The Perfect View

The Perfect View Mara is unaware that she is not the only one with the perfect view of her own life Someone who has known her since the very beginning is watching her from across the lake He has been hiding in the sha

  • Title: The Perfect View
  • Author: Carolyn Young
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mara is unaware that she is not the only one with the perfect view of her own life Someone who has known her since the very beginning is watching her from across the lake He has been hiding in the shadows around and behind her for years, even long before she moved into her beautiful house with her loving husband and his lovely daughter The watcher has witnessed all MaraMara is unaware that she is not the only one with the perfect view of her own life Someone who has known her since the very beginning is watching her from across the lake He has been hiding in the shadows around and behind her for years, even long before she moved into her beautiful house with her loving husband and his lovely daughter The watcher has witnessed all Mara has suffered over the years and every devastating mistake she has made, but he also knows why she made those mistakes He even understands why she is sabotaging her perfect family, and why she pours wine down her own throat every night like water And he knows she needs him to watch over her so that he ll be ready to rescue her when the time comes Then the watcher sees the explosion that happens when Mara s mind finally shatters, and when he comes out of hiding to save her, Mara is forced to come face to face with a beast from her childhood that has been dead for almost twenty years.

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    1. Carolyn Young

      Carolyn Young is an entrepreneur, curriculum writer, mother, and traveler, and she lives in the suburbs of Columbus Ohio She has written poetry and short stories throughout her life, and was finally inspired by experiences and her family to pursue her dream and write her debut novel, a dark tale of what picture perfect suburban life sometimes looks like behind closed doors.

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    1. Totally Loved it! Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.ReviewNote: In most reviews when I give above 3.5 stars it’s so easy to write a review for that book, but here… Here writing the review was extremely hard. Every other word I wrote just reviled a lot of details that I didn’t wanted to share (keeping this spoiler free, lol). So it took me a while to write the review where I share what I love but without any revealing details.Before I will start with the [...]

    2. This is a fascinating book about dysfunctional characters who drink too much and can't settle down to trying to solve their problems. The book is a little hard to get into, but once you are involved in their lives, it is hard to put it down. The settings are interesting, too. I especially enjoyed being in the southwest part of the US via the book.

    3. Jack wanted the 81 yr. old elderly man’s house that sat on the lake. Unfortunately or not the man fell down the basement stairs & died. After all the legal hoopla Jack got it at a reasonable price. Going on for 5 ½ yrs. Jack (watcher) was constantly observing a woman, her husband & his daughter who lived close by him.Mara Shea (freelance writer, Michigan State) had once lived in Flagstaff, AZ. She divorced Michael Denver Roth (28, BS Biology, ASU, forestry service) & moved to Colu [...]

    4. This is another psychological thriller chosen by a group to which I belong, and which kept me engrossed for several weeks this summer. It's a long book, but well worth the read. It journeys deep inside the mind of Mara, a complex, disturbed woman with a truly shocking past. "What you see is what I am. This is me," Mara says in Chapter 3, but even by then we know nothing could be further from the truth. She's like an iceberg with its deep, secret depths.Mara's tragic story does not make easy rea [...]

    5. Title: Lost and Found“The Perfect View” by Carolyn YoungReviewed by Fay McKella06/19/20159:54 AMLiving up to the stepmother role she unintentionally brought herself into, Mara is struggling to find her peace between the life she started and the life she truly belongs with. After her husband Ben, and stepdaughter Annie leave for the day, she is left home alone trapped by the demons of her past to slowly eat her alive. Mara's only way to remedy her broken life is by hiding. Alcohol and pills a [...]

    6. Being a fan of thriller novels (a lot of times they are the only genre of books exciting enough to keep me interested), I was excited to give this one a try. I can also say that I have some mental health issues of my own (depression and anxiety), though I don't suffer from it quite as badly as Mara.I know some readers have a difficult time with "overly detailed" writing, but please don't misunderstand what other reviewers are saying. It's not the detail itself, I think it's that the pacing of a [...]

    7. The author does an excellent job of showing us the interior view of a woman in the throes of mental illness. Mara, the main character, is desperately depressed and dissociates from her body. While we have some clues in the beginning about dark events in her past, the events that have left Mara as damaged goods aren't revealed until well into the novel.Jack, the watcher across the lake, is every bit as deranged as Mara if not more so. The opening in his point of view is chilling. The story is slo [...]

    8. This book entertained me. One thing that I spotlight from this reading is that how descriptive a person can be when it comes to describing things. It may not be a good thing for some people, but not for me. I am the kinda person who loves detail. The Perfect View is a thriller novel with psychological touch. The author has done a wonderful job in setting the plot and building the characters. The plot stays on track, no useless scenes or fluff. The story reveals itself naturally, through action a [...]

