Дэдпул: Война Уэйда Уилсона

  • Title: Дэдпул: Война Уэйда Уилсона
  • Author: Duane Swierczynski
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Hardcover
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      376 Duane Swierczynski
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    1. Duane Swierczynski

      Duane Swierczynski is an American crime writer who has written a number of non fiction books, novels and also writes for comic books.

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    1. Última leitura de 2017, motivada pelo filme do personagem, de Tim Miller, que vi ontem. Queria perceber melhor que personagem da Marvel era este. Não me surpreendeu, está muito próximo do filme, apesar de pequenas subtilezas que o separam da adaptação cinematográfica. Quanto ao personagem, não faz o meu género, mas reconheço que abre a Marvel a novos públicos. Talvez o mais relevante seja o modo como ele se apresenta como anti-herói e simultaneamente narrador das histórias. O lado a [...]

    2. 3½ starsThe 4th wall is meant to be broken, and mouthy mercenaries take (propel?) the world of superheroes and super villains into post-modernism. Wade Wilson/Deadpool is one of the most interesting characters in comics, to me, because of all of his ambiguities and a backstory full of unresolved mysteries. He's neither hero nor villain, but straddles that line in between.In this installment, Duane Swierczynski tries to answer a few lingering questions about Deadpool's past and shed some light o [...]

    3. I've always been interested in Deadpool but as with most comic book characters I've not read, I didn't know where to start. I first encountered the character a few years ago when Marvel attempted to bring Deadpool to the silver screen casting Ryan Reynolds in Wolverine: Origins. Most people felt that this was a perfect choice as Reynolds is known for his sarcastic delivery which fit the character perfectly – plus, he’s a fan. I don’t think anyone could have predicted just how badly they wo [...]

    4. Sum it up in two words: Pretty Pointless. A few more words I thought I could enjoy a self-contained Deadpool & Friends book like this - weirdos like Bullseye, Domino & Silver Sable should've given us rich troves of odd, detailed and nuanced character interactions, and a whole tale told from Wade's exaggerated and warped mind? About secret revisionist tales of killings throughout history? And letting us see behind the curtain, to hear some reflected shards of what really happened? How cou [...]

    5. Tratandose de un libro de Deadpool esperaba una cierta combinación de violencia, humor y ridiculez. La violencia y la ridiculez estuvieron ahi en cierto grado, pero el humor realmente se quedó corto. No es que no estuviera, es que los intentos de humor del autor fueron del tipo "le pegó en la cara asi que debería ser gracioso, RÍANSE". No fue una mala historia, solo fue bastante superficial y poco original.

    6. Cómic muy recomendado para empezar con Deadpool. Aparte de que es una serie limitada (4 números recopilados en este tomo) que eso siempre se agradece para empezar a leer, refleja bastante bien el espíritu que rezuma este personaje. Además esta historia te habla del origen de Deadpool (Masacre en español) y ciertas características suyas que te ayudarán a ubicarte más que si lees otras historias y vas descubriendo esto poco a poco. El origen de Deadpool siempre ha sido algo ambiguo y en es [...]

    7. Ülkemizde JBC yayınevi tarafından tek cilt olarak yayımlanan, Marvel Knight etiketiyle çıkmış, 4 sayılık bayram şekeri tadında bir çizgi roman… İki ünlü uyuşturucu karteli ve adı açıklanmayan bir paralı asker timi, Meksika dolaylarında en az yetmiş dokuzu sivil, yüzlerce kişinin ölümüne sebep olur. Çıkan büyük katliamdan yalnızca bir kişi kurtulur ve senato binasına getirilir. Bu kişi Marvel’ın en geveze, en şapşik ve tabiki en eğlenceli karakteri olan [...]

    8. I think Deadpool hates the writers at Marvel as much as I do. The thing I like about Deadpool, is that he kinda represents how superheroes would be portrayed in reality: psychopaths lol.

