simple story about three friends who embark on an outing and can't seem to agree where to go. I wish the snail had a different name other than Snot thoughe's such a cute little thing and it doesn't suit here.

    7. This is the second new picture book that I have found in several weeks about friends having different ideas about fun, but learning how to enjoy spending time together anyway. Both have great illustrations but are otherwise disappointing, but for different reasons. Here, the story is not really anything special. I feel like the total point is to be able to call the bear (boom), the bird (Twitty) and the snail (Snot). And, honestly, I don't want to encourage children to give others nicknames like [...]

    8. A cute little book about disagreeing with friends and finding a way to compromise. Boom wants to hit the beach; Twitty wants to hike in the mountains (though, having wings, she has a distinct advantage there). Snot brought snacks.While the other two argue, Snot comes up with a clever way to make sure everybody gets what they want!A clever tale that will help the kiddos think outside the box, and remind them that playing with friends is the most fun when everybody gets to do something they want.

    9. Three friends go out on an adventure. But they can’t decide which way to go. Boom has packed everything he needs for a day of jumping and splashing. Twitty has packed everything he needs for a day of hiking and looking. Snot has packed snacks. While Boom and Twitty argue about which way to go, Snot goes on ahead without them. When they realize that Snot has left, Boom and Twitty follow the trail of blueberries up the hills and through the stream to where Snot has set up a picnic in the perfect [...]

    10. In this second story featuring Boom (a bear), Snot (a snail), and Twitty (a bird), the three friends must decide where to spend their day together. Boom wants to visit the water, Twitty wants to visit the mountains, and Snot, as readers have come to expect after their debut story, creates a balance between her two strong-willed friends, finding a happy solution for everyone! Renata Liwska's depictions of each of these characters is absolutely delightful - I especially love her ability to tell so [...]

    11. Almost wordless, a story about friends--a bear, a bird and a snail--who have different ideas of what to do one day. One wants the beach; the other wants the ocean, and the third, Snot the Snail, wants peace. And because they are friends, he gets it. It's a cute book, made better by the whimsey of the illustrations. For example, that bird wears hiking boots (she wants to walk in the mountains), and the snail carries a picnic basket. We find out later that he wants to eat!

    12. Boom, Snot, and Twitty are looking for a perfect spot to have a picnic and spend some time together. This way or that way is the way to the perfect spot. Sometimes the perfect spot is not where you plan.Great book on friends and summery activities - picnicking, beaching, hiking. Reviewed from a library copy.

    13. I liked this second book even better than the first! Boom is a bear, Snot is a snail, and Twitty is a robin. They each like to do things their own way - but Snot usually knows best! Great read-aloud for 4s and 5s. 1st and 2nd graders could read it on their own. A snail names Snot should be a big hit with them! Just have blueberries on hand for a snack!

    14. A bear cub, a robin, and a little snail all have different ways of approaching their day but they still wind up as friends at the end. I just like saying Boom Snot Twitty. Oh waitere's a sequel"Boom Snot Twitty, This Way That Way". Will their friendship survive? This is turning into a preschool soap opera.

    15. This is the second Boom, Twitty, Snot book that I have read. I liked this one better than the original. It had more of a story and I liked that they friends were working together a bit more in this one.

    16. Boom, Snot and Twitty set out for an excursion one day. Boom and Twitty both have distinct ideas about what the trio should do, but it is Snot who finds a way for everyone to enjoy the day.

    17. Teamwork and working through issues seems to be the fair of the day! Book, Snot, and Twitty are at odds, until Snot takes matters into his own, um, snot!

    18. If it weren't for the names I would probably give this book four stars. Loved the illustration and the story, but the names would just stop all flow.

    19. Cute illustrations and a story about being patient and just getting lost on the journey. I liked this one, other than the choice of "Snot" for a name of any type of creature. Yuck.

    20. This delicately illustrated book explores how friends decide what to do when each wants to do something different.

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