Fight Game

Fight Game A fast reading thriller with an extrasensory twist told by a rebellious gypsy boy who lives by his wits and his fists When rogue gypsy boy Freedom Smith runs into trouble with the law he strikes a d

  • Title: Fight Game
  • Author: KateWild
  • ISBN: 9780439871754
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A fast reading thriller with an extrasensory twist, told by a rebellious gypsy boy who lives by his wits and his fists.When rogue gypsy boy Freedom Smith runs into trouble with the law, he strikes a deal with the police Instead of going to prison for a crime he didn t commit, he ll go undercover and underground using his incredible strength and boxing skills to infA fast reading thriller with an extrasensory twist, told by a rebellious gypsy boy who lives by his wits and his fists.When rogue gypsy boy Freedom Smith runs into trouble with the law, he strikes a deal with the police Instead of going to prison for a crime he didn t commit, he ll go undercover and underground using his incredible strength and boxing skills to infiltrate a nefarious, high tech fight club known as The Bear Pit His mission to save other street children from the terrible fate the Pit has in store for them Freedom thinks he can trust Java, his newfound friend, with his secret life If only he knew that this high spirited, upper class girl has a secret of her own.

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    1. Very promising premise, and although the author appears to understand gypsies, she clearly has never been in any of the fights she's trying to describe-- and considering this book is all about fighting, that's a problem. Freedom is supposed to be the most gentically gifted fighter possibly existing on the planet. He comes by through his ancestry--each generation seemingly becoming stronger than the one before. But the action the author uses to prove this a) nearly always shows the Freedom losing [...]

    2. Johny would always try to get into fights and he didn't care how much bigger the other person is he would still try to start and pick a fight.

    3. Wild, Kate Fight Game, 304 p. - Freedom Smith's small Gypsy family has been trying to find a place where they can settle for a time, to let the little ones grow up in peace, but the townfolk around them have other plans. Defending his family, Johnny is now in major trouble with the law, but he is offered a deal. Use the fight skills he inherited from his famous many-greats-grandfather and infiltrate the seedy, dangerous world of an underground fight that has been going on non-top for decades. W [...]

    4. I liked the idea of the story, but it was executed poorly. The same analogies were used over and over again and sometimes I was confused as to where the characters were as descriptors were poor. The "romance" part was just sort of thrown in as an after thought and Java seemed like a small child at some times and a grown woman at others.

    5. It's not very deep. It is very fun. I liked the narrative voice of the protagonist and the fact that he was a Traveler (aka Gypsy).

    6. Brilliant thrilling story well worth reading. Seeing both sides of gang and government fighting to get Freedom on their side.

    7. Fight Game by Kate Wild is a thrill ride and a page turner.As soon as I.picked the book up i couldn't take my eyes off of the exciting pages.Fight Game is about a Gypsy boy named Freedom Smith who has a great gen pool,his Great Grandfather Hercules was a great fighter, now young Freedom has all of his great grandfathers traits from his fighting ability to his keen senses. But one night as Freedom, his sister Crystal,and there family are in their campers for the night some local skin heads come a [...]

    8. I have just finished reading Fight Game by Kate Wild. This book was very intense and intriguing, it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the book. Wild describes lots of the scenes that take place and is very graphic about what happens. The main character, Freedom Smith, is accused of pushing his friend in front of a bus which eventually ran the kid over. To drop the charges, Freedom has to go undercover as an agent and try to figure out how this never ending fighting game is going on. [...]

    9. Fight Game by Kate Wild is about a boy named Freedom Smith who is a bare knuckle fighter. He has a gene that was passed down from his triple great grandfather. This gene allows him to do amazing things like climb and jump far. However many people are after this gene. Including Darcus Knight, a man that runs an illegal underground fight club. Freedom has a sense I guess you could say. Kate Wild describes it as a reptile sense. It helps him sense danger. This sense really helps after Freedom accid [...]

    10. The book Fight Game by Kate Wild is a great, fun read. In this book, the main character's name is Freedom Smith and he is a special sort of mutant. He and his many forefathers have inherited a gene called the Hercules gene, coming from the original Smith, Hercules Smith. He has enhanced fighting technique and skill and he also has reflexes like a reptile. Freedom always seems to get into some sort of trouble with either the police or just gets into trouble with the neighborhood kids. This causes [...]

    11. My book "Fight Game" I rated four stars because it had me hooked from the beginning but at the same time it took a while to get really interesting. I can't say I can relate to this book much because he's growing up fighting for his life underground to make money. While I get things handed down to me as a teenager. Technically we have completely different life styles. The book was really good I highly recommend people to read it. If you like action books. The summary of the story is about a boy F [...]