    9. With affinity towards psychology genre I delved with eagerness into The Perfect View looking for some quality reading and hoping for satisfactory outcome. The novel features past, reflective moments and present, combining the two so as to shape somewhat disturbing image of the main character(s) in the readers mind as the plot unfolds. This is done skilfully on the author’s part making one privy to the reasons of disorderly state heroin finds herself in, hence insinuating sense of wonder as to [...]

    10. This is a gripping story, well told by the author, Carolyn Young. The descriptions are vivid, and the main characters are strong and well developed, if strange in the extreme. If you enjoy psychological thrillers this one will draw you in. The main character is Mara, a seriously disturbed young woman with a hellish past who presents several faces to the world at large (personally I loved Katherine Hepburn) - none of them her own. To preserve the secrets that she has held from everyone, herself i [...]

    11. Wow, Read this book if you love love love the ramblings of a broken persons mind. Without it this would be a different book. I had a hard time staying focused only because I wanted to know what had happened to this woman that screwed her life up so badly and I wanted it NOW! This book does not fall into my normal reading comfort zone. It is long but very detailed in the lost misery of Mara's life. She tries so hard to be normal but ultimately cannot convince herself. We start the journey in the [...]

    12. First off I want to thank Carolyn Young for sending me an autographed copy of this book for my 50th birthday. Thank you This is a story about a very disturbing woman named Mara who has been running from demons all her life and turns to alcohol and prescription pills to deal with life as she knows it to be. She is followed by Jack even though she doesn't know it and the things he does to her would make anyone sick but in the end all things comes to those that waitI gave this a 4 star just because [...]

    13. This is a powerful story about two people who want to escape their past. Mara is trying to eradicate the pain inflicted upon her primarily by her father. Jack her father is spending the remainder of his life trying to atone for what he has done to his only child. Read with deliberation and let the author's descriptive prose take you on Mara and Jack's separate journies to overcome their demons. As the solution to their long time goals is at hand, the ending will surprise you. A great read for th [...]

    14. It was difficult to sit through the heavy descriptive sentences in this book. Words, adjectives, specifically are so over used that you lose the point of what the writer is trying to say. It seemed to be very self involved writing. Could have been a decent book with some really focused developmental editing.

    15. I give this book 3.5 stars.The Perfect View revolves around Mara, a seemingly normal woman who appears to live a pretty conventional life in Ohio. Then as more details of her backstory and inner thoughts are revealed, the story unveils her disturbing past. Parallel to Mara's story, she is being monitored by Jack throughout various parts of her life. His purpose is opaque from the start: is he a stalker or a savior?The majority of the story revolves around Mara and her marriage to Ben and her adj [...]

    16. This book is the sad story of Mara who never has found peace since she has been able to think. Surrounded by her out-of-balance parents, she manages to keep rather normal appearances, but her soul is broken. She thinks of herself as a demon, who damages everyone close o her -and she is not that wrong. Of course, you wonder if she could have changed, with therapy, psychological help, meds if necessary. We won't ever know. She tried a couple of times to insert herself into a normal life. There was [...]

    17. I loved the descriptive writing in this novel. The author is so poetic that I could visualize the settings so easily and really enjoyed the beautiful prose used on every page. The main character is mysterious and flawed and I just wanted to find out what her backstory was and what had made her this way! It was a page-turner and I was very satisfied with the ending. The reasons behind why she was so messed up give weight to the "nature vs nurture" debate, and I found myself wondering how or if he [...]

    18. I received an electronic copy of this book by the author for an honest review. If the rating system would allow, I would give this book 3 1/2 stars. Mara is a woman with a past that she would rather forget. She drinks to keep her memories at bay, isolating and cutting herself off from her loved ones. Unbeknownst to Mara, she is being stalked by her self professed protector. He cleans up her mistakes and delivers justice on her behalf. When Mara's life spirals out of control, she makes a choice a [...]

    19. *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*I personally could not get through this book. I couldn't quite figure out what the author was trying to get across. The main character definitely had a lot of mental health issues & the author did a wonderful job of getting the reader in the main character's head, however I think that it overshadowed the plot. The plot just seemed to get completely lost and forgotten about in the descriptions of what was occurring in the [...]

    20. This is one of the most exasperating books I have ever read. If it weren't chosen for Psychological Thrillers, I would have given up on it ages ago. I didn't care for Mara, or any of the other characters. It was repetitive and stupid.

    21. This story was very interesting. In some places the story was long winded. The characters were fascinating. I particularly enjoyed Mara's character, she had many issues that kept her mentally unbalanced. Iwouldrecommend this book to all my friends.

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