The Bride Wore Starlight

The Bride Wore Starlight Once comfortable on stage in front of thousands Joely Crockett is now mortified at the thought of walking or rolling down the aisle at her sisters wedding Scarred and wheelchair bound the former bea

  • Title: The Bride Wore Starlight
  • Author: Lizbeth Selvig
  • ISBN: 9780062413963
  • Page: 208
  • Format: ebook
  • Once comfortable on stage in front of thousands, Joely Crockett is now mortified at the thought of walking or rolling down the aisle at her sisters wedding Scarred and wheelchair bound, the former beauty queen has lost than the ability to walk she s lost her fire But when one handsome, arrogant guest accuses her of milking her injuries and ignites her ire, Joely fiOnce comfortable on stage in front of thousands, Joely Crockett is now mortified at the thought of walking or rolling down the aisle at her sisters wedding Scarred and wheelchair bound, the former beauty queen has lost than the ability to walk she s lost her fire But when one handsome, arrogant guest accuses her of milking her injuries and ignites her ire, Joely finally starts to feel truly alive again, and soon it s impossible for her to resist her heart s desire.Alec Morrissey knows a little something about loss A famous rodeo cowboy before he was injured in Iraq, he s managed to create something of a normal life, even if it s not the one he always imagined Encountering stunning but damaged Joely, he sees a kindred spirit who can learn from his mistakes.As these two healing souls begin to fall in love under the Wyoming stars, they must discover if they are willing to give in to the tragedies of life or fight for a future together.An Avon Romance

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    1. Lizbeth Selvig

      Award winning author Lizbeth Selvig writes fun, sexy sweet contemporary romance She is a winner of the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart award, and a finalist for RWA s prestigious RITA award She turned to fiction writing after working as a newspaper journalist and magazine editor, and raising an equine veterinarian daughter and a talented musician son Lizbeth shares life in Minnesota with her best friend aka her husband, Jan , an under ridden gray Arabian gelding named Jedi, two human grandchildren, and her four legged grandkids of which there are over twenty, including a wallaby, two alpacas, a large goat, a mammoth eared donkey, a miniature horse, a pig, and many dogs, cats and regular sized horses pics of all appear on her website lizbethselvig In her spare time she loves to hike, quilt, read, and horseback ride She also loves connecting with readers so contact her any time

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    1. I enjoyed reading this inspiring story. This book was very well done and told the heartwarming story of two troubled people who had a lot of healing to do before they began a relationship. Alec and Joelly met at her sisters' double wedding and at first they were more irritated than attracted to each other. Joelly was drowning in her own self pity and Alec wanted her to look past her disability and get on with a new life. He pushed her and there were times when he was hard on her, but he knew how [...]

    2. Alec MorrisseyMy New Favorite Hero! Talk about a little tough lovewhich was exactly what Joely needed. Alec and Joely's relationship was a slow burna flame that turned into a full blown inferno of the heart, and I enjoyed every moment, every page, every word.Lizbeth continues the Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys series with a story of growing, healing and finding true love. THE BRIDE WORE STARLIGHT is a must read for 2016, as is this series. The Crockett Family is one that you will wish you were a [...]

    3. njkinnysblog/2016/02/aThe Bride Wore Starlight by Lizbeth Selvig is the third book in Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys series but it was my first read from this series as well as from the author. The unusual title and the absolutely lovely cover were the first things that attracted me towards this book. The blurb is also very interesting which is sure to attract readers.Despite being part of a series, this book can be read as a standalone which was witnessed by me when I randomly picked this book [...]

    4. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ARC was provided by Avon Impulse in exchange for an honest review.Of all the men she could have been paired up with, I think she absolutely needed someone like Alexander Morrissey, and not just because Alec was a good-looking man. He refused to pity her or let her continue feeling as if her life meant nothing now that she was damaged goods. He knew from experience what it was like to have something taken from you and be forced to ma [...]

    5. I thought this would be a cute bit of fluff, a fun wedding romance, but it turned out to be a wonderfully emotional story about love and loss and overcoming huge physical obstacles. I liked that Alec and Joely's characters were both complex and well developed and they got to know each other really well before a physical relationship developed. And the book cover is pretty gorgeous, too!Joely Crockett and Alec Morrissey meet each other at her sisters' double wedding. She's the matron of honor, no [...]

    6. I received a copy of this book from Tasty Book Tours in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book's blog tour promotions.I lova good bride romance. Seriously. This book is the htird book in the series and I, unfortunately, wasn't able to read the first two. However, The Bride Wore starlight can easily be a standalone, so I didn't feel like I entered the twilight zone by starting out in the third book. I have to say that this book gave me everything I was expecting from it.The main ch [...]