    9. Deadpool: Wade Wilson'ın Savaşı, Wade'in Deadpool'a dönüşümünü de içeren ve Deadpool'un çılgınlıklarının boyutunu şaşırtıcı bir biçimde okura sunan bir çizgi roman. Birisi Deadpool'un süzgecinden olmak üzere başlarda çift yönlü anlatılan hikaye sonlara doğru bambaşka gerçekler sunarak okura harikulade sürprizler yaparken Deadpool'un o çok sevdiğimiz mizahı da bir o kadar keyifli bir yolculuk sunuyor. Ara sıra okurla diyaloğa giren kurgularıysa ben hep sevm [...]

    10. I loved this story. It was my first Deadpool read ever and I just adored it. The humor, the story, the art. Fantastic.

    11. Review brought by Geekly ReviewDeadpool: Wade Wilson’s War, written by Duane Swierczynski (the writer of '2 Past Midnight') and illustrated by Jason Pearson, is a non-continuity story from the Marvel Knight’s imprint. And, following the imprint’s characteristic boiling down of a character down to his or her nature, this comic does exactly that. Want answers about Deadpool? Such as why he uses his red and black mask and why he even uses ‘Deadpool’ as a name? Whether his teammates really [...]

    12. Another utterly terrible Deadpool story in what appears to be the norm for Deadpool stories. I have absolutely no idea what Sweirczynski was going for with this odd almost-parody of Charlie Wilson's War (it very rapidly loses any connection to that film as it slides right off the logic cliff). The whole time I was reading this I just kept thinking "Why?" Why did this character make this weird decision? Why did Deadpool make that lame-ass joke? Why was this book written in the first place?This st [...]

    13. Reseña de Isabel López para Zona Negativa:zonanegativa/masacre-lCrítica y Valoración PersonalDurante la lectura de La Guerra de Wade Wilson creo que mi actitud fue de desconcierto. Me leí las casi cien páginas del tirón, porque no me encajaba nada. Hasta el final, pero como no puedo soltar spoilers os dejaré con la duda y el misterio. Aunque como pista os puedo decir que su final es algo que no os va a extrañar del todo a los que seáis o hayáis sido seguidores de las aventuras del rey [...]

    14. So, I've heard a lot about this title and expected magic. What I got was underwhelming and over-hyped. The four issues start with Wade Wilson - our favourite merc with the mouth - being dragged into court and making a farcical case for himself. People are dead (this is a Deadpool book, of course they are), and the courts want justice.Unfortunately their only living witness is the survivor from hell. Deadpool inexplicably complicates, meanders and pads up a tale about how the Weapon X programme t [...]

    15. История начинается с того, что Дэдпул предстает перед сенаторами США, которые расследуют дело о кровопролитной резне в Мексике, унесшей тысячи человеческих жизней и в которой участвовал Дэдпул. Весь том Уейд будет приоткрывать завесы тайны с того жуткого инцидента, попут [...]

    16. A twisted, new, perspective on Wade WilsonThis storyline has the potential to forever-alter the way I read Deadpool. In these 100 pages, a complexity, depth, and social commentary are injected into our favorite merc with a mouth.WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!Is Deadpool the made-up persona of an otherwise insignificant soldier? Is every Deadpool comic simply the internalized ramblings of a mentally injured warrior? Is this why he's "self aware", because he is making up these stories in his mind? [...]

    17. [spoiler alert] so anyone who knows about deadpool understands what type of character he is- in your face, breaking the fourth wall and a merc with a mouth. So what happens when you put deadpool in front of a senate committee asking why he and three other mercenaries caused the deaths of hundreds of civilians?as one can begin to understand things are about to get good:"Senator: Enough! Please swear Mr Wilson in at once.Deadpool: Ah, yeah, about that--I'm not Wilson anymore. Name's Deadpool. Can' [...]

