Finding Me

Finding Me I came here to escape Leave the debris and avoid the inevitable truths Things are better Worse Different I m finding me but in the process I fear I m forgetting those I have left and the ones who ha

  • Title: Finding Me
  • Author: Mariah Dietz
  • ISBN: 9780990968580
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • I came here to escape Leave the debris and avoid the inevitable truths.Things are better.Worse.Different.I m finding me, but in the process I fear I m forgetting those I have left, and the ones who have left me Maybe I m losing who I was.Can I forget my past and move forward Can I forget him

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      Mariah Dietz lives with her husband and two sons, who are the axis of her crazy and wonderful world in North Carolina.Mariah grew up in a tiny town outside of Portland, Oregon, where she spent most of her time immersed in the pages of books that she both read and created.She has a love for all things that include her family, good coffee, books, traveling, and dark chocolate She s also obsessed with Christmas ornaments and all things Disney.

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    1. In the emotional conclusion of the His Series, Finding Me brings this story full circle. We’ve watched Ace and Max fall in love and fall apart. We saw the events as they played out through both sets of eyes and as the reader, we were absolutely gutted right alongside these two. Ace ran. Escaped. Her whole world was destroyed with one phone call. Now on the East Coast, Ace is finally trying to get a grip a girl named Harper. But returning home for her sister’s wedding is going to place her ri [...]

    2. Finding Me (His, #3) by Mariah Dietz4.5 stars!!“Si l’amour n’est qu’une illusion, alors, qu’est-ce que la realite? (If love is nothing but an illusion, then what is real?)This is the third book in this trilogy that follows the characters of Harper a.k.a. Ace and Max. I have to say even though this trilogy is their story; it is also a story about their family as a whole. Mariah Dietz has created this wonderful family, the Bosse’s, where every character has played their part and Mariah [...]

    3. What a perfect way to finish up this series! I feel in love with this group of characters hard! Flove this series! Love is hard and sometimes it makes you go through some emotional roller coasters to get there but the ride in this series was so worth it. To me this was the perfecting ending! I can not wait to read more from this author! I hope I get to read more about this family! "I've experienced moments where I knew as they were occurring, I would be able to remember them for the rest of my l [...]

    4. I never thought I would make it to this 3rd and last novel in the His series as the amount of emotional angst the author puts you through to reach this point is overwhelming. I have to say this was my favorite of the 3 and I am not sure if it is because I knew that I was going to finally find out the future for Ace and Max or just that this story was so beautifully written but I really loved it. Ace has run away from Max and her family to Delaware to escape the pain of her father's death and thi [...]

    5. I was not expecting to receive this as an ARC. It was such a wonderful surprise. I was never even asked to do a review but it blew me away and I just had to.I was told by a very good friend of mine to read it with Ace's journey in mind. I was scared to read it, not becuase I doubted Mariah's writing.r that. I was scared because I had no idea what direction she was going to take it and I could not picture Ace without her soul mate. I missed her so damn bad in the second book but Mariah gave me al [...]

    6. Finding Me flips us back to Ace’s point of view and picks up, sort of, where Losing Her left off. These stories have been intricately weaved, picking up and dropping off as we explore memories and offer us insight and explanation into what we think we know. This book is packed full of all of the same powerful emotions that the previous two evoked. I still found myself frustrated with Ace and confounded by Max. However, this book also showed us some tremendous character growth. It turns out tha [...]

    7. Never have I wanted to read a book more than this one. To find out how Mariah Dietz finished her beautiful trilogy about Max and Ace. It was simply magnificent.The story continues on from Book 2 Losing Her.Ace is now living in Delaware away from her family, friends and Max. Her heart is broken and she is trying desperately to repair her shattered heart.She meets two new friends, Fitz her medical mentor and Danny a famous fighter. Between the two they try to help her rebuild her life.Ace also att [...]

    8. Every once in awhile a book comes along that touches you in ways that you never thought possible. Finding Me did this to me. I had to sit on this review for a few days because I don't think there are words to truly give Mariah justice for her writing. When reading Finding Me and the struggles Ace was going through I started seeing myself. With every paragraph I felt like Mariah was writing something about me. The fear. The running. The hurt. The guilt. I lost someone a few years ago and because [...]

    9. ~~4.75 HEARTS~~WOW!!! What an emotional rollercoaster of a ride this book took me on. I can't get my mind to wrap completely around all that I'm feeling right now. This brought feelings out in me that I'd thought I'd never have. I love Max & Ace's story and their journey to find themselves. I am so glad I stumbled across this series. This is a great series!!!Ace's inability to face her issues and talk about it did get under my skin a few times but I don't blame her for running since that's h [...]

    10. This book was a perfect ending to the His trilogy. I was so worried about how Mariah would bring everything together with how she left us hanging before but WOW! I haven't had a book bring so many emotions up in a while! I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know about Max and Ace but a REALLY just didn't want the book to end. Amazing book!

    11. Holy cow this book was going to give me a heart attack before I finished it! With each turn of the page I wanted Max and Ace back together and it to be done and over with. This has been the most angst-filled series I'v read in a long time and I loved every minute of it. Mariah Dietz did a great job at completing her story of Max and Ace perfectly. This review may spoil books one and two. "Max is starting to finally fade like a shadow when the sun sets, really slowly stretched and then quickly di [...]

    12. **JOSIE'S REVIEW**I can’t believe this the final book in the His Series. I fell in love with Max and Ace and I am sorry to say good bye to them. The author not only did an amazing job with the series but the way she ended it was just as amazing, powerful and emotional. Find Me is a quick read but there is so many things that go on that I got lost in Ace’s final journey and just wanted more. Finding Me is told in Ace’s POV and touches on the past in the Losing Her book, which was in Max’ [...]

