Just a Bit Obsessed

Just a Bit Obsessed Alexander Sheldon likes order and control in his life He isn t happy when his girlfriend invites another guy for a threesome Alexander believes in monogamy and he s never been good at sharing his thi

  • Title: Just a Bit Obsessed
  • Author: Alessandra Hazard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alexander Sheldon likes order and control in his life He isn t happy when his girlfriend invites another guy for a threesome Alexander believes in monogamy, and he s never been good at sharing his things It doesn t help that Christian rubs him the wrong way from the beginning But what starts as animosity turns into something else Something unexpected and very wrong.HeAlexander Sheldon likes order and control in his life He isn t happy when his girlfriend invites another guy for a threesome Alexander believes in monogamy, and he s never been good at sharing his things It doesn t help that Christian rubs him the wrong way from the beginning But what starts as animosity turns into something else Something unexpected and very wrong.He was never supposed to touch Christian He was never supposed to feel possessive of the guy And he most definitely wasn t supposed to want Christian than he wants his girlfriend.It s a recipe for disaster.Warning some M F M sex.

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    1. **3.5 stars**This was so dreamy. Alexander and Christian, so dreamy. Le giggle.No review, the blurb says it all.Alexander Sheldon likes order and control in his life. He isn’t happy when his girlfriend invites another guy for a threesome. Alexander believes in monogamy, and he’s never been good at sharing his things. It doesn’t help that Christian rubs him the wrong way from the beginning. But what starts as animosity turns into something else. Something unexpected and very wrong.He was ne [...]

    2. Sometimes love isn't pretty. It's not neat, and it's not textbook perfect. There's no template for love. Sometimes it's dirty. Sometimes it's a bit creepy. And sometimes it hurts.Back again for more Straight Guys madness, this time MMF style! You know what that meansSRAL is always on the hunt for good MMF (I read MF and don't mind if a vagina pops up in my MM romance. Not a big deal. *shrugs*)Side bar: I'm tired of over glorified MFM that gets the MMF tag. Ugh, you know the ones. The girl is the [...]

    3. Re-read 11/20 2017 Still a great series and I can't wait for the next book to get published :PI skipped this book at first, when I started reading this series. The reason why, is because I am very demanding/weird, when it comes to MMF books. But since I liked the other books in this so much, I figured I would just give it a try, and I ended up really enjoying this one.We've met Christian in book 1, but this one can be read as a stand alone. Christian is bi, he likes men better than women, and he [...]

    4. **** 4 Stars ****Another winner!The OTT events were seriously toned down here if comparing with book 1 in the series. You see, this is not a complaint. I enjoyed book 1 loads! Just want to put this out there to those who prefer their stories more real, believable and easy to relate. I wish the girlfriend had gone MIA earlier in the story though.And friends?? careful with what you wish for.Ouch.

    5. 3.5 Stars"If you look at him and think ‘this is mine,’ that’s it. Grab it if you can."Well, before I started this book I knew this one isn’t really for me but I have this insistence reading a series in order even if its books are standalone. I know, sometimes it’s really frustrating. So I read this one and as I expected it was an okay read.My first issue was, it took me awhile to warm up to this story (the first 60% of the book)! my second issue was, I’m not a fan of threesome or sha [...]

    6. For all the MM junkies you have to read this. Only if you don't mind a vagina popping in the middle, because i don't like it even a little bit. Hence come my 3 star review although this book was pretty damn good everything else considering. Especially I loved the MC's really damn MUCH.Review to come.

    7. Not as good as the others. Still hot BUT I was mislead that the story was a MM love story not a Menage with lots of MFM sex lies!! because that vagina was in the story til 85%

    8. ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Something is missing in this series*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ What's with the fast endings in this series? I feel like we get no real closure at all. The book centers around Christian ‘Chris’ Ashford (20) and owner of a small company that provides translation and linguistic validation services, Alexander ‘Alec’ Sheldon (27). Alexander is really what you would call a perfect man/boyfriend; meaning he is always calm, patient, ect. Well, that is until his girlfriend suggest a th [...]

    9. 3.75 starsPhew! I'm so glad I read this one I almost skipped it, since it contains M/F/Mwell it was supposed to be but it ended up being M/M/F and I'm not a big fan of sharing my M/M with F. But anyway this is Christian's story, his Shawn's close friend from book one. Christian, has a crush on Alexander, who is straight and has a girlfriend, Mila the girlfriend asks Christian to join her and Alexander in a threesome and so the dilemma begins. This was another great read, filled sexual tension, a [...]