    12. I read this one last fall but just found my notes on it! In Fight Game by Wild Freedom Hercules Smith was named after his great great grandfather Hercules who had been an incredible fighter. There’s something odd in their Gypsy blood that allows Freedom to slip into reptile mode when doing things like running from police or fighting. After almost killing a would-be arsonist who had attempted to burn his sister’s trailer with her family inside, a man in a black BMW offers him a proposition: [...]

    13. This book was brought to my attention by an 8th grade boy who never read much, but could not get enough of this series. That’s a winner of a recommendation for me, so I knew I had to find out what it was about. Whatever you do, do NOT listen to the audiobook! It just ruined the whole thing for me and I could barely get through it without laughing. The male narrator does an admirable job on Freedom, but everything else is hideous (Java, Ant, Darkus – awful). I started this book in July 2012 a [...]

    14. What a blast! This one's a page turner, as addictive as the fights it illustrates. If you've read the Fearless series by Francine Pascal, or the Alex Rider books, this one's something of a spawn of the two. There's undercover work by a fight recruit called Freedom Smith, who's gifted with his great great great (lost count how many) grandfather's rogue DNA makeup - the Hercules gene. It's nothing to do with Greek or Roman mythology. I'm not a fighter myself, but whatever Kate writes, Kate's being [...]

    15. Not a bad read. There were some redeeming qualities, but for the most part, it was a tad on the ridiculous side. I sort of dig on the idea of a kid who has the ability to fight and destroy and not feel a thing in the process. The only aspect I'm not really into is the whole concept of the fight. I can handle some violent concepts, but for adolescents, well, it was a little over the top. I like the idea of not fighting to fight, which is one thing that Freedom Smith, the protagonist, does. So, wh [...]

    16. fight game is a good book and Fight Game is, no doubt, intended for the action readers, so for me fight game has been the most interesting book so far and i like it because it talks about the streets and how freedom smith has to survive and how he is running from the police so i find it mysterious book too, because they don't share much information about freedom smith and why he has a reptile side, a beast in him so its a mysterious and has alot of action so read it and don't read it if you are [...]

    17. I chose this book mainly because I love lots of action. What really hooked me was the intro and it was quite fascianating. The story is about a boy Freedom Smith, he is assigned by an undercover cop to go and investigate this fight club. Freedom is a strong teenager with super strength, endurance, and speed. He is born to fight. My favorite quote is "He is bringing a world of hurt". The author really brings the story to life with all the words. I would reccomend this to people who love fast pace [...]

    18. Freedom Smith, a gypsy kid, has a knack of getting into fights and suddenly finds himself on the wrong side of the law. He gets a second chance at redemption, by leaving his family and going undercover to break up an illegal exclusive fight club. Kids are plucked from the streets, brainwashed into fighting the never-ending fight which can lead to a brutal fate. Can Freedom right the wrong in his life, save the kids who have been damned, without being lost forever? A real action packed thriller!

    19. preso in bibliotecaLetto perchè segnalato in una bibliografia, ho fatto una gran fatica a non piantarlo dopo le prime 20 pagine e ho continuato a faticare fino alla fine.La trama è debole, la narrazione proprio non ne vuol sapere di decollare. Linguaggio pulito, scene di lotta edulcoratissime Più che un libro per giovani adulti, un libro per ragazzini, e nemmeno dei migliori.

    20. awesome book.cially liked it because I was able to know where Freedom was coming from and knew what he was going through.I would recommend this book to people enjoy fighting and it is a supence so it will keep you on your feet. The author of this book uses really good voice so it will seem like you are in the story.overal good book and definatly recommended.

    21. Gypsy boy Freedom gets caught up in a bad situation and must work for the police to infiltrate an illegal fighting match and break it up. Along the way he also decides to help a girl find her missing brother, whom they suspect is also involved with the fight. Better read than it sounds, very believable and poignant interaction between Freedom and Java (the love interest).

    22. I chose this book because it was a beehive award nominee and I really did like it. It is about a gypsy boy who makes a bad decision and to clear his name he 'works' with the police to infiltrate an underground fighting ring.

    23. This book started out with promise. I liked the characters, the moral dilema and the developing premise, but as the story line continued it went from a bit hard to believe, to pretty implausible to simply ridiculous.

    24. I think I am going to like this series . . . A boy with incredible strength who chooses to do the right thing(most of the time.) Plus, a organization that investigates supernatural events. . . I have to go deeper into the books, though.

    25. Interesting YA read, focusing on performance enhancing drugs, and if you're a fan of the movie "Snatch" it has some similar insights into gypsie lifestyle/traditions & bareknuckle boxing. Not the most exciting of reads, but it was a decent book to pick up and get through for a summer read.

    26. 3 1/2 stars is what I'm really leaning toward. A few moments I couldn't suspend disbelief, but a pretty good, fast paced and original story. I gave this to my 18-year-old brother who does not read very much. He had this finished in a week and really enjoyed it.

    27. It was a good book. It was action packed and when I thought something was going to happen something totally different did happen.

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