The Rock Season

The Rock Season Stevie Wilson is about to welcome a new life into an unsure world Estranged from the father of her unborn child she turns to her love of attending concerts with her vivacious best friend to deal with

  • Title: The Rock Season
  • Author: R.L. Merrill
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Stevie Wilson is about to welcome a new life into an unsure world Estranged from the father of her unborn child, she turns to her love of attending concerts with her vivacious best friend to deal with the stress and uncertainty As a teacher and blogger, she counts on the magic of the music to ease her troubled thoughts of what will come next What she wasn t counting onStevie Wilson is about to welcome a new life into an unsure world Estranged from the father of her unborn child, she turns to her love of attending concerts with her vivacious best friend to deal with the stress and uncertainty As a teacher and blogger, she counts on the magic of the music to ease her troubled thoughts of what will come next What she wasn t counting on was meeting a savior with fathomless, dark brown eyes.Aaron McShane gave up a lucrative Silicon Valley career to live the dream of owning an independent music store in downtown Hayward His responsibilities have kept him from finding and settling down with the right person, but he wouldn t have it any other way With his bicultural, multigenerational family all under one roof and giving him grief, he takes on a second job doing security at his favorite venue so he can escape and be close to his first love music What better place, especially when one gets to rescue a pregnant damsel in distress with a gorgeous mane of fiery red hair These two music lovers are thrust together just when they each needed something to hold on to Can their fledgling love withstand the pressures of family, grief, and violence Music brought them together, will it help them heal together

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      R.L. Merrill Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Rock Season book, this is one of the most wanted R.L. Merrill author readers around the world.

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    1. 5 #NoLongerADisgracedConcertBuddy StarsAaron and Stevie are “two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl…”Corny I know , but it is apropos for the type of story that RL Merrill gives us in The Rock Season. This story is very much about how music brings people together, how its a very natural and profound way in which people bond. Our two main characters, Aaron Ali Salaam McShane ( yes this name alone is an interesting part of the story) and Stevie Nann Wilson ( Yes, another interesting story beh [...]

    2. Another awesome book!Basics: Stevie was pregnant, loved rock music, and thought the fates had given up on her for love. Aaron was in again single, helping take of his large family as the eldest son, and loved rock music. What more could be wrong?PLENTY!Through trials and tribulations, you learn about both Stevie, and Aaron's side of the events along the way to love. It's so hard to deal with everyday life and then the even harder knocks thrown at you along the way while building up a relationshi [...]

    3. Another fabulous book! I loved it!!! Stevie is a teacher who loves rock music and going to concerts, and happens to be single again, after her horrible boyfriend of two years basically kicks her out of their apartment. She moves in with her best friend Maryland until she can decide what to do. Her and Maryland are attending a concert one evening, when Stevie meets her "Savior", a gorgeous security guard named Aaron who is working the concert. He notices her as well! The story follows the two of [...]

    4. What I really love about R.L. Merrill is that she writes sweet, realistic love stories, but with a touch of rock and roll. Stevie and Aaron have the instant connection and the simmering heat that are vital for any good romance, but they also have past and present issues to work through. It's not the quick, easy HEA that I find boring in other books. (In the last book I read by a different author, they were engaged in less than a month. Really?) I enjoyed Aaron and Stevie's journey (including the [...]

    5. Uno de los pocos libros que leí donde los protas no son millonarios ni hermosos ni un mandones totales, Aaron es un hombre de 34 años, pelado, mitad afgano y mitad irlandés, dueño de una tienda de musica que no anda muy bien, toma un trabajo como seguridad en un club de conciertos para ayudar a sus ingresos, Stevie en una profesora de historia pelirroja embarazada de 7 meses cuando conoce a Aaron.Un historia dulce, llena de angustias, pero que muestra que la gente normal y común como nosotr [...]

    6. I could not put this book down once I started it!! I am so in love with Aaron and Stevie and the rest of Aaron's crazy family!! A great love story with quite a few unexpected twists and turns that keep you constantly having to read just one more chapter! I didn't want to get to the end but at the same time I couldn't stop reading until I finished it either!! Looking forward to reading more of their story

    7. * I received a ebook in exchange for an honest review. *Some people believe in Fate, some don't but after reading this story, I have to say that Fate played a large role in this one! I felt like the characters were fated to be together! I loved the fast paced flow of the story, the characters, the twists, turns, loops and curves and the way that the author weaved the story together to include music, race, heartache, love, and of course Fate! Aaron and his family are going through a tough time. H [...]

    8. 2.5 StarsAARON ALI SALAAM McSHANESTEVIE NANN WILSON"If you haven't figured the name out, let me help, (I happen to love this artist)."STEVIE NICKSHOW ABOUT SISTERS:ANN WILSONNANCY WILSONBETTER KNOWN AS "HEART""Now, yes, this is called The Rock Season, but really?"This was actually an OK read, some I'm sure would love this lookat the ratings! I love a man who is rough and tough yet sensitive (at the right times). I have no problem with men crying.n't make them less of a man but damn Aaron, Ali, o [...]

    9. This story was okay. It wasn't my favorite by R.L. Merrill but it wasn't bad. There were lots of things that could have been deleted from the story and it still would have progressed. The editing needed lots of work. So many small things kept sneaking up through out the book. My biggest gripe is the inconsistency when the names for the sections where provided. Some times it would say Aaron and other times it would say McShane. Yes, I know it was one of the same but it should have been consistent [...]

    10. Rock and Romancewho could ask for more?I was really able to relate to Stevie and Aaron. I LOVE going to concerts and I truly believe that music is food for the soul. The fact that some of my favorite bands were mentioned made it even better. As a woman who went through a similar situation to Stevie I truly felt her pain. I was lucky enough that my doctor was able to save my twins, but I had to work through a lot of the same stuff that Stevie did. The author created a delicate balance of helping [...]