    7. A heartfelt romance that I could not put down. Joely, is recovering from a terrible MVA, that has left her many scars and walking with assistance. Alec, is new to town and his own physical limitations. What a perfect match!! Alec is the perfect person to kick Joely in the butt, to accept the changes and move on. It turns out though that they both have emotional scars that need to be healed too.My favorite line from the book is, " You need to learn to be you and love it". I think we can all learn [...]

    8. Lizbeth Selvig's writing connects to her readers. The Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys series was a discovery I do not regret. Thanks to Avon, Edelweiss and Ms. Selvig, I have loved every single book. Have nicknamed them the five star collection and will continue until the end. I was blessed to received an ARC of The Bride Wore Starlight in exchange for an honest review. It would have been so easy to see this read as a dismal look at life's heartbreaking moments. However, with a little bit of laug [...]

    9. The storyline was quite different which really attracted me to this book. Two handicapped people are determined to live their lives to the fuller, but not really. How they help each other was very inspiring.

    10. The third book in Lizbeth Selvig's Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys series is called The Bride Wore Starlight. This story of Joely Crockett and Alec Morrissey, takes place in Wyoming. These two people are dealing with personal losses the best way they know how. Joely is struggling to walk unassisted after a car accident and Alec is dealing with his injury from his time in Iraq. Alec has a way of irritating Joey that leads to her "I'll show you" attitude. I was entertained by their story. I enjoyed [...]

    11. As a reader with a physical disability I applaud Ms. Selvig for tackling such a deep issue with great care and compassion as on a whole this story was nicely crafted. The negative emotions and frustrations of being newly disabled were believable as were the feelings of acceptance after being disabled for a number of years. Each person grieves in their own way, and on their own time frame, and this story is about two scarred people on a journey of healing trying to find HEA. Readers will find mom [...]

    12. An accident just as she was starting to realign her life after finally declaring her marriage over, Joely lost her horse, many of her belongings and her ease of movement in a crash with an overloaded logging truck not far from Paradise Ranch. Lucky to be alive, she was left with several scars, severe muscle damage in her leg and a bucketful of self-pity. Growing up, Joely had always been told by her father that she was ‘the pretty one’, and her dreams of veterinary school with an equine focu [...]

    13. It been a while since I had read a Liz Selvig book and I had heard some good things about this series, go I thought I would pick one up and why not begin with The Bride Wore Starlight, her latest book.So the story is about Joely Crockett; Joely and her mother were involved in a nasty car accident 9 months ago and those 9 months have been the toughest of her life as not only is she battling to walk again, she is dealing with the emotions from the crash, an unfaithful husband who doesn't even both [...]

    14. The Bride Wore Starlight (Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys #3) by Lizbeth Selvig is an amazing story about finding your inner strength, trusting yourself and finding love again. I have read all of the books in this series to date, and I can tell you that each book stands well on it's own, but it is so worth reading each and every book. It is like being part of the big crazy Crockett family. This is the story of Joely and Alec.Joely Crockett seems to have lost a lot. Her father has passed away, her [...]

    15. Joely Crockett has struggled with what her life has become since a devastating car accident left her most prized possession dead. She's never going to be the beauty she once was, now that she's scarred, bound to a wheelchair and having to be rolled down the aisle at her sister's wedding. However, it's not long before she's finding the spark she once had before she was injured, and it's all due to Alec Morrissey, a man that's had his own fair share of loss.Having enjoyed the other books of this s [...]

    16. Former beauty queen Joely Crockett has always been use to being the center of attention, and has always been most comfortable surrounded by a crowd, but after some recent changes in her life, that isn't really the case anymore. After being hurt in an car accident and deemed wheelchair bound her outgoing spirit has really diminished, and she is really struggling to accept her disability, and find a way to live with it. She has become a shell of the vibrant person she once was, and has begun to fi [...]

    17. Posted on What I'm ReadingAll right, I thought The Bride Wore Starlight was extremely cute and it gave hope that all things are possible. At the beginning we meet Joely Crockett who is feeling down and out about her life. She's had been use to being the beautiful one, but an accident had alter her appearance slightly. Afterwards she didn't she didn't see herself as beautiful. It's hard, for someone who has been told they are pretty and something that rocks their world to come out on top again. P [...]