    10. I loved second book even more! Please read Purple's review, she put perfectly into the words everything I thought about this book.

    11. This review is posted on Way Too Hot Books."Crushing on straight guys is never a good idea."For the love ofI don't know which one was hotter- this one or the first one! My dirty mind simply can't force himself to choose and calls it a a tie, lol.I knew from the first time I met Christian, Shawn's bff, in Just a Bit Twisted (Straight Guys, #1) that his story is bound to be good. Christian is a mix of everything I prefer my main characters to be: strong, witty, sweet and a bit cocky, but in a tota [...]

    12. Twirl! I liked this one much better. Everyone knows I prefer my M/M romance sans girly bits, so color me 'tickled daggone PINK' that this story revolved around a pushy girlfriend who guilted her bf into having a threesome with a guy against his will, and then the two guys fall for each other and kick her to the curb. HA HAAAAAAA!!! Now, that's a storyline I can get behind! Once again, the setup felt a little off (Mila having Chris come over the second time, knowing Alexander had only agreed to a [...]

    13. MILA SERIOUSLY! DID NOT LIKE HEREVER! SHE GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED! But, why was she in this book till 80%?The book, as a whole. Christen and Alec, AFREAKIN'DORBLE! Gosh, even with thier adorableness, I felt like I only got a glimpse of just the two of them, in this story. I had to read up to the 80% mark before I could be relieved of theTORTUROUS FEM BITS! , and that was so not cool. I really do not understand why that problem could not have been fixed sooner? And, relationship building thereafter [...]

    14. 4 Solid StarsWhy aren't these longer???I liked this one way better. I would probably reread this again. I liked Christian, I adored him in the beginning. Alexander had his issues. I don't read m/f/m menage stories. I don't like my men sharing. Boy, I'm pretty sure Mila feels real stupid. Honey you did all of this. I would never invite another good looking person in my bedroom. That's truth, especially with the attitude Christian had. He was easily liked to me, I really adored him and he feel in [...]

    15. Meh.I went into this book knowing that Alexander had a girlfriend and that there would be MFM.What I didn't expect was that Mila would be in the book almost until the end. That's a long time to have the third wheel around.And because Alexander and Christian spent such little time together with just the two of them, I found their romance difficult to believe. Their relationship hinges on the hot sex that they had, which almost always occurred while Mila was in the same bed.So maybe they do make i [...]

    16. Umrry.This just didn't work for me.The reason is the girlfriend.There seems to be a pattern with this author.Apart from book 1, all the other books of the series have an MC with a girlfriend, including the third one which hasn't been published yet and the prequel.In this book the girlfriend does not disappear until 80% of the book.Every sex scene includes her.Even when the MCs get together eventually, there is not an intimate scene with just the two of them!We also have her POV at times which on [...]

    17. 2 stars.This definitely wasn’t for me. Thank God, it was a short book, otherwise, I wouldn’t have finished it. The only thing I liked was Chris because he was snarky and flirty. He just made me laugh and he helped me a lot to finish this Now, I’m gonna start rambling about what I didn’t like:The threesomes and the girlfriend.I usually don’t have problems with threesomes, but I had problems with this one because I mostly felt it as a cheating… I have read pretty steamy threesomes wher [...]

    18. *3,5 stars*Reread in October 2017For the enjoyment value alone I am quite happy giving this 4 stars:I still think the scenario is fab: a threesome that doesn't quite go as planned. And there is brooding, "a volcano-ready-to-explode" Alexander. Don't I love stories where tall, gloomy, silent men are poked and prodded until they can't help to show their true feelings.Christian was as sweet as I remember him, and sensible, too, because at least he tries to stay away from Alexander (who has a girlfr [...]

    19. 4.25 stars!This was enjoyable for me. If this had had the MMF as all of them romantically involved, I wouldn't have read it, but thankfully the female in the equation, Mila, wasn't all that present. Even when, in the beginning, they kind of focused on her, it wasn't very detailed. Mostly these two were kind of just fucking each other with the excuse that Mila was there too so it was a "threesome" when really after the first few times it was just them and Mila was kindaere. And I didn't think Mil [...]