    11. The Rock Season had me on a roller coaster trying to keep my emotions in check. I had moments of near tears, plenty of laughter and I fell in love with Aaron at almost first 'sight'. Stevie has a rough hand given to her and she copes with it pretty well, and although everything is changing for her, she moves forward with her life and finds Aaron. Aaron is probably the sweetest man I've read in awhile, even though he has a couple moments of stupidity. I loved Peter and Patrick, I think they were [...]

    12. The rock seasonStevie is raised by her parents who are hippies. She is beating Ben, till she got pregnant then he drops her like a sack of potatoes. And basically pays her off so obedient have to deal with the child. Her child dyes as a still born due to all the Stress has been having. She is hanging out with her friend when meets Aaron who drives her mad with desire. They hit it off but they have lot to go through. Will their relationship be able to with stand the strain.

    13. This book had so much going on it keeps your attention throughout. There is a love story throughout and there are so many facets to the story. Aaron and Stevie work well together and their back stories help you learn why they are the people they are. Add in the backdrop of music and concerts and it adds another level. I enjoyed reading it.

    14. I wasn't expecting this from what I thought was a rock star book but once you get into this you will want to know more.The strong connection between a family is the strongest bond and this love story shows this at every turn.You will cry in points of this book but the underlying strength shown after is what makes this story so beautiful

    15. Amazing story, was hard to put down. Still a few unanswered questions. What happened in court? Did they end up having kids? Did the twins go to separate colleges? What happened with Gretchin? Did Ryan's health stay good?

    16. This book was written so beautifully,the style,the direction and characters are just right. They all blend perfect with the settings and locations in this story.I won this book at a book event,I didn't know much about the book only the feedback that I saw coming in from other people. I'm so stoked I got the chance to experience this read as not my normal kind of genre and I found this book to be an incredible story by R.L. MERRILL.I loved the two best friends,the beautiful quiet Stevie and the w [...]

    17. I just love her stories. They Rock! Okay pun intended and that was corny but whatever. This was written soo well and her books always are. Easy to follow and kept me going from beginning to end. Stevie is in a situation, pregnant! It wasn't in her to have an abortion. She wasn't ready to be pregnant but is in it. Unfortunately, Ben the Baby daddy is not. He never wanted kids and he's very cold and aloof about it. A real douche bag. 8 months pregnant and he asks her to leave and wants nothing to [...]

    18. this story was amazing! its about love , lies and pain. she is leaving her ex boyfriend after he wants nothing to do with the child. she decides to lose herself in music. that is where she meets him. he is dealing with his own problems. can these two help each other? read to find out.

    19. Love after lossWhen I first learned anything worth having required work and or pain to get I was doubtful. Yet years later I have found it very true. Though the struggle ahead may seem insurmountable the rewards are worth it.

    20. Being an empathetic person, I feel others emotions rather easily. But when a book grabs hood of me in a way that I feel the emotions of the characters as if they were my own, I know that the author has put their heart and soul into the story. The Rock Season did exactly that; one moment I was laughing out loud and the next I was having an ugly cry. There is so much depth and feeling in this story that I am almost afraid to see what the next book holds, but I'm sure that it will be one that I fal [...]

    21. I received a copy of the ebook in exchange for my honest opinion.I loved the story line. Stevie had it rough. Her parents are not with her anymore. She thought the boyfriend was the one, but he turned out to the worse kind. Now Stevie was pregnant and the father wanted nothing to do with either her or their unborn baby. How cruel! Then, one night at a concert Stevie sees this cute man, who has eyes for her, too. Will they be able to put things from their past aside or go through whatever they ne [...]

    22. Loving Aaron and StevieI have not been disappointed in any book I have read by R.L Merrill. I started reading her books kinda backwards bit I wouldn't change a thing. She has an ability of taking broken characters and working magic in a storyline to heal them. In turn it give you a perspective to look upon and see the healing you need to do as well. I loved this book because she takes two broken people, brings them together through their love of music and concerts, and turns them into strong and [...]

    23. I love music I play guitar and sing, and sometimes I do some writing and this book has everything in one!!! It was such a wonderful story and made me laugh a lotThe love story of Stevie and Aaron is so damn good. Stevie has been trough a lot of pain after her lost and Aaron hasn't found a true love. They meet in a concert and from there they start an adventure. A real one.It had a huge impact for me the fact that the author wrote about a case of sexual abuse. A fact that we ALL have to be involv [...]

    24. One of the best books I've read all yearI won this book in a contest on Facebook. I am so glad I did. I absolutely loved this book. The relationship between Stevie and Aaron is so agonizingly sweet. Aaron is an so sweet and loving that he makes every woman wish her own partner was just like him. From glances back and forth to major heartbreak, through trouble and storms, and finally to a happy ending, this book will make you laugh and cry, smile and fume. It's a real life love story. It definite [...]

    25. I absolutely loved how the connection with Stevie and Aaron came together through music and the fates of love. Stevie getting pregnant by a man that does not want to be a responsible parent and Aaron trying to help take care of his interesting and sometimes crazy family was a page turning event. I enjoyed this book for the connection the two had, both Stevie and Aaron are sensitive and came together as a couple. This is the first book I have read by R.L. Merrill and if you like a good love story [...]

    26. I love how this book uses music to ease a womans troubled thoughts. A lot of us use things like that in order to try to get through issues and I love how it was added into this book. I think it helps to raise awareness. It connects to a lot of issues that we all deal with daily and for some of us it may hit home. If you are sensitive to cancer fights, loss and bullying this may trigger you. this is written well and you can tell the author really thinks through on her characters.

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