    13. "Memories are funny that way, like time, they sneak up on you - it's inevitable.If you've read the first 2 books of this series, you know that this is Ace's story after the breakup. Harper (Ace) moves across the country to try to hide from everything. The problem is, how can she move forward if she keeps running from the past?"time will always pass, but sometimes you forget to pay attention until it's too late."I read most of this book with tears in eyes, threatening to spill out down my cheeks. [...]

    14. I read and reviewed this book on behalf of A Kiss Down Under book blog and Author Mariah Dietz.After reading the first 2 books in the series Becoming His and Losing Her I could not wait until the 3rd book came out, I wanted a HEA for Max and Ace I wanted to skip to the back of the book to see if they get it (but I didn't). This book was so well written, the author put so much heart and soul into this book, I laughed and cried, wanted to throw my kindle across the room a few times the emotions th [...]

    15. This book was truly beautifully written I am a huge fan of this author and think of her as a friend. If you haven't read this series you are missing out. Ace has been through so much and to watch her in this last book was simply breathtaking. Don't get me wrong I love Max I really do but to me this was about Ace and her journey which as you see a devastated young woman finding herself again. I truly believe that things happen for a reason and Ace did have to take this opportunity to understand h [...]

    16. When I started this book, I had crossed all my toes and all my fingers that I would get the ending I was dying to have. I won't ruin it for you, so I won't tell you if I got what I wanted. I will say that Ace has a lot of soul search to do before she decides exactly what she wants. She may have to do this for herself, but she may lose others close to her while she’s away. Sometimes when you close everyone off just to find your place in this life, they move on and there’s no room in their new [...]

    17. OMG. I loved this book so muchIt was absolutely perfect in every way. I loved seeing the healing and a family reform their tight bond. Ace, we learn so much about her in this book. We see her growth, her love, her strength. We watch her journey as she conquers her fears and demons. I loved watching her journey. I loved watching new bonds and old bonds form. I really would love to be a daughter her family. There are so many great characters that I absolutely adore in this book.Danny, Fitz, Kendal [...]

    18. This is the third and final book in this series. Book one and two are must reads before reading this one. I find it hard to write reviews of books in a series as I don't wanna spoil it for anyone that hasn't read the previous books. So I'm not gonna say anything about the storyline. What I will say is this book is my favourite of the series. The whole series is a roller coaster of emotions. This book rounded up the series nicely while answering any questions that needed answers. Loved the main c [...]

    19. Amazing ending to an amazing series. Reading this series I instantly fell in love with Harper (Ace) and Max! They jad so many issues to overcome but along the way ot was a life discovering journey for both of them! Also every character in this book was amazing and I would love to see more for each character!

    20. This entire series enthralled me. I inhaled all three books in a week's time. I loved both Max and Ace, but most of all, I loved them together. They had a beautiful relationship and I truly enjoyed watching their connection grow. These books made my heart ache in the most delicious way. I highly recommend this series!

    21. I have found a new fave series and author! I loved everything about this book, the story line and characters were great! I couldn't put it down! I read all 3 books in like a week! I had wished Ace would have made up here mind sooner in the book but i enjoyed how it was written! This book had me crying and laughing (esp about the slippery floor)!

    22. What a wonderful surprise this series was!! I loved everything about it, even while it was hurting so bad. Really worth it. Everyone should give them a try

    23. Finding Me by Mariah Dietz was the perfect conclusion to Max and Ace’s story. I can’t even pinpoint the reason I love the series so much; it’s a relationship that grips my heart, squeezes, and then lets me breathe again. The angst and emotions experienced are so genuine that you can’t help but to relate to the characters and situations presented on so many different levels.“I just didn’t know how to leave behind the memories without leaving pieces of me behind as well.”Dietz has en [...]

    24. I could not have written or asked for a better ending to this series. The title speaks for itself, giving you the understanding of how things have work out for Ace and Max after the running, denying and anger destroyed their world. Till now we have read how Ace runs from difficult situations. She grew up depending on two men, her father and Max. When death and fear took those two from her she did what came natural, she loaded her car with her belongings and headed out of the state. With Max we c [...]

    25. Strength~ Courage~ TrustI have to start by saying that I LOVE the His series. I love everything about the books, the characters, and the emotions the writing pulls out of you. I had the honor of reading this series very early on, books two and three weren't even out yet. That being said, I still cried while reading my ARC, even though I knew how the story ended. I love books that can pull that kind of emotion out of you.In Becoming His we have the honor of reading about Harper (Ace as her family [...]

    26. This series has ripped me apart and barely put me back together. Ace - Harper has a knack for driving me absolutely insane. Now being back in her POV I think I spent most of the time yelling at her about being a pain in my A$$. We start back where we left off in a way. As we know from the other two stories we go back and forth with past/present. We knew what Max was doing when Ace ran but we really had no clue what Ace was doing. Now we get her story and then move into the present. Ace is in Del [...]

    27. Finding Me is the final book in Max and Ace’s journey and a heartbreaking story of grief, regret, and forgiveness. There is no easy way to sum up this book because it was so all-consuming. Mariah Dietz stirs up powerful emotions with her poignant prose, transporting the reader into the heads and hearts of her beautifully broken characters. Finding Me will break you, grow you, and change you as you experience the incredible weight that this story carries. Mariah Dietz has written a book that is [...]

    28. I received a copy of this book from author for an honest review.If you haven't read the first two books in the HIS series, please stop reading now. This may contain spoilers for those of you who haven't started the series yet. The majority of this book is told in Ace's point of view. It starts with her first days in Deleware. Of all the places you can move to from Southern California - she moved to a cold state. No thanks! I like my heat! Anyway. As she's moved to a new area and new school Ace i [...]

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