Ruffleclaw The beloved and bestselling author of Inkheart returns with a chapter book full of mischief heart and hilarious illustrations Ruffleclaw is a furry red monster who lives in a burrow under a toolshed

  • Title: Ruffleclaw
  • Author: Cornelia Funke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The beloved and bestselling author of Inkheart returns with a chapter book full of mischief, heart, and hilarious illustrations Ruffleclaw is a furry red monster who lives in a burrow under a toolshed When he decides to move in with a family of humans, he climbs right into bed with a boy named Tommy Tommy wants to keep Ruffleclaw as a pet, but it won t be easy RuffleclaThe beloved and bestselling author of Inkheart returns with a chapter book full of mischief, heart, and hilarious illustrations Ruffleclaw is a furry red monster who lives in a burrow under a toolshed When he decides to move in with a family of humans, he climbs right into bed with a boy named Tommy Tommy wants to keep Ruffleclaw as a pet, but it won t be easy Ruffleclaw makes huge messes he spits, he drinks shampoo, and he eats everything in the fridge along with the plates Can Tommy teach his monster to behave

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    1. Cornelia Funke

      Cornelia Funke is a multiple award winning German illustrator and storyteller, who writes fantasy for all ages of readers Amongst her best known books is the Inkheart trilogy Many of Cornelia s titles are published all over the world and translated into than 30 languages She has two children, two birds and a very old dog and lives in Los Angeles, California.

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    1. Introducing Ruffleclaw, who despite the adorable name, is one of the most unpleasant main characters I've had the unpleasure to meet. The book started out well enough. We learn that Ruffleclaw is an earth monster who enviously watches a human family. He doesn't want to live like other earth monsters (going to far as to line his burrow with stolen sweaters instead of woodlice).And then the book takes a sharp turn when Ruffleclaw decides he wants to move in with the humans. One night, he climbs in [...]

    2. Ruffleclaw is a furry red earth monster who lives in a burrow. One day, he decides to move into a house full of humans. Though no one invited him, Ruffleclaw lets himself into the house and climbs into bed with a little boy named Tommy. Come morning, Tommy is shocked to find a monster in his bed, but decides to keep him. Tommy soon learns that earth monsters are messy creatures, and he must teach his monster to behave if wants to convince his mom to let him keep Ruffleclaw. Like any other earth [...]

    3. Sweet, fun book that allows kids to play with their imagination while boosting their love for reading--a total win! Appreciate getting an advanced copy of this to check out!

    4. Ruffleclaw is an earth monster who loves to eat worms and is fascinated by humans. He decides he is going to move in with Tommy and his family mainly because the mom plays wonderfully jingly music on the piano. I was not impressed with this book. I found Ruffleclaw offensive and thoroughly unlikeable. I couldn't understand Tommy's quick turnaround of being scared of Ruffleclaw and then wanting to keep him forever. The mom even gives in fairly quickly simply because the monster likes her piano pl [...]

    5. I loved Cornelia Funke's Inkheart and thought I'd read this because I'd heard good things about it and my stuffy nose was demanding something I didn't need to think too much about. It was not good. Characters were annoying and the story seemed to say "hey, it's cool if you're an unwanted, ungrateful guest in someone's home. As long as you do one thing right they will let you stay!" What kind of message is that for kids?

    6. I preferred The Pirate Pig to this one, mostly because I wasn't a huge fan of Ruffleclaw as a character. I could see the right type of kid being into it though. It had a bit of gross-out humor - spitting, smelliness, etc - that I'm not a huge fan of. But there was something Roald Dahl-like about this that I liked.

    7. 102 pages. GREAT story! Boys will love this one! Ruffleclaw moves into Tommy's house and takes over. He spits, is greedy, eats all their cake and drinks their shampoo, but he is the BEST pet EVER! Highly recommended Gr. 3-5.

    8. This book made me anxious. Destroying toys and messing up pianos and thinking it's super funny for other people to take the blame is not really my jam.

    9. Wow. I guess, with all the YA books teaching girls that abuse is love, it was only a matter of time before we had to start priming little kids with it too.

    10. Cornelia Funke und ich - dies ging bislang nicht gut. Immer wieder habe ich mir vorgenommen, ein Buch von ihr zu lesen, jedoch bin ich meistens nach nur wenigen Seiten gescheitert. Eigentlich schade, denn ich glaube, dass sie ganz solide Geschichten schreiben kann. Nachdem ich mit einigen Büchern von ihr nicht klar kam, wollte ich nun "Zottelkralle" eine Chance geben.Das Positive zuerst: Ich habe das Buch tatsächlich durchgehalten und nicht abgebrochen. Schon mal ein Pluspunkt, denn dies gab e [...]