    18. There's been a massacre in Mexico, and Deadpool has been called to testify in front of Congress to explain himself and his band of mercenaries (Bullseye, Domino, and Silver Sable). Now THIS is the kind of Deadpool comic that I enjoy reading. Swierczynski does an excellent take on the character. Deadpool cracks his jokes and breaks the fourth wall (repeatedly), but not in an idiotic way. Instead, he's actually funny (unlike Way's version) and witty. The comic also is sad and serious in appropriat [...]

    19. What can I say about Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War? For one thing, it is hilarious. Plenty of that Deadpool humor and fourth wall breaking. Plus, Deadpool in a Michael Jackson mask is so ridiculous you can't help but laugh. For another thing, I feel like it really gives us a sense of just how messed up Deadpool truly is. I mean, you think you know, and then this graphic novel comes along and it blows you away just how deeply broken he is. I also really enjoyed watching Bullseye, Domino and Silver [...]

    20. This just wasn't very good. I'll be charitable and assume this was meant as an alternate take on Deadpool as a character, with the Marvel universe as a whole feeding into his delusions. As a reimagining of Deadpool's story, this is okay, if a bit strained. Weapon X as a means of human enhancement seems to exist, and a group of characters that just don't quite go together are a part of it in this book. The characters also don't really line up with how they are in other comics, even to the point o [...]

    21. Short, sweet, and simple Deadpool greatness. All the stuff that makes the character so damn likable in the Marvel U. Loved putting Deadpool in an Oliver North styled congressional hearing for him being contras to the contras (amazing), complete with a Reagan looking politician. As a 90's Marvel fanboy (yeah comic geeks sue me I was a kid in the 90's) I also loved the appearances of femme fatals Domino and Silver Sable as members of Deadpools contra contra squad. It's a quick read in terms of mea [...]

    22. There are two ways to treat Deadpool's regular fourth-wall breakage: He is super-meta and savvy as part of his character, or he's had a complete break with reality and actually lives in a world semi-related to ours where superheroes come in comics and he is unquestionably insane. This mini is a variation on the second theory--that Wade Wilson is actually just some guy who isn't invincible and is, instead, insane--and it's an interesting take on the whole idea because Wade still pauses and talks [...]

    23. This is a stand-alone Marvel Knights Deadpool book with a completely rehashed origin story, existing well outside the usual canon.This is also one of the most brilliant and self-aware of all the Deadpool trades out there. Deadpool's narrative blends seamlessly between the past and present, to the confusion of the characters around him. He also employs a freeze scene popularized by Saved by the Bell for further exposition. Then it gets twisty. Contradictory truths are hurled at you from different [...]

    24. One of Deadpool's better outings. Features companions that actually accept him, a fun side-by-side dual source recollection mechanic, crafty fourth wall violations, and an interesting twist. Of course there's plenty of gore, glam, and over-the top acting. It's Deadpool. About the only thing that was lacking was frequent discussions with Preston and the narrator's thought box.I particularly liked how Deadpool's companions appearance and capabilities changed depending upon whether Deadpool was tel [...]

    25. As the story goes on, there are more and more unbelievable plot twists, until it climaxes with an act that seems too violent for any comic–but did it happen? The writers and editors here have made a point to include running commentary that seems to run contrary to Deadpool’s own narration, playing an elaborate game with our expectations and our understanding of the story. By the end, you’ll be wondering if what you read had any importance at all, or if it’s one of the most important stor [...]

    26. I loved Duane Swierczynski's take on Deadpool. Here, Wade tells his side of a Mercs-hired-to-destroy-Mexican-drug-cartel story that concurrently shows us how much psychotically [REDACTED]-up Deadpool really is. I fully enjoyed how the conspiracy-style investigation of Wade's past was juxtaposed with his solemn and selective approach to his own memories.Though it suffers a bit at the end, the first two issues are marvelous. Swierczynski brilliantly captures Deadpool's tone, and Jason Pearson's ar [...]

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