    18. Joely is the middle of the Crockett sisters. She was the one who when everything came crashing down after their father's death decided that with her mother's help she would take over Paradise Ranch and see if she could save it.Coming home from California with her possessions in tow Joely and her mother, Bella, are involved in a horrific accident. Joely is left broken, physically and emotionally. Her soon to be ex-husband never checks on her. Her sister's take turns hovering over her. And all she [...]

    19. This was first experience with Lizbeth Selvig, and I'll say that it won't be my last - I'm definitely going to pick up the first two in the Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys series.While I generally do not read cowboy/Western romance, I'm a sucker for a wounded Hero/heroine, and when the author added in the military component? SOLD!Joely is the middle child, the one that (almost) everyone likes, the one that should get married and not worry her pretty little head about pursuing her dream of becomin [...]

    20. This was more than I had anticipated and it is not the easiest to put into words.It would have been easy to look at this as being just people finding their way to their happy ever after but in doing that I would have missed the point of the story completely.This was a voyage of discovery, this was a long hard look at the internal struggles that the main characters had to deal with before they would be able to even contemplate moving forward. It is about solving and resolving the troubles that th [...]

    21. Emotional, funny and wonderful!I LOVED this sweet romance that managed to be snarky, funny, cranky, romantic, emotional… and absolutely wonderful!Joely Crockett continues to recover physically and emotionally from a life-changing accident that devastated her body as well as her soul. Alec Morrissey knows all about starting over as he grieves the changes in his own life. When the two meet at Joely’s sisters’ wedding, the sparks fly immediately. Alec recognizes a bit of himself in Joely, her [...]

    22. As posted on The Smutty Kitty reviewed by KittyKelly3.5 out of 5 LicksAs you may have noticed I've been NIA for a while. In that time I've probably only read about 2 books (sad I know). So when the tour option showed up in my inbox for this one it sounds like a nice read to get me back into the swing of things. This is my first book by this author so I wasn't sure what to expect, but the blurb sounded intriguing enough so I dove right in. This book is book 3 in a continuing series the author is [...]

    23. This was one of the most inspiring stories that I have read in a very long time. Both of the main characters are disabled and learn to find their way back to what they love doing by relying on each other. I got lost in this story and did not want it to end. Alec was a lovely cowboy that was not afraid to speak his mind and Joely is a young lady that is used to being in the spotlight, but now does anything and everything she can to stay out of it.Joely is a former rodeo queen that has been dealt [...]

    24. The Bride Wore Starlight is so much more than it appears to be from the outside. I might have gone into this with a preconceived notion about what to expect. I was planning on a light, fluffy, quick-read romance. What I found instead was a deeply rich, character driven, tension-filled, emotional read that was intensely satisfying.Joely and Alec are both physically damaged, rocked by massive bodily injuries in the prime of their lives. Alec has a head start on the physical and emotional healing. [...]

    25. If you're reading this review you've, more than likely, read the synopsis. So, instead of talking about what you already know I'm going to tell you what this book did for me.I read contemporary romance for a few hours of light entertainment. While The Bride Wore Starlight not only entertained, it had me questioning my interactions with people. Throughout the book I was shown the difference between a person's intentions and how they were perceived by the person they were interacting with. I began [...]

    26. 4.5 starsRodeo Queen, Homecoming Queen, Miss Wyoming… from the outside, Joellen Crockett had led a charmed life. However, she wasn't able to fulfil her dreams to become a vet. Brought up in a household with a domineering father, Joely then married a businessman who made all the decisions for her. She never took responsibility for her own life. Then tragedy strikes and she's sucked into a self-pity vortex and a life once again dependent on others. That is until Alec Morrissey walked into her li [...]

    27. Reviewed by JoAnneBook provided by Edelweiss for reviewOriginally posted at Romancing the BookThis was an enjoyable fast paced read that had some darkness to it due to Joely’s accident and injuries from a car accident and her upcoming divorce as well as Alec’s injuries from an explosion of an IED in Iraq. How they help each other was heartwarming especially since Alec didn’t think he needed any help since he had adjusted to his disabilities. How wrong he was once Joely enters his life. Wat [...]

    28. Joely's a shell of her former self. Self-conscious, afraid, unwilling, and uncertain. She was never these things before the accident. The uncharted waters of life she faced now magnified what she saw as flaws, faults, inadequacies.But Alec, who'd been there and done that, knew those uncharted waters could be an incredible new beginning for her. It's why he challenged her, pushed her into them. He knew how hard it was to start again because he had to already. In Joely, he saw a mirror image of wh [...]

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