    20. 3.5 starsWell, I liked this one a little more than book one. The how-to-mess-with-a-‘straight’-guy theme continues. And while this is M/M/F throughout— I don't read many of those— the tension between the two guys was lots of fun. While I tolerated the het in the threesome, there was something else that became a bigger issue. More on that later.I liked Christian in book one (he’s Shawn’s best friend) and I really like him here. I like him everywhere. He’s fun, confident, he’s got [...]

    21. Alexander Sheldon is a control freak who believes in monogamy. When his girlfriend invites another guy for a threesome, a guy who pushes all his buttons in a negative way, he’s none too pleased. But something unexpected starts to happen when Alex begins to touch Christian. He begins to want Christian more than his girlfriend. Mila's the pushy girlfriend who opened a Pandora’s box that she found it impossible to close. Loved the fun, flirty, confident Christian in the first book and again her [...]

    22. 4.5 starsWell, color me surprised! I liked this one very, very much, even more than the first one in the series. I picked it up because I needed something light and short to read yesterday while waiting for some test results and wanted it to take my mind out of reality for a while. It seems I made the right choice as the book was highly addictive and I ended up finishing it in less than a day, even if it meant sleeping later than usual. The angst was quite high, something that I didn't expect at [...]

    23. This has MFM, MMF and MM sex. But I think this time I didn't mind (I skipped the scenes where there's MF sex, so I'm good). Besides, that Mila the greedy bitch, deserved what she asked for. She's got a perfect boyfriend, and she still wanted threesomes. She asked for it.And three's a crowd when it comes to pussy. Kicked the pussy out, two dicks will get better :)So, it's her 'fault' asking for trouble, she should've known better that everybody wants Christian, and Alexander is definitely not imm [...]

    24. Still going strong. ☺️ I love that all Alessandra’s characters are twisted. I was really curious about Shawn’s best friend, Christian’s story since he was mentioned in the first book. AndAlessandra Hazzard didn’t fail to deliver my expectations. 😊 Christian, a charming and handsome guy, his charisma is unique and legendary in his college. Almost everyone wants him. He’s openly bi and a shameless albeit cute and adorable flirt. 😁 He’s been having a bit of an unhealthy crush [...]

    25. This was book two in the "Straight Guy" series. Alexander Sheldon likes order and control in his life. He isn’t happy when his girlfriend Mila invites another guy for a threesome. Alexander believes in monogamy, and he’s never been good at sharing his things. It doesn’t help that Christian rubs him the wrong way from the beginning. Christian Ashford agrees to the threesome not because of Mila but because he has a crush on Alexander, but when the three hook up it doesn't go the way he wante [...]

    26. Great short story, super hot sexiness, and engrossing characters ! This GFY, "gay for you", story shows it's not just a guy who suddenly wants to be with guys, it's that only a certain person makes it happen. Mila wants a threesome, so Alex thinks it over and says yes. When Christian shows up, he instantly irritates Alex. During their ménage, Alex and Christian accidentally kiss, and Alex is amazed at how much he liked it. I liked the guys and the building relationship. Mila seemed pouty and im [...]

    27. I'm not sure what it is but I'm totally loving this series! Following along as these guys step out of previous comfort zones and discover something amazing, something they didn't even REALIZE has been a great read for me.The BIGGEST thing in this for me is the lengthy amount of MFM action. It was really toned down, and frankly those moments felt super awkward to me, like cold precision. Actually felt the passion after the first awkward guy sex scene, that Alexander kind of runs with it without o [...]

    28. I have to admit most of the time I want to dump Mila out of their bed. She's just getting in their way! I almost DNF'd if I didn't know for certain that Alexander is not in love with herI'm having a hard time reading the menage scenes in here. Maybe because I'm growing to like Christian and Alexander more.I think I have told you before that I like her writing style. It's simple. Not much filler. Enough dialogue. Enough narration. Ms. Hazard is definitely a new author I would stalk.And I'm so exc [...]

    29. I may have a new favorite author. I loved the first book, so as soon as I finished it, I had to run to 's site to buy this one, even though I'm trying (and had been successful until this book) to not spend money on books and focus on reading the over 1000 I already own. I'm glad I bought it as I was not disappointed with this story. The only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is that I wanted more in the end. Would have been nice to have a short epilogue or something.

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