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  • Title: Mark Manson on Happiness
  • Author: MarkManson
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  • Page: 121
  • Format: ebook
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      Mark Manson born 1984 is a professional blogger, entrepreneur, and former dating coach Since 2007, he s been helping people with their emotional and relationship problems He has worked with thousands of people from over 30 different countries He regularly writes and updates his blog at markmanson

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    1. Get it here. If you don't want to give out your e-mail address, wearing a peg leg, an eye patch and dying of vitamin C deficiency might work for you.We're very, very bad at judging what makes us happy.No matter what happens, everything's going to be okay.Be creative. Be grateful.Sounds clichay, but it's advice I'd love to be able to keep in mind always. and to his credit, Mark Manson made it sound profound. It is, actually, and it takes skill to turn a well-meaning but worn saying into something [...]

    2. Quick read, less than 50 pages. Wish everyone can read this! I want Mark Manson to be my life coach!

    3. Short book to read but provides a lot of good information on how we can learn to maintain our happiness.

    4. I've read a lot about the concept of happiness, so nothing new here for me. It's a nice summary of a lot of books for someone new to the subject. However there is a huge, GLARING omission: the importance of maintaining personal relationships and the havoc that loneliness can wreak. We are hardwired to be social creatures, and no expert on the topic would leave social relationships out of the equation. Also, being so short, inconsistencies and irritants stick out much more. Here is one:"Completin [...]

    5. You know how some advice is not new to you, and yet you need to hear it repeated from time to time?This is what this book is about. You may not agree with every point of view of this author (I do not, though I do agree with much more than half of his points of view). Yet, this small ebook reads like a conversation with a good, no-nonsense friend, who is reminding you of the advice you know but forget from time to time. Honest, refreshing, and something I need to re-read soon.

    6. The advice here wasn't new to me, and this is just not something I really struggle with. So maybe this was just not the right book for me. Still, I do not disagree with much of the advise here; although some of it is a bit limited. So, while the advise is limited and not really novel or groundbreaking, it's not wrong either; and nobody will be the worse for reading this book, I think.

    7. What made this book special to me was its mention of minimalism at the end. A book about happiness - and, to some extent, thinking for yourself - would be incomplete without at least nodding to consumerism's dark secret: stuff isn't making us happy.Though not groundbreaking, this ebook is a good introduction to happiness and the psychology behind it.

    8. Simple yet straight to the point. I love how Mark Manson reveal the fact about happiness that most people might haven't heard about. I'm one of his fans from this book on

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