When Angels Break

When Angels Break A dark secret A cruel new evil and a mission they may not survive

  • Title: When Angels Break
  • Author: Lola St. Vil
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A dark secret A cruel new evil and a mission they may not survive

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      418 Lola St. Vil
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    About “Lola St. Vil”

    1. Lola St. Vil

      Hi This is my debut novel Guardians The Girl It is a story about a girl who has to save the world by staying away from the guy she loves.

    449 thoughts on “When Angels Break”

    1. First off, couple of editing issues, wrong words and stuff. Second, OMFG. This was was completely amazing. I cried like a baby and couldn't put it down. I don't remember Aaden killing anyone in the other books, even in the year after the Center he didn't go full demon. So I (SPOILER) don't understand how killing Frank and Madeline was enough to make him lose his soul. And the whole putting his rah in the casket threw meThat cliffhanger ending makes me want to scream and sleep until its fall. My [...]

    2. OMOWhat the flip? While the book started out slow I lost my mind when the book was written in Bex point of view. I'm obsessed with the Kon and I'm 100% team BEX!!! The ending was amazing, who is the true evil? I'm exited for book 5! Fantastic job Lola

    3. Not my favorite of the series.I absolutely loved the first 3 books and was highly anticipating the 4th book. Man am I disappointed. I felt like there was no real direction in the writing. These teens went from fighting demons to fighting each other, becoming a broken hearted teen father, a heart broken 16 year old powerful Nuro who let's guys go down on her after she just got dumped. There was no rhyme or reason to the flow. There were too many storylines and I feel like the author has no where [...]

    4. I can’t stand Aiden! He drives me insane with his indecision. I could barley get through this book without rolling my eyes. The author is amazing, but I didn’t care for this storyline.

    5. Why why why couldn't pry and Aden just stay together and fight Malakoro and win? I really wanted to ❤️❤️This book, but the drama was way too much.

    6. ZOMG!!!! This book encompasses pages and pages of twists and turns. I've always liked Diana and wow the struggle, despair and loss she experiences is almost insurmountable. I never really liked or disliked Bex. I now adore him. His selfless action for Diana's benefit towards the end of the book is most unexpected. His love for Pryor blows my mind. He always puts her first. At times. Pry doesn't deserve it. Aaden PISSES me off in this book in almost every chapter. Roslyn is such a great great mom [...]

    7. I did not want to read this book because I knew I would be left wanting more, (I did not want to be left with a cliffhanger ending)but I finally gave in. The team seemed to get no relief in this book. My heart broke for Silver. I even found myself liking Diana. Pryor, got on my nerves. I had to keep reminding myself that her character is only 15 for a portion of the book and 16 for the remainder. Despite the eavesdropping, she is so blind to what is in plain sight, but that is part of growing up [...]

    8. Wow what a roller coasterLike everyone says, you laugh, cry and try to throw your kindle across the room. There was so much that happened in this book, it was a crazy ride. I do want to note, that I really want Pryor with Bed. I feel that Aedan's love for Pryor is selfish. He acts like he loves Diana more, but he wants Pryor too. It is like being married with a mistress on the side; having your cake and eating it too. I am looking forward to the next book, especially with the cliffhanger.

    9. Fantastic!Well what can I say another fantastic book to the noru series! Well written and all end on a cliffhanger gutted ive completed it and seriously cant wait for the next one, hopefully not to long till the next ones out! The ending made me cry! This book makes you feel so much emotion and hooks you straight in, great reading from all the different characters and wow ain't pry lucky to have two great guys that love her! Absolutely amazing and so wprth reading, so get reading you honestly wo [...]

    10. Will there "Sparkes" or is the tiniest Noru gone foreverThe Team has to face more trailers than ever to help one of their own. The happy parents soon feel the loss of their child even before she is born. Violence now seems the only the only thing Silver knows, as he tries to cope with this loss. Can the team regroup to defeat the darkest that is coming for both Human and Angel worlds. Guess we have to wait till this fall to find out.It's going to be a long few months, waiting to see what comes n [...]

    11. Each book exceeds the otherAn outstanding continuation of our favored angel team. Just when you think the Noru have outdone themselves, they do something completely idiotic and risk more lives. But they do it with finesse. Some things are easier to rebound from than others. Shattered hearts, family betrayal, abuse, murder, lies, the death of a loved oneeach is excruciating to deal with alone but together? Even angels break.

    12. Yet again Lola has managed to break my heart, make me cry both happy and sad tears and also make me want to never want to finish another noru book. I am and will forever be team Silver but maybe just maybe Bex isn't such an (insert bad word here). Another great story and another infuriating cliff hanger.Highly recommended but i suggest starting with the Guardians: The Girl (The Guardians Series, Book 1) and working yourself up to this.

    13. Again I loved this book. It had me with all the emotions (thankfully the crying was when I was in bed where no one could see me)I don't like the character that book 2 POV was from but it was still good. And of course the ending was as much of a cliff hanger as the rest of the books. I can't wait for book 5!

    14. Shockingly AwesomeLola has done it again with book 4. I love how not only have the characters matured, but so has Lola's writing. I love that the characters are growing and maturing naturally and their reactions are that of typical teenager. This book was fantastic and always I will be impatiently waiting for the next one!

    15. Ever had a freak out after a book?Like one of those freak out that happens when you loose your phone or car keys at a grocery store or somewhere public?If so, this is exactly how I felt ending this book. I had an anxiety attack knowing I had to wait to read the next book. Its THAT good.

    16. What happened to this book? I really enjoyed the first three. This was so disappointing. The whole story line was redundant and kept going ond ond on. Some teen pregnancy drama filled loved triangle!

    17. i have loved this series from book one and love the constant changes in the book and how she takes you from the highs to the lows and how you can never guess whats going to happen next and i have no clue where the characters will go next i just hope that someone gets a happy ending!

    18. Emotional Rollercoaster RideIn love with this series. U can't help but fall for these characters. Trying to save the world and still be a teen at the same time. Can't wait for the next book

    19. AwesomeI stumbled upon lola last year and never looked backI have read all her books since Emerson Baxter and haven't looked back. I patiently await the next book in the Noru series

    20. Loved itAnother great book! I loved it. I'm so engaged in these characters and their lives. I will tell you that it's another cliffhanger. I'm not a fan of the cliffhanger, because you have to wait way too long to find out what happens.

    21. So the book continue to be just as good. I love that there is a connection to her other books. This one has its ups and downs. I love reading Lola StVil's books they keep me on my toes. If you like this kind of book then this series is a must read.

    22. Wonderful!Ugh I can't wait!! Fall, really?! Darn it all I have no patience lol Lola is a fantastic writer. I have read every book, I just can't stop!

    23. OMOAs always I left wanting more. Went on a rollercoaster of emotions and left with WTH at the end. Can't wait for 5 to come out

    24. I love this series it has everything you want in a series . I couldn't put it done ! Can't wait for book five

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