    11. How could I not enjoy a story that includes earth monsters by the names Ruffleclaw, Shaggystink and Wormtooth? How could I not enjoy a story that describes humans as look a likes to mole rats, "huge, icky mole rats"? How could I not enjoy a story in which one of such earth monsters decides - because it enjoys the treats found in the humans' houses so much - to move in with the humans, of course with hilarious consequences? How could I not enjoy a book with much playful dialogue, creative new voc [...]

    12. What if you were a monster who lived under the ground wishing for all things human? What if you were a boy who longed for a pet who could also be a friend? Could this unlikely relationship work? What if you throw in a mom who likes things neat and a dad who is plagued with allergies?Chaos and hilarity reign in this book, as Ruffleclaw and Tommy try to manage their new friendship. There is a brief moment where Tommy really manipulates his mother, which I did not care for. Other than that if was f [...]

    13. Ruffleclaw the monster enjoys his worms but he'd rather live in the human house than in his burrow next to two other obnoxious and smelly monsters. The humans have lovely smelling soap to eat and lots of goodies in the fridge! And the music the human boy's mother plays is a big plus, too! Yep, Ruffleclaw would rather live with the humans and that's exactly what he does. He climbs right into bed with the human boy, Tommy, who decides to keep him as a pet. This is a cute story about a monster that [...]

    14. The "earth monster" Ruffleclaw lives in a burrow under the tool shed in the back yard of Tommy and his family. He sleeps in a pile of soft sweaters and loves to eat worms. He is fascinated by the humans and their possessions, and especially by the wonderful jingly music played by Tommy's mother on the piano. One day Ruffleclaw decides to move in with the Tommy and his family. And Tommy, who has always wanted a pet, takes to Ruffleclaw, despite the monster's insults and appalling personal hygiene [...]

    15. Ruffleclaw is a modern day BFG. A gross and unruly monster has a love for humans. His other monster friends can't understand why. Ruffleclaw is determined to become a human pet, so he sneaks into Tommy's house who's house is above his burrow. Upon arrival Tommy finds Ruffelclaw gross and unruly. Once Tommy's mom discovers the gross monster she runs him out the house. It is then Tommy realizes he likes Ruffleclaw and actually misses him. The rest of the book Tommy works to get Ruffleclaw back wit [...]

    16. Cornelia Funke is generally a pretty impressive author of fantasy books for upper elementary students. When I saw this adorable cover in the new section of the library, I had to pick it up. Unfortunately, inside the actual book are black and white sketches, so don't think this is a colorful fest of excitement when it comes to the illustrations amongst the text. And the story itself? Esentially Ruffleclaw is a very bad, rude, messy little monster. And while I can see a few of the kids (boys, espe [...]

    17. Charming tale of a red furry earth monster. Ruffleclaw decides he wants to move into a house with humans. A boy named Tommy who lives in the house wants to keep him for a pet. Ruffleclaw is a problem, he makes messes and eats everything. Students will enjoy the adventures of this lovable yet difficult monster and Tommy's attempts to keep him. Easy read for most second grade on up except the font is slightly small. I enjoy each of Cornelia Funkes books and this one lives up to her standard of sli [...]

    18. *I received a review copy of this book from the publisher through my district library services*I did not love this story, but I can see it being entertaining for younger readers. It is silly and appropriate for younger readers, but a more challenging text. There are many made up adjectives (Wormalicious) and over the top monster behavior that will probably tickle the funny bones of your kiddos.

    19. Like the Pirate Pig also by Cornelia Funke this one was really easy to get through and very funny for little boys especially I think. My grandsons seemed to enjoy and it gave me a chuckle to imagine what it would be like for the monster under your bed or in the closet to want to be adopted my his or her family that he or she is living with and for it be okay with that family as well. Will read more by Cornelia Funke as I find them because she is one of my favorite authors.

    20. Cute story about an earth monster who decides he wants to live in a house with humans. He picks Tommy's house. At first, things don't go as planned, but it all get straightened out.Tommy's parents allow Ruffleclaw to stay and Tommy and he become friends.

    21. Ruffleclaw is a really good story about a monster moving in and the issues associated with it, including spitting, hitting and jumping. But soon the monster learns the proper way to behave and becomes a part of the family.

    22. Ganz nett. Mein kleiner (8) ist schon fast zu alt. Trotzdem hat er noch gelacht, auch wenn die 'Wortwitze' eher Kindergartenhomar bedienen.Fazit: gutes Vorlesebuch für große Kindergartenkinder/Erstklässler

    23. It was cute. I preferred the other two Little Chapter book selections. Emma and the Blue Genie, and especially The Pirate Pig.

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